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Downtown Los Angeles with San Gabriel Mountains in the background

This list of tallest buildings in Los Angeles ranks skyscrapers in the U.S. city of Los Angeles, California by height. The tallest building in Los Angeles is the 73-story U.S. Bank Tower, which rises 1,018 feet (310 m) in Downtown Los Angeles and was completed in 1989.[1] It also stands as the tallest building in the state of California, tallest building west of the Mississippi, and the 11th-tallest building in the United States. The second-tallest skyscraper in the city and the state is the Aon Center, which rises 858 feet (262 m).[2] Seven of the ten tallest buildings in California are located in Los Angeles.[3]

Skyscrapers are difficult and expensive to construct in Los Angeles due to the city's high rate of earthquakes and position near the San Andreas fault line, as well as the resulting difficulty of adhering to the city's rigorous engineering standards. Nevertheless, a number of successful and iconic skyscrapers dot the downtown Los Angeles skyline. The history of skyscrapers in Los Angeles began with the 1903 completion of the Braly Building, which is often regarded as the first high-rise in the city;[4] it rises 13 floors and 151 feet (46 m) in height.[5] The building, originally constructed as a commercial structure, has since been renovated into a residential tower and is now known as the "Continental Building".[4] Los Angeles went through a large building boom that lasted from the early 1960s to the early 1990s, during which time the city saw the completion of 30 of its 32 tallest buildings, including the U.S. Bank Tower, the Aon Center, and Two California Plaza. The city is the site of 25 skyscrapers at least 492 feet (150 m) in height, more than any other city in the Pacific coast region. As of July 2011, there are 505 completed high-rises in the city.[6]

The most recently completed skyscraper in Los Angeles is L.A. Live Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Condominiums, which rises 653 feet (199 m) and 54 floors.[7]

The Wilshire Grand Tower, a hotel and office tower which is under construction, is expected to rise 73 stories and 1,100 feet (335 m) in height.[8] Once completed in 2017, it will surpass the U.S. Bank Tower to become the tallest building in the United States, west of Chicago.

As of May 2011, there are 60 high-rise buildings under construction, approved for construction, and proposed for construction in Los Angeles.[6] 37 of these 60 buildings are over 100 meters tall.

Los Angeles skyline during sunset as seen from behind the Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park in October 2006

Tallest buildings[edit]

This lists ranks Los Angeles skyscrapers that stand at least 400 feet (122 m) tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. An equal sign (=) following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings. The "Year" column indicates the year in which a building was completed.

ft (m)
1U.S. Bank TowerLos Angeles Library Tower (small).jpg01.01,018 (310)Henry N. Cobb73198947th-tallest building in the world, 11th-tallest building in the United States, tallest building on the West Coast of the United States, tallest building in California; tallest building in the world with a helipad on its roof; tallest building constructed in Los Angeles in the 1980s; formerly known as Library Tower; at the time of its completion, the building was the tallest structure in a major active seismic region (Taipei 101 now holds this title).[1][9][10]
2Aon CenterDowntown Los Angeles - Aon Center.jpg02.0858 (262)Charles Luckman621973133rd-tallest building in the world, 31st-tallest building in the United States; tallest building constructed in Los Angeles in the 1970s[2][11]
3Two California PlazaTwo California Plaza.jpg03.0750 (229)Arthur Erickson54199272nd-tallest building in the United States; tallest building constructed in Los Angeles in the 1990s[12][13]
4Gas Company TowerLos Angeles downtown p1000070.jpg04.0749 (228)Richard Keating52199177th-tallest building in the United States[14][15]
5Bank of America CenterLos Angeles - Bank America building from Historic LAPD Academy.JPG05.0735 (224)Albert C. Martin55197492nd-tallest building in the United States; formerly known as Security Pacific Bank Plaza, ARCO Plaza, and BP Plaza[16][17]
6777 Tower777 Tower Los Angeles Pelli LC-HS503-502.jpg06.0725 (221)César Pelli52199198th-tallest building in the United States[18][19]
7Wells Fargo CenterWellsFargocenter03.jpg07.0723 (220)Skidmore, Owings & Merrill541983103rd-tallest building in the United States[20][21]
8Figueroa at WilshireFigueroaWilshire.jpg08.0717 (219)Albert C. Martin531990107th-tallest building in the United States; formerly known as the Sanwa Bank Building[22][23]
9City National TowerPaulHastingsCityNationalTwinTowers.jpg09.0699 (213)Albert C. Martin521972Formerly known as the Bank of America Tower; this building and Paul Hastings Tower stand as the tallest twin towers in Los Angeles.[24][25]
10Paul Hastings TowerPaulHastingsCityNationalTwinTowers.jpg10.0699 (213)Albert C. Martin521972Formerly known as ARCO Tower; this building and City National Tower stand as the tallest twin towers in Los Angeles.[26][27]
11LA Live Hotels & CondominiumsLA Live Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences tower.jpg10.1667 (203)Gensler542010Tallest building constructed in Los Angeles in the 2010s[28]
12Citigroup CenterCitigroup Center Downtown Los Angeles.jpg11.0625 (191)Albert C. Martin481979Formerly known as the 444 Flower Building[29][30]
13611 Place611Place LosAngeles.jpg12.0620 (189)William Pereira421969Tallest building constructed in Los Angeles in the 1960s[31][32]
14One California PlazaOne California Plaza.jpg13.0578 (176)Arthur Erickson421985[33][34]
15Century Plaza Tower IICenturyPlazaTowers.jpg14.0571 (174)Minoru Yamasaki441975This building and Century Plaza Tower I stand as the tallest buildings outside Downtown Los Angeles.[35][36]
15Century Plaza Tower ICenturyPlazaTowers.jpg15.0571 (174)Minoru Yamasaki441975This building and Century Plaza Tower II stand as the tallest buildings outside Downtown Los Angeles.[37][38]
17KPMG TowerWellsFargocenter03.jpg16.0560 (171)Skidmore, Owings & Merrill451983[39][40]
18Ernst & Young PlazaErnstYoungBuildingLosAngeles.jpg17.0534 (163)Skidmore, Owings & Merrill411985[41][42]
19SunAmerica CenterAIG SunAmericaTower.jpg18.0533 (162)Johnson & Fain391990[43][44]
20TCW TowerTWCbuilding.jpg19.0517 (158)Albert C. Martin391990[45][46]
21Union Bank PlazaUnionBankCalifornia.jpg20.0516 (157)Albert C. Martin401968[47][48]
2210 Universal City Plaza10 Universal City Plaza.jpg21.0506 (154)Skidmore, Owings & Merrill361984Tallest building in the San Fernando Valley[49][50]
231100 Wilshire1100Wilshire.jpg22.0496 (151)Albert C. Martin351987Tallest residential building in the city[51][52]
24Fox PlazaFoxyplaza.jpg23.0492 (150)Johnson & Fain341987[53][54]
25Constellation PlaceMGM Tower.jpg24.0491 (150)Johnson & Fain352003First high rise to be completed in the 21st century in Los Angeles[7][55]
26The CenturyTheCentury CenturyCity1.jpg24.0478 (146)Robert A. M. Stern422009 (completed in 2009, opened in 2010)[56]
27ARCO Tower1055wSeventh ArcoTower.jpg25.0462 (141)Gin Wong331989[57][58]
28=Los Angeles City HallLos Angeles City Hall (color) edit1.jpg26.0454 (138)Austin, Parkinson & Martin321928Tallest building constructed in Los Angeles in the 1920s; tallest base-isolated structure in the world[59][60][61]
28=Equitable Life BuildingEquitable2.jpg27.0454 (138)Welton Becket341969[62][63]
30AT&T CenterAT&T Center Los Angeles.jpg28.0452 (138)William Pereira321965[64][65]
31AT&T Switching CenterPacBellTower01.jpg29.0448 (137)The Parkinsons171961[66][67]
325900 Wilshire5900Wilshire.jpg30.0443 (135)Gin Wong / William Pereira321971[68][69]
33Warner Center Plaza IIWarner Center Skyscrapers.jpg31.0415 (126)Ware & Malcomb251991[70][71]
34MCI CenterMCICenter02.jpg32.0414 (126)Charles Luckman331973[72][73]

Timeline of tallest buildings[edit]

Los Angeles City Hall, shown here in 1931, was built in 1928 and was the tallest structure in the city until 1964, when height restrictions were removed

This lists buildings that once held the title of tallest building in Los Angeles.

NameImageStreet addressYears as tallestHeight
ft (m)
Braly Building[A]Building at 408 S. Spring St. (Top), Los Angeles.JPG408 South Spring Street1903–1907151 (46)13[5]
Security BuildingSecurity Building (Los Angeles).jpg510 South Spring Street1907–1911165 (50)11[74]
A.G. Bartlett BuildingBartlett Building (Los Angeles).jpg651 South Spring Street1911–1916190 (58)14[75]
Park Central Building412 West 6th Street1916–1927N/A[B]14[76]
Texaco BuildingUnited Artists Theater, Los Angeles.JPG929 South Broadway1927–1928242 (74)13[77]
Los Angeles City HallLosAngelesCityHall1931.JPG200 North Spring Street1928–1968454 (138)32[60]
Union Bank PlazaUnionBankCalifornia.jpg445 South Figueroa Street1968–1969516 (157)40[48]
611 Place611Place LosAngeles.jpg611 West 6th Street1969–1972620 (189)42[32]
City National Tower[C]PaulHastingsCityNationalTwinTowers.jpg555 South Flower Street1972–1974699 (213)52[25]
Paul Hastings Tower[C]PaulHastingsCityNationalTwinTowers.jpg515 South Flower Street1972–1974699 (213)52[27]
Aon CenterAon Center LA.jpg707 Wilshire Boulevard1974–1989858 (262)62[11]
U.S. Bank TowerUsbnktwr.jpg633 West 5th Street1989–present1,018 / 31073[9]


A. ^ This building was originally known as the Braly Building, but has since been renamed the Continental Building.
B. ^ Official height figures have never been released by this building's developer.
C. ^ a b The City National Tower and the Paul Hastings Tower are twin towers, both rising 699 feet (213 m). As both buildings were completed in 1972, Los Angeles had two tallest buildings until the completion of Aon Center in 1974.


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