List of the largest counties in the United States by area

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This is a list of the 100 largest counties in the United States by area. The list is based upon the total area of a county, both land and water surface, reported by the United States Census Bureau during the 2000 Census.[1] Alaska is not divided into counties.

A different ranking becomes apparent when comparing county areas by land area alone as opposed to total area. Some counties, such as Keweenaw and Alger Counties in Michigan, include significant amounts of water in their total area and would not appear on a list that considered land area alone. This list also includes the four counties that would be included when water area is not included.

List of largest counties[edit]

RankCountyStateCounty SeatTotal AreaLand Area
1San BernardinoCaliforniaSan Bernardino20,105.32 sq mi (52,072.5 km2)20,052.5 sq mi (51,936 km2)
2Coconino CountyArizonaFlagstaff18,661.21 sq mi (48,332.3 km2)18,617.42 sq mi (48,218.9 km2)
3Nye CountyNevadaTonopah18,158.73 sq mi (47,030.9 km2)18,146.66 sq mi (46,999.6 km2)
4Elko CountyNevadaElko17,202.94 sq mi (44,555.4 km2)17,179.03 sq mi (44,493.5 km2)
5Mohave CountyArizonaKingman13,469.71 sq mi (34,886.4 km2)13,311.64 sq mi (34,477.0 km2)
6Apache CountyArizonaSt. Johns11,218.42 sq mi (29,055.6 km2)11,204.88 sq mi (29,020.5 km2)
7Lincoln CountyNevadaPioche10,636.77 sq mi (27,549.1 km2)10,633.61 sq mi (27,540.9 km2)
8Sweetwater CountyWyomingGreen River10,491.17 sq mi (27,172.0 km2)10,425.3 sq mi (27,001 km2)
9Inyo CountyCaliforniaIndependence10,226.98 sq mi (26,487.8 km2)10,203.1 sq mi (26,426 km2)
10Harney CountyOregonBurns10,226.49 sq mi (26,486.5 km2)10,134.33 sq mi (26,247.8 km2)
11Navajo CountyArizonaHolbrook9,959.49 sq mi (25,795.0 km2)9,953.18 sq mi (25,778.6 km2)
12Malheur CountyOregonVale9,929.99 sq mi (25,718.6 km2)9,887.09 sq mi (25,607.4 km2)
13Humboldt CountyNevadaWinnemucca9,657.87 sq mi (25,013.8 km2)9,647.91 sq mi (24,988.0 km2)
14Fremont CountyWyomingLander9,265.8 sq mi (23,998 km2)9,182.27 sq mi (23,782.0 km2)
15Maricopa CountyArizonaPhoenix9,224.27 sq mi (23,890.7 km2)9,203.14 sq mi (23,836.0 km2)
16Pima CountyArizonaTucson9,188.83 sq mi (23,799.0 km2)9,186.27 sq mi (23,792.3 km2)
17White Pine CountyNevadaEly8,896.6 sq mi (23,042 km2)8,875.98 sq mi (22,988.7 km2)
18Idaho CountyIdahoGrangeville8,502.48 sq mi (22,021.3 km2)8,484.88 sq mi (21,975.7 km2)
19Lake CountyOregonLakeview8,358.47 sq mi (21,648.3 km2)8,135.75 sq mi (21,071.5 km2)
20Kern CountyCaliforniaBakersfield8,161.42 sq mi (21,138.0 km2)8,140.96 sq mi (21,085.0 km2)
21Yavapai CountyArizonaPrescott8,127.78 sq mi (21,050.9 km2)8,123.3 sq mi (21,039 km2)
22Clark CountyNevadaLas Vegas8,090.66 sq mi (20,954.7 km2)7,910.34 sq mi (20,487.7 km2)
23Carbon CountyWyomingRawlins7,964.03 sq mi (20,626.7 km2)7,896.14 sq mi (20,450.9 km2)
24San Juan CountyUtahMonticello7,933.09 sq mi (20,546.6 km2)7,820.18 sq mi (20,254.2 km2)
25Owyhee CountyIdahoMurphy7,696.71 sq mi (19,934.4 km2)7,677.98 sq mi (19,885.9 km2)
26Riverside CountyCaliforniaRiverside7,303.13 sq mi (18,915.0 km2)7,207.37 sq mi (18,667.0 km2)
27Tooele CountyUtahTooele7,287.12 sq mi (18,873.6 km2)6,930.35 sq mi (17,949.5 km2)
28Park CountyWyomingCody6,968.51 sq mi (18,048.4 km2)6,942.39 sq mi (17,980.7 km2)
29Catron CountyNew MexicoReserve6,929.03 sq mi (17,946.1 km2)6,927.81 sq mi (17,942.9 km2)
30St. Louis CountyMinnesotaDuluth6,859.91 sq mi (17,767.1 km2)6,225.16 sq mi (16,123.1 km2)
31Aroostook CountyMaineHoulton6,828.79 sq mi (17,686.5 km2)6,671.54 sq mi (17,279.2 km2)
32Millard CountyUtahFillmore6,828.01 sq mi (17,684.5 km2)6,589.13 sq mi (17,065.8 km2)
33Box Elder CountyUtahBrigham City6,729.03 sq mi (17,428.1 km2)5,723.34 sq mi (14,823.4 km2)
34Socorro CountyNew MexicoSocorro6,648.71 sq mi (17,220.1 km2)6,646.4 sq mi (17,214 km2)
35Otero CountyNew MexicoAlamogordo6,627.43 sq mi (17,165.0 km2)6,626.5 sq mi (17,163 km2)
36Washoe CountyNevadaReno6,551.32 sq mi (16,967.8 km2)6,342.27 sq mi (16,426.4 km2)
37Siskiyou CountyCaliforniaYreka6,347.46 sq mi (16,439.8 km2)6,286.78 sq mi (16,282.7 km2)
38Cochise CountyArizonaBisbee6,218.77 sq mi (16,106.5 km2)6,169.45 sq mi (15,978.8 km2)
39Brewster CountyTexasAlpine6,192.78 sq mi (16,039.2 km2)6,192.61 sq mi (16,038.8 km2)
40Klamath CountyOregonKlamath Falls6,135.75 sq mi (15,891.5 km2)5,944.19 sq mi (15,395.4 km2)
41Chaves CountyNew MexicoRoswell6,075.07 sq mi (15,734.4 km2)6,070.86 sq mi (15,723.5 km2)
42Pershing CountyNevadaLovelock6,067.55 sq mi (15,714.9 km2)6,036.56 sq mi (15,634.6 km2)
43Fresno CountyCaliforniaFresno6,017.42 sq mi (15,585.0 km2)5,962.73 sq mi (15,443.4 km2)
44Cherry CountyNebraskaValentine6,009.54 sq mi (15,564.6 km2)5,960.52 sq mi (15,437.7 km2)
45Keweenaw CountyMichiganEagle River5,965.96 sq mi (15,451.8 km2)540.97 sq mi (1,401.1 km2)
46Rio Arriba CountyNew MexicoTierra Amarilla5,896.1 sq mi (15,271 km2)5,857.63 sq mi (15,171.2 km2)
47Beaverhead CountyMontanaDillon5,572.04 sq mi (14,431.5 km2)5,542.31 sq mi (14,354.5 km2)
48San Juan CountyNew MexicoAztec5,538.36 sq mi (14,344.3 km2)5,514.02 sq mi (14,281.2 km2)
49Lander CountyNevadaBattle Mountain5,519.47 sq mi (14,295.4 km2)5,493.63 sq mi (14,228.4 km2)
50Yuma CountyArizonaYuma5,518.96 sq mi (14,294.0 km2)5,514.09 sq mi (14,281.4 km2)
51McKinley CountyNew MexicoGallup5,455.22 sq mi (14,129.0 km2)5,448.72 sq mi (14,112.1 km2)
52Natrona CountyWyomingCasper5,375.72 sq mi (13,923.1 km2)5,339.88 sq mi (13,830.2 km2)
53Pinal CountyArizonaFlorence5,374.09 sq mi (13,918.8 km2)5,369.59 sq mi (13,907.2 km2)
54Okanogan CountyWashingtonOkanogan5,315.16 sq mi (13,766.2 km2)5,268.07 sq mi (13,644.2 km2)
55Flathead CountyMontanaKalispell5,256.45 sq mi (13,614.1 km2)5,098.34 sq mi (13,204.6 km2)
56Phillips CountyMontanaMalta5,212.17 sq mi (13,499.5 km2)5,139.57 sq mi (13,311.4 km2)
57Garfield CountyUtahPanguitch5,208.2 sq mi (13,489 km2)5,174.22 sq mi (13,401.2 km2)
58Douglas CountyOregonRoseburg5,133.83 sq mi (13,296.6 km2)5,036.62 sq mi (13,044.8 km2)
59Hawaii CountyHawaiiHilo5,086.7 sq mi (13,174 km2)4,028.02 sq mi (10,432.5 km2)
60Valley CountyMontanaGlasgow5,061.98 sq mi (13,110.5 km2)4,921 sq mi (12,750 km2)
61Alger CountyMichiganMunising5,049.08 sq mi (13,077.1 km2)917.83 sq mi (2,377.2 km2)
62Rosebud CountyMontanaForsyth5,026.94 sq mi (13,019.7 km2)5,012.37 sq mi (12,982.0 km2)
63Churchill CountyNevadaFallon5,023.38 sq mi (13,010.5 km2)4,929.08 sq mi (12,766.3 km2)
64Big Horn CountyMontanaHardin5,014.65 sq mi (12,987.9 km2)4,994.81 sq mi (12,936.5 km2)
65Custer CountyIdahoChallis4,936.79 sq mi (12,786.2 km2)4,925.45 sq mi (12,756.9 km2)
66Sublette CountyWyomingPinedale4,935.66 sq mi (12,783.3 km2)4,882.57 sq mi (12,645.8 km2)
67Garfield CountyMontanaJordan4,847.54 sq mi (12,555.1 km2)4,668.06 sq mi (12,090.2 km2)
68Tulare CountyCaliforniaVisalia4,839.09 sq mi (12,533.2 km2)4,823.97 sq mi (12,494.0 km2)
69Lincoln CountyNew MexicoCarrizozo4,831.25 sq mi (12,512.9 km2)4,830.97 sq mi (12,512.2 km2)
70Campbell CountyWyomingGillette4,801.56 sq mi (12,436.0 km2)4,796.76 sq mi (12,423.6 km2)
71Gila CountyArizonaGlobe4,795.74 sq mi (12,420.9 km2)4,767.7 sq mi (12,348 km2)
72Las Animas CountyColoradoTrinidad4,775.42 sq mi (12,368.3 km2)4,772.63 sq mi (12,361.1 km2)
73Pecos CountyTexasFort Stockton4,764.73 sq mi (12,340.6 km2)4,763.66 sq mi (12,337.8 km2)
74Los Angeles CountyCaliforniaLos Angeles4,752.32 sq mi (12,308.5 km2)4,060.87 sq mi (10,517.6 km2)
75Moffat CountyColoradoCraig4,750.94 sq mi (12,304.9 km2)4,742.25 sq mi (12,282.4 km2)
76San Miguel CountyNew MexicoLas Vegas4,735.63 sq mi (12,265.2 km2)4,717.04 sq mi (12,217.1 km2)
77Lane CountyOregonEugene4,721.79 sq mi (12,229.4 km2)4,554 sq mi (11,790 km2)
78Lassen CountyCaliforniaSusanville4,720.37 sq mi (12,225.7 km2)4,557.27 sq mi (11,803.3 km2)
79Graham CountyArizonaSafford4,641.14 sq mi (12,020.5 km2)4,629.32 sq mi (11,989.9 km2)
80Hudspeth CountyTexasSierra Blanca4,571.93 sq mi (11,841.2 km2)4,571 sq mi (11,840 km2)
81Lemhi CountyIdahoSalmon4,569.5 sq mi (11,835 km2)4,564.16 sq mi (11,821.1 km2)
82Cibola CountyNew MexicoGrants4,541.71 sq mi (11,763.0 km2)4,539.21 sq mi (11,756.5 km2)
83Grant CountyOregonCanyon City4,529.32 sq mi (11,730.9 km2)4,528.6 sq mi (11,729 km2)
84San Diego CountyCaliforniaSan Diego4,525.52 sq mi (11,721.0 km2)4,199.89 sq mi (10,877.7 km2)
85La Paz CountyArizonaParker4,513.36 sq mi (11,689.5 km2)4,499.95 sq mi (11,654.8 km2)
86Uintah CountyUtahVernal4,498.98 sq mi (11,652.3 km2)4,477.07 sq mi (11,595.6 km2)
87Imperial CountyCaliforniaEl Centro4,481.73 sq mi (11,607.6 km2)4,174.73 sq mi (10,812.5 km2)
88Emery CountyUtahCastle Dale4,461.54 sq mi (11,555.3 km2)4,451.85 sq mi (11,530.2 km2)
89Lea CountyNew MexicoLovington4,394.02 sq mi (11,380.5 km2)4,392.96 sq mi (11,377.7 km2)
90Piscataquis CountyMaineDover-Foxcroft4,377.36 sq mi (11,337.3 km2)3,966.22 sq mi (10,272.5 km2)
91Fergus CountyMontanaLewistown4,350.36 sq mi (11,267.4 km2)4,339.17 sq mi (11,238.4 km2)
92Yakima CountyWashingtonYakima4,311.61 sq mi (11,167.0 km2)4,296.23 sq mi (11,127.2 km2)
93Albany CountyWyomingLaramie4,308.79 sq mi (11,159.7 km2)4,272.75 sq mi (11,066.4 km2)
94Converse CountyWyomingDouglas4,265.1 sq mi (11,047 km2)4,254.72 sq mi (11,019.7 km2)
95Blaine CountyMontanaChinook4,238.92 sq mi (10,978.8 km2)4,226.18 sq mi (10,945.8 km2)
96Sierra CountyNew MexicoTruth or Consequences4,236.3 sq mi (10,972 km2)4,180.23 sq mi (10,826.7 km2)
97Teton CountyWyomingJackson4,221.8 sq mi (10,934 km2)4,007.76 sq mi (10,380.1 km2)
98Modoc CountyCaliforniaAlturas4,203.37 sq mi (10,886.7 km2)3,944.1 sq mi (10,215 km2)
99Eddy CountyNew MexicoCarlsbad4,197.57 sq mi (10,871.7 km2)4,182.02 sq mi (10,831.4 km2)
100Eureka CountyNevadaEureka4,179.96 sq mi (10,826.0 km2)4,175.68 sq mi (10,815.0 km2)
101 (94)[a]Johnson CountyWyomingBuffalo4,174.71 sq mi (10,812.4 km2)4,166.28 sq mi (10,790.6 km2)
102 (100)[a]Kane CountyUtahKanab4,108.42 sq mi (10,640.8 km2)3,991.96 sq mi (10,339.1 km2)
104 (95)[a]Lincoln CountyWyomingKemmerer4,089.01 sq mi (10,590.5 km2)4,069.09 sq mi (10,538.9 km2)
106 (99)[a]Weld CountyColoradoGreeley4,021.56 sq mi (10,415.8 km2)3,992.45 sq mi (10,340.4 km2)


  1. ^ a b c d The figure shown in parentheses indicates the rank this county would have when considering land area only.

Alaskan boroughs and Census Areas[edit]

Unlike most states, Alaska is divided into boroughs and census areas that serve as county-equivalents for the Census Bureau. If included with the remainder of the counties and county-equivalent areas in the United States, Alaska's boroughs and census areas would occupy the largest 11. Below is a list of these boroughs and census areas that would rank in the top 100 if included in the above list.

The Unorganized Borough, in which all of the census areas are located, is not considered a county-equivalent area and is not included in this list. With an area of 323,440 sq mi (837,700 km2), it would easily top the list, outranking every state in the country (except Alaska).

The rankings in the below list reflect the rank each borough or census area would have if included with all counties and county-equivalent areas in the United States.

RankCountyStateTotal AreaLand Area
1Yukon-Koyukuk Census AreaAlaska147,842.51 sq mi (382,910.3 km2)145,899.69 sq mi (377,878.5 km2)
2North Slope BoroughAlaska94,762.64 sq mi (245,434.1 km2)88,817.12 sq mi (230,035.3 km2)
3Bethel Census AreaAlaska45,508.46 sq mi (117,866.4 km2)40,633.31 sq mi (105,239.8 km2)
4Northwest Arctic BoroughAlaska40,762 sq mi (105,570 km2)35,898.34 sq mi (92,976.3 km2)
5Valdez-Cordova Census AreaAlaska40,199.15 sq mi (104,115.3 km2)34,319.1 sq mi (88,886 km2)
6Lake and Peninsula BoroughAlaska30,906.96 sq mi (80,048.7 km2)23,781.96 sq mi (61,595.0 km2)
7Nome Census AreaAlaska28,283.33 sq mi (73,253.5 km2)23,000.91 sq mi (59,572.1 km2)
8Matanuska-Susitna BoroughAlaska25,259.79 sq mi (65,422.6 km2)24,681.54 sq mi (63,924.9 km2)
9Southeast Fairbanks Census AreaAlaska25,061.19 sq mi (64,908.2 km2)24,814.86 sq mi (64,270.2 km2)
10Kenai Peninsula BoroughAlaska24,754.6 sq mi (64,114 km2)16,013.26 sq mi (41,474.2 km2)
11Dillingham Census AreaAlaska20,928.41 sq mi (54,204.3 km2)18,674.78 sq mi (48,367.5 km2)
12Wade Hampton Census AreaAlaska19,669.24 sq mi (50,943.1 km2)17,193.5 sq mi (44,531 km2)
13Aleutians East BoroughAlaska15,011.6 sq mi (38,880 km2)6,988.14 sq mi (18,099.2 km2)
14Aleutians West Census AreaAlaska14,116.51 sq mi (36,561.6 km2)4,396.77 sq mi (11,387.6 km2)
15Denali BoroughAlaska12,774.53 sq mi (33,085.9 km2)12,749.65 sq mi (33,021.4 km2)
16Prince of Wales-Outer Ketchikan Census AreaAlaska12,706.3 sq mi (32,909 km2)7,410.62 sq mi (19,193.4 km2)
17Kodiak Island BoroughAlaska12,023.67 sq mi (31,141.2 km2)6,559.85 sq mi (16,989.9 km2)
18Skagway-Hoonah-Angoon Census AreaAlaska11,376.73 sq mi (29,465.6 km2)7,896.48 sq mi (20,451.8 km2)
19Yakutat City and BoroughAlaska9,459.28 sq mi (24,499.4 km2)7,650.46 sq mi (19,814.6 km2)
20Wrangell-Petersburg Census AreaAlaska9,021.21 sq mi (23,364.8 km2)5,834.94 sq mi (15,112.4 km2)
21Fairbanks North Star BoroughAlaska7,444.02 sq mi (19,279.9 km2)7,366.24 sq mi (19,078.5 km2)
22Sitka City and BoroughAlaska4,811.53 sq mi (12,461.8 km2)2,873.98 sq mi (7,443.6 km2)


  1. ^ "United States -- County by State, and for Puerto Rico". United States Census Bureau. Retrieved 2009-06-25.