List of social nudity places in Asia

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This is a list of social nudity places in Asia for recreation. Includes free beaches (or clothing-optional beaches or nude beaches) and some resorts.



Hong Kong[edit]

Hong Kong, 10 km West from Airport, y.2006.

Hong Kong does not officially allow nude or topless bathing, and most local bathers are quite conservative in their beach dress (e.g. many women wear T-shirts over swimsuits). Nevertheless, more remote parts of Hong Kong's extensive coastline do offer opportunities for nudity:


Naga mystics




Public nudity is frowned upon in Malaysia. In May 2014, a group of slightly more than a dozen people attended what was called the Penang International Nude Games 2014 on a secluded beach of Telok Bahang in Penang. A video of the event taken and uploaded on vimeo by one Albert Yam Kam Hoong who was himself a participant and co-organiser of the Nude Games in Penang subsequently went viral. This resulted in a huge outcry in Malaysia with Muslim groups filing police reports. Ten of the participants including Yam surrendered themselves to the police. They were charged in Court in early August 2014 and Yam together with 5 other accused persons pleaded guilty to a charge of having committed an obscene act in public thereby causing annoyance to others. They were each sentenced to a month's jail and a fine of RM5,000.00. Four others claimed trial and a mention date was fixed on 16 October 2014. Yam was additionally given a 6-month jail sentence for producing obscene video clips.




While apparently not illegal in Nepal, like much of south Asia, public nudity is culturally not acceptable. The government agency in charge of mountaineering permits says this is one of its challenges – trying to curb the tendency of some tourists to disrespect their local cultural sensitivity by exhibiting themselves during hikes, especially because of the religious significance of some of the locations involved.[6]



South Korea[edit]



It is possible to do nude hiking at Khao Yai National Park



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