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This is a list of places where social nudity is practised in North America for recreation. As a philosophy, this practice is commonly referred to as naturism; the International Naturist Federation has affiliates in over 30 countries.[1] However, most who indulge in this activity are likely not formal members of a naturist organization. This listing includes free beaches (clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches) and some private resorts.


Antigua & Barbuda[edit]

The Bahamas[edit]


These are just the most prominent nude beaches in Canada. For a more complete listing of free beaches and naturist resorts, visit Federation of Canadian Naturists.[4] For general information on the naturist community, visit NetNude portal.[5] For more information on top-freedom (toplessness) in Canada (and elsewhere), see Top-Free Equal Rights Association.[6]

British Columbia[edit]

British Columbia has thousands of kilometres of coastline and thousands of lakes, as well as millions of hectares of natural parks and undeveloped land. The vast majority of these areas are mostly uninhabited and nude swimming and sunbathing can be done with little concern for disturbing others. In the populated areas, particularly the Lower Mainland, Greater Victoria, and the Okanagan, nudity is generally practiced only in certain established or isolated locations (usually beaches) and on private properties.

Wreck Beach from a distance.


Nova Scotia[edit]




Prince Edward Island[edit]

Blooming Point Beach in Prince Edward Island

Costa Rica[edit]

Dominican Republic[edit]

French Antilles[edit]

The following beaches[2] on in the French Antilles.



St. Barths[edit]

Saint Martin[edit]



Netherlands Antilles[edit]


On Aruba island, two beaches allow nudity, especially in late afternoon and dawn:



Curaçao has no legal nude beaches at this time.

Sint Maarten[edit]

The island of St Martin has a Dutch side, Sint Maarten and a French side Saint Martin. Orient Bay on the French side has a nudist section. Club Orient, a family-friendly clothing-optional beach resort is on Orient Bay.[16]


United States[edit]

Additional and up-to-date information on public and private locations may be obtained on the web sites of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR)[18] and The Naturist Society (TNS)[19] For general information on the naturist community, visit NetNude portal.[5]



Public nudity is illegal in Alaska (No social places)


Public nudity is illegal in Arizona. However, Verde Hot Springs (Springs only – not the campground) is traditionally nude. There are a few clothing-optional gay resorts in Phoenix. Tucson’s Upper Tanque Verde Creek is a popular social nudity spot. The lower trail leads to a series of pools and waterfalls along Tanque Verde Creek. The Upper Trail is a quick, 10-minute hike to a well-liked swimming and sunning spot used by sunbathers of both sexes clothed and unclothed.


Public nudity is illegal in Arkansas in the presence of the opposite sex. However, same-sex nudity is legal in Arkansas.[27] There are no AANR affiliated clubs in Arkansas.

For more information (public) on the above. Please visit Arktimes[28] and search for the 2007 article Naked comes the bather by the author Leslie Newell Peacock.









NFNC has an indoor dipping/conversation pool and an outdoor above ground pool, a hot tub, firepit, sundeck, outdoor checkers, lounge and rental rooms and tent spaces









Public nudity is illegal in Michigan. Nudity is limited to clubs and organizations with private land. These include:





This amazing beach has been the pride of locals for over 30 years. North Swanson, his real name, established and founded TAN (Tahoe Area Naturist) more than 30 years ago for locals and others to enjoy a lifestyle and the freedom of nudity. Now 83, North still can be found at the beach doing what he has done for most of those incredible years... keep the beach clean and beautiful. Potluck gatherings, clean up days, and most famous -is the 3rd weekend in August when they celebrate a gathering called HAT DAY, the only thing allowed that day to be worn... More than 150 naturist show up from around the world to attend and bring food and drink to celebrate and visit with old friends keeping this way of life and living available for all who care to choose a natural way to live. Black Rock City, in the desert outside of Gerlach, hosts Burning Man where clothing is optional.

New Hampshire[edit]

New Jersey[edit]

New Mexico[edit]

New York[edit]

Note: Due to a 1992 Court of Appeals ruling (People v. Santorelli et al.) women may be topless anywhere in the state of New York that permits topless men, e.g. on city streets.

North Carolina[edit]

Bird Island is located at the southernmost area of the coast near Little River Inlet jetty. It is rumored to have enough privacy to allow for nudity. Keep in mind, though, this region is only known for its privacy and not legally as an area designate for public nudity. When it was a privately owned area, it was rumored that nudists would not have to fear persecution by state law. Bird Island, currently being state owned property, though, now falls under North Carolina law. Public nudity is considered indecent exposure in North Carolina under * § 14-190.9 which states that

"(a) Unless the conduct is punishable under subsection (a1) of this section, any person who shall willfully expose the private parts of his or her person in any public place and in the presence of any other person or persons, except for those places designated for a public purpose where the same sex exposure is incidental to a permitted activity, or aids or abets in any such act, or who procures another to perform such act; or any person, who as owner, manager, lessee, director, promoter or agent, or in any other capacity knowingly hires, leases or permits the land, building, or premises of which he is owner, lessee or tenant, or over which he has control, to be used for purposes of any such act, shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor."[145]

Whispering Pines Nudist Resort is located in close proximity to Bird Island, NC in Ocean Isle Beach. Whispering Pines is privately owned property with facilities located on a 35 acre park which includes a one acre pond, swimming pool, hot tub, and a 30' by 100' heated and air conditioned clubhouse which is open year round. Park accommodations also feature the option to rent an RV which sleeps sleep two to six people. RV's include a living room, full kitchen, dining area, two bedrooms, shower and sun deck. They also offer RV spaces with hook ups and tent campsites both with or without electricity. Fees are listed on their website. A membership to the AANR or annual membership, offer discounted fees.

Near Reidsville, NC is another privately owned club known as The Bar-S-Ranch. The Bar-S-Ranch is a cattle ranch which was converted by its original owners decades ago to a naturism retreat. It is a private, club with a large lake and clubhouse and other amenities and activities which are frequently updated on the ranch's website. Owners require a 'trial membership' for first time visitors, and even offers a few encouraging words about common hesitations on the left panel of their site. Like Whispering Pines, The Bar-S-Ranch offers tent and RV hookups as well as discounts for AANR members as well as a ranch membership and the option to rent a single lot annually. Tent and RV electrical hookups require a reservation be made, and prospective members must have a valid Discover, MasterCard or Visa to provide a security deposit on the gate key card.

Other social nudity places in North Carolina include:





Rhode Island[edit]

South Carolina[edit]

Naturists on a nude beach



Galveston between pleasure pier and the 33rd street jetty



Vermont state law prohibits disrobing in public but does not prohibit public nudity, so nudity is allowed anywhere that it has not been specifically prohibited by a city or town. The city of Burlington, for example, has prohibited nudity in public parks, but nudity is allowed anywhere else in the city.[163] Specific locations at which individuals practice social nudity include:



Seattle is known for its nude cyclists, clothing-optional activity in Seattle goes back much farther with nude and top-free use of areas of Magnuson Park, Washington Park Arboretum, Discovery Park, Denny-Blaine Park and Secret Beach (a name given to a park that local users wish to keep a secret). Parks spokeswoman Dewey Potter said the parks department does not consider simply being naked illegal, and she doesn't remember any complaints during the 13 years she's worked for the city about nudity in the parks.

While there is nothing in the Seattle Municipal Code about nudity and expectations of behavior, Washington State does have a law protecting against obscene behavior while being fully or partially naked. The act of breastfeeding or expressing breast milk is not indecent exposure.

West Virginia[edit]


United States Virgin Islands[edit]

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