List of smallest fish in the world

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The world's smallest fish is Paedocypris progenetica[1][2] from Indonesia, with mature females measuring 7.9 mm (0.31 in).[3][4] This fish, a member of the carp family, has a translucent body and a head unprotected by a skeleton.

List of smallest fishes in the world[edit]

ImageCommon NameSpeciesFamilyLength mm (in)
PaedocyprisPaedocypris progeneticaCyprinidae7.9 mm (0.31 in)
Papyg u0.gifDwarf pygmy gobyPandaka pygmaeaGobiidae9 mm (0.35 in)
stout infantfish[5]Schindleria brevipinguisSchindleriidae8.4 mm (0.33 in)
dwarf goby[6]Trimmatom nanusGobiidae10 mm (0.39 in)

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