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"List of angels" redirects here. For angels in fiction, see List of fictional angels.
Paradiso Canto 31

This is a list of angels in theology, including both specific angels (e.g. Gabriel) and types of angels (e.g. Seraphim).

Note that some overlap is to be expected with the list of theological demons entry, since various traditions have different classifications for the spirits they mention. In general, however, if an entity is not known for anything but malevolent activity, it is better suited for the list of demons.

AbaddonChristianity, MormonismDestruction
Abathar MuzaniaThe weighing of souls
AdrielChristianity, JudaismDeath and Destruction
AhrimanZoroastrianismSpirit of destruction
Ambriel[1]Christianity, JudaismThe Zodiac
Amesha Spenta (type)Zoroastrianism
Anael, see Haniel
ArarielJewish mythologyWaters of the Earth
Archangel (type)Christianity, Judaism, Islam
ArielChristianity, JudaismPersonification of Israel
AzazelChristianity, Judaism, Islam
AzraelChristianity, Judaism, IslamDeath/Retribution
Bene Elohim (type)Christianity, Judaism"Sons of God"
CassielChristianity, JudaismSolitude and tears
Cherub/Cherubim (type)Christianity, Judaism
Camael, a.k.a. Kemuel or Kamael or KhamaelChristianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Powers
Castiel, see Cassiel
DanielChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
Dominions a.k.a. KyriotetesChristianity, Judaism
DumahChristianity, JudaismSilence, vindication and the stillness of death
EremielChristianity, Judaism
Gabriel, also known in Arabic texts as JibrilChristianity, Judaism, Islam, MormonismArchangelMessengers
GadreelChristianity, Judaism
Grigori a.k.a. Watchers (type)Christianity, Judaism
HadranielChristianity, JudaismSecond Heavenly Gate
HahasiahChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
HanielChristianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Principalities along with Archangel NetzachThe Sephirah Netzach
HashmalChristianity, Judaism
Hesediel see also ZadkielChristianity, JudaismFreedom, benevolence and mercy
ImamiahChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
Hamalat al-ArshIslam
Israfil, also spelled Israfel, often considered same as RaphaelIslam
JegudielChristianityResponsibility and merciful love
JehoelChristianity, JudaismFire
Jequn[3]Christianity, Judaism
JerahmeelChristianity, Judaism
JophielChristianity, Judaism
Kiraman KatibinIslamRecorders of human thoughts, acts and feelings
KushielChristianity, JudaismPunishment
LelielChristianity, JudaismNight
LuciferChristianityArchangelBringer of Light
MaalikIslamthe Hellfire
MebahiahChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
MetatronChristianity, JudaismArchangelThe Celestial Scribe
MichaelChristianity, Judaism, Mormonism, IslamArchangelThe Military
Angel MoroniMormonismThe Golden Plates
MunkarIslamThe Faith of the Dead
Mu’aqqibat (type)Islam
MurielChristianityJune and Cancer in astrology
NakirIslamThe Faith of the Dead
NanaelChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
NetzachChristianity, Judaismleader of the Principalities along with Archangel HanielEternity
NithaelChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
NurielJewish mythologyHailstorms
PenemueChristianity, Judaism
PhanuelJudaismRepentance and hope
PowersChristianity, Judaism
PrincipalitiesChristianity, Judaism
PoyelChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
PurielChristianity, Judaism
QaphsielChristianity, Judaism
Raguel, also known in Arabic texts as AzraielChristianity, Judaism, Islam
Raphael, also known in Arabic texts as IsrafelChristianity, Judaism, Islam, MormonismArchangel, leader of the Virtues
RazielChristianity, JudaismArchangel
RemielChristianity, Judaism
SachielChristianity, Judaism
SamaelChristianity, JudaismArchangel
SandalphonChristianity, JudaismArchangel
SarielChristianity, Judaism, Islam
Seraph/Seraphim (type)Christianity, Judaism
SeraphielChristianity, Judaism
ShamsielChristianity, Judaism
TenninJapanese mythology
Thrones (type)Christianity, Judaism
TzaphqielChristianity, JudaismArchangel
TemeluchusChristianity, Judaism
UrielChristianity, Judaism
UzzielChristianity, Judaism
VirtuesChristianity, Judaism
VehuelChristianity, JudaismPrincipality
Zadkiel aka TzadkielChristianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Dominions
ZephonJewish mythology
Zaphkiel aka TzaphkielChristianity, JudaismArchangel, leader of the Thrones
ZophielChristianity, Judaism

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