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The following is a list of the world's largest fixed service satellite operators in the world. Comparison data is from different time periods and sources and may not be directly comparable.

RankName of the Operator2010 Revenue2009 Revenue2008 Revenue2007 Revenue2006 RevenueCountrySatellites
in Orbit
on Order
1SES€1740.0 million[citation needed]€1700.0 million[citation needed]€1630.0 million[citation needed]$2370.0 million(€1,61 bl.)$1900.0 million Luxembourg526
2Intelsat$2500.0 million[citation needed]$2500.0 million[citation needed]$2400.0 million[citation needed]$2200.0 million$2100.0 million Luxembourg598
3Eutelsat€1170.0 million(10-11)[citation needed]€1050.0 million(09-10)[citation needed]€0940.0 million(08-09)[citation needed]$1240.0 million$1050.0 million France376
4Telesat Canada$787.0 million[citation needed]$711.0 million[citation needed]$684.7 million$575.0 million Canada133
5JSAT$347.4 million[citation needed]$326.0 million Japan83
6Star One$207.4 million$195.8 million Brazil70
7Hispasat$188.6 million$159.1 million Spain31
8SingTel/Optus$172.2 million$158.4 million Australia51
9Russian Satellite Communications$161 million[citation needed]$152 million Russia113
10Space communications$151.4 million$151.2 million Japan41
11Arabsat$150 million$150 million Saudi Arabia52
12Telenor Satellite Broadcasting$140.8 million$106.5 million Norway41
13Thaicom/formerly Shin Satellite$133.7 million$122.3 million Thailand50
14AsiaSat$120.4 million$119.6 million Hong Kong31
15Indian Space Research Organization/Antrix$120 million$76 million India116
16Korea Telecom$110.1 million$119.6 million South Korea31
17Nilesat$91.6 million$79.8 million Egypt21
18Satmex$80.25 million$79 million Mexico21
19Gascom$69.8 million$47.1 million Russia32
20SES Sirius$69.4 million$58.7 million Sweden20
21Broadcast Satellite System$66.3 million$60.8 million Japan31
22APT Satellite$57.9 million$54.9 million Hong Kong60
23MEASAT Satellite Systems$56.5 million$38.9 million Malaysia31
24Spacecom$56 million$56 million Israel32
25PT Telkom$24.9 million$32.8 million Indonesia21


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