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This is a list of notable twins, siblings resultant from a multiple birth. - Please only add names of twins who are notable under Wikipedia's notability guidelines and who can be verified by reliable published sources. Under Wikipedia policy people may be removed if there is no indication of notability and no sources presented. --> Mark & Jon Norris

Twins in acting[edit]

Twins in art[edit]

Twin authors and writers[edit]

Twins in business[edit]

Twins in comedy[edit]

Twins in crime[edit]

Twins in dance[edit]

Twins in filmmaking[edit]

Twins in journalism[edit]

Twins in the military[edit]

Twins in modeling[edit]

Twins in music[edit]

Twins in politics[edit]

Twins in reality television[edit]

Twins in royal families[edit]

Twins in science[edit]

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Twins in video game development[edit]

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Twins with differing claims to fame[edit]

Notable people with a non-notable twin[edit]

Twins in religion[edit]

Twins in mythology[edit]

See Twins in mythology

Conjoined (Siamese) twins[edit]

See Conjoined twins

Twin records[edit]

Fictional characters who are twins[edit]

See Category:Fictional twins
See Category:Fictional identical twins

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