List of urban areas in the Republic of Ireland by population

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This is a list of urban areas in Ireland by population. The one hundred largest towns are listed. Populations are from Table 7, Volume 1 of the 2011 Irish census[1] and represent the entire settlement area of each town and city (including suburbs and environs). For convenience, cities included and are shown in bold and county towns and cities are highlighted in green.

1st, Dublin
2nd, Cork
3rd, Limerick
4th, Galway
5th, Waterford
6th, Drogheda
7th, Dundalk
8th, Swords
9th, Bray
10th, Navan
11th, Ennis
12th, Kilkenny
13th, Tralee
14th, Carlow
Rank 2011Change since 2006Urban AreaCountyPopulation 2011Increase since 2006
1Steady 0Dublin[a]County Dublin1,110,627[2]6.2%
2Steady 0Cork[a]County Cork198,582[3]4.3%
3Steady 0Limerick[a]County Limerick & County Clare91,454[4]0.8%
4Steady 0Galway[a]County Galway76,778[5]5.6%
5Steady 0WaterfordCounty Waterford & County Kilkenny51,519[6]4.7%
6Steady 0DroghedaCounty Louth & County Meath38,578[7]9.9%
7Steady 0Dundalk[a]County Louth37,816[8]7.8%
8Steady 0Swords[a][b]Fingal36,924[9]8.6%
9Steady 0BrayCounty Wicklow & County Dublin31,872[10]-0.1%
10Steady 0Navan[a]County Meath28,559[11]14.9%
11Steady 0Ennis[a]County Clare25,360[12]4.6%
12Increase 1Kilkenny[a][c]County Kilkenny24,423[13]10.1%
13Decrease 1Tralee[a]County Kerry23,693[14]4.2%
14Steady 0Carlow[a]County Carlow & County Laois23,030[15]11.1%
15Increase 2NewbridgeCounty Kildare21,561[16]16.4%
16Decrease 1Naas[a]County Kildare20,713[17]3.3%
17Increase 4AthloneCounty Westmeath & County Roscommon20,153[18]14.9%
18Increase 9Portlaoise[a]County Laois20,145[19]37.9%
19Decrease 1Mullingar[a]County Westmeath20,103[20]9.2%
20Decrease 1Wexford[a]County Wexford20,072[21]10.5%
21Increase 3BalbrigganCounty Dublin19,960[22]28.3%
22Decrease 2LetterkennyCounty Donegal19,588[23]11.4%
23Decrease 1CelbridgeCounty Kildare19,537[24]13.2%
24Decrease 8Sligo[a]County Sligo19,452[25]0.3%
25Decrease 2ClonmelCounty Tipperary & County Waterford17,908[26]5.3%
26Increase 3GreystonesCounty Wicklow17,468[27]19.9%
27Decrease 2MalahideCounty Dublin15,846[28]6.1%
28Decrease 2LeixlipCounty Kildare15,452[29]5.3%
29Increase 2CarrigalineCounty Cork14,775[30]15.1%
30Steady 0Tullamore[a]County Offaly14,361[31]11.1%
31Decrease 3KillarneyCounty Kerry14,219[32]-2.6%
32Increase 1ArklowCounty Wicklow13,009[33]10.6%
33Decrease 2MaynoothCounty Kildare12,510[34]16.8%
34Steady 0CobhCounty Cork12,347[35]9.2%
35Decrease 3Castlebar[a]County Mayo12,318[36]3.6%
36Increase 3MidletonCounty Cork12,001[37]19.4%
37Steady 0MallowCounty Cork11,605[38]13.3%
38Increase 9AshbourneCounty Meath11,355[39]33.1%
39Decrease 3BallinaCounty Mayo11,086[40]6.5%
40Increase 5Laytown-Bettystown-MorningtonCounty Meath10,889[41]21.3%
41Steady 0EnniscorthyCounty Wexford10,838[42]13.6%
42Decrease 4Wicklow[a]County Wicklow10,356[43]2.8%
43Decrease 3TramoreCounty Waterford10,328[44]7.2%
44Increase 7Cavan[a]County Cavan10,205[45]29.5%
45Increase 5AthyCounty Kildare9,92620.8%
46Decrease 3ShannonCounty Clare9,6734.9%
47Decrease 5SkerriesCounty Dublin9,6711.4%
48Decrease 2Longford[a]County Longford9,6018.7%
49Decrease 1Dungarvan[a]County Waterford9,42712.7%
50Decrease 6PortmarnockCounty Dublin9,2853.4%
51Decrease 2RushCounty Dublin9,23111.4%
52Increase 5GoreyCounty Wexford9,11426.7%
53Increase 3RatoathCounty Meath9,04324.7%
54Decrease 2Nenagh[a]County Tipperary8,4398.9%
55Increase 5TrimCounty Meath8,26820.3%
56Increase 2TuamCounty Galway8,24219.7%
57Decrease 4New RossCounty Wexford8,1515.7%
58Decrease 3KildareCounty Kildare8,1428.0%
59Decrease 5ThurlesCounty Tipperary7,9333.3%
60Steady 0YoughalCounty Cork7,79414.9%
61Increase 2PortarlingtonCounty Laois & County Offaly7,78829.7%
62Decrease 1Monaghan[a]County Monaghan7,45211.1%
63Increase 10LuskCounty Dublin7,02234.1%
64Increase 2EdenderryCounty Offaly6,97718.5%
65Increase 4DunboyneCounty Meath6,95921.8%
66Decrease 2BuncranaCounty Donegal6,83915.7%
67Decrease 3DonabateCounty Dublin6,77823.3%
68Increase 11ClaneCounty Kildare6,70234.9%
69Decrease 7BallinasloeCounty Galway & County Roscommon6,6595.6%
70Decrease 2BandonCounty Cork6,64014.1%
71Decrease 4FermoyCounty Cork6,48910.5%
72Increase 3Newcastle WestCounty Limerick6,32724.1%
73Decrease 2WestportCounty Mayo6,06310.7%
74Decrease 9Carrick-on-SuirCounty Tipperary & County Waterford5,9310.4%
75Decrease 3KellsCounty Meath5,88812.2%
76Steady 0BirrCounty Offaly & County Tipperary5,82214.6%
77Increase 15Kinsealy-DrinanCounty Dublin5,81459.2%
78Decrease 4Passage WestCounty Cork5,79011.3%
79Decrease 1Roscommon[a]County Roscommon5,69313.5%
80Increase 7KilcockCounty Kildare5,53335.0%
81Decrease 1RoscreaCounty Tipperary5,4037.3%
82Decrease 5TipperaryCounty Tipperary5,3104.8%
83Increase 8SallinsCounty Kildare5,28338.8%
84Decrease 2LoughreaCounty Galway5,06211.7%
85Increase 5BlessingtonCounty Wicklow5,01024.7%
86Decrease 5ArdeeCounty Louth4,9275.0%
87Decrease 4CarrickmacrossCounty Monaghan4,92512.3%
88Steady 0KinsaleCounty Cork4,89319.4%
89Decrease 4Ballybofey-StranorlarCounty Donegal4,85216.2%
90Decrease 6ListowelCounty Kerry4,83211.4%
91Decrease 3OranmoreCounty Galway4,79936.6%
92Decrease 3MountmellickCounty Laois4,73516.4%
93Decrease 7ClonakiltyCounty Cork4,72113.6%
94Increase newCarrigtwohillCounty Cork4,55163.6%
95Increase newCashelCounty Tipperary4,05138.0%
96Increase 3KilcooleCounty Wicklow4,04924.5%
97Increase 3DuleekCounty Meath3,98823.2%
98Increase newCarrick-on-Shannon[a]County Leitrim3,98025.8%
99Increase newTullowCounty Carlow3,97230.3%
100Increase newAthenryCounty Galway3,95023.2%

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  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z        indicates this city or town is the county town of its respective county.
  2. ^ Swords is the county town of Fingal, an administrative county within the traditional County Dublin.
  3. ^ Kilkenny, while officially a borough, may legally call itself a city.


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