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Downtown Anchorage skyline in winter.

This lists ranks high-rises in Anchorage, Alaska that stand at least 150 feet (46 m) tall, based on standard height measurement.[citation needed] This includes spires and architectural details but does not include antenna masts.

Tallest buildings[edit]

ft (m)
1Conoco-Phillips Building296 (90)23700 G Street
61°12′55″N 149°53′46″W / 61.21528°N 149.89611°W / 61.21528; -149.89611 (Conoco-Phillips Building)
1983CPbuilding Anch-AK.jpgTallest building in Anchorage since its completion in 1983[1]
2Robert B. Atwood Building265 (81)20550 West Seventh Avenue
61°12′55″N 149°53′34″W / 61.21528°N 149.89278°W / 61.21528; -149.89278 (Robert B. Atwood Building)
1983AtwoodBldg-AnchAK.jpgPreviously called the Hunt Building,[2] Enserch Center and Bank of America Center[3]
3Hilton Anchorage East Tower243 (74)21500 West Third Avenue
61°13′10″N 149°53′31″W / 61.21944°N 149.89194°W / 61.21944; -149.89194 (Hilton Anchorage Hotel - Anchorage Tower)
1971[4]Anchorage Hilton.jpgHistorically called the Anchorage Tower, after the original building of the Anchorage Hotel which previously sat on the site. Tallest hotel building in Alaska[5]
4JL Tower226 (69)143800 Centerpoint Drive
61°11′08″N 149°53′30″W / 61.18556°N 149.89167°W / 61.18556; -149.89167 (JL Tower)
2008Tallest building constructed in the 2000s[6]
5Frontier Building219 (67)
[dubious ]
143601 C Street
61°11′16″N 149°53′07″W / 61.18778°N 149.88528°W / 61.18778; -149.88528 (Frontier Building)
1982Numerous State of Alaska offices moved here from the McKay Building when this building opened.[7]
6Anchorage Marriott214 (65)21820 West Seventh Avenue
61°12′55″N 149°53′56″W / 61.21528°N 149.89889°W / 61.21528; -149.89889 (Anchorage Marriott)
2000Anchorage Marriott Downtown.jpg[8]
7McKinley Tower203 (62)
[dubious ]
14338 Denali Street (also 337 East Fourth Avenue)
61°13′08″N 149°52′39″W / 61.21889°N 149.87750°W / 61.21889; -149.87750 (Mt. McKinley Building aka McKay Building aka McKinley Tower)
1952McKinley Tower Apartments 2013.JPGHistorically called the Mt. McKinley Building and the MacKay Building, it is the tallest residential building in Alaska[6] Constructed as a 14-story HUD 604 apartment building, it was Anchorage's first high-rise building. It was later bought by Neal MacKay and converted into a state office building after it had sat for years following damage in the 1964 Alaska earthquake. The state moved out in 1982, and it sat condemned by the city for failing fire codes (between 1984 and 2006) as a well-known, dilapidated, pink eyesore earning it several derogatory nicknames. Bought in 1998 by Marc Marlow, it was later remodeled and brought up to code. It is currently the McKinley Tower Apartments.[9] It is nearly identical to the Inlet Tower Hotel in its architectural and construction details.
8Sheraton Anchorage Hotel194 (59)16401 East Sixth Avenue
61°13′00″N 149°52′37″W / 61.21667°N 149.87694°W / 61.21667; -149.87694 (Sheraton Anchorage Hotel)
9188 Northern Lights190 (58)15188 West Northern Lights Boulevard
61°11′42″N 149°53′10″W / 61.19500°N 149.88611°W / 61.19500; -149.88611 (188 Northern Lights)
2008Tallest mixed-use commercial building.[6]
10Denali Towers North184 (56)162550 Denali Street
61°11′50″N 149°52′39″W / 61.19722°N 149.87750°W / 61.19722; -149.87750 (Denali Towers North)
1979Denali Towers North, Anchorage.jpg[11]
11Westmark Anchorage Hotel157 (48)14720 West Fifth Avenue
61°13′02″N 149°53′47″W / 61.21722°N 149.89639°W / 61.21722; -149.89639 (Westmark Anchorage Hotel)
19735thAve-AnchAK.jpgPreviously called the Sheffield Hotel[6]
12Hotel Captain Cook Tower II154 (47)15[12]939 West Fifth Avenue
61°13′04″N 149°54′05″W / 61.21778°N 149.90139°W / 61.21778; -149.90139 (Hotel Captain Cook - West Tower)
1972[13]Hotel Captain Cook West in snowfall.jpg[14]
[15]Hotel Captain Cook Tower III[15]18[12]939 West Fifth Avenue
61°13′04″N 149°54′00″W / 61.21778°N 149.90000°W / 61.21778; -149.90000 (Hotel Captain Cook - East Tower)
[15]Hilton Anchorage West Tower[15]15500 West Third Avenue
61°13′10″N 149°53′34″W / 61.21944°N 149.89278°W / 61.21944; -149.89278 (Hilton Anchorage Hotel - Westward Tower)
1963Hilton hotel downtown Anchorage Alaska 191.jpgHistorically called the Westward Tower, as it was originally constructed as a major addition to the Westward Hotel. A major addition to this tower of similar height was constructed in the 1980s, covering the site of the original Westward Hotel and its previous additions.
[15]Inlet Tower[15]141200 L Street
61°12′37″N 149°54′08″W / 61.21028°N 149.90222°W / 61.21028; -149.90222 (Inlet Tower Hotel)
19511964 Alaska Quake L Street Apartments.jpgHistorically called the 1200 L Apartment Building. Nearly identical to the McKinley/McKay Building in its architectural and construction details. Currently a hotel.
[15]BP Exploration Building[16][15]13[16]900 East Benson Boulevard
61°11′33″N 149°51′53″W / 61.19250°N 149.86472°W / 61.19250; -149.86472 (British Petroleum Building - Alaska HQ)
1985BP Exploration Building Anchorage.jpgOriginally the Sohio Building until its takeover by BP.


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