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For a list of the highest bridges (ranked by deck height), see List of highest bridges in the world.

The list of the world's tallest bridges ranks bridges around the world by the height of their structure. The structural height of a bridge is the maximum vertical distance from the uppermost point of a bridge, such as the top of a bridge tower in a suspension bridge, down to the lowest visible point of a bridge, where its piers emerge from the surface of the ground or water. Structural height should not be confused with deck height, which measures the maximum vertical drop distance from the bridge deck (the road bed of a bridge) down to the ground or water surface beneath the bridge span. A separate list of the world's highest bridges ranks bridges by deck height.

The rankings of the world's tallest and highest bridges differ in part because some of the highest bridges are built across deep valleys gorges. The Sidu River Bridge in Hubei Province of China is a suspension bridge that spans a deep river gorge. The bridge's two towers, built on either rim of the gorge, are not tall enough for the bridge structure to be counted among the world's tallest, but thanks to the depth of the river gorge, the deck height of the Sidu River Bridge is at least 496 m (1,627 ft), making the bridge the highest in the world. The Millau Viaduct, a cable-stayed bridge that spans the Tarn River Valley in southern France, is a bridge that is both tall (in structural height) and high (in deck height). The viaduct's bridge deck soars 270 m (890 ft) above the valley floor, making the bridge the tenth highest in the world. Unlike the Sidu River Bridge, the tallest of the Millau Viaduct's towers (also referred to as mast pylons) is planted in the valley floor and gives the structure a height of 343 m (1,125 ft), making it the tallest bridge in the world.


#NameHeight of bridge structureLongest SpanTypeOpenedLocationCarries
ViaducdeMillau.jpg1Millau Viaduct343 metres (1,125 ft)[1]342 metres (1,122 ft)Cable-stayed2004 France - MillauMotorway
Russki Island Bridge, Russia1.jpg2Russky Bridge320.9 metres (1,053 ft)1,104 metres (3,622 ft)Cable-stayed2012 Russia - VladivostokExpressway
Sutong Yangtze River Bridge.JPG3Sutong Bridge306 metres (1,004 ft)1,088 metres (3,570 ft)Cable-stayed2008 China - ChangshuExpressway
Akashi Bridge.JPG4Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge298.3 metres (979 ft)1,991 metres (6,532 ft)Suspension1998 Japan - KobeMotorway
Stonecutters' Bridge, Hong Kong.jpg5Stonecutters Bridge298 metres (978 ft)1,018 metres (3,340 ft)Cable-stayed2009 Hong Kong - Hong KongExpressway
Yi Sun-sin Bridge in construction2.jpg6Yi Sun-sin Bridge270 metres (890 ft)[2]1,545 metres (5,069 ft)Suspension2012 South Korea - YeosuRoad
China Yangtze Bridge2.jpg7Jingyue Bridge265 metres (869 ft)816 metres (2,677 ft)Cable-stayed2010 China - JingzhouExpressway
Storebæltsbroen-2.jpg8Great Belt East Bridge254 metres (833 ft)1,624 metres (5,328 ft)Suspension1998 Denmark - SlagelseMotorway
Zhongxian Changjiang Bridge.JPG9Zhongxian Huyu Expressway Bridge247.5 metres (812 ft)[3]460 metres (1,510 ft)Cable-stayed2010 China - HuangshiExpressway
Jiujiang Yangtze River Expressway Bridge View.jpg10Jiujiang Fuyin Expressway Bridge244.3 metres (802 ft)[4]818 metres (2,684 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - JiujiangExpressway
E’dong Yangtze River Bridge.JPG11E’dong Bridge242.5 metres (796 ft)926 metres (3,038 ft)Cable-stayed2010 China - Zhong CountyExpressway
Mezcala Bridge - Mexico edit3.jpg12Mezcala Bridge241.8 metres (793 ft)[citation needed]311 metres (1,020 ft)Cable-stayed1993 Mexico - Mártir de CuilapanMotorway
Incheon bridge (12).jpg13Incheon Bridge230.5 metres (756 ft)800 metres (2,600 ft)Cable-stayed2009 South Korea - IncheonMotorway
Golden Gate Bridge .JPG14Golden Gate Bridge227.4 metres (746 ft)1,280 metres (4,200 ft)Suspension1937 United States - San FranciscoMotorway
Xiamen Zhangzhou Bridge XIAZHA.jpg15Xiamen Zhangzhou Bridge227 metres (745 ft)780 metres (2,560 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - Zhangzhou-XiamenMotorway
16Jiashao Bridge227 metres (745 ft)428 metres (1,404 ft)Cable-stayed2012 China - Hangzhou BayMotorway
Мост через бухту Золотой Рог, июль 2012.jpg17Zolotoy Bridge226 metres (741 ft)737 metres (2,418 ft)Cable-stayed2012 Russia - VladivostokExpressway
Puente el Carrizo.jpg18El Carrizo Bridge226 metres (741 ft)[5]217 metres (712 ft)Cable-stayed2013 Mexico - El PalmitoRoad
象山港大桥桥面.jpg19Xiangshan Harbor Bridge225.5 metres (740 ft)688 metres (2,257 ft)Cable-stayed2012 China - NingboMotorway
20Langqi Bridge223 metres (732 ft)680 metres (2,230 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - FuzhouMotorway
Yangpu Bridge-1.jpg20Yangpu Bridge223 metres (732 ft)602 metres (1,975 ft)Cable-stayed1993 China - ShanghaiRoad
San Marcos Bridge Towers.jpg21San Marcos Bridge223 metres (732 ft) <ri fl tower ef name="test">[6]180 metres (590 ft)Concrete2013 Mexico - Xicotepec de JuárezRoad
Fourth Nanjing Yangtze Bridge.JPG22Fourth Nanjing Yangtze Bridge223 metres (732 ft) [7]1,418 metres (4,652 ft)Suspension2012 China - NanjingRoad
Tatara Bridge-3edit.jpg23Tatara Bridge220 metres (720 ft)890 metres (2,920 ft)Cable-stayed1999 Japan - ImabariRoad
Badong Yangtze River Bridge.JPG24Badong Bridge218 metres (715 ft)388 metres (1,273 ft)Cable-stayed2005 China - Badong CountyRoad
Xupu Bridge.JPG25Xupu Bridge217 m (712 ft)[8]590 metres (1,940 ft)Cable-stayed1997 China - ShanghaiExpressway
Guozigoui Bridge in Construction - China(1).jpg26Guozigoui Bridge215.5 metres (707 ft)[9]360 metres (1,180 ft)Cable-stayed2011 China - Huocheng CountyRoad
NJ 3rd Bridge-edit.jpg27Third Nanjing Yangtze Bridge215.1 metres (706 ft)215 metres (705 ft)Cable-stayed2005 China - NanjingExpressway
Bushes in Runyang Bridge Park.JPG28Runyang Bridge215 metres (705 ft)1,490 metres (4,890 ft)Suspension2005 China - JiangsuExpressway
Pont de Normandie - IMG 1350big-edit.JPG29Pont de Normandie214.8 metres (705 ft)856 metres (2,808 ft)Cable-stayed1995 France - Le HavreExpressway
Minpu 1st Bridge.jpg30Minpu Bridge214.5 metres (704 ft)708 metres (2,323 ft)Cable-stayed2010 China - ShanghaiMotorway
Fengjie Yangtze River Bridge.JPG31Fengjie Bridge214 metres (702 ft)460 metres (1,510 ft)Cable-stayed2005 China - FengjieRoad
Verrazano Bridge2.jpg32Verrazano Narrows Bridge211.3 metres (693 ft)1,298 metres (4,259 ft)Suspension1964 United States - New York CityMotorway
Xihoumen Bridge.JPG33Xihoumen Bridge211 metres (692 ft)1,650 metres (5,410 ft)Suspension2008 China - Zhoushan ArchipelagoRoad
Huangyi Yangtze River Bridge.JPG34Huangyi Bridge210 metres (690 ft)520 metres (1,710 ft)Cable-stayed2012 China - HuangyiRoad
Anqing Yangtze River Railway Bridge.JPG35Anqing Yangtze River Railway Bridge210 metres (690 ft)580 metres (1,900 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - AnqingMotorway/railway
36Xianshen River Bridge210 metres (690 ft)[10]136 metres (446 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - JinchengRoad
Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge.JPG37Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge209 metres (686 ft)730 metres (2,400 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - ShanghaiMotorway
Erqi Yangtze River Bridge.JPG38Erqi Bridge209 metres (686 ft)[11]616 metres (2,021 ft)Cable-stayed2011 China - WuhanMotorway
Pengxihe Bridge.JPG39Pengxihe Bridge208 metres (682 ft)316 metres (1,037 ft)Cable-stayed2008 China - YunyangExpressway
Hejiang Bridge.JPG40Hejiang Changjiang Second Bridge208 metres (682 ft)420 metres (1,380 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - HejiangExpressway
41Yongchuan Bridge207.4 metres (680 ft)608 metres (1,995 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - SongjiExpressway
Tsing Ma Bridge 2.jpg42Tsing Ma Bridge206 metres (676 ft)1,377 metres (4,518 ft)Suspension1997 Hong Kong - Hong KongRoad/railway
Wujiang Fuling Bridge Towers.jpg43Wujiang Fuling Bridge204.8 metres (672 ft)[12]320 metres (1,050 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - FulingRoad
Balinghe Bridge-2.jpg44Baling River Bridge204.5 metres (671 ft)[13]1,088 metres (3,570 ft)Suspension2009 China - Guanling CountyExpressway
Under the bridge - Oresund Bridge.jpg45Oresund Bridge203.5 metres (668 ft)490 metres (1,610 ft)Cable-stayed2000 Sweden/ Denmark - Malmö/Copenhagen[note 1]Motorway/railway
Jintang cable-stayed bridge.JPG46Jintang Bridge202.5 metres (664 ft)620 metres (2,030 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - Zhoushan ArchipelagoExpressway
Ting Kau Bridge-1.jpg47Ting Kau Bridge201.6 metres (661 ft)475 metres (1,558 ft)Cable-stayed1998 Hong Kong - Hong KongRoad
Huangpu Bridge-2.jpg48Huangpu Bridge201 metres (659 ft)1,108 metres (3,635 ft)Cable-stayed2008 People's Republic of China - GuangzhouRoad
Hardangerbrua-August-2013.JPG49Hardanger Bridge200.5 metres (658 ft)1,380 metres (4,530 ft)Suspension2013 Norway - HardangerfjordRoad
Ada Bridge 2012.jpg50Ada Bridge200 metres (660 ft)376 metres (1,234 ft)Cable-stayed2011 Serbia - BelgradeRoad/light railway
GreatSetoBridge2-edit.jpg51Minami Bisan-Seto Bridge200 metres (660 ft)1,100 metres (3,600 ft)Suspension1988 Japan - Sakaide
HangzhouBayBridgeView.jpg52Hangzhou Bay Bridge197 metres (646 ft)318 metres (1,043 ft)Cable-stayed2008 China - JiaxingExpressway
Malinghe River Bridge-1.jpg53Malinghe River Bridge196 metres (643 ft)[14]360 metres (1,180 ft)Cable-stayed2011 China - XingyiRoad
Second Nanjing Yangtze Bridge.JPG54Second Nanjing Yangtze Bridge195.4 metres (641 ft)628 metres (2,060 ft)Cable-stayed2001 China - NanjingMotorway
55Third Jinan Yellow River Bridge195 metres (640 ft)386 metres (1,266 ft)Cable-stayed2008 China - JinanMotorway
56Hezhang Bridge195 metres (640 ft)[5]180 metres (590 ft)Concrete2013 China - HezhangRoad
TaizhouBridgeView.jpg57Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge194 metres (636 ft)[5]1,080 metres (3,540 ft)Suspension2012 China - TaizhouExpressway
JiangyinBridgeView.jpg58Jiangyin Suspension Bridge193 metres (633 ft)[5]1,385 metres (4,544 ft)Suspension1997 China - JiangyinRoad
Meixihe Bridge.JPG59Meixi River Expressway Bridge193 metres (633 ft)[15]386 metres (1,266 ft)Cable-stayed2010 China - FengjieExpressway
Tieluoping Bridge-1.jpg60Tieluoping Bridge192 metres (630 ft)[5]322 metres (1,056 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - LangpingExpressway
Puente de Talavera.jpg61Puente de Castilla la Mancha192 metres (630 ft)[16]318 metres (1,043 ft)Cable-stayed2011 Spain - TalaveraRoad
Shennongxi Highway Bridge.JPG62Shennongxi Bridge191 metres (627 ft) [17]320 metres (1,050 ft)Cable-stayed2012 China - YanduhezhenRoad
Ponte25Abril1.jpg63Ponte 25 de Abril190.5 metres (625 ft)1,013 metres (3,323 ft)Suspension1966 Portugal - LisbonMotorway/railway
Meikou-edit.jpg64Meiko-Chuo Bridge190 metres (620 ft)[18]590 metres (1,940 ft)Cable-stayed1998 Japan - NagoyaRoad
Liuchonghe Bridge-1.jpg65Liuchonghe Bridge190 metres (620 ft)[5]438 metres (1,437 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - ZhijinExpressway
TianxingzhouRailwayBridgeView.jpg66Wuhan Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge190 metres (620 ft)[5]504 metres (1,654 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - WuhanMotorway/railway
Yingbin Yangtze River Bridge.JPG67Fenfangwan Bridge189.3 metres (621 ft)[5]464 metres (1,522 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - JiangjinRoad/railway
Wulingshan Bridge-3.jpg68Wulingshan Bridge188 metres (617 ft)[19]263 metres (863 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - PengshuiRoad
Thailand - Chao Phraya River.jpg69Kanchanaphisek Bridge188 metres (617 ft)500 metres (1,600 ft)Cable-stayed2007 Thailand - Samunt PrakanRoad
Anqing Yangtze River Bridge.JPG70Anqing Bridge185 metres (607 ft)[20]510 metres (1,670 ft)Cable-stayed2004 People's Republic of China - AnhuiExpressway
George Washington Bridge from New Jersey.jpg71George Washington Bridge184.1 metres (604 ft)1,100 metres (3,600 ft)Suspension1931 United States - Fort Lee, New JerseyMotorway
Puente Centenario - Flickr - jacf18.jpg72Centennial Bridge184 metres (604 ft)420 metres (1,380 ft)Cable-stayed2004 Panama - ParaísoRoad
Kurushimakaikyou ohashi.jpg73Kurushima-Kaikyō Bridge184 metres (604 ft)1,030 metres (3,380 ft)Suspension1999 Japan - ImabariRoad
Hanjiatuo Yangtze River Bridge.JPG74Hanjiatuo Bridge184 metres (604 ft)[5]432 metres (1,417 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - FulingMotorway/railway
睽違十多年的甲仙行 2.jpg75Kao-Ping Hsi Bridge183.5 metres (602 ft)[21]330 metres (1,080 ft)Cable-stayed2000 Taiwan - Kaohsiung
Qingcaobei Yangtze River Bridge.jpg76Qincaobei Bridge183 metres (600 ft)[5]788 metres (2,585 ft)Suspension2013 China - LiduExpressway
Seohae1.jpg77Seohae Bridge182 metres (597 ft)470 metres (1,540 ft)Cable-stayed2000 South Korea - GyeonggiRoad
78Labajin Bridge182.6 metres (599 ft)[22]200 metres (660 ft)Concrete2012 China - YingjingRoad
Guangzhou Dongsha Bridge under construction.jpg79Dongsha Bridge182 metres (597 ft)338 metres (1,109 ft)Cable-stayed2008 China - GuangzhouRoad
Vista aérea da ponte sobre o rio Negro que liga Manaus a Iranduba.jpg80Ponte Rio Negro182 metres (597 ft)[23]200 metres (660 ft)Cable-stayed2011 Brazil - ManausRoad
Qingzhou Bridge.jpg81Qingzhou Min River Bridge180.5 metres (592 ft)605 metres (1,985 ft)Cable-stayed2001 China - FuzhouMotorway
High Coast Bridge (Höga Kusten Bron).jpg82Höga Kustenbron180 metres (590 ft)1,210 metres (3,970 ft)Suspension1997 Sweden - KramforsRoad
Tsurumi tsubasa bridge from twin tower.jpg83Tsurumi Tsubasa Bridge180 metres (590 ft)510 metres (1,670 ft)Cable-stayed1994 Japan - YokohamaRoad
Caijia Bridge.JPG84Caijia Bridge179.5 metres (589 ft)[5]250 metres (820 ft)Cable-stayed2013 China - ChongqingMetro Railway
MaanshanBridgeView.jpg85Ma'anshan Yangtze River Bridge179 metres (587 ft)1,080 metres (3,540 ft)Suspension2013 China - Ma'anshanExpressway
Fuling Wujiang Bridge-1.jpg86Fuling Wujiang Bridge178 metres (584 ft)[5]340 metres (1,120 ft)Cable-stayed2009 China - FulingRoad
Kochertalbruecke-luftbild.jpg87Kochertalbrücke178 metres (584 ft)138 metres (453 ft)Concrete1979 Germany - Geislingen, Baden-WürttembergMotorway
Longtanhe Bridge-1.jpg88Longtanhe River Viaduct178 metres (584 ft)[5]200 metres (660 ft)Concrete2009 China - LangpingzhenRoad
Yunyang Yangtze River Bridge.JPG89Yunyang Bridge177 metres (581 ft)[5]318 metres (1,043 ft)Cable-stayed2005 China - YunyangRoad
Beipanjiang Highway Bridge, Guizhou, China-1.JPG90Beipanjiang River 2012 Bridge176 metres (577 ft)[24]290 metres (950 ft)Concrete2012 China - Fa’er BouyeiRoad
Riyadh Bridge.jpg91Wadi Leban Bridge175.5 metres (576 ft)[25]405 metres (1,329 ft)Cable-stayed1997 Saudi Arabia - RiyadhRoad
CanThoBridge.jpg92Can Tho Bridge175.3 metres (575 ft)550 metres (1,800 ft)Cable-stayed2010 Vietnam - Can Tho & Vinh LongMotorway
Baishazhou Yangtze River Bridge.JPG93Baishazhou Bridge175 metres (574 ft)[26]618 metres (2,028 ft)Cable-stayed2000 China - WuhanExpressway


  1. ^ The pillars are in Sweden

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