List of television stations in Michigan

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This is a list of broadcast television stations serving cities in the U.S. state of Michigan.

Full-power stations[edit]

VC refers to the station's PSIP virtual channel. RF refers to the station's physical RF channel.

Area servedCity of licenseVCRFCallsignNetworkNotes
AlpenaAlpena624WCMLPBSsatellite of WCMU-TV ch. 14 Mount Pleasant
AlpenaAlpena1111WBKB-TVCBSFox on 11.2 and ABC on 11.3
DetroitDetroit445WDIV-TVNBCThis TV on 4.2
DetroitWindsor, ON (CA)99CBETCBC
DetroitAnn Arbor3150WPXD-TVION
DetroitMount Clemens3839WADLInd.
Flint/SaginawBay City522WNEM-TVCBSMNT on 5.2
Flint/SaginawFlint1212WJRT-TVABCMe-TV on 12.2
Flint/SaginawBad Axe1915WDCQ-TVPBS
Flint/SaginawSaginaw2530WEYI-TVNBCBounce TV on 25.3
Flint/SaginawFlint2828WCMZ-TVPBSsatellite of WCMU-TV ch. 14 Mount Pleasant
Flint/SaginawBay City4646WBSFCW
Grand Rapids/KalamazooKalamazoo38WWMTCBSThe CW on 3.2 and cable channel 7.
Grand Rapids/KalamazooGrand Rapids87WOOD-TVNBCBounce TV on digital subchannel 8.2
Grand Rapids/KalamazooGrand Rapids1313WZZMABC
Grand Rapids/KalamazooGrand Rapids1719WXMIFox
Grand Rapids/KalamazooGrand Rapids3511WGVU-TVPBS
Grand Rapids/KalamazooBattle Creek4120WOTVABCBranded by its cable channel number, 4.
Grand Rapids/KalamazooBattle Creek4344WZPX-TVION
Grand Rapids/KalamazooKalamazoo525WGVKPBSsatellite of WGVU-TV ch. 35 Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids/KalamazooMuskegon5424WTLJTCT
Grand Rapids/KalamazooKalamazoo6445WLLAInd.
Iron MountainIron Mountain88WDHSInd.
Lansing/JacksonEast Lansing2340WKAR-TVPBS
Lansing/JacksonLansing4738WSYM-TVFoxMe-TV on 47.2
Lansing/JacksonLansing5351WLAJABCThe CW on 53.2 and cable channel 5.
ManisteeManistee2121WCMWPBSsatellite of WCMU-TV ch. 14 Mount Pleasant
MarquetteEscanaba348WJMN-TVCBSsemisatellite of WFRV-TV ch. 5 Green Bay WI
MarquetteMarquette635WLUC-TVNBCFox on 6.2
Mount PleasantMount Pleasant1426WCMU-TVPBS
Sault Ste. MarieCheboygan435WTOM-TVNBCsatellite of WPBN-TV ch. 7 Traverse City
Sault Ste. MarieSault Ste. Marie88WGTQABCsatellite of WGTU ch. 29 Traverse City
Sault Ste. MarieSault Ste. Marie1010WWUP-TVCBSsatellite of WWTV ch. 9 Cadillac
Traverse City/CadillacTraverse City747WPBN-TVNBC
Traverse City/CadillacCadillac99WWTVCBS
Traverse City/CadillacCadillac2717WCMVPBSsatellite of WCMU-TV ch. 14 Mount Pleasant
Traverse City/CadillacTraverse City2929WGTUABC
Traverse City/CadillacCadillac3332WFQX-TVFox
VanderbiltVanderbilt4545WFUPFoxsatellite of WFQX-TV ch. 33 (DT1) and WWTV ch. 9 (DT2) Cadillac/Traverse City

Defunct full-power stations[edit]

LPTV stations[edit]

Area servedCity of licensechCallsignNetworkNotes
DetroitDetroit18 (RF channel 18)WDWO-CDTCTTCT HD on 18.2, TCT Family on 18.3, ABN on 18.4
DetroitDetroit23 (RF channel 23)WUDT-LDDaystar
DetroitDetroit33 (RF channel 33)W33BY-DLaunch TV
DetroitDetroit40 (RF channel 40)WLPC-CDThe Impact Network
FlintFlint14 (RF channel 26)WHNE-LDSoul of the South NetworkRetro TV 14.2, Infomercials on 14.3, DIYB TV on 14.4, Corner Store TV on 14.5
FlintWest Branch33 (RF channel 20)WUWB-LDSmart Lifestyle TVMovies! on 33.2, PBJ on 33.3, The Family Channel on 33.4
FlintRoscommon34 (RF channel 18)WURO-LDMovies!FGO on 34.4, Heartland on 34.6
FlintSaginaw42 (RF channel 24)W24DL-D3ABN3ABN on 42.2 to 42.6, Radio 74 on 42.7
Grand RapidsBattle Creek14 (RF channel 14)WOBC-CDMyNetworkTVRadar on 14.2
Grand RapidsGrand Rapids15 (RF channel 15)WXSP-CDMyNetworkTVRadar on 15.2
Grand RapidsGrand Rapids15 (RF channel 41)WOLP-CDMyNetworkTVRadar on 15.2
Grand RapidsHesperia17 (RF channel 42)W42CB-DFOXAntenna TV on 17.2, This TV on 17.3
Grand RapidsMuskegon17 (RF channel 17)W17DF-DFOXAntenna TV on 17.2, This TV on 17.3
Grand RapidsHolland25 (RF channel 25)WOGC-CDNBCBounce TV on 25.2, Radar on 25.3
Grand RapidsGrand Rapids29 (RF channel 29)WUHQ-LDDaystar
Grand RapidsMuskegon29 (RF channel 29)WOMS-CDMyNetworkTVRadar on 29.2
Grand RapidsHolland33 (RF channel 33)WOHO-CDMyNetworkTVRadar on 33.2
Grand RapidsMuskegon38 (RF channel 49)WMKG-CDLaunch TV
Grand RapidsGrand Rapids48W48CL3ABN
Grand RapidsKalamazoo50 (RF channel 50)WOKZ-CDMyNetworkTVRadar on 50.2
Grand RapidsKalamazoo54 (RF channel 26)W26BX-DTCTTCT HD on 26.2, TCT Family on 26.3, ABN on 26.4
LansingLansing27 (RF channel 27)W27CN-DTCTTCT HD on 27.2, TCT Family on 27.3, ABN on 27.4
Mount PleasantMount Pleasant32WBWM-LP
Sault Ste. MarieSault Ste. Marie28 (RF channel 28)W28DY-D3ABN3ABN on 28.2 to 28.6, Radio 74 on 28.7
Traverse CityCedar12WLLZ-LPMyNetworkTV/Retro TV
Traverse CityCadillac23 (RF channel 23)W23EB-D3ABN3ABN on 23.2 to 23.6, Radio 74 on 23.7
Traverse CityLake City26 (RF channel 14)WMNN-LDNewsClassic shows on 26.2
~South Bend, INBerrien Springs10 (RF channel 10)WYGN-LD3ABN3ABN on 10.2, 10.3 and 10.5, Hope Channel on 10.4, Radio 74 on 10.8

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