List of supermarket chains in the United Kingdom

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Tesco is the largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom.

This is a list of supermarket chains in the United Kingdom. Grocery sales in the UK are dominated by Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrison's. These "big four" had a combined market share of 75.3 per cent of the UK grocery market in the 12 weeks ending 10 November 2013.[1]

Premier Supermarkets, a subsidiary of Express Dairies, opened the UK's first supermarket in Streatham, South London in 1951, though the Co-op opened Britain's first fully self-service store in March 1948 in Albert Road, Southsea.[2]

List of current UK supermarket chains[edit]

SupermarketImageFounded/Came to UKOwned byCurrent Market Share[1]2007 Market Share[3]Notes
AldiAldi, Beeston, Leeds.jpg
Aldi Süd GmbH3.52.6No frills supermarket
AsdaAsda wb.jpg
Wal-Mart through subsidiary Corinth Services Ltd17.5 [4]16.6Founded by a group of Yorkshire farmers
BoothsBooths sharp.JPG
Owned by the original founding familyNorth West of England and Yorkshire
BudgensThe entrance to Budgens supermarket, Southam - - 1549577.jpg
Musgrave GroupFound in England and Wales, with stores up to 10,000 square feet (930 m2)
Co-op,* and The Co-operative FoodThe Co-operative Tilehurst.JPGVarious Co-op societies6.34.4Identities shared by about 20 retail co-operatives, including:

see also The Co-operative Group#List of corporate members

CostcutterCostcutter's Cloghore, County Donegal - - 204200.jpg
Bibby Line Group
Symbol group and convenience store
CK's Supermarkets
Welsh Based supermarket founded in Llandeilo
FarmfoodsFarm Foods - Valley Road - - 1157390.jpg
Filco Foods
Welsh Based supermarket founded in Llantwit Major
Heron Foods
UK Private CompanyPrimarily frozen foods, operates 170 stores throughout the Midlands and the North.
IcelandIceland supermarket front.jpg
2.01.6first store opened at Oswestry, Shropshire in 1970.
LidlLidl Cargo Fleet lane,Middlesbrough.jpg
Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG3.02.2No frills supermarket
Musgrave Group
Symbol group and a convenience store
MaceStrangford (29), August 2009.JPG
Palmer and Harvey
Irish owned franchise symbol group and a convenience store founded by Jonny Lingiah
Marks & SpencerM&s.JPG
Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange
3.8* (separate measure)[5]Clothing and food retailer
Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange
11.511.2Fourth biggest supermarket in the UK, over 450 stores
Nisa-Today'sNisa-Today's Member Support Centre.jpg
UK private company
Retailers' co-operative and symbol group
OcadoOcado logo.PNG
Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange
Online only, partnership with Waitrose & Morrisons
Sainsbury'sSainsbury's Holywood Exchange2.jpg
Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange
17.7 [6]16.2Superstores as well as 'Local' and 'Central' sites
SPAR UKSpar shop, Portaferry, October 2009.JPG
Owned by Independent Retailers]]
Symbol group
TescoTesco Kingston Park.jpg
Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange
29.831.6Including 'Extra', 'Superstores', 'Metro', 'Express' and 'Homeplus' outlets. UK's largest non-food retailer
WaitroseWaitrose, Peterborough.JPG
John Lewis Partnership
4.83.9Waitrose has a variety of store styles, including;
'Waitrose Stores',
'Waitrose Convenience Stores and Little Waitrose',
'John Lewis Foodhall',
'Waitrose Food, Fashion & Home',
'Waitrose Food & Home' ,
'Welcome Break outlets' (Motorway Services Outlets).

Which? Best Supermarket 2013[7]

Whole Foods Market
Publicly traded on NASDAQ
Entered the UK with the acquisition of seven Fresh & Wild stores.

List of defunct UK supermarket chains[edit]

These supermarkets are either no longer trading, have been renamed, or have been taken over and rebranded.

SupermarketImageFounded/Came to UKFateClosedNotes
AbernessBought by Somerfield2000Scottish convenience chain
AlldaysBought by the Co-operative Group
All 'OursMerged with Premier StoresSymbol group within the Moffat company
Bejam1968Bought by Iceland1989Frozen Foods
Bells StoresBought by Sainsbury's, branded as Sainsbury's at Bells before being converted to Sainsbury's Local2004Small chain of 54 convenience stores in the North East England
BishopsBought by Budgens[8]198463 stores in South East England
BP Safeway1962Dissolved following Safeway takeover by MorrisonsPartnership between BP plc and Safeway, listed as Equinox retailing. Some stores now Tesco Express
Carrefour1970sUK business sold to Gateway/Somerfield, then later to Asda1990
Capital Freezer CentresNow owned by Farmfoods
Circle KMerged with Alldays
County StoresSold to Gateway, converted to Somerfield1990
Crazy PricesBought by TescoABF owned Northern Ireland group
Healds Day & NiteBought by Tesco
David GreigBought by Somerfield
EuropaBought by TescoPresence in central London
FairwayBought by Gateway
Fine Fare
A Fine Fare store in Thirsk, 1968
1956Bought by Gateway1986
Food GiantOriginally part of Somerfield group, all stores converted to Kwik Save following the Somerfield/Kwik Save merger
FreshXpress Fawdon, a typical style of FreshXpress store inherited from Kwik Save, this store has since been demolished and a new Netto store proposed
2007Administration in 2008, liquidated in 20092009Smaller stores of former Kwik Save chain. Bought out by management team led by Brendan Murtagh
Galbraith supermarkets1894Bought by Allied Suppliers, then Argyll GroupScottish chain
Gateway Foodmarkets1950Rebranded as Somerfield1992
Select & SaveBought by Costcutter
GrandwaysSome stores sold to Argyll Group for their Presto chain and Kwik Save, remainder renamed Jacksons1992/3Regional in Yorkshire
GT SmithBought by Co-operative Group2002Regional in West Yorkshire
Haldanes2009(including UGO stores)2011Went into administration 2011
HillardsBought by Tesco
HintonsBought by Argyll Foods to become part of PrestoMainly in North East England and Yorkshire
Irwin's StoresBought by Tesco
InternationalBought by Gateway
Jackson'sBought by Sainsbury's, branded as Sainsbury's at Jackson's before being converted to Sainsbury's Local.2004Regional in Yorkshire and North Midlands
Key MarketsBought by Gateway
Kwik SaveClosed branch of Kwik Save in Warrington, 13 July 20071959Bought by Somerfield group 1998. Smaller stores sold to BTTF, after administration smaller stores became FreshXpress, Brand now owned by Costcutter Supermarker Group Ltd. 10 stores now open2007Smaller stores sold to BTTF and converted to FreshXpress, larger converted to Somerfield or leased to others by Somerfield
LawsBought by Wm Low for £7.1 millionChain of supermarkets focused on North East England
LennonsBought by Dee GroupPart of Key Market. Rebranded part of Gateway chain when Dee took Gateway over
Liptons1871Bought by Allied SuppliersConverted to Presto or Lo-Cost stores
Lo-CostConverted to Safeway.
Local PlusBought by the Co-operative Group
Mac FisheriesBought by Dee Group1978Wet fish shops closed
MainstopAcquired by Morrisons1981
Morning, Noon & NightBought by Scotmid
NettoNettobutik i Bjärred.jpg
Bought by Asda in 2010 for £778M from Dansk Supermarked Group. 147 stores were rebranded in 2011 as Asda local stores. The remaining 47 stores have been sold off to other companies such as Morrisons and new convenience store UGO and other retailers due to competition laws2011Was a no frills supermarket. On 30 September 2011, Netto UK ceased trading.
Normans supermarketsBought by Plymco
NormidRebranded Co-opWas owned by United Co-operatives
NorcoRebranded Co-opAberdeen based co-operative society
One StopBought by Tesco, still exists today.
Premier SupermarketsBought by Mac Fisheries1965Subsidiary of Express Dairies, opened UK's first supermarket in Streatham, South London in 1951.[2] Sold after losing out on purchase of Irwin's stores to Tesco
PrestoPresto Food Market, Cheltenham, 19821977After buying out Safeway, all stores were converted to Safeway.1998
Quality FareBought by the Co-operative Group
RainbowDiscontinued, rebranded as parent Co-op
Richway SupermarketsRetail chain operating in South of England and the Isle of Wight
Safeway (UK)Safeway Superstore, Bude - - 18245.jpg1962Bought by Morrisons2005Safeway Compact stores sold to Somerfield. Was still trading under Safeway in Channel Islands until becoming Waitrose in 2010.
Sainsbury's SavacentreSainsburys in Sydenham - - 3334.jpg1977Discontinued, Rebranded Sainsbury's2005
7-ElevenTaken over by BudgensConvenience Store chain
Shop Rite1972Bought by Kwik Save, Still trades as ShopRite in the Isle of Man stocking a range of Waitrose & Iceland products as well as locally produced goods1994Discount supermarket chain
SomerfieldOakwood Somerfield ShadowCrop.jpg1865Purchase agreed by the Co-operative Group on 16 July 2008 for £1.56bn; from 2009 many larger stores were sold off and smaller stores rebranded to The Co-operative Food [9]2011
Stewarts Supermarket LimitedBought by TescoABF owned Northern Ireland group
SupernationalBought by Gateway
Templeton supermarkets1880Bought by Allied Suppliers then Argyll GroupScottish chain, rebranded as Presto
VGBought by Alldays
Victor ValueBought by Tesco1968/1986Independent chain. Larger stores were rebranded as Tesco, remaining sold to Bejam in 1986
Wallis1955Bought by Somerfield2003Founded by Francis J Wallis of Rainham Essex in 1955. By 1968 there were 38 stores. In 1977 100 of 380 stores were sold to International stores for £21 Million. Taken over by Somerfield sometime around 1999, the larger stores were rebranded while the smaller stores were sold to Co-Op. F J Wallis Ltd was dissolved by voluntary strike-off in 2003.
Walter Wilson
Wm LowBought by TescoPresence in Scotland and northern England

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