List of time offsets by U.S. state

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Map of U.S. time zones with new CST and EST areas displayed

This is a list of time zones by U.S. states. For more about the time zones of the U.S. see time in the United States.

Most states are entirely contained within one time zone. However, some states are in two time zones, due to geographical, socio-political or economic reasons.

States, territories, etc.[edit]

Time Offsets
AlabamaUTC−05:00 ET
UTC−06:00 CT
  • Most of state: UTC−09 AKST Alaska Standard Time
  • Aleutian Islands (west of 169°30' W): UTC−10:00 HST with DST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
American SamoaUTC−11:00NoSamoa Standard Time
ArizonaUTC−07:00 MTPartMountain. Except for the Navajo Nation, Arizona does not observe DST.
ArkansasUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
CaliforniaUTC−08:00 PTYesPacific
ColoradoUTC−07:00 MTYesMountain
ConnecticutUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
DelawareUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
FloridaUTC−05:00 ET
UTC−06:00 CT
YesUTC hue4map USA-FL.svg
GeorgiaUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
GuamUTC+10:00NoChamorro Standard Time
IdahoUTC−07:00 MT
UTC−08:00 PT
  • Most of state: UTC−07:00 MST Mountain Standard Time (A legislative error in 1918 in the Calder Act seemingly put this area at UTC−06:00 CST, and was corrected by Congress in 2007.[1] 15 U.S.C. ch. 6, § 264. (MST has been observed since 1918.)
  • Part in: UTC−08:00 PST Pacific Standard Time (north of the Salmon River, that is between the Oregon state border and the Idaho County/Lemhi County border; west of the Idaho County/Lemhi County border, that is between the Salmon River and the Montana state border)
UTC hue4map USA-ID.svg
IllinoisUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
IndianaUTC−05:00 ET
UTC−06:00 CT
YesUTC hue4map USA-IN.svg
IowaUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
KansasUTC−06:00 CT
UTC−07:00 MT
UTC hue4map USA-KS.svg
KentuckyUTC−05:00 ET
UTC−06:00 CT
  • Eastern half of state: UTC−05:00 EST Eastern Standard Time
  • Western half of state: UTC−06:00 CST Central Standard Time
LouisianaUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
MaineUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
MarylandUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
MassachusettsUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
MichiganUTC−05:00 ET
UTC−06:00 CT
MinnesotaUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
MississippiUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
MissouriUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
MontanaUTC−07:00 MTYesMountain
NebraskaUTC−06:00 CT
UTC−07:00 MT
NevadaUTC−07:00 MT
UTC−08:00 PT
New HampshireUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
New JerseyUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
New MexicoUTC−07:00 MTYesMountain
New YorkUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
North CarolinaUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
North DakotaUTC−06:00 CT
UTC−07:00 MT
Northern Mariana IslandsUTC+10:00NoChamorro Standard Time
OhioUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
OklahomaUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral, but Kenton, Oklahoma unofficially uses Mountain
OregonUTC−07:00 MT
UTC−08:00 PT
YesUTC hue4map US-OR.svg
PennsylvaniaUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
Puerto RicoUTC−04:00NoAtlantic Standard Time Zone
Rhode IslandUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
South CarolinaUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
South DakotaUTC−06:00 CT
UTC−07:00 MT
  • Eastern half of state: UTC−06:00 CST Central Standard Time
  • Western half of state: UTC−07:00 MST Mountain Standard Time
TennesseeUTC−05:00 ET
UTC−06:00 CT
TexasUTC−06:00 CT
UTC−07:00 MT
UtahUTC−07:00 MTYesMountain
VermontUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
VirginiaUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
U.S. Virgin IslandsUTC−04:00NoAtlantic
WashingtonUTC−08:00 PTYesPacific
Washington, D.C.UTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
West VirginiaUTC−05:00 ETYesEastern
WisconsinUTC−06:00 CTYesCentral
WyomingUTC−07:00 MTYesMountain

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