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Skyline of Indianapolis

This list of tallest buildings in Indianapolis ranks skyscrapers and high-rises in the U.S. city of Indianapolis, Indiana, by height. Majority of the skyscrapers are located in Downtown Indianapolis. The tallest building in the city is the 48-story Chase Tower, which rises 830 feet (253 m) and was completed in 1990.[1] The structure is the tallest completed building in the state[2] and the 38th-tallest building in the U.S. In addition, it is the tallest building in the Midwest outside of Chicago and Cleveland.[1] The city's second tallest structure is the OneAmerica Tower, which was the tallest building in Indiana from 1982 until 1990.[3] Of the 40 tallest buildings in Indiana, 34 are located in Indianapolis.[2]

The history of skyscrapers in Indianapolis began with the completion in 1895 of the Thomas Building, which is regarded as the first high-rise in the city.[4] Before it was demolished, this structure stood 13 stories and 170 feet (52 m) in height.[4] Indianapolis went through an early high-rise construction boom in the 1960s, during which time the city saw the completion of the 372-foot (113 m) City-County Building.[5] The City-County Building was the first building in the city to rise higher than the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, and was the tallest building in the city until 1970.[5] However, the pace of new high-rise construction then slowed until 1982; starting in that year, Indianapolis entered into a large building boom that lasted until 1990. During that time, seven of the city's ten tallest skyscrapers were built, including the Chase Tower, OneAmerica Tower and Market Tower.[1][3][6] Based on existing and under-construction buildings over 500 feet (152 m) tall, the skyline of Indianapolis is ranked first in Indiana, sixth in the Midwest (after Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Columbus and Cleveland) and 24th in the country.[A] As of February 2010, there are 95 completed high-rises in the city.[7] Indianapolis ranks first in the state in high-rise count, ahead of Fort Wayne.[8]

Indianapolis was the site of very little high-rise construction from the end of the boom in 1990 until the mid-2000s; the city has since entered into a third period of high-rise construction, with four skyscrapers that rank in city's 20 tallest buildings being completed after 2000. The tallest of these is the 376 feet (115 m) JW Marriott Indianapolis.[9] Standing at 37 stories tall, the JW Marriott Indianapolis is the largest hotel in Indiana and largest JW Marriott in the world.[10] Other projects completed after 2000 are the 287-foot (87 m) Conrad Indianapolis and 259 feet (79 m) Simon Property Group Headquarters, both in 2006.[11][12] One Indiana Square went through an exterior refinishing after being damaged by high winds on April 2, 2006.[13] As of February 2010, there are 3 high-rise buildings under construction, approved for construction or proposed for construction in Indianapolis.[14]


Tallest buildings

The Chase Tower is the tallest building in Indianapolis.
OneAmerica Tower is the second-tallest building in the city.
One Indiana Square, the third-tallest building in Indianapolis.
Market Tower, the fourth-tallest building in Indianapolis.

This list ranks Indianapolis skyscrapers that stand at least 200 feet (61 m) tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts. An equal sign (=) following a rank indicates the same height between two or more buildings. The "Year" column indicates the year in which a building was completed.

ft (m)
01.01Chase Tower830 (253)491990170th-tallest building in the world, 38th-tallest in the United States. Has been the tallest building in the city and the state since 1990. Tallest building in the Midwestern U.S. outside of Chicago and Cleveland. Tallest building constructed in Indianapolis in the 1990s. Formerly known as Bank One Tower.[1][15]
02.02OneAmerica Tower533 (162)381982Tallest building constructed in the city during the 1980s. Formerly known as the AUL Tower.[3][16]
03.03One Indiana Square504 (154)361970Tallest building completed in Indianapolis during the 1970s.[17][18]
04.04Market Tower421 (128)321988[6][19]
05.05300 North Meridian408 (124)281989[20][21]
06.06M&I Plaza401 (122)311988[22][23]
07.07JW Marriott Indianapolis376 (115)342011[9][10][24]
07.08City-County Building372 (113)281962Tallest building constructed in the city during the 1960s.[25][26]
08.09101 West Ohio360 (110)221987[27][28]
09.010AT&T Building321 (98)221932When completed in the 1930s, the building was only seven floors high. Additions in the 1940s and 1960s brought it to its current height.[29][30]
10.011Capital Center South Tower311 (95)221987[31][32]
11.012Hilton Indianapolis302 (92)181971Tallest all-hotel building in Indiana.[33][34]
12.013=Riley Towers I295 (90)301963Tied with Riley Towers II as the tallest residential building in the city and the state.[35][36]
12.013=Riley Towers II295 (90)301963Tied with Riley Towers I as the tallest residential building in the city and the state.[37][38]
14.015Conrad Indianapolis287 (87)232006[11][39]
15.016AT&T 220 Building284 (87)231974Formerly known as the SBC 220 Building.[40][41]
16.0Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument[B]284 (87)31902Was the tallest structure in Indianapolis until the completion of the City-County Building in 1962.[42][43]
17.017Market Square Center283 (86)201975[44][45]
18.018Lucas Oil Stadium270 (82)72008[46][47]
19.019Hyatt Regency Indianapolis268 (82)221977Tallest mixed use building in the city.[48][49]
20.020Simon Property Group Headquarters259 (79)142006[12][50]
21.021Indiana Statehouse255 (78)41888[51][52]
22.022Fifth Third Bank Tower246 (75)171983[53][54]
23.023Barnes and Thornburg Building245 (75)171909Formerly known as the Merchants Bank Building.[55][56]
24.0248888 Keystone Crossing229 (70)181988[57][58]
25.025Hilton Garden Inn218 (66)161915Formerly known as the Fletcher Trust Building.[59][60]
26.026Sheraton Indianapolis City Centre217 (66)211969Formerly known as the Radisson Hotel City Centre.[61][62]
27.027=Indianapolis Marriott Downtown214 (65)192001[63][64]
27.027=Indiana Government Center North214 (65)141960[65][66]
28.029One North Pennsylvania212 (65)161908[67][68]
28.030James Whitcomb Riley Hospital for Children Expansion Tower210 (64)102009[69][70]
29.03130 South Meridian206 (63)131929[71][72]
30.032110 East Washington Street200 (61)151921[73][74]

Tallest under construction, approved and proposed

This lists high-rises that are under construction, approved or proposed in Indianapolis and planned to rise at least 200 feet (61 m) in height, but are not yet completed structures. A floor count of 15 stories is used as the cutoff in place of a height of 200 feet (61 m) for buildings whose heights have not yet been released by their developers.

ft (m)
Merrill Street Tower261 (80)242010Approved[75][76]

* Table entries without text indicate that information regarding one or more of building heights and dates of completion has not yet been released.

Timeline of tallest buildings

The Indiana Statehouse was the tallest building in Indianapolis from 1888 until 1962.

This lists buildings that once held the title of tallest building in Indianapolis.

NameStreet addressYears as tallestHeight
ft (m)
Indiana Statehouse04.0200 West Washington Street1888–1962255 (78)4[52]
City-County Building07.0200 East Washington Street1962–1970372 (113)28[26]
One Indiana Square01.01 Indiana Square1970–1982504 (154)36[18]
AUL Tower[C]07.0200 North Illinois Street1982–1990533 (162)38[16]
Bank One Tower[D]05.0111 Monument Circle1990–present830 (253)48[15]


A. ^ New York has 206 existing and under construction buildings over 500 feet (152 m), Chicago has 107, Miami has 37, Houston has 30, Los Angeles has 22, Dallas has 19, Atlanta has 19, San Francisco has 18, Las Vegas has 17, Boston has 16, Seattle has 14, Philadelphia has 15, Minneapolis has 10, Pittsburgh has 10, Jersey City has nine, Denver has eight, Detroit has seven, Charlotte has six, Columbus has five, Cleveland has four, New Orleans has four, Tulsa has four and Tampa has four. Indianapolis, Kansas City, Portland, St. Louis and Hartford are tied with three each. Source of Skyline ranking information: New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Denver, Detroit, Charlotte, Columbus, Tulsa, Cleveland, New Orleans, Tampa, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Portland, St. Louis, Hartford.
B. ^ The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is not a habitable building; the structure is included in this list for comparative purposes, but as it is not a high-rise it is not given a ranking.
C. ^ This building was constructed as the AUL Building, but has since been renamed the OneAmerica Tower.
D. ^ This building was constructed as the Bank One Tower, but has since been renamed the Chase Tower.


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