List of sushi and sashimi ingredients

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Sushi plate (盛り合わせ) with sashimi to the left

There are many sushi and sashimi ingredients, some traditional and some contemporary.

Sushi styles[edit]

Packaged nigirizushi for sale at a Tokyo supermarket
California Roll is a contemporary style maki-zushi (roll) containing cucumber, cooked crab meat or an imitation, and avocado that is made inside-out (Uramaki) with rice on the outside and an outer layer of tobiko or sesame seeds, shown here with a similar maki-zushi with raw tuna, which is darker
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Tamagoyaki, also referred to as tamago


All seafoods in this list are served raw unless otherwise specified.


The list below does not follow biological classification.

Engawa (meat close to the fin of a flounder) nigirizushi
Various cuts of tuna including akami, otoro and chutoro prepared as sashimi
Unagi nigiri sushi

Shellfish, Inkfish, etc.[edit]

Sea cucumber (Namako)


Raw abalone meat
Shrimp nigiri



Ikura gunkan maki sushi

Roe is a mass of fish eggs:

Shirako (cod sperm) gunkanmaki-zushi



A dish of tsukemono


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