List of speech recognition software

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Open source acoustic models and speech corpus[edit]

The following list presents notable speech recognition software with a brief synopsis of characteristics.

Application nameDescriptionWebsiteOpen SourceLicenseOperating SystemNote
CMU SphinxCMU: SourceforgeYesLinux
HTKHTK Web SiteYesHTK Specific LicenseMulti-platform
JuliusJulius Sourceforge licenseYes
KaldiKaldi SourceforgeYesApacheMulti-platform
RWTH ASRRWTH Aachen UniversityRWTH ASRYesRWTH ASR LicenseLinux


Application nameDescriptionWebsiteOpen SourceLicensePriceNote
Dragon DictateMac OSNoProprietary
MacSpeech Dictate MedicalMedical dictation product
Macspeech Dictate LegalLegal-focused dictation
MacSpeech ScribeTranscription from recorded text
iListenPowerPC Macintosh
Speakable itemsIncluded with Mac OS
ViaVoiceIBM Product. Support ended 2007.
Voice NavigatorOriginal GUI voice control (1989)
Power Secretary[1]
Vestec Inc.ASR, NLU, TTS, VSLIC[2]

Mobile Devices / Smartphones[edit]

Many cell phone handsets have basic dial-by-voice features built in. Smartphones such as iPhone or Blackberry also support this. A number of 3rd party Apps have implemented natural language speech recognition support, including: