Comparison of communication satellite operators

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The following is a list of the world's largest fixed service satellite operators in the world as of 2008.

RankName of the Operator2010 Revenue2009 Revenue2008 Revenue2007 Revenue2006 RevenueCountrySatellites
in Orbit
on Order
1SES€1,74 billion€1,70 billion€1,63 billion$2.37 billion(€1,61 bl.)$1.90 billion Luxembourg526
2Intelsat$2.50 billion$2.50 billion$2,40 billion$2.20 billion$2.10 billion Luxembourg598
3Eutelsat€1,17 billion(10-11)€1,05 billion(09-10)€0,94 billion(08-09)$1.24 billion$1.05 billion France295
4Telesat Canada$787.0 million$711.0 million$684.7 million$575.0 million Canada133
5JSAT$347.4 million$326.0 million Japan83
6Star One$207.4 million$195.8 million Brazil70
7Hispasat$188.6 million$159.1 million Spain31
8SingTel/Optus$172.2 million$158.4 million Australia51
9Russian Satellite Communications$161 million$152 million Russia113
10Space communications$151.4 million$151.2 million Japan41
11Arabsat$150 million$150 million Saudi Arabia52
12Telenor Satellite Broadcasting$140.8 million$106.5 million Norway41
13Thaicom/formerly Shin Satellite$133.7 million$122.3 million Thailand50
14AsiaSat$120.4 million$119.6 million Hong Kong31
15Indian Space Research Organization/Antrix$120 million$76 million India116
16Korea Telecom$110.1 million$119.6 million South Korea31
17Nilesat$91.6 million$79.8 million Egypt21
18Satmex$80.25 million$79 million Mexico21
19Gascom$69.8 million$47.1 million Russia32
20SES Sirius$69.4 million$58.7 million Sweden20
21Broadcast Satellite System$66.3 million$60.8 million Japan31
22APT Satellite$57.9 million$54.9 million Hong Kong60
23MEASAT Satellite Systems$56.5 million$38.9 million Malaysia31
24Spacecom$56 million$56 million Israel32
25PT Telkom$24.9 million$32.8 million Indonesia21