List of television stations in France

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This is a list of TV services available on digital terrestrial, satellite, internet streaming and cable systems in France.

National channels[edit]

List available from 12 December 2012:

EPG No.ChannelNotesOwner/parent companyBroadcast hoursFormatMultiplex
1TF1Privatised during 1987. Formerly RTF (Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française) and ORTF (Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française)TF1 Group24 hours16:9 SDTVSMR6
2France 2State owned. Formerly Chaîne 2 and Antenne 2France Télévisions24 hours16:9 SDTVGR1
3France 3State owned. Semi-localised channel, the programs may differ according to region. Formerly Couleur 3 and FR 3France Télévisions24 hours16:9 SDTVGR1
4Canal+ HDPrivate. Subscription network, some programs without encryption in SDTVCanal+ Group24 hours16:9 HDTVCNH
5France 5State owned. Formerly La Cinquième)France Télévisions24 hours16:9 SDTVGR1
6M6Métropole 6 - Commercial networkMétropole Télévision (RTL Group)24 hours16:9 SDTVMulti 4
7ArteState owned. French-German arts channel.ARTE France24 hours16:9 SDTVSMR6
8D8Commercial stationCanal+ Group24 hours16:9 SDTVNTN
9W9commercial stationMétropole Télévision24 hours16:9 SDTVMulti 4
10TMCFormerly Télé Monté-Carlo, Monaco-based commercial stationTF1 Group, Government of Monaco24 hours16:9 and 4:3 SDTVSMR6
11NT1Nouvelle Télévision 1, commercial stationTF1 Group24 hours16:9 and 4:3 SDTVMulti 4
12NRJ 12commercial station, NRJ networkNRJ Group24 hours16:9 SDTVSMR6
13La Chaîne parlementaireState owned.National Assembly, Senate24 hours16:9 SDTVGR1
14France 4State owned. Entertainment programming.France Télévisions24 hours16:9 SDTVNTN
15BFM TVcommercial news and finance stationNextRadioTV24 hours16:9 SDTVNTN
16I-Télécommercial news stationCanal+ Group24 hours16:9 SDTVNTN
17D17Commercial music networkCanal+ Group24 hours16:9 SDTVNTN
18Gullichildren's programmingLagardère Active24 hours16:9 SDTVNTN
19France ÔState owned. French Overseas programmes.France Télévisions24 hours16:9 SDTVGR1
20HD1Commercial networkTF1 Group24 hours16:9 HDTVMHD7
21L'Équipe 21Commercial sports news stationAmaury Group24 hours16:9 HDTVMHD7
226terCommercial networkMétropole Télévision24 hours16:9 HDTVR8
23Numéro 23Commercial networkDiversité TV France SA24 hours16:9 HDTVR8
24RMC DécouverteCommercial documentary networkNextRadioTV24 hours16:9 HDTVR8
25Chérie 25Commercial networkNRJ Group24 hours16:9 HDTVMHD7
41Paris Premièrepay-TV, some programmes free-to-airMétropole Télévision24 hours16:9 SDTVMulti 4
42Canal+ Sportpay-TV, some programmes free-to-airCanal+ Group07:00 - 04:0016:9 SDTVCNH
43Canal+ Cinémapay-TVCanal+ Group07:00 - 04:0016:9 SDTVCNH
45Planète+pay-TV, documentariesCanal+ Group24 hours16:9 SDTVCNH
46TF6pay-TVTF1 Group, Métropole Télévision24 hours16:9 SDTVSMR6
48LCIpay-TV, news and informationTF1 Group24 hours16:9 SDTVSMR6
49Eurosportpay-TV, sports programsDiscovery Communications, TF1 Group06:45 - 02:0016:9 SDTVSMR6
51TF1 HDhigh definition version of TF1TF1 Group24 hours16:9 HDTVMR5
52France 2 HDhigh definition version of France 2France Télévisions24 hours16:9 HDTVMR5
56M6 HDhigh definition version of M6Métropole Télévision, RTL Group24 hours16:9 HDTVMR5
57Arte HDhigh definition version of ArteARTE France24 hours16:9 HDTVMulti 4

Regional channels on multiplex GR1[edit]

Regional channels on multiplex L8[edit]

EPG No.ChannelArea
20Bip TVCity of Issoudun
20Canal 32Department of Aube
31Demain IDF / BDM TV / Cinaps TV / Télé Bocal (time-shared)Region of Île-de-France
32IDF1Region of Île-de-France
33France 24Region of Île-de-France
34BFM BusinessRegion of Île-de-France
23Canal CholetDepartment of Vendée
24TV VendéeDepartment of Vendée
25Canal 15Department of Vendée

Satellite television[edit]

Bis Télévisions[edit]

Nouveau CanalSat[edit]

This is a list of channels carried by CanalSat:[1]

Defunct channels[edit]

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