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The following is a list of text editors. For a list of outliners, see that article's external links.

Graphical and text user interface[edit]

The following editors can either be used with a Graphical user interface or a Text user interface.

NameDescriptionFree Software
Extensible Versatile Editor (EVE)Default under OpenVMS?
Aquamacs EmacsA distribution of GNU Emacs heavily modified to behave like a Mac program.Yes
CreamA configuration of Vim.Yes
ElvisA vi/ex clone with additional commands and featuresYes
GNU Emacs/XEmacstwo long-existing forks of the popular Emacs programmer's editor. Emacs and vi are the dominant text editors on Unix-like operating systems, and have inspired the editor wars.Yes
Language-Sensitive Editor (LSE)Programmer's Editor for OpenVMS implemented using TPU.Yes
TextadeptA modular, cross-platform editor written in C and Lua, using Scintilla[1]Yes
vile (vi like Emacs)A vi work-alike which retains the vi command-set while adding new features: multiple windows and buffers, infinite undo, colorization, scriptable expansion capabilities, etc.Yes
vimvim is a clone based on the ideas of the vi editor and designed for use both from a command line interface and in a graphical user interfaceYes
Yi editorYes

Graphical user interface[edit]

E (E.EXE)default under IBM OS/2 versions 2-4[citation needed]Proprietary
geditdefault under GNOME[2]Free software
Leafpaddefault under LXDE[3] and Xfce[4]Free software
Mousepadpreviously the default under Xfce[5]Free software
Notepaddefault under Microsoft WindowsProprietary
SimpleTextdefault under Classic Mac OS from version 7.5[6]Proprietary
TeachTextdefault under Classic Mac OS versions prior to 7.5[7]Proprietary
TextEditdefault under Mac OS X,[8] NeXTSTEP[citation needed], and GNUstep[citation needed]Free software
XEDITdefault under VM/CMSProprietary
AcmeA User Interface for Programmers by Rob PikeFree software
AkelPadЕditor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast. Many plugins.Free software
AtomA modular, general-purpose editor built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of Chromium and Node.jsFree software
ArachnophiliaFree software
BluefishWeb development editorFree software
BracketsA modular, web-oriented editor built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of the Chromium Embedded FrameworkFree software
ConTEXTFree software
Crimson EditorFree software
Geanyfast and lightweight editor / IDE, uses GTK+Free software
JText editor written in Java, part of the ArmedBear Common Lisp (ABCL) projectFree software
jEditfree cross-platform programmer's editor written in Java, GPL licensedFree software
JOVEJonathan's Own Version of EmacsFree software
JuffEdlightweight text editor written in Qt4Free software
Katebasic text editor for the KDE desktopFree software
KileUser friendly TeX/LaTeX editorFree software
KodMac OS-X only, TextMate-likeFree software
KWritedefault editor on KDEFree software
Lapisan experimental text editor allowing multiple simultaneous edits of text in a multiple selection from a few examples provided by the user.Free software
Leoa text editor that features outlines with clones as its central tool of organization and navigationFree software
Light Tablea text editor and IDE with real-time, inline expression evaluation. Intended mainly for dynamic languages such as Clojure, Python and JavaScript, and for web developmentFree software
MadEditfree cross-platform editor written in wxWidgetsFree software
mcedittext editor provided with Midnight CommanderFree software
MetapadWindows Notepad replacement, GPL licensedFree software
MicroEMACSFree software
NEdit – "Nirvana Editor"Free software
Notepad++a tabbed text editorFree software
Notepad2Free software
Pea text editor for BeOSFree software
Programmer's NotepadFree software
RTextFree software
SamFree software
SciTEFree software
TeXnicCenterFree software
TeXShopTeX/LaTeX editor and previewerFree software
TextMateFree software
The Hessling EditorFree software
UniRedWindows text editor supporting many encodingsFree software
X11 XeditFree software
YuditFree software
BBEdit LiteFreeware
Eddieeditor originally made for BeOS and later ported to Linux and Mac OS X.Freeware
HxD for huge text filesFreeware
Komodo EditFree software
LEdLaTeX EditorFreeware
NoteTab LightFreeware
Programmer's File Editor (PFE)Freeware
PSPadeditor for Microsoft Windows with various programming environmentsFreeware
RJ TextEdFreeware
Q10Full screen text editor (Windows)Freeware
TED NotepadFreeware
HTML KitFreeware
GoldED (text editor of Cubic IDE)Proprietary
CygnusEd (CED)Proprietary
E Text EditorProprietary
EditPluseditor with syntax highlighting and FTPProprietary
GWD Text EditorProprietary
iA WriterProprietary
Inlage LaTeX EditorProprietary
Kediteditor with commands and Rexx macros similar to IBM XEDITProprietary
Peppermintan editor with a CoffeeScript/JavaScript APIProprietary
skEdit(formerly called skHTML)Proprietary
Smultrona Mac OS X text editorProprietary
Source InsightProprietary
SubEthaEdit (formerly called Hydra)Proprietary
Sublime TextProprietary
Tex-Edit PlusProprietary
TextPad and WildeditProprietary
The SemWare Editor (TSE) (formerly called QEdit)Proprietary
Tincta / Tincta Pro (Mac OS X)Proprietary
Zeddesigned to reduce cognitive load using a minimal UI and advanced file handling. Built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and available as either an addon to Chrome or a standalone Node.js-based program[9]Free software

Text user interface[edit]

System default[edit]

Eis the text editor in PC DOS 7 and PC DOS 2000.Proprietary
edis the default line editor on Unix since the birth of Unix. Either ed or a compatible editor is available on all systems labeled as Unix (not by default on every one)Free software
EDis the default editor on CP/M, MP/M, Concurrent CP/M, CP/M-86, MP/M-86, Concurrent CP/M-86.Free software
EDITis the default on MS-DOS 5.0 and higher and is included with all 32-bit versions of Windows that do not rely on a separate copy of DOS. Up to including MS-DOS 6.22, it only supported files up to 64 KB.Proprietary
EDITis the text editor in DR DOS 6.0, Novell DOS 7, OpenDOS 7.01, DR-DOS 7.02 and higher. Supports large files for as long as swap space is available. Version 7 and higher optionally supports a pseudo-graphics user interface named NewUI.Proprietary
EDIXis the text editor in Concurrent DOS, Concurrent DOS XM, Concurrent PC DOS, Concurrent DOS 386, FlexOS 286, FlexOS 386, 4680 OS, 4690 OS, S5-DOS/MT.Proprietary
EDITORis the text editor in DR DOS 3.31 through DR DOS 5.0, and the predecessor of EDIT.Proprietary
EDLINis a command-line based line editor introduced with 86-DOS, and the default on MS-DOS prior to version 5 and is also available on MS-DOS 5.0 and Windows NT.Proprietary
eestands for Easy Editor, is part of the base system of FreeBSD, along with vi.[10]Free software
nvi(installed as vi by default in BSD operating systems and some Linux distributions) – A free replacement for the original vi which maintains compatibility while adding some new features.Free software
viis the default for Unix systems and must be included in all POSIX compliant systems[11] – One of the earliest screen-based editors, it is based on ex.Free software


Diakonosa customizable, usable console-based text editor.Free software
EmacsA screen-based editor with an embedded computer language, Emacs Lisp. Early versions were implemented in TECO, see below.Free software
JEDFree software
JOEA modern screen-based editor with a sort of enhanced-WordStar style to the interface, but can also emulate Pico.Free software
LEFree software
mceditFull featured terminal text editor for Unix-like systems.Free software
MinEdText editor with user-friendly interface, mouse and menu control, and extensive Unicode and CJK support; for Unix/Linux and Windows/DOS.Free software
NanoA clone of Pico GPL licensed.Free software
nea minimal, modern replacement for vi.Free software
SETEDITa clone of the editor of Borland's Turbo* IDEsFree software
vimis a clone based on the ideas of the vi editor and designed for use both from a command line interface and in a graphical user interfaceFree software
ZileFree software
The SemWare Editor(TSE for DOS) (formerly called QEdit)Proprietary

No user interface (editor libraries/toolkits)[edit]

Scintilla (editing component)is used as the core of several text editors.Free software
Text Processing Utility (TPU)language and runtime package, developed by DEC, used to implement the Language-Sensitive Editor and Extensible Versatile Editor, Eve.Proprietary

ASCII and ANSI art[edit]

Editors that are specifically designed for the creation of ASCII and ANSI text art.

ASCII font editors[edit]



Visual and full-screen editors[edit]

Line editors[edit]


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