List of towns and boroughs in Pennsylvania

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This is a list of towns and boroughs in Pennsylvania. They are listed separately, but both lists are in alphabetical order. The first list is all of the townships in Pennsylvania, including those that have adopted a Home Rule Charter. The county that the town is in is given in the list. Home Rule Municipalities are listed separately on the list of Home Rule Municipalities in Pennsylvania. The second list is of the boroughs in Pennsylvania.


Township nameCounty
Abbott TownshipPotter County
Abington TownshipMontgomery County
Adams TownshipButler County
Adams TownshipCambria County
Adams TownshipSnyder County
Addison TownshipSomerset County
Albany TownshipBerks County
Albany TownshipBradford County
Aleppo TownshipAllegheny County
Aleppo TownshipGreene County
Allegany TownshipPotter County
Allegheny TownshipBlair County
Allegheny TownshipButler County
Allegheny TownshipCambria County
Allegheny TownshipSomerset County
Allegheny TownshipVenango County
Allegheny TownshipWestmoreland County
Allen TownshipNorthampton County
Allison TownshipClinton County
Alsace TownshipBerks County
Amity TownshipBerks County
Amity TownshipErie County
Amwell TownshipWashington County
Annin TownshipMcKean County
Annville TownshipLebanon County
Anthony TownshipLycoming County
Anthony TownshipMontour County
Antis TownshipBlair County
Antrim TownshipFranklin County
Apolacon TownshipSusquehanna County
Ararat TownshipSusquehanna County
Armagh TownshipMifflin County
Armenia TownshipBradford County
Armstrong TownshipIndiana County
Armstrong TownshipLycoming County
Ashland TownshipClarion County
Aston TownshipDelaware County
Asylum TownshipBradford County
Athens TownshipBradford County
Athens TownshipCrawford County
Auburn TownshipSusquehanna County
Ayr TownshipFulton County
Bald Eagle TownshipClinton County
Baldwin TownshipAllegheny County
Banks TownshipCarbon County
Banks TownshipIndiana County
Barnett TownshipForest County
Barnett TownshipJefferson County
Barr TownshipCambria County
Barree TownshipHuntingdon County
Barrett TownshipMonroe County
Barry TownshipSchuylkill County
Bart TownshipLancaster County
Bastress TownshipLycoming County
Beale TownshipJuniata County
Bear Creek TownshipLuzerne County
Beaver TownshipClarion County
Beaver TownshipColumbia County
Beaver TownshipCrawford County
Beaver TownshipJefferson County
Beaver TownshipSnyder County
Beccaria TownshipClearfield County
Bedford TownshipBedford County
Bedminster TownshipBucks County
Beech Creek TownshipClinton County
Belfast TownshipFulton County
Bell TownshipClearfield County
Bell TownshipJefferson County
Bell TownshipWestmoreland County
Benezette TownshipElk County
Benner TownshipCentre County
Bensalem TownshipBucks County
Benton TownshipColumbia County
Benton TownshipLackawanna County
Berlin TownshipWayne County
Bern TownshipBerks County
Berwick TownshipAdams County
Bethel TownshipArmstrong County
Bethel TownshipBerks County
Bethel TownshipDelaware County
Bethel TownshipFulton County
Bethel TownshipLebanon County
Bethlehem TownshipNorthampton County
Bigler TownshipClearfield County
Bingham TownshipPotter County
Birmingham TownshipChester County
Black Creek TownshipLuzerne County
Black Lick TownshipIndiana County
Black TownshipSomerset County
Blacklick TownshipCambria County
Blaine TownshipWashington County
Blair TownshipBlair County
Bloom TownshipClearfield County
Bloomfield TownshipBedford County
Bloomfield TownshipCrawford County
Blooming Grove TownshipPike County
Bloss TownshipTioga County
Blythe TownshipSchuylkill County
Boggs TownshipArmstrong County
Boggs TownshipCentre County
Boggs TownshipClearfield County
Bradford TownshipClearfield County
Bradford TownshipMcKean County
Brady TownshipButler County
Brady TownshipClarion County
Brady TownshipClearfield County
Brady TownshipHuntingdon County
Brady TownshipLycoming County
Bradys Bend TownshipArmstrong County
Braintrim TownshipWyoming County
Branch TownshipSchuylkill County
Bratton TownshipMifflin County
Brecknock TownshipBerks County
Brecknock TownshipLancaster County
Briar Creek TownshipColumbia County
Bridgeton TownshipBucks County
Bridgewater TownshipSusquehanna County
Brighton TownshipBeaver County
Bristol TownshipBucks County
Broad Top TownshipBedford County
Brokenstraw TownshipWarren County
Brookfield TownshipTioga County
Brooklyn TownshipSusquehanna County
Brothersvalley TownshipSomerset County
Brown TownshipLycoming County
Brown TownshipMifflin County
Brownsville TownshipFayette County
Brush Creek TownshipFulton County
Brush Valley TownshipIndiana County
Buck TownshipLuzerne County
Buckingham TownshipBucks County
Buckingham TownshipWayne County
Buffalo TownshipButler County
Buffalo TownshipPerry County
Buffalo TownshipUnion County
Buffalo TownshipWashington County
Buffington TownshipIndiana County
Bullskin TownshipFayette County
Burlington TownshipBradford County
Burnside TownshipCentre County
Burnside TownshipClearfield County
Burrell TownshipArmstrong County
Burrell TownshipIndiana County
Bushkill TownshipNorthampton County
Butler TownshipAdams County
Butler TownshipButler County
Butler TownshipLuzerne County
Butler TownshipSchuylkill County
Cadogan TownshipArmstrong County
Caernarvon TownshipBerks County
Caernarvon TownshipLancaster County
Caln TownshipChester County
Cambria TownshipCambria County
Cambridge TownshipCrawford County
Canaan TownshipWayne County
Canal TownshipVenango County
Canoe TownshipIndiana County
Canton TownshipBradford County
Canton TownshipWashington County
Carbon TownshipHuntingdon County
Carbondale TownshipLackawanna County
Carroll TownshipPerry County
Carroll TownshipWashington County
Carroll TownshipYork County
Cascade TownshipLycoming County
Cass TownshipHuntingdon County
Cass TownshipSchuylkill County
Castanea TownshipClinton County
Catawissa TownshipColumbia County
Catharine TownshipBlair County
Cecil TownshipWashington County
Center TownshipBeaver County
Center TownshipButler County
Center TownshipGreene County
Center TownshipIndiana County
Center TownshipSnyder County
Centre TownshipBerks County
Centre TownshipPerry County
Ceres TownshipMcKean County
Chadds Ford TownshipDelaware County
Chanceford TownshipYork County
Chapman TownshipClinton County
Chapman TownshipSnyder County
Charleston TownshipTioga County
Charlestown TownshipChester County
Chartiers TownshipWashington County
Chatham TownshipTioga County
Cheltenham TownshipMontgomery County
Cherry Grove TownshipWarren County
Cherry Ridge TownshipWayne County
Cherry TownshipButler County
Cherry TownshipSullivan County
Cherryhill TownshipIndiana County
Cherrytree TownshipVenango County
Chest TownshipCambria County
Chest TownshipClearfield County
Chester TownshipDelaware County
Chestnuthill TownshipMonroe County
Chippewa TownshipBeaver County
Choconut TownshipSusquehanna County
Clara TownshipPotter County
Clarion TownshipClarion County
Clay TownshipButler County
Clay TownshipHuntingdon County
Clay TownshipLancaster County
Clearfield TownshipButler County
Clearfield TownshipCambria County
Cleveland TownshipColumbia County
Clifford TownshipSusquehanna County
Clifton TownshipLackawanna County
Clinton TownshipButler County
Clinton TownshipLycoming County
Clinton TownshipVenango County
Clinton TownshipWayne County
Clinton TownshipWyoming County
Clover TownshipJefferson County
Clymer TownshipTioga County
Coal TownshipNorthumberland County
Codorus TownshipYork County
Cogan House TownshipLycoming County
Cold Spring TownshipLebanon County
Colebrook TownshipClinton County
Colebrookdale TownshipBerks County
Colerain TownshipBedford County
Colerain TownshipLancaster County
College TownshipCentre County
Colley TownshipSullivan County
Collier TownshipAllegheny County
Columbia TownshipBradford County
Columbus TownshipWarren County
Concord TownshipButler County
Concord TownshipDelaware County
Concord TownshipErie County
Conemaugh TownshipCambria County
Conemaugh TownshipIndiana County
Conemaugh TownshipSomerset County
Conestoga TownshipLancaster County
Conewago TownshipAdams County
Conewago TownshipDauphin County
Conewago TownshipYork County
Conewango TownshipWarren County
Conneaut TownshipCrawford County
Conneaut TownshipErie County
Connellsville TownshipFayette County
Connoquenessing TownshipButler County
Conoy TownshipLancaster County
Conyngham TownshipColumbia County
Conyngham TownshipLuzerne County
Cook TownshipWestmoreland County
Cooke TownshipCumberland County
Coolbaugh TownshipMonroe County
Coolspring TownshipMercer County
Cooper TownshipClearfield County
Cooper TownshipMontour County
Cornplanter TownshipVenango County
Corydon TownshipMcKean County
Covington TownshipClearfield County
Covington TownshipLackawanna County
Covington TownshipTioga County
Cowanshannock TownshipArmstrong County
Cranberry TownshipButler County
Cranberry TownshipVenango County
Crawford TownshipClinton County
Crescent TownshipAllegheny County
Cresson TownshipCambria County
Cromwell TownshipHuntingdon County
Cross Creek TownshipWashington County
Croyle TownshipCambria County
Cumberland TownshipAdams County
Cumberland TownshipGreene County
Cumberland Valley TownshipBedford County
Cummings TownshipLycoming County
Cumru TownshipBerks County
Curtin TownshipCentre County
Cussewago TownshipCrawford County
Dallas TownshipLuzerne County
Damascus TownshipWayne County
Darby TownshipDelaware County
Darlington TownshipBeaver County
Daugherty TownshipBeaver County
Davidson TownshipSullivan County
Dean TownshipCambria County
Decatur TownshipClearfield County
Decatur TownshipMifflin County
Deer Creek TownshipMercer County
Deerfield TownshipTioga County
Deerfield TownshipWarren County
Delano TownshipSchuylkill County
Delaware TownshipJuniata County
Delaware TownshipMercer County
Delaware TownshipNorthumberland County
Delaware TownshipPike County
Delmar TownshipTioga County
Dennison TownshipLuzerne County
Derry TownshipDauphin County
Derry TownshipMifflin County
Derry TownshipMontour County
Derry TownshipWestmoreland County
Dickinson TownshipCumberland County
Dimock TownshipSusquehanna County
Dingman TownshipPike County
District TownshipBerks County
Donegal TownshipButler County
Donegal TownshipWashington County
Donegal TownshipWestmoreland County
Dorrance TownshipLuzerne County
Douglass TownshipBerks County
Douglass TownshipMontgomery County
Dover TownshipYork County
Doylestown TownshipBucks County
Dreher TownshipWayne County
Drumore TownshipLancaster County
Dublin TownshipFulton County
Dublin TownshipHuntingdon County
Dunbar TownshipFayette County
Duncan TownshipTioga County
Dunkard TownshipGreene County
Dunnstable TownshipClinton County
Durham TownshipBucks County
Dyberry TownshipWayne County
Earl TownshipBerks County
Earl TownshipLancaster County
East Allen TownshipNorthampton County
East Bethlehem TownshipWashington County
East Bradford TownshipChester County
East Brandywine TownshipChester County
East Brunswick TownshipSchuylkill County
East Buffalo TownshipUnion County
East Caln TownshipChester County
East Cameron TownshipNorthumberland County
East Carroll TownshipCambria County
East Chillisquaque TownshipNorthumberland County
East Cocalico TownshipLancaster County
East Coventry TownshipChester County
East Deer TownshipAllegheny County
East Donegal TownshipLancaster County
East Drumore TownshipLancaster County
East Earl TownshipLancaster County
East Fairfield TownshipCrawford County
East Fallowfield TownshipChester County
East Fallowfield TownshipCrawford County
East Finley TownshipWashington County
East Franklin TownshipArmstrong County
East Goshen TownshipChester County
East Hanover TownshipDauphin County
East Hanover TownshipLebanon County
East Hempfield TownshipLancaster County
East Hopewell TownshipYork County
East Huntingdon TownshipWestmoreland County
East Keating TownshipClinton County
East Lackawannock TownshipMercer County
East Lampeter TownshipLancaster County
East Mahoning TownshipIndiana County
East Manchester TownshipYork County
East Marlborough TownshipChester County
East Mead TownshipCrawford County
East Nantmeal TownshipChester County
East Norriton TownshipMontgomery County
East Norwegian TownshipSchuylkill County
East Nottingham TownshipChester County
East Penn TownshipCarbon County
East Pennsboro TownshipCumberland County
East Pikeland TownshipChester County
East Providence TownshipBedford County
East Rockhill TownshipBucks County
East St. Clair TownshipBedford County
East Taylor TownshipCambria County
East Union TownshipSchuylkill County
East Vincent TownshipChester County
East Wheatfield TownshipIndiana County
East Whiteland TownshipChester County
Easttown TownshipChester County
Eaton TownshipWyoming County
Eden TownshipLancaster County
Edgmont TownshipDelaware County
Elder TownshipCambria County
Eldred TownshipJefferson County
Eldred TownshipLycoming County
Eldred TownshipMcKean County
Eldred TownshipMonroe County
Eldred TownshipSchuylkill County
Eldred TownshipWarren County
Elizabeth TownshipAllegheny County
Elizabeth TownshipLancaster County
Elk Creek TownshipErie County
Elk Lick TownshipSomerset County
Elk TownshipChester County
Elk TownshipClarion County
Elk TownshipTioga County
Elk TownshipWarren County
Elkland TownshipSullivan County
Elmhurst TownshipLackawanna County
Ephrata TownshipLancaster County
Eulalia TownshipPotter County
Exeter TownshipBerks County
Exeter TownshipLuzerne County
Exeter TownshipWyoming County
Fairfield TownshipCrawford County
Fairfield TownshipLycoming County
Fairfield TownshipWestmoreland County
Fairhope TownshipSomerset County
Fairmount TownshipLuzerne County
Fairview TownshipButler County
Fairview TownshipErie County
Fairview TownshipLuzerne County
Fairview TownshipMercer County
Fairview TownshipYork County
Fallowfield TownshipWashington County
Falls TownshipBucks County
Falls TownshipWyoming County
Fannett TownshipFranklin County
Farmington TownshipClarion County
Farmington TownshipTioga County
Farmington TownshipWarren County
Fawn TownshipAllegheny County
Fawn TownshipYork County
Fayette TownshipJuniata County
Fell TownshipLackawanna County
Ferguson TownshipCentre County
Ferguson TownshipClearfield County
Fermanagh TownshipJuniata County
Findlay TownshipAllegheny County
Findley TownshipMercer County
Fishing Creek TownshipColumbia County
Forest Lake TownshipSusquehanna County
Forks TownshipNorthampton County
Forks TownshipSullivan County
Forkston TownshipWyoming County
Forward TownshipAllegheny County
Forward TownshipButler County
Foster TownshipLuzerne County
Foster TownshipMcKean County
Foster TownshipSchuylkill County
Fox TownshipElk County
Fox TownshipSullivan County
Frailey TownshipSchuylkill County
Franconia TownshipMontgomery County
Franklin TownshipAdams County
Franklin TownshipBeaver County
Franklin TownshipBradford County
Franklin TownshipButler County
Franklin TownshipCarbon County
Franklin TownshipChester County
Franklin TownshipColumbia County
Franklin TownshipErie County
Franklin TownshipFayette County
Franklin TownshipGreene County
Franklin TownshipHuntingdon County
Franklin TownshipLuzerne County
Franklin TownshipLycoming County
Franklin TownshipSnyder County
Franklin TownshipSusquehanna County
Franklin TownshipYork County
Frankstown TownshipBlair County
Frazer TownshipAllegheny County
Freedom TownshipAdams County
Freedom TownshipBlair County
Freehold TownshipWarren County
Freeport TownshipGreene County
French Creek TownshipMercer County
Frenchcreek TownshipVenango County
Fulton TownshipLancaster County
Gaines TownshipTioga County
Gallagher TownshipClinton County
Gallitzin TownshipCambria County
Gamble TownshipLycoming County
Gaskill TownshipJefferson County
Genesee TownshipPotter County
Georges TownshipFayette County
German TownshipFayette County
Germany TownshipAdams County
Gibson TownshipCameron County
Gibson TownshipSusquehanna County
Gilmore TownshipGreene County
Gilpin TownshipArmstrong County
Girard TownshipClearfield County
Girard TownshipErie County
Glade TownshipWarren County
Glenburn TownshipLackawanna County
Goshen TownshipClearfield County
Graham TownshipClearfield County
Grant TownshipIndiana County
Granville TownshipBradford County
Granville TownshipMifflin County
Gray TownshipGreene County
Great Bend TownshipSusquehanna County
Green TownshipForest County
Green TownshipIndiana County
Greene TownshipBeaver County
Greene TownshipClinton County
Greene TownshipErie County
Greene TownshipFranklin County
Greene TownshipGreene County
Greene TownshipMercer County
Greene TownshipPike County
Greenfield TownshipBlair County
Greenfield TownshipErie County
Greenfield TownshipLackawanna County
Greenville TownshipSomerset County
Greenwich TownshipBerks County
Greenwood TownshipClearfield County
Greenwood TownshipColumbia County
Greenwood TownshipCrawford County
Greenwood TownshipJuniata County
Greenwood TownshipPerry County
Gregg TownshipCentre County
Gregg TownshipUnion County
Grove TownshipCameron County
Grugan TownshipClinton County
Guilford TownshipFranklin County
Gulich TownshipClearfield County
Haines TownshipCentre County
Halfmoon TownshipCentre County
Halifax TownshipDauphin County
Hamilton TownshipAdams County
Hamilton TownshipFranklin County
Hamilton TownshipMcKean County
Hamilton TownshipMonroe County
Hamilton TownshipTioga County
Hamiltonban TownshipAdams County
Hamlin TownshipMcKean County
Hampden TownshipCumberland County
Hampton TownshipAllegheny County
Hanover TownshipBeaver County
Hanover TownshipLehigh County
Hanover TownshipLuzerne County
Hanover TownshipNorthampton County
Hanover TownshipWashington County
Harborcreek TownshipErie County
Harford TownshipSusquehanna County
Harmar TownshipAllegheny County
Harmony TownshipBeaver County
Harmony TownshipForest County
Harmony TownshipSusquehanna County
Harris TownshipCentre County
Harrison TownshipAllegheny County
Harrison TownshipBedford County
Harrison TownshipPotter County
Hartley TownshipUnion County
Hatfield TownshipMontgomery County
Haverford TownshipDelaware County
Haycock TownshipBucks County
Hayfield TownshipCrawford County
Hazle TownshipLuzerne County
Heath TownshipJefferson County
Hebron TownshipPotter County
Hector TownshipPotter County
Hegins TownshipSchuylkill County
Heidelberg TownshipBerks County
Heidelberg TownshipLebanon County
Heidelberg TownshipLehigh County
Heidelberg TownshipYork County
Hellam TownshipYork County
Hemlock TownshipColumbia County
Hempfield TownshipMercer County
Hempfield TownshipWestmoreland County
Henderson TownshipHuntingdon County
Henderson TownshipJefferson County
Henry Clay TownshipFayette County
Hepburn TownshipLycoming County
Hereford TownshipBerks County
Herrick TownshipBradford County
Herrick TownshipSusquehanna County
Hickory TownshipForest County
Hickory TownshipLawrence County
Highland TownshipAdams County
Highland TownshipChester County
Highland TownshipClarion County
Highland TownshipElk County
Hillsgrove TownshipSullivan County
Hilltown TownshipBucks County
Hollenback TownshipLuzerne County
Homer TownshipPotter County
Honey Brook TownshipChester County
Hopewell TownshipBeaver County
Hopewell TownshipBedford County
Hopewell TownshipCumberland County
Hopewell TownshipHuntingdon County
Hopewell TownshipWashington County
Hopewell TownshipYork County
Horsham TownshipMontgomery County
Horton TownshipElk County
Hovey TownshipArmstrong County
Howard TownshipCentre County
Howe TownshipForest County
Howe TownshipPerry County
Hubley TownshipSchuylkill County
Hunlock TownshipLuzerne County
Huntington TownshipAdams County
Huntington TownshipLuzerne County
Huston TownshipBlair County
Huston TownshipCentre County
Huston TownshipClearfield County
Independence TownshipBeaver County
Independence TownshipWashington County
Indiana TownshipAllegheny County
Irwin TownshipVenango County
Jackson TownshipButler County
Jackson TownshipCambria County
Jackson TownshipColumbia County
Jackson TownshipDauphin County
Jackson TownshipGreene County
Jackson TownshipHuntingdon County
Jackson TownshipLebanon County
Jackson TownshipLuzerne County
Jackson TownshipLycoming County
Jackson TownshipMercer County
Jackson TownshipMonroe County
Jackson TownshipNorthumberland County
Jackson TownshipPerry County
Jackson TownshipSnyder County
Jackson TownshipSusquehanna County
Jackson TownshipTioga County
Jackson TownshipVenango County
Jackson TownshipYork County
Jay TownshipElk County
Jefferson TownshipBerks County
Jefferson TownshipButler County
Jefferson TownshipDauphin County
Jefferson TownshipFayette County
Jefferson TownshipGreene County
Jefferson TownshipLackawanna County
Jefferson TownshipMercer County
Jefferson TownshipSomerset County
Jefferson TownshipWashington County
Jenkins TownshipLuzerne County
Jenks TownshipForest County
Jenner TownshipSomerset County
Jessup TownshipSusquehanna County
Jones TownshipElk County
Jordan TownshipClearfield County
Jordan TownshipLycoming County
Jordan TownshipNorthumberland County
Juniata TownshipBedford County
Juniata TownshipBlair County
Juniata TownshipHuntingdon County
Juniata TownshipPerry County
Karthaus TownshipClearfield County
Keating TownshipMcKean County
Keating TownshipPotter County
Kelly TownshipUnion County
Kennedy TownshipAllegheny County
Kennett TownshipChester County
Kidder TownshipCarbon County
Kilbuck TownshipAllegheny County
Kimmel TownshipBedford County
King TownshipBedford County
Kingsley TownshipForest County
Kingston TownshipLuzerne County
Kiskiminetas TownshipArmstrong County
Kittanning TownshipArmstrong County
Kline TownshipSchuylkill County
Knox TownshipClarion County
Knox TownshipClearfield County
Knox TownshipJefferson County
La Plume TownshipLackawanna County
Lack TownshipJuniata County
Lackawannock TownshipMercer County
Lackawaxen TownshipPike County
Lafayette TownshipMcKean County
Lake TownshipLuzerne County
Lake TownshipMercer County
Lake TownshipWayne County
Lamar TownshipClinton County
Lancaster TownshipButler County
Lancaster TownshipLancaster County
Laporte TownshipSullivan County
Larimer TownshipSomerset County
Lathrop TownshipSusquehanna County
Latimore TownshipAdams County
Lausanne TownshipCarbon County
Lawrence Park TownshipErie County
Lawrence TownshipClearfield County
Lawrence TownshipTioga County
Leacock TownshipLancaster County
Lebanon TownshipWayne County
LeBoeuf TownshipErie County
Leet TownshipAllegheny County
Lehigh TownshipCarbon County
Lehigh TownshipNorthampton County
Lehigh TownshipWayne County
Lehman TownshipLuzerne County
Lehman TownshipPike County
Leidy TownshipClinton County
Lemon TownshipWyoming County
Lenox TownshipSusquehanna County
Leroy TownshipBradford County
Letterkenny TownshipFranklin County
Lewis TownshipLycoming County
Lewis TownshipNorthumberland County
Lewis TownshipUnion County
Liberty TownshipAdams County
Liberty TownshipBedford County
Liberty TownshipCentre County
Liberty TownshipMcKean County
Liberty TownshipMercer County
Liberty TownshipMontour County
Liberty TownshipSusquehanna County
Liberty TownshipTioga County
Licking Creek TownshipFulton County
Licking TownshipClarion County
Ligonier TownshipWestmoreland County
Limerick TownshipMontgomery County
Limestone TownshipClarion County
Limestone TownshipLycoming County
Limestone TownshipMontour County
Limestone TownshipUnion County
Limestone TownshipWarren County
Lincoln TownshipBedford County
Lincoln TownshipHuntingdon County
Lincoln TownshipSomerset County
Litchfield TownshipBradford County
Little Beaver TownshipLawrence County
Little Britain TownshipLancaster County
Little Mahanoy TownshipNorthumberland County
Liverpool TownshipPerry County
Locust TownshipColumbia County
Logan TownshipBlair County
Logan TownshipClinton County
Logan TownshipHuntingdon County
London Britain TownshipChester County
London Grove TownshipChester County
Londonderry TownshipBedford County
Londonderry TownshipChester County
Londonderry TownshipDauphin County
Longswamp TownshipBerks County
Lower Allen TownshipCumberland County
Lower Alsace TownshipBerks County
Lower Augusta TownshipNorthumberland County
Lower Chanceford TownshipYork County
Lower Chichester TownshipDelaware County
Lower Frankford TownshipCumberland County
Lower Frederick TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Gwynedd TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Heidelberg TownshipBerks County
Lower Macungie TownshipLehigh County
Lower Mahanoy TownshipNorthumberland County
Lower Makefield TownshipBucks County
Lower Merion TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Mifflin TownshipCumberland County
Lower Milford TownshipLehigh County
Lower Moreland TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Mount Bethel TownshipNorthampton County
Lower Nazareth TownshipNorthampton County
Lower Oxford TownshipChester County
Lower Paxton TownshipDauphin County
Lower Pottsgrove TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Providence TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Salford TownshipMontgomery County
Lower Saucon TownshipNorthampton County
Lower Southampton TownshipBucks County
Lower Swatara TownshipDauphin County
Lower Towamensing TownshipCarbon County
Lower Turkeyfoot TownshipSomerset County
Lower Tyrone TownshipFayette County
Lower Windsor TownshipYork County
Lower Yoder TownshipCambria County
Lowhill TownshipLehigh County
Loyalhanna TownshipWestmoreland County
Loyalsock TownshipLycoming County
Lumber TownshipCameron County
Lurgan TownshipFranklin County
Luzerne TownshipFayette County
Lycoming TownshipLycoming County
Lykens TownshipDauphin County
Lynn TownshipLehigh County
Madison TownshipArmstrong County
Madison TownshipClarion County
Madison TownshipColumbia County
Madison TownshipLackawanna County
Mahanoy TownshipSchuylkill County
Mahoning TownshipArmstrong County
Mahoning TownshipCarbon County
Mahoning TownshipLawrence County
Mahoning TownshipMontour County
Maidencreek TownshipBerks County
Main TownshipColumbia County
Manchester TownshipWayne County
Manchester TownshipYork County
Manheim TownshipLancaster County
Manheim TownshipYork County
Mann TownshipBedford County
Manor TownshipArmstrong County
Manor TownshipLancaster County
Marion TownshipBeaver County
Marion TownshipBerks County
Marion TownshipButler County
Marion TownshipCentre County
Marlborough TownshipMontgomery County
Marple TownshipDelaware County
Marshall TownshipAllegheny County
Martic TownshipLancaster County
Maxatawny TownshipBerks County
Mayberry TownshipMontour County
McCalmont TownshipJefferson County
McCandlessAllegheny County
McHenry TownshipLycoming County
McIntyre TownshipLycoming County
McKean TownshipErie County
McNett TownshipLycoming County
Mead TownshipWarren County
Mehoopany TownshipWyoming County
Menallen TownshipAdams County
Menallen TownshipFayette County
Menno TownshipMifflin County
Mercer TownshipButler County
Meshoppen TownshipWyoming County
Metal TownshipFranklin County
Middle Paxton TownshipDauphin County
Middle Smithfield TownshipMonroe County
Middle Taylor TownshipCambria County
Middlebury TownshipTioga County
Middlecreek TownshipSnyder County
Middlecreek TownshipSomerset County
Middlesex TownshipButler County
Middlesex TownshipCumberland County
Middletown TownshipBucks County
Middletown TownshipDelaware County
Middletown TownshipSusquehanna County
Mifflin TownshipColumbia County
Mifflin TownshipDauphin County
Mifflin TownshipLycoming County
Miles TownshipCentre County
Milford TownshipBucks County
Milford TownshipJuniata County
Milford TownshipPike County
Milford TownshipSomerset County
Mill Creek TownshipLycoming County
Mill Creek TownshipMercer County
Millcreek TownshipClarion County
Millcreek TownshipErie County
Millcreek TownshipLebanon County
Miller TownshipHuntingdon County
Miller TownshipPerry County
Millstone TownshipElk County
Mineral TownshipVenango County
Monaghan TownshipYork County
Monongahela TownshipGreene County
Monroe TownshipBedford County
Monroe TownshipBradford County
Monroe TownshipClarion County
Monroe TownshipCumberland County
Monroe TownshipJuniata County
Monroe TownshipSnyder County
Monroe TownshipWyoming County
Montgomery TownshipFranklin County
Montgomery TownshipIndiana County
Montgomery TownshipMontgomery County
Montour TownshipColumbia County
Moon TownshipAllegheny County
Moore TownshipNorthampton County
Moreland TownshipLycoming County
Morgan TownshipGreene County
Morris TownshipClearfield County
Morris TownshipGreene County
Morris TownshipHuntingdon County
Morris TownshipTioga County
Morris TownshipWashington County
Mount Carmel TownshipNorthumberland County
Mount Joy TownshipAdams County
Mount Joy TownshipLancaster County
Mount Pleasant TownshipAdams County
Mount Pleasant TownshipColumbia County
Mount Pleasant TownshipWashington County
Mount Pleasant TownshipWayne County
Mount Pleasant TownshipWestmoreland County
Mt. LebanonAllegheny County
Muddy Creek TownshipButler County
Muhlenberg TownshipBerks County
Muncy Creek TownshipLycoming County
Muncy TownshipLycoming County
Munster TownshipCambria County
Napier TownshipBedford County
Nelson TownshipTioga County
Nescopeck TownshipLuzerne County
Neshannock TownshipLawrence County
Nether Providence TownshipDelaware County
Neville TownshipAllegheny County
New Britain TownshipBucks County
New Castle TownshipSchuylkill County
New Garden TownshipChester County
New Hanover TownshipMontgomery County
New London TownshipChester County
New Milford TownshipSusquehanna County
New Sewickley TownshipBeaver County
New Vernon TownshipMercer County
Newberry TownshipYork County
Newlin TownshipChester County
Newport TownshipLuzerne County
Newton TownshipLackawanna County
Newtown TownshipBucks County
Newtown TownshipDelaware County
Nicholson TownshipFayette County
Nicholson TownshipWyoming County
Nippenose TownshipLycoming County
Nockamixon TownshipBucks County
North Abington TownshipLackawanna County
North Annville TownshipLebanon County
North Beaver TownshipLawrence County
North Bethlehem TownshipWashington County
North Branch TownshipWyoming County
North Buffalo TownshipArmstrong County
North Centre TownshipColumbia County
North Codorus TownshipYork County
North Cornwall TownshipLebanon County
North Coventry TownshipChester County
North East TownshipErie County
North Fayette TownshipAllegheny County
North Franklin TownshipWashington County
North Heidelberg TownshipBerks County
North Hopewell TownshipYork County
North Huntingdon TownshipWestmoreland County
North Lebanon TownshipLebanon County
North Londonderry TownshipLebanon County
North Mahoning TownshipIndiana County
North Manheim TownshipSchuylkill County
North Middleton TownshipCumberland County
North Newton TownshipCumberland County
North Sewickley TownshipBeaver County
North Shenango TownshipCrawford County
North Strabane TownshipWashington County
North Towanda TownshipBradford County
North Union TownshipFayette County
North Union TownshipSchuylkill County
North Versailles TownshipAllegheny County
North Whitehall TownshipLehigh County
North Woodbury TownshipBlair County
Northampton TownshipBucks County
Northampton TownshipSomerset County
Northeast Madison TownshipPerry County
Northmoreland TownshipWyoming County
Norwegian TownshipSchuylkill County
Norwich TownshipMcKean County
Nottingham TownshipWashington County
Noxen TownshipWyoming County
Noyes TownshipClinton County
Oakland TownshipButler County
Oakland TownshipSusquehanna County
Oakland TownshipVenango County
Ogle TownshipSomerset County
O'Hara TownshipAllegheny County
Ohio TownshipAllegheny County
Oil Creek TownshipCrawford County
Oilcreek TownshipVenango County
Old Lycoming TownshipLycoming County
Oley TownshipBerks County
Oliver TownshipJefferson County
Oliver TownshipMifflin County
Oliver TownshipPerry County
Oneida TownshipHuntingdon County
Ontelaunee TownshipBerks County
Orange TownshipColumbia County
Oregon TownshipWayne County
Orwell TownshipBradford County
Osceola TownshipTioga County
Oswayo TownshipPotter County
Otter Creek TownshipMercer County
Otto TownshipMcKean County
Overfield TownshipWyoming County
Overton TownshipBradford County
Oxford TownshipAdams County
Packer TownshipCarbon County
Paint TownshipClarion County
Paint TownshipSomerset County
Palmer TownshipNorthampton County
Palmyra TownshipPike County
Palmyra TownshipWayne County
Paradise TownshipLancaster County
Paradise TownshipMonroe County
Paradise TownshipYork County
Parker TownshipButler County
Parks TownshipArmstrong County
Patterson TownshipBeaver County
Patton TownshipCentre County
Paupack TownshipWayne County
Pavia TownshipBedford County
Peach Bottom TownshipYork County
Penn Forest TownshipCarbon County
Penn HillsAllegheny County
Penn TownshipBerks County
Penn TownshipButler County
Penn TownshipCentre County
Penn TownshipChester County
Penn TownshipClearfield County
Penn TownshipCumberland County
Penn TownshipHuntingdon County
Penn TownshipLancaster County
Penn TownshipLycoming County
Penn TownshipPerry County
Penn TownshipSnyder County
Penn TownshipWestmoreland County
Penn TownshipYork County
Pennsbury TownshipChester County
Pequea TownshipLancaster County
Perkiomen TownshipMontgomery County
Perry TownshipArmstrong County
Perry TownshipBerks County
Perry TownshipClarion County
Perry TownshipFayette County
Perry TownshipGreene County
Perry TownshipJefferson County
Perry TownshipLawrence County
Perry TownshipMercer County
Perry TownshipSnyder County
Peters TownshipFranklin County
Peters TownshipWashington County
Piatt TownshipLycoming County
Pike TownshipBerks County
Pike TownshipBradford County
Pike TownshipClearfield County
Pike TownshipPotter County
Pine Creek TownshipClinton County
Pine Creek TownshipJefferson County
Pine Grove TownshipSchuylkill County
Pine Grove TownshipWarren County
Pine TownshipAllegheny County
Pine TownshipArmstrong County
Pine TownshipClearfield County
Pine TownshipColumbia County
Pine TownshipCrawford County
Pine TownshipIndiana County
Pine TownshipLycoming County
Pine TownshipMercer County
Pinegrove TownshipVenango County
Piney TownshipClarion County
Pittsfield TownshipWarren County
Pittston TownshipLuzerne County
Plain Grove TownshipLawrence County
Plainfield TownshipNorthampton County
Plains TownshipLuzerne County
Pleasant TownshipWarren County
Pleasant Valley TownshipPotter County
Plum TownshipVenango County
Plumcreek TownshipArmstrong County
Plumstead TownshipBucks County
Plunketts Creek TownshipLycoming County
Plymouth TownshipLuzerne County
Plymouth TownshipMontgomery County
Pocono TownshipMonroe County
Pocopson TownshipChester County
Point TownshipNorthumberland County
Polk TownshipJefferson County
Polk TownshipMonroe County
Portage TownshipCambria County
Portage TownshipCameron County
Portage TownshipPotter County
Porter TownshipClarion County
Porter TownshipClinton County
Porter TownshipHuntingdon County
Porter TownshipJefferson County
Porter TownshipLycoming County
Porter TownshipPike County
Porter TownshipSchuylkill County
Potter TownshipBeaver County
Potter TownshipCentre County
President TownshipVenango County
Preston TownshipWayne County
Price TownshipMonroe County
Providence TownshipLancaster County
Pulaski TownshipBeaver County
Pulaski TownshipLawrence County
Putnam TownshipTioga County
Pymatuning TownshipMercer County
Quemahoning TownshipSomerset County
Quincy TownshipFranklin County
Raccoon TownshipBeaver County
Radnor TownshipDelaware County
Ralpho TownshipNorthumberland County
Randolph TownshipCrawford County
Ransom TownshipLackawanna County
Rapho TownshipLancaster County
Rayburn TownshipArmstrong County
Rayne TownshipIndiana County
Reade TownshipCambria County
Reading TownshipAdams County
Redbank TownshipArmstrong County
Redbank TownshipClarion County
Redstone TownshipFayette County
Reed TownshipDauphin County
Reilly TownshipSchuylkill County
Reserve TownshipAllegheny County
Rice TownshipLuzerne County
Richhill TownshipGreene County
Richland TownshipAllegheny County
Richland TownshipBucks County
Richland TownshipCambria County
Richland TownshipClarion County
Richland TownshipVenango County
Richmond TownshipBerks County
Richmond TownshipCrawford County
Richmond TownshipTioga County
Ridgebury TownshipBradford County
Ridgway TownshipElk County
Ridley TownshipDelaware County
Ringgold TownshipJefferson County
Roaring Brook TownshipLackawanna County
Roaring Creek TownshipColumbia County
Robeson TownshipBerks County
Robinson TownshipAllegheny County
Robinson TownshipWashington County
Rochester TownshipBeaver County
Rockdale TownshipCrawford County
Rockefeller TownshipNorthumberland County
Rockland TownshipBerks County
Rockland TownshipVenango County
Rome TownshipBradford County
Rome TownshipCrawford County
Rose TownshipJefferson County
Ross TownshipAllegheny County
Ross TownshipLuzerne County
Ross TownshipMonroe County
Rostraver TownshipWestmoreland County
Roulette TownshipPotter County
Ruscombmanor TownshipBerks County
Rush TownshipCentre County
Rush TownshipDauphin County
Rush TownshipNorthumberland County
Rush TownshipSchuylkill County
Rush TownshipSusquehanna County
Rutland TownshipTioga County
Ryan TownshipSchuylkill County
Rye TownshipPerry County
Sadsbury TownshipChester County
Sadsbury TownshipCrawford County
Sadsbury TownshipLancaster County
Salem TownshipClarion County
Salem TownshipLuzerne County
Salem TownshipMercer County
Salem TownshipWayne County
Salem TownshipWestmoreland County
Salford TownshipMontgomery County
Salisbury TownshipLancaster County
Salisbury TownshipLehigh County
Saltlick TownshipFayette County
Sandy Creek TownshipMercer County
Sandy Lake TownshipMercer County
Sandy TownshipClearfield County
Sandycreek TownshipVenango County
Saville TownshipPerry County
Schuylkill TownshipChester County
Schuylkill TownshipSchuylkill County
Scott TownshipAllegheny County
Scott TownshipColumbia County
Scott TownshipLackawanna County
Scott TownshipLawrence County
Scott TownshipWayne County
Scrubgrass TownshipVenango County
Sergeant TownshipMcKean County
Sewickley TownshipWestmoreland County
Shade TownshipSomerset County
Shaler TownshipAllegheny County
Shamokin TownshipNorthumberland County
Sharon TownshipPotter County
Sheffield TownshipWarren County
Shenango TownshipLawrence County
Shenango TownshipMercer County
Sheshequin TownshipBradford County
Shippen TownshipCameron County
Shippen TownshipTioga County
Shippensburg TownshipCumberland County
Shirley TownshipHuntingdon County
Shohola TownshipPike County
Shrewsbury TownshipLycoming County
Shrewsbury TownshipSullivan County
Shrewsbury TownshipYork County
Silver Lake TownshipSusquehanna County
Silver Spring TownshipCumberland County
Skippack TownshipMontgomery County
Slippery Rock TownshipButler County
Slippery Rock TownshipLawrence County
Slocum TownshipLuzerne County
Smith TownshipWashington County
Smithfield TownshipBradford County
Smithfield TownshipHuntingdon County
Smithfield TownshipMonroe County
Snake Spring TownshipBedford County
Snow Shoe TownshipCentre County
Snyder TownshipBlair County
Snyder TownshipJefferson County
Solebury TownshipBucks County
Somerset TownshipSomerset County
Somerset TownshipWashington County
South Abington TownshipLackawanna County
South Annville TownshipLebanon County
South Beaver TownshipBeaver County
South Bend TownshipArmstrong County
South Buffalo TownshipArmstrong County
South Canaan TownshipWayne County
South Centre TownshipColumbia County
South Coventry TownshipChester County
South Creek TownshipBradford County
South Fayette TownshipAllegheny County
South Franklin TownshipWashington County
South Hanover TownshipDauphin County
South Heidelberg TownshipBerks County
South Huntingdon TownshipWestmoreland County
South Lebanon TownshipLebanon County
South Londonderry TownshipLebanon County
South Mahoning TownshipIndiana County
South Manheim TownshipSchuylkill County
South Middleton TownshipCumberland County
South Newton TownshipCumberland County
South Park TownshipAllegheny County
South Pymatuning TownshipMercer County
South Shenango TownshipCrawford County
South Strabane TownshipWashington County
South Union TownshipFayette County
South Versailles TownshipAllegheny County
South Whitehall TownshipLehigh County
South Woodbury TownshipBedford County
Southampton TownshipBedford County
Southampton TownshipCumberland County
Southampton TownshipFranklin County
Southampton TownshipSomerset County
Southwest Madison TownshipPerry County
Southwest TownshipWarren County
Sparta TownshipCrawford County
Spring Brook TownshipLackawanna County
Spring Creek TownshipElk County
Spring Creek TownshipWarren County
Spring Garden TownshipYork County
Spring TownshipBerks County
Spring TownshipCentre County
Spring TownshipCrawford County
Spring TownshipPerry County
Spring TownshipSnyder County
Springdale TownshipAllegheny County
Springettsbury TownshipYork County
Springfield TownshipBradford County
Springfield TownshipBucks County
Springfield TownshipDelaware County
Springfield TownshipErie County
Springfield TownshipFayette County
Springfield TownshipHuntingdon County
Springfield TownshipMercer County
Springfield TownshipMontgomery County
Springfield TownshipYork County
Springhill TownshipFayette County
Springhill TownshipGreene County
Springville TownshipSusquehanna County
Spruce Creek TownshipHuntingdon County
Spruce Hill TownshipJuniata County
St. Clair TownshipWestmoreland County
St. Thomas TownshipFranklin County
Standing Stone TownshipBradford County
Sterling TownshipWayne County
Steuben TownshipCrawford County
Stevens TownshipBradford County
Stewardson TownshipPotter County
Stewart TownshipFayette County
Stonycreek TownshipCambria County
Stonycreek TownshipSomerset County
Stowe TownshipAllegheny County
Straban TownshipAdams County
Strasburg TownshipLancaster County
Stroud TownshipMonroe County
Sugar Grove TownshipMercer County
Sugar Grove TownshipWarren County
Sugarcreek TownshipArmstrong County
Sugarloaf TownshipColumbia County
Sugarloaf TownshipLuzerne County
Sullivan TownshipTioga County
Summerhill TownshipCambria County
Summerhill TownshipCrawford County
Summit TownshipButler County
Summit TownshipCrawford County
Summit TownshipErie County
Summit TownshipPotter County
Summit TownshipSomerset County
Susquehanna TownshipCambria County
Susquehanna TownshipDauphin County
Susquehanna TownshipJuniata County
Susquehanna TownshipLycoming County
Swatara TownshipDauphin County
Swatara TownshipLebanon County
Sweden TownshipPotter County
Sylvania TownshipPotter County
Taylor TownshipBlair County
Taylor TownshipCentre County
Taylor TownshipFulton County
Taylor TownshipLawrence County
Tell TownshipHuntingdon County
Terry TownshipBradford County
Texas TownshipWayne County
Thompson TownshipFulton County
Thompson TownshipSusquehanna County
Thornbury TownshipChester County
Thornbury TownshipDelaware County
Thornhurst TownshipLackawanna County
Tilden TownshipBerks County
Tinicum TownshipBucks County
Tinicum TownshipDelaware County
Tioga TownshipTioga County
Tionesta TownshipForest County
Toboyne TownshipPerry County
Toby TownshipClarion County
Tobyhanna TownshipMonroe County
Todd TownshipFulton County
Todd TownshipHuntingdon County
Towamencin TownshipMontgomery County
Towamensing TownshipCarbon County
Towanda TownshipBradford County
Tredyffrin TownshipChester County
Tremont TownshipSchuylkill County
Triumph TownshipWarren County
Troy TownshipBradford County
Troy TownshipCrawford County
Tulpehocken TownshipBerks County
Tunkhannock TownshipMonroe County
Tunkhannock TownshipWyoming County
Turbett TownshipJuniata County
Turbot TownshipNorthumberland County
Tuscarora TownshipBradford County
Tuscarora TownshipJuniata County
Tuscarora TownshipPerry County
Tyrone TownshipAdams County
Tyrone TownshipBlair County
Tyrone TownshipPerry County
Ulster TownshipBradford County
Ulysses TownshipPotter County
Union TownshipAdams County
Union TownshipBerks County
Union TownshipCentre County
Union TownshipClearfield County
Union TownshipCrawford County
Union TownshipErie County
Union TownshipFulton County
Union TownshipHuntingdon County
Union TownshipJefferson County
Union TownshipLawrence County
Union TownshipLebanon County
Union TownshipLuzerne County
Union TownshipMifflin County
Union TownshipSchuylkill County
Union TownshipSnyder County
Union TownshipTioga County
Union Township,Union County
Union TownshipWashington County
Unity TownshipWestmoreland County
Upper Allen TownshipCumberland County
Upper Augusta TownshipNorthumberland County
Upper Bern TownshipBerks County
Upper Burrell TownshipWestmoreland County
Upper Chichester TownshipDelaware County
Upper Darby TownshipDelaware County
Upper Dublin TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Fairfield TownshipLycoming County
Upper Frankford TownshipCumberland County
Upper Frederick TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Gwynedd TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Hanover TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Leacock TownshipLancaster County
Upper Macungie TownshipLehigh County
Upper Mahanoy TownshipNorthumberland County
Upper Mahantongo TownshipSchuylkill County
Upper Makefield TownshipBucks County
Upper Merion TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Mifflin TownshipCumberland County
Upper Milford TownshipLehigh County
Upper Moreland TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Mount Bethel TownshipNorthampton County
Upper Nazareth TownshipNorthampton County
Upper Oxford TownshipChester County
Upper Paxton TownshipDauphin County
Upper Pottsgrove TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Providence TownshipDelaware County
Upper Providence TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Salford TownshipMontgomery County
Upper Saucon TownshipLehigh County
Upper Southampton TownshipBucks County
Upper St. Clair TownshipAllegheny County
Upper Tulpehocken TownshipBerks County
Upper Turkeyfoot TownshipSomerset County
Upper Tyrone TownshipFayette County
Upper Uwchlan TownshipChester County
Upper Yoder TownshipCambria County
Uwchlan TownshipChester County
Valley TownshipArmstrong County
Valley TownshipChester County
Valley TownshipMontour County
Vanport TownshipBeaver County
Venango TownshipButler County
Venango TownshipCrawford County
Venango TownshipErie County
Vernon TownshipCrawford County
Victory TownshipVenango County
Walker TownshipCentre County
Walker TownshipHuntingdon County
Walker TownshipJuniata County
Walker TownshipSchuylkill County
Wallace TownshipChester County
Ward TownshipTioga County
Warminster TownshipBucks County
Warren TownshipBradford County
Warren TownshipFranklin County
Warrington TownshipBucks County
Warrington TownshipYork County
Warriors Mark TownshipHuntingdon County
Warsaw TownshipJefferson County
Warwick TownshipBucks County
Warwick TownshipChester County
Warwick TownshipLancaster County
Washington TownshipArmstrong County
Washington TownshipBerks County
Washington TownshipButler County
Washington TownshipCambria County
Washington TownshipClarion County
Washington TownshipDauphin County
Washington TownshipErie County
Washington TownshipFayette County
Washington TownshipFranklin County
Washington TownshipGreene County
Washington TownshipIndiana County
Washington TownshipJefferson County
Washington TownshipLawrence County
Washington TownshipLehigh County
Washington TownshipLycoming County
Washington TownshipNorthampton County
Washington TownshipNorthumberland County
Washington TownshipSchuylkill County
Washington TownshipSnyder County
Washington TownshipWestmoreland County
Washington TownshipWyoming County
Washington TownshipYork County
Waterford TownshipErie County
Watson TownshipLycoming County
Watson TownshipWarren County
Watts TownshipPerry County
Waverly TownshipLackawanna County
Wayne TownshipArmstrong County
Wayne TownshipClinton County
Wayne TownshipCrawford County
Wayne TownshipDauphin County
Wayne TownshipErie County
Wayne TownshipGreene County
Wayne TownshipLawrence County
Wayne TownshipMifflin County
Wayne TownshipSchuylkill County
Weisenberg TownshipLehigh County
Wells TownshipBradford County
Wells TownshipFulton County
West Abington TownshipLackawanna County
West Beaver TownshipSnyder County
West Bethlehem TownshipWashington County
West Bradford TownshipChester County
West Branch TownshipPotter County
West Brandywine TownshipChester County
West Brunswick TownshipSchuylkill County
West Buffalo TownshipUnion County
West Burlington TownshipBradford County
West Caln TownshipChester County
West Cameron TownshipNorthumberland County
West Carroll TownshipCambria County
West Chillisquaque TownshipNorthumberland County
West Cocalico TownshipLancaster County
West Cornwall TownshipLebanon County
West Deer TownshipAllegheny County
West Donegal TownshipLancaster County
West Earl TownshipLancaster County
West Fallowfield TownshipChester County
West Fallowfield TownshipCrawford County
West Finley TownshipWashington County
West Franklin TownshipArmstrong County
West Goshen TownshipChester County
West Hanover TownshipDauphin County
West Hemlock TownshipMontour County
West Hempfield TownshipLancaster County
West Keating TownshipClinton County
West Lampeter TownshipLancaster County
West Lebanon TownshipLebanon County
West Mahanoy TownshipSchuylkill County
West Mahoning TownshipIndiana County
West Manchester TownshipYork County
West Manheim TownshipYork County
West Marlborough TownshipChester County
West Mead TownshipCrawford County
West Nantmeal TownshipChester County
West Norriton TownshipMontgomery County
West Nottingham TownshipChester County
West Penn TownshipSchuylkill County
West Pennsboro TownshipCumberland County
West Perry TownshipSnyder County
West Pike Run TownshipWashington County
West Pikeland TownshipChester County
West Pottsgrove TownshipMontgomery County
West Providence TownshipBedford County
West Rockhill TownshipBucks County
West Sadsbury TownshipChester County
West Salem TownshipMercer County
West Shenango TownshipCrawford County
West St. Clair TownshipBedford County
West Taylor TownshipCambria County
West TownshipHuntingdon County
West Vincent TownshipChester County
West Wheatfield TownshipIndiana County
West Whiteland TownshipChester County
Westfall TownshipPike County
Westfield TownshipTioga County
Westtown TownshipChester County
Wetmore TownshipMcKean County
Wharton TownshipFayette County
Wharton TownshipPotter County
Wheatfield TownshipPerry County
White Deer TownshipUnion County
White TownshipBeaver County
White TownshipCambria County
White TownshipIndiana County
Whitehall TownshipLehigh County
Whiteley TownshipGreene County
Whitemarsh TownshipMontgomery County
Whitpain TownshipMontgomery County
Wiconisco TownshipDauphin County
Wilkes-Barre TownshipLuzerne County
Wilkins TownshipAllegheny County
Williams TownshipDauphin County
Williams TownshipNorthampton County
Willistown TownshipChester County
Wilmington TownshipLawrence County
Wilmington TownshipMercer County
Wilmot TownshipBradford County
Windham TownshipBradford County
Windham TownshipWyoming County
Windsor TownshipBerks County
Windsor TownshipYork County
Winfield TownshipButler County
Winslow TownshipJefferson County
Wolf Creek TownshipMercer County
Wolf TownshipLycoming County
Wood TownshipHuntingdon County
Woodbury TownshipBedford County
Woodbury TownshipBlair County
Woodcock TownshipCrawford County
Woodward TownshipClearfield County
Woodward TownshipClinton County
Woodward TownshipLycoming County
Worcester TownshipMontgomery County
Worth TownshipButler County
Worth TownshipCentre County
Worth TownshipMercer County
Wright TownshipLuzerne County
Wrightstown TownshipBucks County
Wyalusing TownshipBradford County
Wysox TownshipBradford County
York TownshipYork County
Young TownshipIndiana County
Young TownshipJefferson County
Zerbe TownshipNorthumberland County
None, see PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia County



























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