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This article summarizes the world steel production by company. For the country-oriented account, see Steel production by country.


Top producers by volume

This is a list of the largest steel-producing companies in the world, mostly based on list by the World Steel Association. This list ranks steelmakers by volume of steel production in millions of tonnes and includes all steelmakers with production over 10 millions in 2011.

worldsteel compiles a list from its members every year. Note that due to mergers year-to-year figures for some producers are not comparable. Also note that not all steel is the same, some steel is more valuable than other steel, so volume is not the same as turnover.

millions of tonnes (Tg)
244.452.9[5]40.2[6]33.331.1Hebei Iron and SteelChina
343.337.031.335.428.6Baosteel GroupChina
439.135.431.134.731.1POSCOSouth Korea
537.736.6[5]30.327.720.2Wuhan Iron and SteelChina
633.435.026.537.535.7Nippon SteelJapan
731.930.1[5]26.4[5]23.322.9Jiangsu ShagangChina
1124.023.2[5]26.4[6]21.8[7]23.8Shandong Iron and Steel GroupChina
1223.823.5[5]21.9[5]24.426.5Tata SteelIndia
1322.022.315.223.221.5United States Steel CorporationUnited States
1519.918.314.020.420.0Nucor CorporationUnited States
1619.2[8]17.5[8]---Bohai Iron and Steel GroupChina
1816.715.4[5]14.8[6]15.0[6]14.2Maanshan Iron and Steel CompanyChina
1916.522.1[5]9.1[5]7.4[6]7.6Benxi SteelChina
2016.312.98.49.910.0Hyundai SteelSouth Korea
2116.114.011.316.017.9Gruppo RivaItaly
2215.915.1[5]11.8[6]11.3[6]11.1Valin Steel GroupChina
2514.012.78.911.010.9China SteelTaiwan
2613.513.613.513.713.9Steel Authority of India LimitedIndia
2712.713.311.014.113.8Sumitomo Metal IndustriesJapan
3112.48.8[5]8.4[5]6.57.8Jianlong SteelChina
2912.211.49.612.013.3Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel WorksRussia
2812.111.910.911.39.7Novolipetsk SteelRussia
3111.29.8[5]9.9[5]7.56.2Rizhao SteelChina
3110.210.1[5]10.1[5]8.89.8Baotou SteelChina
3210.28.6[5]7.6[5]6.97.4Jiuquan SteelChina
-1,4901,4131,2191,3291,351World total

Other major steel producers

Steel producers merged with other companies or no longer operating


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