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Approximate heights of various notable statues:
1. Spring Temple Buddha 153 m (incl. 25 m pedestal and 20 m throne)
2. Statue of Liberty 93 m (incl. 47 m pedestal)
3. The Motherland Calls 91 m (excl. plinth)
4. Christ the Redeemer 39.6 m (incl. 9.5 m pedestal)
5. Statue of David 5.17 m (excl. 2.5 m plinth)

The following is a list of statues by height.


Over 100 metres[edit]

Spring Temple BuddhaVairocana BuddhaLushan, Henan China128 m (420 ft)It includes a 20 m (66 ft) lotus throne. Placed on a 25 m (82 ft) pedestal/building. 153 m (502 ft) total monument height.[1]200233°46′31″N 112°27′04″E / 33.775150°N 112.451016°E / 33.775150; 112.451016 (Spring Temple Buddha (Lushan, China))
Spring Temple Buddha picturing Vairocana, in Lushan County, Henan, China.png
Laykyun SetkyarBuddhaMonywa, Sagaing Division Burma116 m (381 ft)Stands on a 13.5 m (44 ft) throne. 130 m (427 ft) total monument height.[2]200822°04′49″N 95°17′21″E / 22.0803°N 95.2893°E / 22.0803; 95.2893 (Laykyun Setkyar (Khatakan Taung, Myanmar))
Yattawmu Paya.JPG
Ushiku DaibutsuAmitabha BuddhaUshiku, Ibaraki Prefecture Japan110 m (360 ft)Includes the 10 m (33 ft) lotus throne. 10 m (33 ft) pedestal/building. 120 m (394 ft) total monument height.[3]199335°58′58″N 140°13′13″E / 35.982716°N 140.220287°E / 35.982716; 140.220287 (Ushiku Daibutsu (Ushiku, Ibaraki, Japan))Ushiku Daibutsu in Ushiku City 2.jpg
Guan Yin of the South Sea of SanyaGuanyinSanya, Hainan China108 m (354 ft)[4]200518°17′34″N 109°12′31″E / 18.292683°N 109.208736°E / 18.292683; 109.208736 (Guanyin Statue of Hainan (China))
Guan Yin of the South Sea of Sanya.JPG
Emperors Yan and HuangYan and Huang, Emperors of ChinaZhengzhou, Henan China106 m (348 ft)[5]200734°57′26″N 113°30′45″E / 34.957222°N 113.512373°E / 34.957222; 113.512373 (Emperors Yan and Huang)
Yan and huang.jpg

Up to 100 metres[edit]

Sendai DaikannonKannon (Guanyin)Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Japan100 m (330 ft)199138°18′02″N 140°49′25″E / 38.300466°N 140.823559°E / 38.300466; 140.823559 (Sendai Daikannon)
Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin of WeishanGuanyinWeishan, Changsha, Hunan province China99 m (325 ft)Gilded bronze statue[6]200928°11′3.60″N 111°57′49″E / 28.1843333°N 111.96361°E / 28.1843333; 111.96361 (Qianshou Qianyan Guanyin of Weishan)
Peter the Great StatuePeter I of RussiaMoscow Russia96 m (315 ft)[7]199755°44′19″N 37°36′30″E / 55.738606°N 37.60824°E / 55.738606; 37.60824 (Peter the Great Statue (Moscow, Russia))
Берсеневская набережная и памятник Петру I в Москве.jpg
Great Buddha of ThailandGautama BuddhaAng Thong Thailand92 m (302 ft)200814°35′35.60″N 100°22′40.02″E / 14.5932222°N 100.3777833°E / 14.5932222; 100.3777833 (Great Buddha of Thailand (Ang Thong, Thailand))
Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako parkKannon (Guanyin) - Byakue KannonAshibetsu, Hokkaidō Japan88 m (289 ft)[8]198943°31′41.44″N 142°11′53.14″E / 43.5281778°N 142.1980944°E / 43.5281778; 142.1980944
Grand Buddha at Ling ShanGautama BuddhaWuxi, Jiangsu Province China88 m (289 ft)[9]199631°25′55″N 120°5′29″E / 31.43194°N 120.09139°E / 31.43194; 120.09139 (Grand Buddha at Ling Shan (Wuxi, China))
Gbyte travel china wuxi 0030.jpg
Rodina-Mat' Zovyot! (The Motherland Calls)Woman representing the MotherlandMamayev Kurgan; Volgograd Russia87 m (285 ft)It is the tallest statue of a woman in the world196748°44′32.5″N 44°32′13″E / 48.742361°N 44.53694°E / 48.742361; 44.53694 (The Motherland Calls)
Awaji KannonKannon (Guanyin)Awaji Island, Hyōgo Prefecture Japan80 m (260 ft)Stands on a 20 m pedestal/building, 100 m (328 ft) total height1982[10]34°30′11″N 134°58′36″E / 34.502949°N 134.976676°E / 34.502949; 134.976676
Jiuhuashan Dizang Pusa Lutian DatongxiangKsitigarbhaQingyang County China76 m (249 ft)Standing 155m in total height2012
Guanyin statue in Tsz Shan MonasteryGuanyinHong Kong Hong Kong (China)76 m (249 ft)2012
Kaga KannonKannon (Guanyin)Kaga, Ishikawa Prefecture Japan73 m (240 ft)198736°19′33″N 136°20′56″E / 36.325706°N 136.348851°E / 36.325706; 136.348851
Leshan Giant BuddhaMaitreya BuddhaLeshan China71 m (233 ft)Construction started in 713. With two more than 16m carving statues of Lokapala80329°32′50″N 103°46′09″E / 29.547222°N 103.769167°E / 29.547222; 103.769167
Leshan giant buddha.jpg
Son Tra GuanyinGuanyinDa Nang, Vietnam Vietnam69.7 m (229 ft)[11]201016°05′59″N 108°16′37″E / 16.0996°N 108.2769°E / 16.0996; 108.2769 (Son Tra Guanyin)
Rodina-mat', KievMother of the Fatherland (Soviet Union)Kiev Ukraine62 m (203 ft)Stands on a 40 m pedestal, 102 m (335 ft) total monument height198150°25′35″N 30°33′47″E / 50.426497°N 30.563171°E / 50.426497; 30.563171
Museum of the Great Patriotic War - Kiev - 006.jpg
Guze Jibo Daikannon of the Narita-san templeKannon (Guanyin) - Jibo KannonKurume, Fukuoka prefecture Japan62 m (203 ft)[12]198333°17′08″N 130°32′05″E / 33.285445°N 130.534852°E / 33.285445; 130.534852
Naritasan Kannon.JPG
Guanyin of Mount XiqiaoGuanyinNanhai district, Foshan, Guangdong China62 m (203 ft)Stands on a 15 m pedestal, 77 m (252 ft) total height199822°55′59″N 112°58′18″E / 22.933101°N 112.971725°E / 22.933101; 112.971725
Guan Yu of YunchengGuan YuYuncheng, Shanxi China61 m (200 ft)Stands on a 19 m pedestal, 80 m (262 ft) total height[13]2010
Lashaosi DafoGautama BuddhaWushan County, Gansu China60 m (200 ft)Thin carving on mountain[14]559
Estátua da LiberdadeLady LibertyBarra Velha Brazil57 m (187 ft)Standing.[15]Unknown
Zheng Chenggong DashenxiangKoxingaChiayi CountyTaiwan172 ftWith statues of 160ft (include seat) 2 general completed on 2013[16]1995[17]
Luangpho YaiGautama BuddhaRoi Et, Thailand Thailand59.2 m (194 ft)Stands on an 8.65m base with small museum, 67.85m total height2007[18]
Great Standing Maitreya BuddhaMaitreya BuddhaEmei Township, Hsinchu County Republic of China57.6 m (189 ft)72m total height201124°40′52″N 120°59′08″E / 24.681045°N 120.985651°E / 24.681045; 120.985651
Buddha Beipu.jpg
Aizu Jibo Dai-KannonKannon (Guanyin) - Jibo KannonAizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Japan57 m (187 ft)198737°33′03″N 139°57′04″E / 37.550906°N 139.951229°E / 37.550906; 139.951229
Tokyo Wan KannonKannon (Guanyin)Futtsu, Chiba Japan56 m (184 ft)Commemorates the World War II dead196135°15′49″N 139°51′45″E / 35.263544°N 139.862437°E / 35.263544; 139.862437
Tokyo Bay Kannon.jpg
Usami Dai-KannonKannon (Guanyin)Izu Peninsula, Itō, Shizuoka Japan50 m (164 ft)The largest sitting Kannon in Japan198235°01′25″N 139°03′51″E / 35.023644°N 139.064069°E / 35.023644; 139.064069
Sodoshima Dai-KannonKannon (Guanyin)Shōdoshima, Shōzu District, Kagawa Japan50 m (164 ft)A tooth of the historical Buddha is said to be enshrined inside of it199434°30′43″N 134°12′47″E / 34.511879°N 134.213187°E / 34.511879; 134.213187 (Sodoshima Kannon (Shōdoshima, Japan))
Taiwan Chengte DafoAmitabhaPuli, NantouTaiwan50m2004With 28m statues of Guanyin and Mahasthamaprapta[19]
African Renaissance MonumentPeople of AfricaDakar Senegal49 m (161 ft)201014°43′20″N 17°29′42″W / 14.72222°N 17.49500°W / 14.72222; -17.49500 (African Renaissance Monument)
Le monument de la Renaissance Africaine.jpg
Buddha in AluthgamaGautama BuddhaAluthgama Sri Lanka48.8 m (160 ft)20076°26′56″N 80°00′00″E / 6.4490°N 80.0001°E / 6.4490; 80.0001
Aluthgama Kande Vihare buddha statue.jpg
Dai Kannon of KamaishiKannon (Guanyin) - Gyoran KannonKamaishi, Iwate Japan48.5 m (159 ft)Symbolizes maritime safety, 11 floors inside the buddha197039°15′24″N 141°54′03″E / 39.256532°N 141.900895°E / 39.256532; 141.900895
Donglin DafoBuddha AmitabhaLushan District, Jiangxi China48 m (157 ft)Surrounded by an 80m tall flame sculpture.[20]2012
Jinding DafoGautama BuddhaDunhua China48 m (157 ft)standing2011
Ten Directions Samantabhadra BodhisattvaBuddha - Samantabhadra[21]Mount Emei, Sichuan province China48 m (157 ft)200529°31′32″N 103°20′12″E / 29.52567°N 103.336802°E / 29.52567; 103.336802
Puxian Emei.jpg
Jieyin Dafo in Fo Guang ShanGautama BuddhaKaohsiung Republic of China48 mbronze, 108m total height2011
Virgen de la Paz (Virgin of Peace)MaryTrujillo, Trujillo Venezuela46.7 m (153 ft)Work of the sculptor Manuel de la Fuente. Tallest sculpture of the Virgin Mary in the world.19839°20′52″N 70°27′46″W / 9.34778°N 70.46278°W / 9.34778; -70.46278 (Virgen de la Paz)
Virgen de la Paz Trujillo.JPG
Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World)Lady LibertyLiberty Island, New York United States46 m (151 ft)Stands upon a 47 m pedestal. 93 m (305 ft) total monument height.[22] It is the largest statue in the United States.188640°41′21″N 74°02′40″W / 40.6892°N 74.0445°W / 40.6892; -74.0445
Freiheitsstatue NYC full.jpg
Jixiang DafoBuddhaXishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture China45 m2008
Phra Puttamingmongkol Akenakkiri BuddhaGautama BuddhaPhuket Thailand45 m (148 ft)[23]20087°49′40″N 98°18′49″E / 7.82784°N 98.313727°E / 7.82784; 98.313727 (Phuket Big Buddha (Phuket, Thailand))
Phuket's Big Buddha.jpg
Virgen del SocavónMaryOruro Bolivia45 m (148 ft)2013
Monumento de la virgen del socavon candelaria.jpg
Tong Lam Lo Son Amitabha BuddhaAmitabha BuddhaNha Trang, Vietnam Vietnam44 m (144 ft)[24][25]201212°16′59″N 109°08′02″E / 12.28296°N 109.13383°E / 12.28296; 109.13383 (Tong Lam Lo Son Amitabha Buddha statue (Vietnam))
Kailashnath Mahadev StatueShivaKathmandu   Nepal43.5 m (143 ft)The Tallest Lord Shiva statue in the world(143 feet high).This was inaugurated in 2010 known as Kailashnath Mahadev Statue[26]201027°38′46″N 85°28′29″E / 27.646017°N 85.474774°E / 27.646017; 85.474774 (Kailashnath Mahadev (Saanga, Nepal))
Lord Murugan StatueMuruganBatu Caves, Gombak Malaysia42.7 m (140 ft)Second tallest statue of an Hindu deity and tallest Murugan statue in the world20063°14′15″N 101°41′02″E / 3.237483°N 101.683976°E / 3.237483; 101.683976
Lord Muruga Batu Caves.jpg
Santa Rita de CássiaRita of CasciaSanta Cruz, Rio Grande do Norte Brazil42 m (138 ft)Stands over a 6 m pedestal and wears an 8 m crown. 56 m (183.7 ft) total monument height.2010
Grand Byakue KannonKannon (Guanyin)Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture Japan41.8 m (137 ft)[27]193636°18′40″N 138°58′50″E / 36.311105°N 138.980677°E / 36.311105; 138.980677
Chunan Da MazuMazuMiaoli CountyTaiwan136 ft1984 [28]
Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman SwamiHanumanVijayawada, Andhra Pradesh India41 m (135 ft)World's tallest Hanuman200317°13′47″N 82°07′21″E / 17.229682°N 82.12263°E / 17.229682; 82.12263 (Anjaneya Hanuman Swami (Paritala, India))
Xishan DafoBuddha AmitabhaTaiyuan, Shanxi China41 m (135 ft)[29]576
Guanyin of LianhuashanGuanyinLianhuashan, Guangzhou, Guangdong China40.8 m (134 ft)While the statue was completed in 1994. The gold plating was refinished in 2000[30]199422°59′27.33″N 113°30′1.49″E / 22.9909250°N 113.5004139°E / 22.9909250; 113.5004139 (Guanyin of Lianhuashan (Guangzhou, China))
Guanyin of Lianhuashan.jpg
Thiruvalluvar StatueTiruvalluvarKanyakumari, Tamil Nadu India40.5384 m (133 ft)The entire 133 feet of sculptured Thiruvalluvar statue depicts 3 sections of Thirukkural, namely, virtue (38 chapters), wealth (70 chapters) and love (25 chapters). Since, virtue always considered essential for life, the altair of the statue constructed for 38 feet and the rest 95 feet depicts other two sections. Thus, the altair has to be considered integral part of the statue.20008°04′40″N 77°33′14″E / 8.0777°N 77.5539°E / 8.0777; 77.5539 (Thiruvalluvar Statue (Kanyakumari, India))
Tiruvalluvar statue LIC.jpg

Up to 40 metres[edit]

Shichikama ShokannonKannonNishisonogi District, NagasakiJapan40 m (132 ft)standing1990
Shinran ShoninShinranKitakanbara District, NiigataJapan40 m (132 ft)standing1990
José María Morelos statueJosé María MorelosJanitzio island, MichoacánMexico40 m (132 ft)Made of pink stone193419°34′25″N 101°39′07″W / 19.573611°N 101.651944°W / 19.573611; -101.651944
Genghis Khan Equestrian StatueGenghis KhanTsonjin Boldog, Tuv ProvinceMongolia40 m (132 ft)200747°48′29″N 107°32′13″E / 47.807927°N 107.536899°E / 47.807927; 107.536899 (Genghis Khan equestrian statue (Mongolia))
Standing Amitabha Buddha of Fo Guang ShanBuddha AmitabhaKaohsiungTaiwan, ROC40 m (132 ft)[31]197222°44′57″N 120°26′45″E / 22.749050°N 120.445900°E / 22.749050; 120.445900 (Fo Guang Shan Buddha)
Fo Guan Shan.jpg
Atatürk MaskMustafa Kemal AtatürkBuca in the Izmir ProvinceTurkey40 m (132 ft)Work of the sculptor Harun Atalayman[32]200938°24′22″N 27°08′46″E / 38.406046°N 27.145991°E / 38.406046; 27.145991 (Atatürk Mask (Buca, Turkey))
Tathagata TsalBuddhaRavangla, SikkimIndia39 m (128 ft)2013[33]
Big Buddha Statue of Wat Phothikyan Phut Thak ThamAmitabhaPasir Puteh, KelantanMalaysia39 m (128 ft)The Theravada Buddhist abbot of the Twin Dragon Temple saw that buddha in a dream[34]2009
Hongguang Shan Giant BuddhaGautama BuddhaÜrümqi, XinjiangChina38.8 m (127 ft)[35]200443°52′52″N 87°36′49″E / 43.881145°N 87.613478°E / 43.881145; 87.613478 (Hongguang Shan Dafo(Ürümqi, China))
Nanshan DafoGautama BuddhaYantaiChina38.66 msitting2004
DaishakaGautama BuddhaTamana, KumamotoJapan38.5 msitting1979
Laozi of Laojunshan MountainLaoziLuanchuan County, Luoyang, Henan provinceChina38 m (124.5 ft)Gilded bronze statue.[36]2010
Statue of Padmasambhava in RewalsarGuru RinpocheRewalsar, Himachal PradeshIndia37.5 m (123 ft)201231°38′2″N 76°49′59.99″E / 31.63389°N 76.8333306°E / 31.63389; 76.8333306
Guru Rinpoche in mist 2.jpg
Shiva of MurudeshwaraShivaMurudeshwara, district of Uttara Kannada, KarnatakaIndia37 m (122 ft)The Second Tallest Lord Shiva statue in the World (This is First Tallest statues of Shiva in India)[37]200614°05′37″N 74°29′01″E / 14.093645°N 74.483689°E / 14.093645; 74.483689
Shiva Statue Murdeshwara Temple.jpg
Rong Xian BuddhaMaitreya BuddhaRong Xian, Sichuan provinceChina37 m (121 ft)[38]Tang Dynasty
The Merlion of SentosaA merlionSentosaSingapore37 m (121 ft)19961°15′13″N 103°49′08″E / 1.2535°N 103.818794°E / 1.2535; 103.818794
Christ the KingJesusŚwiebodzinPoland36 m (120 ft). It includes a 3 m tall metal crown[39]Stands on top of a 16 m stone bank. 52 m total monument height. The tallest Christ statue in the world. (2011)[39]201052°14′12″N 15°32′47″E / 52.236667°N 15.546389°E / 52.236667; 15.546389
Da Guan GongGuan YuHsinchuTaiwan120 ft1975[40]
Guanyin of Chongyuan TempleGuanyinSuzhou, Jiangsu provinceChina36 m (118 ft)88-ton indoor statue made of gilded bronze.2007
Statue of Padmasambhava in NamchiGuru RinpocheNamchi, SikkimIndia36 m (118 ft)2004[41]27°10′46″N 88°22′48″E / 27.179514°N 88.380021°E / 27.179514; 88.380021
Guru padmasambhava statue.jpg
Alyosha monumentWorld War II USSRn soldierMurmanskUSSR35.5 m (116.5 ft)Stands upon a 7 m pedestal. 42,5 m (140 ft) total monument height197468°59′34″N 33°04′16″E / 68.992902°N 33.071208°E / 68.992902; 33.071208 (Alyosha Monument (Murmansk, USSR))Алёша (июль 2012).JPG
Shandan DafoGautama BuddhaShandan CountyChina35 msittingTang Dynasty[42]
Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara of TazawakoAvalokitesvaraTazawako, Akita prefectureJapan35 m (115 ft)193939°44′21″N 140°43′23″E / 39.739192°N 140.723013°E / 39.739192; 140.723013
The tallest statue of the goddess of kannon in japan.jpg
Birth of the New ManChristopher ColumbusSevillaSpain35 m (115 ft)199537°25′39″N 5°59′34″W / 37.427575°N 5.992813°W / 37.427575; -5.992813
El huevo de Colón.jpg
Mogao Caves North Big StatueMaitreya Buddha[43]Dunhuang, GansuChina35 mnear 26m South Big Statue sitting Maitreya built during Kaiyuan694
Cristo de la ConcordiaJesusCochabambaBolivia34.2 m (112 ft)Stands upon a 6.2 m pedestal. 40.4 m (132.5 ft) total monument height.199417°23′04″S 66°08′04″W / 17.384522°S 66.13452°W / -17.384522; -66.13452
Cristo de la Concordia 02.jpg
Tian Tan BuddhaGautama BuddhaNgong Ping, Lantau IslandHong Kong34 m (112 ft)199322°15′14″N 113°54′17″E / 22.253889°N 113.904722°E / 22.253889; 113.904722
Hungludi Tudigong XiangTu Di GongNew Taipei CityTaiwan109 ftabout 2000s[44]
Maoshan Laozi ShenxiangLaozinear Zhenjiang, Jiangsu provinceChina33 m (108 ft)199831°47′48.38″N 119°18′39.77″E / 31.7967722°N 119.3110472°E / 31.7967722; 119.3110472 (Laozi statue in Mount Mao (Jiangsu, China))
Xuedoushan Maitreya Big BuddhaMaitreyaFenghuaChina33 msitting Budai[45]2008
Yishan DafoGautama BuddhaGuanyun CountyChina33 msitting2009
Guanshiyin Pusa Shengxiang in Guanyin ShanGuanyinDongguangChina33 mcarving2001
Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur (fr) (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart)MaryLe Mas-Rillier in Miribel, AinFrance33 m (108 ft)Over a 20 m building/pedestal. 53 m (174 ft) total height.[46]194145°49′44″N 4°57′01″E / 45.828919°N 4.950349°E / 45.828919; 4.950349
Mangal MahadevShivaGanga Talao lakeMauritius33 m (108 ft)200720°24′59″S 57°29′33″E / 20.4164°S 57.4924°E / -20.4164; 57.4924 (Mangal Mahadev)
Shiva statue, Mauritius.jpg
Sri Tallapaka AnnamacharyaAnnamacharyaTallapaka, Andhra PradeshIndia33 m (108 ft)Telugu poet and musician200814°12′04″N 79°09′41″E / 14.201056°N 79.161516°E / 14.201056; 79.161516 (Annamacharya)
Annamayya at Rajampet, Kadapa District.JPG
Hanuman Murti in ShahjahanpurHanumat DhamShahjahanpur, Uttar PradeshIndia32 m (104 ft)Standing2013
Hanuman Murti in ShimlaHanumanShimla, Himachal PradeshIndia33 m (108 ft)Located at 8,500 ft(2,591 mt) above sea level2010
Basava statue at Basavakalyan, BidarBasavaBasavakalyan, KarnatakaIndia33 m (108 ft)The 1st tallest Lord Basava Statue in the World2012
Giant Basava statue.jpg
Junkin Kaiun Hoju Daikanzeon BosatsuKannonIchishi District, MieJapan33 mstanding1982
Taniyama no DaikannonKannonKagoshimaJapan33 mstanding2001
Golden Maitreya Buddha of BeopjusaMaitreya BuddhaNaesongni-myeon, Chungcheongbuk-do provinceSouth Korea33 m (108 ft)1990
Golden Maitreya Statue at Beopjusa.jpg
Hushanyan DafoMaitreya BuddhaDouliuTaiwan33 m (108 ft)sitting1987not yet opened[47]
Mindroling Monastery Buddha statueGautama BuddhaDehradun, Uttarakhand stateIndia32.6 m (107 ft)
Luang Pho ToMaitreyaBangkokThailand32.5 m (106 ft)
Bangkok Giant Golden Buddha.jpg
Baxianshan DafoBuddhaPingshan County, SichuanChina32 mstandingMing Dynasty
Diskit Monastery Buddha statueJampa BuddhaDiskit, Nubra Valley, LadakhIndia32 m (105 ft)2010
Hanuman in NanduraHanumanMaharashtraIndia32 m (105 ft)
Jai Hanuman.jpg
Statue of Mao in JuzizhouMao ZedongYuelu District, ChangshaChina32 m (105 ft)2009[48]
Mao juzizhou head.JPG
Bhaisajyaguru of the Nihon-ji TempleBuddha - BhaisajyaguruKyonan, Awa District, ChibaJapan31 m (102 ft)Largest pre-modern Japan sculpture1790 (approximate date)35°09′28″N 139°50′05″E / 35.157732°N 139.834757°E / 35.157732; 139.834757 (Bhaisajyaguru of the Nihon-Ji Temple (Kyonan, Awa District, Japan))
Postcard Buddha.jpg
Mangal MahadevLord ShivaGangtan,Sampla Beri Road HariyanaIndia101 ftStanding Statue201228°37′N 76°39′E / 28.62°N 76.65°E / 28.62; 76.65 (angtan,Sampla Beri Road Hariyana India)
Jalesveva JayamaheNavy OfficerSurabayaIndonesia30.6 m (100 ft)Standing 30 metres concrete building.Total height 60.6 m19967°11′46.74″S 112°44′23.16″E / 7.1963167°S 112.7397667°E / -7.1963167; 112.7397667
Mazu StatueMazuSinwu, TaoyuanTaiwan30.5 m (100 ft)The tallest Mazu statue in Taiwan200124°58′32″N 121°01′35″E / 24.975662°N 121.026496°E / 24.975662; 121.026496
Mazu statue.JPG
Shiva of the Har-ki-PauriShivaHaridwar, UttarakhandIndia30.5 m (100 ft)The Third Tallest Lord Shiva statue in the World(100 feet high) (This is Second Tallest statues of Shiva in India)[49]
Shiva statue by the Ganges, across Har-ki-Pauri, Haridwar.jpg
São Francisco de CanindéFrancis of AssisiCanindé, CearáBrazil30.5 m (100 ft)Tallest statue in the Brazilian state of Ceará. Tallest statue of Saint Francis in the world.20054°22′01″S 39°18′19″W / 4.36694°S 39.30528°W / -4.36694; -39.30528
Estátua Gigante de São Francisco, Canindé, Ceará, Brasil.JPG

Up to 30 metres[edit]

Christ Blessing (Kristus kase Berkat)JesusManadoIndonesia30 m (98.5 ft)Stands on a 20 m pedestal. 50 m (158.3 ft) total monument height20071°29′0″N 124°50′0″E / 1.48333°N 124.83333°E / 1.48333; 124.83333
Monumen Yesus Memberkati Manado.JPG
ObinzurusamaPindola BharadvajaYamaga, KumamotoJapan30 mstanding1607
Cristo Resucitado (Christ Resurrected)JesusTlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico StateMexico30 m (98.5 ft)Stands on a 10 m tall pedestal. 40 m (132 ft) total height.19°33′43″N 99°11′04″W / 19.562014°N 99.184463°W / 19.562014; -99.184463
Christ Tlalnepantla.jpg
Virgen de El Panecillo (Virgin in The Panecillo)Woman of the ApocalypseQuitoEcuador30 m (98.5 ft)Stands on an 11 m pedestal. 41 m (134 ft) total19760°13′43″S 78°31′7″W / 0.22861°S 78.51861°W / -0.22861; -78.51861
Virgen de Quito 02.jpg
Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)JesusRio de JaneiroBrazil30 m (98.5 ft)Stands on a 9.5 m pedestal. 39.6 m (130 ft) total monument height193122°57′06″S 43°12′39″W / 22.951667°S 43.210833°W / -22.951667; -43.210833
Cristo Redentor - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.jpg
Buddha statue in the Phra Buddha Bharameedharm Chamruslok TempleBuddhaKelantanMalaysia30 msitting[50]
Bronze Guan Yin of Kek Lok Si TempleGuanyinAir Itam, Penang islandMalaysia30 m (98.5 ft)It's sheltered inside a 60.9m tall pavilion, the tallest in the world[51]19995°23′52″N 100°16′21″E / 5.39778°N 100.27250°E / 5.39778; 100.27250 (Kek Lok Si Guan Yin (Malaysia))
Kwan Yin in Kek Lok Sin.jpg
Cristo del OteroJesusPalenciaSpain30 m (98.5 ft)193142°01′40″N 4°31′46″W / 42.02789°N 4.52932°W / 42.02789; -4.52932 (Cristo del Otero (Palencia, Spain))
Cristo del Otero (Palencia).jpg
Juche Tower statuesWorker, peasant and intellectualPyongyang, North KoreaNorth Korea30 m (98.5 ft)198239°01′04″N 125°45′47″E / 39.017783°N 125.76303°E / 39.017783; 125.76303 (Juche Tower)
Pyongyang Juche tower.JPG
Arch of ReunificationWomen holding symbolPyongyang, North KoreaNorth Korea30 m (98.5 ft)200138°57′52″N 125°42′56″E / 38.964464°N 125.715587°E / 38.964464; 125.715587 (Arch of Reunification)
Heilong Yiquan SuxiangA dog jumped to the sea after seeing his 17 masters buried[52]New Taipei CityTaiwan30 m1994]]
White marble Guan Yin of YinxianGuanyinYinxian, ZhejiangChina29 m (95 ft)199822°58′41″N 114°01′06″E / 22.978158°N 114.018454°E / 22.978158; 114.018454 (White marble Guan Yin (Yinxian, China))
Erawan MuseumAiravataSamut PrakanThailand28.9 m (95 ft)Stands over a 15 m tall building. 43.8 m (144 ft) total monument height13°37′42″N 100°35′20″E / 13.628231°N 100.588991°E / 13.628231; 100.588991 (Erawan Museum (Samut Prakan, Thailand))
Pangshan LifoGautama BuddhaPengshan CountyChina28 mstanding near 24m sitting Buddha PrabhutaratnaKaiyuan
Biwako DaibutsuAmitabhaNagahama, ShigaJapan28 mstanding1994
Haraturu Syouryu DaikannonKannonAsakura District, FukuokaJapan28 mstanding1987
Shippoji DaikannonKannonNose, OsakaJapan28 mstanding2002
Cristo-Rei (Christ the King)JesusAlmadaPortugal28 m (92 ft)Stands on an 82 m pedestal. 103 m (338 ft) total195938°40′43″N 9°10′17″W / 38.67861°N 9.17139°W / 38.67861; -9.17139 (Cristo-Rei (Almada, Portugal))
Christ of Vũng Tàu (Tượng Chúa Kitô Vua)JesusVũng Tàu, Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu ProvinceVietnam28 m (92 ft)Stands on a 10 m platform. 38 m (126.5 ft) total monument height199310°19′35″N 107°05′05″E / 10.326303°N 107.084641°E / 10.326303; 107.084641 (Christ of Vũng Tàu (Vũng Tàu, Vietnam))
Statue of Jesus in Vung Tau.jpg
Cristo Bendicente (Blessing Christ)JesusSan Miguel de TucumánArgentina28 m (92 ft)194226°47′47″S 65°21′39″W / 26.79639°S 65.36083°W / -26.79639; -65.36083 (Cristo Bendicente)
Puning Temple BuddhaGuanyinChengdeChina27.21 mstanding175541°0′50″N 117°56′48″E / 41.01389°N 117.94667°E / 41.01389; 117.94667 (Puning Temple Buddha)
Qianshou Guanyin of Donglin TempleGuanyinJinshan District, ShanghaiChina27 m (90 ft)Indoor statue. It stands over a 2 m lotus base. 29 m total height[53]200730°53′48″N 121°09′38″E / 30.896553°N 121.160639°E / 30.896553; 121.160639 (Qianshou Guanyin (Shanghai, China))
Lenin statueVladimir LeninVolgogradRussia27 m (88.6 ft)Stands on a 30 m pedestal. The tallest Lenin statue in the world.[54]197348°31′39″N 44°33′31″E / 48.52750°N 44.55861°E / 48.52750; 44.55861 (Lenin statue (Volgograd))
Bingling Temple Maitreya BuddhaBuddha - MaitreyaJishi Hill, near Lanzhou, Gansu provinceChina27 m (88.6 ft)Its cover has fallen off, possibly the Buddha was made of straw and stucco over an inner wooden frame420 (approximated date)35°52′06″N 103°10′03″E / 35.86833°N 103.16750°E / 35.86833; 103.16750
Tochigi Heiwa-KannonKannon (Guanyin)'s embodiment as the goddess of PeaceNear Utsunomiya; Tochigi PrefectureJapan27 m (88.6 ft)Work of sculptor Asajiro Hida[55]195436°35′46″N 139°49′11″E / 36.595996°N 139.8196°E / 36.595996; 139.8196 (Tochigi Kannon (Ooya Machi, Japan))
Cristo Rei of Dili (Christ the King)JesusDiliEast Timor27 m (88.6 ft)Gift from the Indonesian government to the East Timorese people19958°31′15″S 125°36′31″E / 8.520815°S 125.608508°E / -8.520815; 125.608508 (Cristo Rei of Dili (Dili, Timor-Leste))
Christ Dili.jpg
Our Lady of the RockiesVirgin MaryButte, MontanaUnited States27 m (88.6 ft)Design of Laurien Eugene Riehl198546°0′1.7″N 112°26′46.58″W / 46.000472°N 112.4462722°W / 46.000472; -112.4462722 (Our Lady of the Rockies (Butte, Montana, United States))
Our Lady of the Rockies (cropped).jpg
Monument to Victorious Fatherland Liberation WarSoldiersPyongyang, North KoreaNorth Korea27 m (88.6 ft)199339°02′25″N 125°44′17″E / 39.040359°N 125.738147°E / 39.040359; 125.738147 (Monument to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War)
Smiling Buddha of the Bao Jue TempleMaitreya BuddhaTaichungTaiwan, ROC26.8 m (88 ft)197524°9′33.96″N 120°41′18.53″E / 24.1594333°N 120.6884806°E / 24.1594333; 120.6884806
Buddha Taichung.jpg
Samadhi Buddha in KurunegalaGautama BuddhaKurunegalaSri Lanka26.8 m (88 ft)Designed and Built by Rohana Dharmasena20037°29′6.53″N 80°22′11.15″E / 7.4851472°N 80.3697639°E / 7.4851472; 80.3697639 (Statue of Gautama Buddha in Kurunegala)
Buddha Statue Elephant Rock.JPG
HermannsdenkmalChief ArminiusNorth Rhine WestphaliaGermany26.57 m (87 ft)Stands at the top of a 27 m (88.5 ft) monument187551°54′42″N 08°50′22″E / 51.91167°N 8.83944°E / 51.91167; 8.83944 (Hermannsdenkmal (Germany))
Hermannsdenkmal beigealert 07.jpg
Hundred Feet (unit) KannonKannon (Guanyin) - Byakue KannonSōma city, Fukushima prefectureJapan26.4 m (87 ft)1930 (construction started)
Migjid Janraisig in the Gandantegchinlen Khiid MonasteryAvalokitesvaraUlan BatorMongolia26.4 m (87 ft)191347°55′23″N 106°53′42″E / 47.923144°N 106.895009°E / 47.923144; 106.895009
Chinmaya GanadhishGaneshaKolhapur, Maharashtra stateIndia26 m (85 ft)Idol at Chinmaya Sandeepany Ashram200116°47′51″N 74°17′24″E / 16.797557°N 74.290023°E / 16.797557; 74.290023
Hanuman of CarapichaimaHanumanCarapichaimaTrinidad and Tobago26 m (85 ft)
Hanuman Carapichaima.JPG
Adinath, BawangajaAdinathBarwani, Madhya PradeshIndia26 m (84 ft)This is one of the older tallest statues in India
Cristo ReyJesusSantiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca DepartmentColombia26 m (85 ft)19533°26′11″N 76°33′54″W / 3.436262°N 76.565083°W / 3.436262; -76.565083 (Cristo Rey de Cali)
Jesus of the MercyJesusSan Juan del Sur, Rivas DepartmentNicaragua26 m (85 ft)200911°15′N 85°52′W / 11.250°N 85.867°W / 11.250; -85.867 (Jesús de la Misericordia)
Christ of the Mercy statue, San Juan del Sur.jpg
Shivagiri of BijapurShivaBijapur, KarnatakaIndia26 m (85 ft)This is Fourth Tallest statues of Shiva in World (This is Third Tallest statues of Shiva in India)2006
Guanyin in LingyingsiGuanyinQuanzhouChina25.7 m2002
The Skowhegan Indian [12]Abenaki American IndianSkowhegan, MaineUnited States25 mThe world's tallest statue of an American Indian.1969
The Broken ChristJesusSan José de Gracia, AguascalientesMexico25 m (82 ft)Stands over 3 m tall pedestal. 28 m (92 ft) total height.200622°08′21″N 102°25′54″W / 22.139185°N 102.431594°W / 22.139185; -102.431594
Cristo Roto.jpg
Christ Roi des HouchesJesusLes Houches, Haute-SavoieFrance25 m (82 ft)1934
Les Houches Christusstatue.jpg
Great Buddha in the coiled NāgaBuddhainside the Xieng Khuan, VientianeLaos25 m (82 ft)
Buddha Park Nagas.JPG
Ōfuna KannonKannon (Guanyin)Kamakura, KanagawaJapan25 m (82 ft)The complex it belongs contains stones from ground zero at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as this temple commemorates the souls of those who died in the atomic bomb attacks196135°21′12″N 139°31′43″E / 35.353435°N 139.52870°E / 35.353435; 139.52870
Our Lady of Bai Dau (Đức Mẹ Bãi Dâu)MariaVũng Tàu (Bà Rịa–Vũng Tàu)Vietnam25 m (82 ft)1992Located at 28 m above sea level
National Monument to the ForefathersFaithPlymouth, MassachusettsUnited States25 m (81 ft)with a 13 m (45 ft) pedestal; commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims[56]188841°57′36″N 70°40′34″W / 41.9600°N 70.6761°W / 41.9600; -70.6761
Monument to the Forefathers 1.jpg
Hanuman of the Ram Tirath templeHanumanAmritsar, Punjab stateIndia24.5 m (80 ft)
Great Buddha Statue in BodhgayaBuddhaBihar, BodhgayaIndia25 m (80 ft)1989[57]
Buddha Statue of Bihar.jpeg
Binxian DafoGautama BuddhaBin County, ShaanxiChina24 mstanding692
Worker and Kolkhoz WomanProletarian workersMoscowRussia24 m (77 ft)Reinstated on December 4, 2009 with a 34.5 m pedestal for a new total height of 60 m193755°49′42″N 37°38′44″E / 55.82833°N 37.64556°E / 55.82833; 37.64556 (Worker and Kolkhoz Woman (USSR))
Stamp of USSR 2100.jpg
Tambun Tibetan Temple BuddhaAmitabhaTambun, Perak stateMalaysia24 m (77 ft)[58]Construction started 1975
Heiwa Kannon of Funaoka ParkKannon (Guanyin)'s embodiment as the goddess of Peacenear Funaoka station, Miyagi PrefectureJapan24 m (77 m)1975
Funaoka kannon14apr2007.jpg
Kannon of the Ryozen Historical MemorialKannon (Guanyin)Kyoto, Kyoto PrefectureJapan24 m (77 ft)Commemorates the soldiers who died in World War II1955
Ryozen Memorial Kannon.jpg
The White Buddha statue of Long Son Pagoda (Tượng Kim Thân Phật Tổ)GautamaNha Trang, Khánh Hòa ProvinceVietnam24 m (77 ft)[59]196412°15′07″N 109°10′51″E / 12.251994°N 109.18086°E / 12.251994; 109.18086
Buddha statue, Nha Trang.jpg
SancarloneSaint Charles BorromeoArona, province of NovaraItaly23.5 m (77 ft)Standing on an 11.5 m pedestal, 35 m (115 ft) total height169845°46′12.93″N 8°32′36.10″E / 45.7702583°N 8.5433611°E / 45.7702583; 8.5433611 (Il Sancarlone)
San Carlo-Arona 01.JPG
Hakuba Daibutsuan unspecified buddhaItoigawa, NiigataJapan23.5 msitting1972
Gangu DafoGautamaGangu CountyChina23.3 msittingTang Dynasty[60]
Cristo Rey de los ÁlamosJesusTijuana, Baja California stateMexico23.3 m (76 ft)[61]1999
Lord ShivaShiva Temple, Kachnar CityJabalpur, Madhya Pradesh stateIndia23.17 m (76 ft)This is fifth tallest Lord Shiva Statue in the World (This is Fourth tallest Lord Shiva Statue in the India)200623°11′20″N 79°53′53″E / 23.18889°N 79.89806°E / 23.18889; 79.89806
Mother Armenia (Mayr Hayastan)Mother ArmeniaYerevanArmenia23 m (75 ft)Stands on a 50 m pedestal. 73 m (240 ft) total monument height195040°11′42.90″N 44°31′29.34″E / 40.1952500°N 44.5248167°E / 40.1952500; 44.5248167 (Mother Armenia)
Mayr Hayastan (6).jpg
Monumental Virgen de GuadalupeVirgin MaryXicotepec de Juarez, PueblaMexico23 m (75 ft)201020°17′10″N 97°57′14″W / 20.28611°N 97.95389°W / 20.28611; -97.95389 (Virgen de Guadalupe (Xicotepec de Juarez, Puebla, Mexico))
Tiantishan DafoGautama BuddhaWuwei, GansuChina23 mstandingTang Dynasty
Miroku DaikannonKannonNasu, TochigiJapan23 mstanding2000
Christ the King in Saint Apollonia mountJesusPachuca, HidalgoMexico23 m (75 ft)Stands on a 10 m tall pedestal. 33 m (108 ft) total height.199620°07′49″N 98°43′18″W / 20.130261°N 98.721771°W / 20.130261; -98.721771 (Christ the King in Saint Apollonia)
Torii KannonKannon (Guanyin)Hannou city, Saitama prefectureJapan23 m (75 ft)Stands on a 12 m pedestal. 35 m (115 ft) total height[62]1971
Cristo Rey del TupungatoJesusTupungato Valley, Mendoza ProvinceArgentina23 m (75 ft)Over a 5 m pedestal. 28 m (91.8 ft) total monument height
Christ of the Sacred Heart (Christ of the Sacred Heart)Jesusnear Rosarito, Baja California stateMexico23 m (75 ft)32°15′54.72″N 116°59′42.36″W / 32.2652000°N 116.9951000°W / 32.2652000; -116.9951000
Christ Sacred Heart.jpg
Vishnu statueVishnuGaruda Wisnu Kencana park in the Bukit PeninsulaIndonesia23 m (75 ft)Original project was to construct a 140 m sculpture, currently on hiatus.[63]
Hanuman VatikaHanumanRourkela, Orissa stateIndia23 m (75 ft)
Hanuman Vatika Rourkela.JPG
Golden Buddha in the Likir MonasteryMaitreya BuddhaLadakh, Jammu and KashmirIndia23 m (75 ft)There is a small museum which houses collections of thankas, old religious and domestic costumes199934°17′36″N 77°12′54″E / 34.293238°N 77.215122°E / 34.293238; 77.215122 (Buddha, Likir Monastery (Ladakh, India))
Likir (224).jpg
Golden DrillerOilmanTulsa, OklahomaUnited States23 m (75 ft)195336°08′01″N 95°55′52″W / 36.133638°N 95.931158°W / 36.133638; -95.931158
Golden Buddha in Ulan BatorBuddhaUlan BatorMongolia23 m (75 ft)200547°53′10″N 106°54′44″E / 47.885989°N 106.91224°E / 47.885989; 106.91224 (Golden Buddha (Ulan Bator, Mongolia))
Buddha in Ulan Bator.jpg
Monument to the Discoverer Faith (es:)Christopher ColumbusHuelvaSpain22.5 m (74 ft)Stands on a 14.5 m pedestal. 37 m (121 ft) total monument height.192937°12′44″N 6°56′26″W / 37.21222°N 6.94056°W / 37.21222; -6.94056
Guan YinGuanyinZhongzheng Park, Taipei-Keelung metropolitan areaTaiwan, ROC22.4 m (73 ft)5 floors inside196925°08′0.46″N 121°45′1.27″E / 25.1334611°N 121.7503528°E / 25.1334611; 121.7503528 (Zhongzheng Park Guan Yin)
Guan Yin Keelung.jpg
Xunxian DafoMaitreyaXun CountyChina22.29 mLater Zhao[64]
Cristo del PacíficoJesusLima, Lima ProvincePeru22 mStands on a 15 m pedestal, 37 m total height.2011
Cristo de La CalderaJesusSalta ProvinceArgentina22 m (72 ft)26 m (86.3 ft) total monument height1969
Monument to the Battle of SakaryaTurkish SoldierPolatlı, AnkaraTurkey22 mStands on a 9 m pedestal, 31 m total height.2008
Heart of Jesus LookoutJesusLupeni, Harghita CountyRomania22 m (72 ft)Stands on a 2 m pedestal, 24 m total height.201146°23′37″N 25°15′23″E / 46.393571°N 25.256479°E / 46.393571; 25.256479
Heart of Jesus Lookout.jpg
Cristo RedentoreJesusMaratea, province of PotenzaItaly22 m (72 ft)[65]1965
Aumisme Buddha Maitreya in MandaromBuddha - MaitreyaCastellane, Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceFrance22 m (72 ft)[66]1981
Mandarom IMG 0080.jpg
Changhua Great BuddhaGautama BuddhaChanghua CityTaiwan22 m (72 ft)Is on top of Bagua Mountain, 6 floors contains a Buddhist museum inside of the Buddha.1956[67]24°04′43″N 120°32′57″E / 24.0785361111°N 120.54922629°E / 24.0785361111; 120.54922629
MinotauroDefeated minotauro fleeing to CretaJerez de la Frontera, province of CadizSpain22 m (72 ft)[68]2003
Jerez Minotauro.jpg
Shuangmian GuanyinGuanyinWuhanChina21.8 m2003
Cristo de las NoasJesusTorreón, CoahuilaMexico21.8 m (71.5 ft)
Cristo de las Noas.jpg
Regina RosariiMaryTanay, RizalPhilippines21.6 m (71 ft)[69]
Fushun DafoVairocanaFushunChina21.48 m2009[70]
Foguang Dafo in FoguangsiAmitabhaHuilai CountyChina21.34 m23.42m total height1997
Guanyin Zuolian Baoxiang in DahuaxingsiAvalokitesvaraShenzhenChina21.3 m2008
Dainichi Nyorai of the Seiryū-ji TempleBuddha - VairocanaAomori city, Aomori prefectureJapan21.3 m (70 ft)1984
Aomori Buddha.jpeg
Guanyin of the Longxing MonasteryGuanyinnear Zhengding, Hebei provinceChina21.3 (70 ft)971
Cosmic ChristJesusCastellane, Alpes-de-Haute-ProvenceFrance21 m (69 ft)1987
Seinen DaishiKūkaiMuroto, KōchiJapan21 mstanding1984
Tiangong DafoGuatamaShaoxingChina20.8 mby 3 successive generations of a sculptor familybetween Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty[71]
Xumishan Grottes Big BuddhaMaitreyaGuyuanChina20.6 msittingTang Dynasty[72]
Cristo de El Cubilete (Christ King of the Mountain of El Cubilete)JesusSilao, GuanajuatoMexico20.5 m (67 ft)with a 12.5 m pedestal. 33 m (108 ft) total height194421°0′42.5″N 101°22′8.1″W / 21.011806°N 101.368917°W / 21.011806; -101.368917 (Cerro del Cubilete (Silao, Mexico))
Tribute to CourageSam HoustonHuntsville, TexasUnited States20.5 m (67 ft)with a 3 m (10 ft) pedestal199430°39′40″N 95°30′39″W / 30.66111°N 95.51083°W / 30.66111; -95.51083 (Tribute to Courage (Huntsville, Texas, United States))
Dallas Zoo's giraffe statueGiraffeDallas, TexasUnited States20.5 m (67 ft)199732°44′38″N 96°48′52″W / 32.74389°N 96.81444°W / 32.74389; -96.81444 (Dallas Zoo's giraffe statue (Dallas, Texas))
Great Sphinx of GizaSphinxGiza, near CairoEgypt20.22 m (66 ft)[73]2532 BC approx.29°58′31″N 31°08′16″E / 29.97528°N 31.13778°E / 29.97528; 31.13778 (Great Sphinx of Giza (Egypt))
Great Sphinx of Giza - 20080716a.jpg
Stainless steel Ganlu GuanyinGuanyinWenshang CountyChina20.15 m2009
Confucius of ZichuanConfuciusZichuan, Zibo City, Shandong provinceChina20.09 mA bronze statue.[74]2010

Up to 20 metres[edit]

Temple of Ramesses IIRamesses IIAbu Simbel, EgyptEgypt20 m1264BC22°20′13″N 31°37′32″E / 22.33694°N 31.62556°E / 22.33694; 31.62556
Abu Simbel Temple May 30 2007.jpg
Kunming DafoGautamaAnning, YunnanChina20 m1980s
Jilesi DafoAmitabhaHarbinChina20 m2009
Qianfoshan Mile Shengyuan Mile DafoMaitreyaJinanChina20 m29m total height2008
Yaowanggu DafoBhaisajyaguruMianyangChina20 m2010
Statue of Mao in the Chongqing Medical UniversityMao ZedongChongqingChina20 mStands over a 17.5 m pedestal. 37.4 m (122.8 ft) total monument height2008
Guan Yin of the South SeaGuanyinPutuo Shan island, ShanghaiChina20 m (65.5 ft)upon a 13 m pedestal. 33 m (108 ft) total height199729°58′35.03″N 122°23′22.13″E / 29.9763972°N 122.3894806°E / 29.9763972; 122.3894806 (Guan Yin of the South Sea (Putuo Shan, China))
20090606 Putuoshan 8786.jpg
Monument to the Battle of ChacabucoVictory on the Battle of ChacabucoColinaChile20 m1971[75]
Kartlis Deda (Mother Georgia)Mother GeorgiaTbilisiGeorgia20 m (65.5 ft)195841°41′17″N 44°48′17″E / 41.68806°N 44.80472°E / 41.68806; 44.80472
Christ StatueJesusEl Picacho city park; TegucigalpaHonduras20 m (65.5 ft)over a 12 m pedestal1997
Kun Iam statueGuanyinMacau20 m (65.5 ft)with a 7 m pedestal, 27 m (88 ft) final height199922°11′08″N 113°33′07″E / 22.185686°N 113.551880°E / 22.185686; 113.551880 (Kun Iam statue (Macau))
Mevlana StatueRumiIzmir, TurkeyTurkey20 m (65.5 ft)With its foundation it's 25 metres high. There is a cafe below the statue. Work of the sculptor Eray Okkan200338°23′30.45″N 27°10′36.43″E / 38.3917917°N 27.1767861°E / 38.3917917; 27.1767861 (Mevlana (Izmir, Turkey))
Mevlana Statue, Buca.jpg
Christ of HavanaJesusLa HabanaCuba20 m (65.5 ft)with a 3 m pedestal. 23 m (75 ft) total height1958
Hanuman in New DelhiHanumanJhandewalan, New DelhiIndia20 m (65.5 ft)28°38′42″N 77°11′53″E / 28.64496°N 77.197924°E / 28.64496; 77.197924
Hanuman-Tempel New-Delhi.jpg
Tenjiku Torai DaikannonKannonTakaichi District, NaraJapan20 mstanding1983
Angel of the NorthAngelGateshead, EnglandUnited Kingdom20 m (65.5 ft)Work of Antony Gormley199854°54′51″N 1°35′22″W / 54.91417°N 1.58944°W / 54.91417; -1.58944 (Angel of the North (Gateshead, United Kingdom))
Dream, by Jaume PlensaGirl's head with eyes closedSt Helens, Merseyside, EnglandUnited Kingdom20 m (65.5 ft)200953°24′36″N 2°43′19.92″W / 53.41000°N 2.7222000°W / 53.41000; -2.7222000 (Dream)
20090614 The Dream Sutton 011.jpg
Guardian of the Valleys[76]Welsh minerSix Bells CollieryUnited Kingdom20 m (65 ft)Commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 1960 mining disaster that claimed 45 lives2010
Mansudae Grand MonumentKim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il (added 2012)PyongyangNorth Korea20 m (65.5 ft)Kim Il Sung remodeled in 2012 with an older appearance197239°1′55.26″N 125°45′10.89″E / 39.0320167°N 125.7530250°E / 39.0320167; 125.7530250 (Kim Il Sung statue in Pyongyang (Pyongyang, North Korea))
Mansudae Grand Monument 18.JPG
Cristo de Las MesasJesusSan Ignacio, SinaloaMexico20 m (65.5 ft)200523°56′31″N 106°25′34″W / 23.941845°N 106.42603°W / 23.941845; -106.42603 (Cristo de "Las Mesas" (San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico))
Goddess A-MaMazuColoaneMacau20 m (65.5 ft)199822°07′26″N 113°33′51″E / 22.123810°N 113.564240°E / 22.123810; 113.564240 (A-Ma (Macau))
Christ of the OzarksJesusEureka Springs, ArkansasUnited States20 m (65.5 ft)196636°24′24.87″N 93°43′23.41″W / 36.4069083°N 93.7231694°W / 36.4069083; -93.7231694 (Christ of the Ozarks)
Shiva at Kemp FortShivaBangaloreIndia20 m (65.5 ft)This is the sixth tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in the World (This is the fifth tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in India)
Bangalore Shiva.jpg
Lapu-Lapu shrineLapu-LapuMactan Island, CebuPhilippines20 m (65.5 ft)10°18′39″N 124°0′55″E / 10.31083°N 124.01528°E / 10.31083; 124.01528 (Lapu Lapu Shrine)
Lapu - lapu Statue in Cebu, Philippines.jpg
Milesi Maitreya Big BuddhaMaitreyaMile CityChina19.99 m1999
Ganesha templePanchamukhi GaneshaBangaloreIndia19,77;m(63 ft)Sitting on Temple2010
The SanjuanoteJohn the BaptistSan Juan de los MorrosVenezuela19.8 m (62.3 ft)19359°54′45″N 67°21′18″W / 9.91250°N 67.35500°W / 9.91250; -67.35500 (Monumento a San Juan Bautista)
Beacon Of HopeLady with "The Ring of Thanksgiving"BelfastUnited Kingdom19.5 mBuilt of stainless steel and cast bronze, she spirals upwards and holds aloft "the ring of thanksgiving"200754°35′58″N 5°55′17″W / 54.59944°N 5.92139°W / 54.59944; -5.92139 (Beacon of Hope)Belfast (144), October 2009.JPG
Luang Pho ThoGautama BuddhaAyutthayaThailand19 m[77]1334Ayutwpananchoeng0506c.jpg
The Great Buddha of ShurakuenAmitabhaTōkai, AichiJapan18.8 m (61.68 ft)Built of reinforced concrete by a businessman from Nagoya, Mr. Saikichi Yamada. It commemorates the marriage of Emperor Showa.1927Shurakuen Daibutsu.jpg
Koyasu DaishiKūkaiGamagōri, AichiJapan18.8 mstanding, total height 30m1938
Shiva at Bhanjanagar ReservoirShivaBhanjanagarIndia18.6 m (61 ft)This is the seventh tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in the World (This is the sixth tallest Statue of Lord Shiva in India)2013
BavariaPatron saint of the Bavarian homelandTheresienwiese, MunichGermany18.52 m (60.9 ft)27.44 m (90 ft) total monument height (with 8.92 m pedestal)185048°7′49″N 11°32′45″E / 48.13028°N 11.54583°E / 48.13028; 11.54583 (Bavaria statue)Bavaria nach Restaurierung.JPG
Faro della Vittoria (Victory Lighthouse)Winged VictoryParco della Rimembranza (Remembrance Park of World War I), TurinItaly18.5 m (60.7 ft)26.5 m (86.94 ft) total monument height (with 8 m pedestal); It's a lighthouse, working regularly, on the top of Maddalena Hill192845°3′29.92″N 7°41′26″E / 45.0583111°N 7.69056°E / 45.0583111; 7.69056 (Faro della Vittoria)Torino Faro della Vittoria.jpg
Saifukuji BenzaitenSaraswatiKagoshimaJapan18.5 msitting2000
Tongnan DafoGautamaTongnan CountyChina18.43 m1151[78]
Mount Rushmore MonumentGeorge Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham LincolnMount Rushmore, South DakotaUnited States18.3 m (60 ft)The height is of each one's head.194143°52′44.21″N 103°27′35.37″W / 43.8789472°N 103.4598250°W / 43.8789472; -103.4598250 (Mount Rushmore)
Dean Franklin - 06.04.03 Mount Rushmore Monument (by-sa)-3 new.jpg
Praying HandsPraying HandsTulsa, OklahomaUnited States18.2 m (60 ft)Oral Roberts University198036°3′7.47″N 95°57′23.77″W / 36.0520750°N 95.9566028°W / 36.0520750; -95.9566028 (Praying Hands)
Praying Hands at the main entrance to the campus of Oral Roberts University.jpg
Stephen F. AustinStephen F. AustinAngleton, TexasUnited States18.2 m (60 ft)2006
Long Live the Victory of Mao Zedong ThoughtMao ZedongShenyangChina18 m (59 ft)197041°47′48.6″N 123°24′37.6″E / 41.796833°N 123.410444°E / 41.796833; 123.410444
Mao Statue at Zhong Shan Guang Chang.jpg
Buddha Statue of HyderabadGautama BuddhaLake Hussain Sagar, HyderabadIndia18 m (59 ft)World's tallest monolith of Gautama Buddha199217°24′56″N 78°28′30″E / 17.4155°N 78.475°E / 17.4155; 78.475
Hyderabad Lake India.jpg
GomateswaraBahubaliSravanabelagola, KarnatakaIndia18 m (59 ft)It's the tallest free–standing monolithic statue in the world.[79]983This statue symbolizes the Jain ideal of detachment and non-violence
HanumanHanumanPuttaparthi, Andhra PradeshIndia18 m (59 ft)Found on top of the Vidya Giri Hill overlooking the Sri Sathya Sai International Hillview Stadium.[79]1985
Gundam statueGundamOdaiba, TokyoJapan18 m (59 ft)2009
Tetsujin 28 statueTetsujin 28Shin Nagata, KobeJapan18 m (59 ft)Built to commemorate the Great Hanshin Earthquake [80]2010
Hotei DaibutsuBhaisajyaguruKōnan, AichiJapan18 m (59 ft)sitting1954
Ikituki Daigyoran KannonKannonKitamatsuura District, NagasakiJapan18 m (59 ft)Half body statue, total height 21 m1980
Kachigawa ŌkōbōKūkaiKasugai, AichiJapan18 m (59 ft)standing1928
Myōchiin Jūichimen Kanzeon BosatsuKannonHigashimatsuura District, SagaJapan18 m (59 ft)standingrecent
Nagasaki KannonKannonNagasakiJapan18 m (59 ft)standing, total 35m1979
ŌushikaniŌushikani[81]Hino District, TottoriJapan18 m (59 ft)sitting, total height 26m1996
Monument of Our Lady of the Rosary of ChiquinquiráMary (mother of Jesus)MaracaiboVenezuela18 m (59 ft)200410°38′33″N 71°36′43″W / 10.64250°N 71.61194°W / 10.64250; -71.61194 (Monumento a Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá)
Monument to the Virgin of chiquinquira.jpg
Koufuku JizoKsitigarbhaSado, NiigataJapan17.5 mstanding1983
Longmen Grottoes big buddhaBuddha VairocanaLuoyangChina17.14 msitting675
Vulcan statueVulcan (mythology)Birmingham, AlabamaUnited States17.1 m (56 ft)On Red Mountain, source of Birmingham's iron ore. World's largest cast iron statue.190433°29′30.18″N 86°47′43.86″W / 33.4917167°N 86.7955167°W / 33.4917167; -86.7955167 (Vulcan statue (Birmingham, Alabama))
Vulcan statue Birmingham AL 2008 snow retouched.jpg
Hanuman Veera HanumanAnjaneya SwaamiKondagattu, KarimnagarIndia17.06 m (56 ft)standing
Statue of Padre CíceroPadre CíceroJuazeiro do NorteBrazil17 m (55.7 ft)With a base of 10 m. 27 m (88.6 ft) total monument height.19697°10′47″S 39°19′48″W / 7.17972°S 39.33000°W / -7.17972; -39.33000 (Estátua de Padre Cícero)
Guangyousi DafoGautama BuddhaLiaoyangChina17 m21.48m total height2004
Yungang Grottoes big buddhaGautama BuddhaDatongChina17 msitting524
Echizen DaibutsuVairocanaKatsuyama, FukuiJapan17 m1987
Fukusenji Jūichimen KannonKannonTōno, IwateJapan17 m1965
Gokoku KannonKannonChichibu, SaitamaJapan17 mstanding1936
Jyubu Heiwa KannonKannonKitakyushuJapan17 mstanding1966
Ureshino Joju KannonKannonFujitsu District, SagaJapan17 mstanding1983
Jolly Green GiantJolly Green GiantBlue Earth, MinnesotaUnited States16.764 m (55 ft)197943°39′02″N 94°5′46″W / 43.65056°N 94.09611°W / 43.65056; -94.09611 (Jolly Green Giant statue (Blue Earth, Minnesota))

Up to 16 metres[edit]

Monument of the Holy Mother of GodMaryHaskovo, Haskovo ProvinceBulgaria16 m (52.48 ft)Stands on a 17 m tall pedestal. 33 m (108.24 ft) total height.[82]200341°55′42.33″N 25°33′16.02″E / 41.9284250°N 25.5544500°E / 41.9284250; 25.5544500 (Virgin Mary Memorial)
Haskovo 41.JPG
Dule Temple GuanyinGuanyinJi County, TianjinChina16 mabout 649[83]
Huayansi JinfoGautama BuddhaChongqingChina16 m2011
Statue of Notre-Dame de FranceMaryLe-Puy-en-Velay, AuvergneFrance16 m (52.48 ft)Stands on a 6.70 m tall pedestal. 22.70 m total height.186045°02′50″N 3°53′07″E / 45.047288°N 3.8852°E / 45.047288; 3.8852 (Statue of Notre-Dame de France)
Le Puy-en-Velay statue de la Viege.jpg
Saian Kōbō DaishiKūkaiMatsuyama, EhimeJapan16 mstandingrecent
Buduruvagala BuddhaGautama BuddhaWellawaya,Sri Lanka16 m (52.48 ft)1860
Phra Si Sakkaya Thotsaphonlayan Prathan Phutthamonthon SuthatGautama BuddhaPhutthamonthon, Nakhon Pathom ProvinceThailand15.875 m[84]1981Phuttamonthon Buddha statue.jpg
Lux MundiJesus ChristMonroe, OhioUnited States15.8 m (52 ft)Designed by Tom Tsuchiya201239°27′13.78″N 84°19′35.37″W / 39.4538278°N 84.3264917°W / 39.4538278; -84.3264917 (Lux Mundi (Solid Rock Church, Monroe, Ohio))
Lux Mundi, the sculpture of Jesus at Solid Rock Church.jpg
Shri Bhaktha AnjaneyarAnjaneyar - Bhaktha AnjaneyarVedasandur, Dindigul DistIndia15.544 m (51 ft)[85]2008SHRI BHAKTHA ANJANEYAR.jpg
Hanuman StatueHanumanBathindaIndia15.24 m ? ?
Kamay ni HesusJesus ChristLucban, QuezonPhilippines15.24 m (50 ft)
Kamay ni Hesus Church Lucban, Quezon.JPG
Buddha of Chua Linh-Son Buddhist TempleBuddhaSanta Fe, TexasUnited States15.24 m ? ?
Divine Mercy ShrineChrist the Divine MercyEl Salvador City, Misamis OrientalPhilippines15.24 m (50 ft)The Tallest Divine Mercy Statue in the world2008
Divine Mercy Christ Statue.JPG
Brachiosaurus at The Children's Museum of IndianapolisBrachiosaurus standing on rear legs, peering into roof of the MuseumIndianapolis, IndianaUnited States15.24 m (50 ft)Tallest brachiosaurus statue in the world[86]2009
The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis Welcome Center.jpg
Birushana Nyorai Buddha of Tōdai-jiBuddha - VairocanaNara cityJapan15 mThe body of the statue was reconstructed in 1185, and the head rebuilt in 1692752
Big MerinoMerino ramGoulburnAustralia15 m (49.2 ft)Moved 2007 to a new site in Goulburn.198534°46′21″S 149°41′29″E / 34.772585°S 149.691451°E / -34.772585; 149.691451
Big Merino, Goulburn, Moondyne.jpg
Rear to frontWorker passing sword to warriorMagnitogorskUSSR15 m (49.2 ft)Part of triptych with Soviet War Memorial (Treptower Park) and The Motherland Calls197953°24′26″N 58°59′33″E / 53.40722°N 58.99255°E / 53.40722; 58.99255
Lenin statueVladimir LeninDubnaUSSR15 m (49.2 ft)Stands on a 10 m pedestal. Second tallest Lenin statue in the world193756°44′0″N 37°09′0″E / 56.73333°N 37.15000°E / 56.73333; 37.15000
Lenin monument near Dubna.JPG
Statue of Liberty (Mytilene)Lady LibertyMytileneGreece15 m (47 ft)Height includes marble pedestal193039°6′20.2″N 26°33′48.2″E / 39.105611°N 26.563389°E / 39.105611; 26.563389Liberty Statue.JPG
Trees of MysteryPaul BunyanKlamath, CaliforniaUnited States14.9 m (49.2 ft)196141°35′01″N 124°05′10″W / 41.58361°N 124.08611°W / 41.58361; -124.08611
Black Hawk Statue"The Eternal Indian" (Native American)Lowden State Park near Oregon, IllinoisUnited States14.6 m (48 ft)191142°2′03″N 89°19′59″W / 42.03417°N 89.33306°W / 42.03417; -89.33306 (Black Hawk Statue (Lowden State Park near Oregon, Illinois))
BlackHawkStatue 003.jpg
Warrior on a Horse statueAlexander the GreatSkopjeMacedonia14.5 m (40 ft)Stands on top of a 10 m base. 24.5 m total monument height[87]201141°35′41″N 21°25′54″E / 41.594604°N 21.431698°E / 41.594604; 21.431698 (Alexander The Great (Skopje, Macedonia))Warrior on a horse.jpg
San Cristobal Hill VirginMarySantiagoChile14 m (46 ft)Stands upon an 8 m pedestal. 22.30 m (73.16 ft) total monument height190833°25′30.5″S 70°37′58.46″W / 33.425139°S 70.6329056°W / -33.425139; -70.6329056
Virgen San Cristóbal.JPG
Great Matzu in FujianMazuMeizhou Island, FujianChina14 m (46 ft)1990[88]25°05′22″N 119°08′30″E / 25.089486°N 119.14175°E / 25.089486; 119.14175
Our Lady of LourdesMaryParaparaumuNew Zealand14 m (46 ft)
Statue of the VictorPobednikBelgradeSerbia14 m (46 ft)
Liberty Statue in BudapestLady LibertyGellért Hill, BudapestHungary14 m (46 ft)Stands on a 26 m (85 ft) pedestal, total height 40 m (131 ft).194747°29′11″N 19°02′53″E / 47.486389°N 19.048056°E / 47.486389; 19.048056
IMG 0309 - Hungary, Buda - Statue of Liberty (Szabadság Szobor).JPG
The Brownhills MinerMiner statueBrownhills, West MidlandsUnited Kingdom14 m (46 ft)Created by sculptor John McKenna, fabricated in stainless steel. Official nickname for the colossal statue is Jigger200652°38′54″N 1°56′08″W / 52.648361°N 1.935463°W / 52.648361; -1.935463 (The Brownhills Miner)
Gifu Great BuddhaGautama BuddhaGifuJapan13.7 m (44.9 ft)1832
Gifu Great Buddha.jpg
Kamakura DaibutsuBuddha - AmitabhaKamakura, KanagawaJapan13.5 mSecond largest bronze Buddha statue in Japan[89]125235°19′0.59″N 139°32′8.48″E / 35.3168306°N 139.5356889°E / 35.3168306; 139.5356889
Kamakura Budda Daibutsu front 1885.jpg
The Keeper of the PlainsNative AmericanWichita, KansasUnited States13.4 m (44 ft)Stands upon a 30 ft rock promontory197437°41′29″N 97°20′59″W / 37.69139°N 97.34972°W / 37.69139; -97.34972 (The Keeper of the Plains (Wichita, Kansas))
The Keeper of the Plains Wichita, Kansas.jpg
Athena ParthenosAthenaNashville, TennesseeUnited States12.75 m (40.83 ft)Created by sculptor Alan LeQuire. Housed in Nashville's full-scale replica of the Parthenon. The largest indoor sculpture in the Western world.[90]unveiled in 1990, gilded in 200236°08′59″N 86°48′49″W / 36.14972°N 86.81361°W / 36.14972; -86.81361
Athena Parthenos LeQuire.jpg
Borba Gato StatueManuel de Borba GatoSão PauloBrazil12.3 m (40 ft)1963
Statue of Mao in ChengduMao ZedongChengdu, ChinaChina12.26 m (40.2 ft)Total monument height: 30 m (98.4 ft)(1966–1976)30°39′40.05″N 104°3′48.21″E / 30.6611250°N 104.0633917°E / 30.6611250; 104.0633917 (Statue of Mao in Chengdu (Sichuan, China))
Statue of Mao Zedong in People's Square, Chengdu.jpg
Avukana BuddhaGautama BuddhaKekirawa,Sri Lanka12.2 m (40 ft)470
Buda de Avukana - 03.jpg
Yuri Gagarin monumentYuri GagarinMoscowUSSR12.1 m (40 ft)Stands on a 27.5 m (90 ft) pedestal, total height 40 m1980
Our Lady of Peace ShrineMary (mother of Jesus)Pine Bluffs, WyomingUnited States12 m (40 ft)Stands on a base of 3 m (10 ft)[91]199841°10′56″N 104°3′13″W / 41.18222°N 104.05361°W / 41.18222; -104.05361
Burning ManThe ManBlack Rock City, NevadaUnited States12 m (40 ft)Base heights vary resulting in total heights from 12 m (40 ft) to 32 m (104 ft)198940°46′9″N 119°13′12″W / 40.76917°N 119.22000°W / 40.76917; -119.22000
Willow ManBridgwater, SomersetUnited Kingdom12 m51°9′1.66″N 2°58′52.32″W / 51.1504611°N 2.9812000°W / 51.1504611; -2.9812000 (Willow Man)
The Willow Man - - 472863.jpg
Vision of PeaceNative AmericanCity Hall, St Paul, MinnesotaUnited States11.6 m (38 ft)1936Milles Godofpeace.jpg
William Penn (Calder)William PennPhiladelphia City Hall, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaUnited States11.3 m (37.29 ft)The tallest statue upon any building in the world.[92]1894Williampennfront.jpg
Monument Statue Aerospace (Patung Monumen Dirgantara)SpacemanPancoran, JakartaIndonesia11 mStanding 27 metres tall pedestal. Total height 38 m1965Dirgantara Monument in Pancoran.jpg
Victory on SlavínBratislava, Bratislava DistrictSlovakia11 m[93]196048°09′14″N 17°05′59″E / 48.15389°N 17.09972°E / 48.15389; 17.09972
Bratislava, Staré Mesto, Slavín, socha rudoarmějce.jpg
Mounagiri HanumanAbhaya Hastha HanumanAnantapur, andhrapradeshIndia11 m (36 ft)It's the South India tallest monolithic statue located at Mounagiri Global Trust.2010
Mounagiri Hanuman
Iron ManIron MinerChisholm, MinnesotaUnited States10.9 m (36 ft)Stands on a base that raises the statue up to 26 m (85 ft)[94] see article198747°28′53″N 92°53′46″W / 47.48139°N 92.89618°W / 47.48139; -92.89618 (Iron Man (Chisholm, Minnesota))
PortlandiaPortland, OregonUnited States10.62 m (34 ft 10 in)Second-largest copper repoussé statue in the United States, after the Statue of Liberty[95]198545°30′56″N 122°40′45″W / 45.51556°N 122.67917°W / 45.51556; -122.67917
King NeptuneNeptuneVirginia Beach, VirginiaUnited States10.4 m (34 ft)200536°51′35″N 75°58′39″W / 36.85972°N 75.97750°W / 36.85972; -75.97750
Archbishop Makarios IIIMakarios IIITroodos Mountains, formerly NicosiaCyprus10 m (33 ft)[96]1987
Mazinger ZMazinger ZEl Pla de Santa Maria, TarragonaSpain10 m (33 ft)197641°22′58″N 1°19′44″E / 41.38278°N 1.32889°E / 41.38278; 1.32889
Mazinger Z Mas del Plata anys '80.jpg
Tito statueJosip Broz TitoVelenjeSlovenia10 m (33 ft)197746°21′33″N 15°6′51″E / 46.35917°N 15.11417°E / 46.35917; 15.11417
Viswaroopa Bhakta AnjaneyaViswaroopa HanumanNanganallur, ChennaiIndia9.8 m (32 ft)198912°58′31″N 80°11′32″E / 12.97528°N 80.19222°E / 12.97528; 80.19222
Christ the RedeemerChrist the RedeemerKlin, Námestovo DistrictSlovakia9.5 m[97]2008[98]49°27′12″N 19°28′59″E / 49.45333°N 19.48306°E / 49.45333; 19.48306
Klin Panorama.jpg
Statue of MaryMaryRome, Region of LazioItaly9.5 m (30 ft)[99]2010
Martin Luther King, Jr. MemorialMartin Luther King, Jr.Washington, District of ColumbiaUnited States9.5 m (30 ft)[100]2011
The Statue of the Sentinel of FreedomLapu-LapuTeodoro F. Valencia Circle, Rizal Park in ManilaPhilippines9.5 m (30 ft)Monument stands on a 3 m (10 ft) pedestal. Total height is 12.1 m (40 ft)[101] see article200414°34′57.46″N 120°58′42.85″E / 14.5826278°N 120.9785694°E / 14.5826278; 120.9785694
Lapu-Lapu Monument, Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines.jpg
Kuan Yin statueGuanyinSeremban, Negeri SembilanMalaysia9.1 m[102]2011
Muse of MissouriKansas City, MissouriUnited States9.1 m196139°06′14″N 94°34′59″W / 39.10389°N 94.58306°W / 39.10389; -94.58306
Johnny KawJohnny KawManhattan, KansasUnited States9.1 m (30 ft)[103]195539°18′02″N 96°57′36″W / 39.30056°N 96.96000°W / 39.30056; -96.96000
Nelson MandelaNelson MandelaUnion Buildings, PretoriaSouth Africa9 m[104]Took place of staue of JBM Hertzog[104]2013
Jan Žižka StatueJan Žižka on horsePraha, Praha DistrictCzech Republic9 m[105]195050°05′18″N 14°26′56″E / 50.08833°N 14.44889°E / 50.08833; 14.44889
Praha, Vítkov, památník II.JPG
Fisher Girl Statuenear Zhuhai, Province of GuangdongChina8.7 m (28.5 ft)[106]198222°15′55.35″N 113°34′59.8″W / 22.2653750°N 113.583278°W / 22.2653750; -113.583278 (Fisher Girl)
Fisher Girl Zhuhai 01.JPG
Our Lady of Lebanon StatueMary (mother of Jesus)Basilique of Harissa, HarissaLebanon8.5 m1907
Hanuman StatueHanumanNrusinghanath Temple, Bargarh, OdishaIndia8.5 m (28 ft)2010
Hanuman Statue at Nrusinghanath Temple Complex
Hercules MonumentHerculesKassel, HesseGermany8.25 m (27.06 ft)Total height 70.5 m, 32.65m for the Octagon; 29.60m for the Pyramid and 8.25m for the Statue itself171751°18′57.6″N 9°23′34.8″E / 51.316000°N 9.393000°E / 51.316000; 9.393000 (Hercules Monument)
Herkules1 1.jpg
Neelkanth Varni (Bhagwan Swaminarayan as Teenage Yogi)Neelkanth VarniBAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham, New DelhiIndia8.23 m (27 ft)A beautiful 27 ft. high bronze murti (Statue) of Neelkanth Varni stands in a determined pose.200528°36′41.0″N 77°16′43.5″E / 28.611389°N 77.278750°E / 28.611389; 77.278750
Neelkanth Varni (Bhagwan Swaminarayan) at BAPS Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi India.
El Cristo RedentorLa Cumbre PassArgentina/Chile8 m (26.3 ft)[107]190432°49′30.6″S 70°4′14.8″W / 32.825167°S 70.070778°W / -32.825167; -70.070778 (El Cristo Redentor)
Cristo Redentor de los Andes.jpg
Cristo Blanco (White Christ)JesusCusco, Cusco ProvincePeru8 m (26.3 ft)1945
Monumento al Sagrado Corazón de JesúsJesusSan Juan de Aznalfarache, SevillaSpain8 m (26.3 ft)41 m194837°21′56.11″N 6°1′37.16″W / 37.3655861°N 6.0269889°W / 37.3655861; -6.0269889
Complejo del Sagrado Corazón 01.jpg
Map the MinerKapunda, South AustraliaAustralia7 m (23 ft)Originally 1988
Rebuilt 2007
34°21′7.56″S 138°54′24.12″E / 34.3521000°S 138.9067000°E / -34.3521000; 138.9067000 (Map the Miner)
Map the Miner at Kapunda South Australia.jpg
Colossal Statue of Shapur I in Shapur caveShapur IBishapur, FarsIran7 m (23 ft)On a 1300m mountain, in a large cave[108]About 270 (Sasanids era)29°46′40″N 51°34′15″E / 29.77778°N 51.57083°E / 29.77778; 51.57083
The Colossal Statue of Shapur I.jpg
Standing Buddha in Gal ViharaBuddhaPolonnaruwa, North Central ProvinceSri Lanka7 m (23 ft)[109]
Gal Viharaya 03.jpg
Statue of Avalokitesvara in Xiangguo TempleGuanyinKaifeng, Province of HenanChina7 m (23 ft)[110]1736–1794
Statue of Shirdi Sai in NemliShirdi SaiNemli, Andhra PradeshIndia7 m (23 ft)[111]2011
Ad AstraKansa Native AmericanTopeka, KansasUnited States6.8 m (22.2 ft)Stands atop the Kansas State Capitol dome at 94 m (304 ft)[112]200239°2′52.83″N 95°40′41.36″W / 39.0480083°N 95.6781556°W / 39.0480083; -95.6781556 (Ad Astra)
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Vercingétorix Alésia.jpg
Rocky and Bullwinkle StatueLos Angeles, CaliforniaUnited States6 m (20 ft)[113]1961
Statue of Dying BuddhaBuddhaKushinagar, Uttar PradeshIndia6 m (20 ft)[114]
Hanuman StatueHanumanBiramitrapur, Sundergarh, OdishaIndia6 m (20 ft)2011
Kneeling Hanuman Statue at Jagannath Temple Complex in Biramitrapur
Statue of FreedomFreedomWashington, District of ColumbiaUnited States6 m (19.5 ft)[115]186338°53′24″N 77°0′32.4″W / 38.89000°N 77.009000°W / 38.89000; -77.009000
Freedom 1.jpg
Lord Anjaneyar Statue, NamakkalHanumanNamakkal, Tamil NaduIndia5.5 metres (18 ft)More Than 1500 Years Old11°13′20.1936″N 78°9′45.0072″E / 11.222276000°N 78.162502000°E / 11.222276000; 78.162502000 (Namakkal)
Anjaneyar Temple, Namakkal.jpg
Three Dikgosi MonumentKhama III of the Bangwato, Sebele I of the Bakwena, and Bathoen I of the BangwaketseGaboroneBotswana5.4 metres (18 ft)[116]200524°38′41″S 25°54′26″E / 24.64486°S 25.90735°E / -24.64486; 25.90735
Three Dikgosi Monument - March 2010.jpg
Statue of DavidDavidFlorence, TuscanyItaly5.17 metres (17.0 ft)150443°46′36.13″N 11°15′34.02″E / 43.7767028°N 11.2594500°E / 43.7767028; 11.2594500 (David)
David von Michelangelo.jpg
Colossus of BarlettaEastern Roman EmperorBarletta, ApuliaItaly5.11 metres (16.8 ft)possibly second half 5th century AD41°19′9.45″N 16°16′53.34″E / 41.3192917°N 16.2814833°E / 41.3192917; 16.2814833
Cristo Rei da Ponta do GarajauJesus ChristCaniço (Santa Cruz)Portugal5 m (16.4 ft)Elev. 336 ft192732°38′17.43″N 16°51′01.65″W / 32.6381750°N 16.8504583°W / 32.6381750; -16.8504583 (Cristo Rei da Ponta do Garajau)Cristo Rei da Madeira - Monumento ao Sagrado Coração de Jesus
Statue of LeninVladimir Ilyich LeninSeattle, WashingtonUnited States5 m (16.4 ft)198847°39′4.88″N 122°21′3.28″W / 47.6513556°N 122.3509111°W / 47.6513556; -122.3509111 (Lenin′s statue in Seattle)
Theodore Roosevelt Island National MemorialTheodore RooseveltWashington, District of ColumbiaUnited States5 m (16.4 ft)196738°53′50.74″N 77°3′50.19″W / 38.8974278°N 77.0639417°W / 38.8974278; -77.0639417 (Theodor Roosvelt Statue)
Theodore Roosevelt Statue by Paul Manship.jpg


Head of the Colossus of Constantine, Rome

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