List of the most common U.S. county names

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Location of counties with the five most popular names

This is a list of the most common U.S. county names, specifically the 60 county names shared by counties in seven or more states, which account for 726 of the 3,140 counties and county-equivalents in the United States.


NumberName of countyCount (including parishes in Louisiana)Most commonly named for
1Washington County31George Washington
2Jefferson County27Thomas Jefferson
3Franklin County24Benjamin Franklin
3Jackson County24Andrew Jackson
3Lincoln County24Abraham Lincoln or Benjamin Lincoln
6Madison County20James Madison
7Clay County18Henry Clay
7Montgomery County18Richard Montgomery
7Union County18the union of the states or union of parts of adjoining counties
10Marion County17Francis Marion
10Monroe County17James Monroe
12Wayne County16Anthony Wayne
13Grant County15Ulysses S. Grant
14Greene County14Nathanael Greene
14Warren County14Joseph Warren
16Carroll County13Charles Carroll of Carrollton
17Adams County12John Adams or John Quincy Adams
17Clark County12William Clark or George Rogers Clark
17Douglas County12Stephen A. Douglas
17Johnson County12Richard M. Johnson
17Lake County12geographical feature
17Lee County12Robert E. Lee
17Marshall County12John Marshall
17Polk County12James K. Polk
25Calhoun County11John C. Calhoun
25Crawford County11William H. Crawford or Col. William Crawford
25Fayette County11Marquis de la Fayette
25Lawrence County11James Lawrence
25Morgan County11Daniel Morgan
25Scott County11Winfield Scott or Charles Scott
31Hamilton County10Alexander Hamilton
31Hancock County10John Hancock
31Henry County10Patrick Henry
31Logan County10John A. Logan or Benjamin Logan
31Perry County10Oliver Hazard Perry
31Pike County10Zebulon Pike
37Benton County9Thomas Hart Benton
37Brown County9Jacob Brown
37Cass County9Lewis Cass
37Clinton County9DeWitt Clinton
37Knox County9Henry Knox
37Putnam County9Israel Putnam
37Shelby County9Isaac Shelby
44Boone County8Daniel Boone
44Butler County8William O. Butler or Richard Butler
44Cherokee County8Cherokee tribe
44Columbia County8Columbia (poetic name for America)
44Cumberland County8Prince William, Duke of Cumberland
44Fulton County8Robert Fulton
44Harrison County8William Henry Harrison
44Jasper County8William Jasper
44Mercer County8Hugh Mercer
44Orange County8the fruit or King William of Orange
44Randolph County8Edmund Randolph
44Webster County8Daniel Webster
56Howard County7Tilghman Howard, John Eager Howard, or Oliver Howard
56Lewis County7Meriwether Lewis
56Pulaski County7Kazimierz Pułaski
56Richland County7fertile soil
56Taylor County7Zachary Taylor

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