List of satellites in geosynchronous orbit

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This is a list of satellites in geosynchronous orbit. These satellites are commonly used for communication purposes, such as radio and television networks, backhaul, and direct broadcast. Traditional global navigation systems do not use geosynchronous satellites, but some SBAS navigation satellites do. A number of weather satellites are also present in geosynchronous orbits. Not included in the list below are several more classified military geosynchronous satellites, such as PAN.

Listings are from west to east (decreasing longitude in the Western Hemisphere and increasing longitude in the Eastern Hemisphere) by orbital position, starting and ending with the International Date Line.

Some of these satellites are separated from each other by as little as one tenth of a degree longitude. This corresponds to an inter-satellite spacing of approximately 73 km. The major consideration for spacing of geostationary satellites is the beamwidth at-orbit of uplink transmitters, which is primarily a factor of the size and stability of the uplink dish, as well as what frequencies the satellite's transponders receive; satellites with discontiguous frequency allocations can be much closer together.

Western hemisphere[edit]

SourceOperatorTypeCoverageLaunch date/rocket (GMT)All locationsRemarksAs of
148.0°WEchoStar-1Lockheed Martin AS-7000USEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting28 December 1995, Long March 2E119°W (1996–1999), 148.0°W (1999–present)Scheduled to move to 77°W soon2009-02-06
139.0°WAmericom-8Lockheed Martin A2100AUSSES Americom & AT&T AlascomTelevision and radio broadcasting24 C band (Canada, Caribbean, CONUS)19 December 2000, Ariane 5GPreviously GE-8 for GE Americom; also known as Aurora III; replaced Satcom C-5 in March 20012008-11-20
137.0°WAmericom-7Lockheed Martin A2100AUSSES AmericomTelevision and radio broadcastingCanada, CONUS, Mexico14 September 2000, Ariane 5GPreviously GE-7 for GE Americom2008-11-20
135.0°WAmericom-10Lockheed Martin A2100AUSSES AmericomTelevision and Radio BroadcastingCanada, Caribbean, CONUS, Mexico5 February 2004, Atlas II-AS2008-11-20
133.0°WGalaxy-12Orbital Sciences Corporation Star-2USIntelsatTelevision/Radio Broadcasting9 April 2003, Ariane 5G123.0°Wreplaced failed Galaxy 15
131.0°WAmericom-11Lockheed Martin A2100AUSSES AmericomTelevision and Radio Broadcasting24 C Band transponders (Canada, Caribbean, CONUS, Mexico)19 May 2005, Atlas II-AS2008-11-20
129.0°WGalaxy-27FS-1300USIntelsatTelevision broadcasting & Satellite Internet Access25 September 1999, Ariane 44LPFormerly known as IA-7 and Telstar-72008-11-20
Ciel-2Thales Alenia Space Spacebus 4000 C4CanadaCiel Satellite GroupDirect Broadcasting10 December 2008, Proton-MLeased to Echostar/Dish Network2009-02-06
127.0°WGalaxy-13HS-601USIntelsat24 C Band transponders1 October 2003, Zenit-3SLSame satellite as Horizons-12008-11-20
Horizons-1HS-601USJapan Satellite Systems24 Ku-Band transponders1 October 2003, Zenit-3SLSame satellite as Galaxy-132008-11-20
125.0°WGalaxy-14Orbital Sciences Corporation Star-2USIntelsat24 C Band transponders - North America13 August 2005, Soyuz-FG/Fregat2008-11-20
123.0°WGalaxy 18LS-1300USIntelsatTelevision and radio broadcastingNorth America21 May 2008, Zenit-3SLHybrid C/Ku-band satellite2008-11-19
121.0°WGalaxy-23FS-1300USIntelsatDirect BroadcastingNorth America7 August 2003, Zenit-3SLHybrid C/Ku/Ka-band satellite; C band payload referred to as Galaxy-232008-11-26
EchoStar-9FS-1300USEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect BroadcastingNorth America7 August 2003, Zenit-3SLHybrid C/Ku/Ka-band satellite; Ku/Ka-band payload referred to as EchoStar-92008-11-26
119.0°WDirecTV-7SLS-1300USDirecTVDirect Broadcasting54 Ku-band transponders4 May 2004, Zenit-3SL8 active transponders at this time2008-11-26
EchoStar-7Lockheed Martin A2100AXUSEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting32 Ku-band transponders21 February 2002, Atlas IIIB21 active transponders at this time2008-11-26
118.8°WAnik F3EADS Astrium Eurostar-3000SCanadaTelesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting24 C band transponders, 32 Ku-band transponders, 2 Ka-band transponders11 April 2007, ProtonKu-Band leased to Echostar/Dish Network2008-11-26
116.8°WSatMex 5Hughes HS-601HPMexicoSatmex24 C band transponders, 24 Ku-band transponders5 December 1998, Ariane 42L2008-11-26
115.0°WXM-BluesUS30 October 2006, Zenit-3SL
Solidaridad-2MexicoSatmex8 October 1994, Ariane 44L
113.0°WSatmex 6MexicoSatmex27 May 2006, Ariane 5 ECA
111.1°WAnik F2Boeing 702CanadaTelesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting17 July 2004, Ariane 5GHybrid C/Ku/Ka-band satellite
110.0°WEchoStar-11LS-1300USEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting17 July 2008, Zenit-3SL2008-11-19
EchoStar-10A2100AXSUSEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting15 February 2006, Zenit-3SL
DirecTV-5LS-1300USDirecTVDirect Broadcasting7 May 2002, Proton32 Ku-band transponders
107.3°WAnik F1Boeing 702CanadaTelesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting21 November 2000, Ariane 44LHybrid C/Ku-band satellite; will be replaced by Anik F1R
Anik F1REurostar-3000CanadaTelesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting, WAAS PRN #1388 September 2005, ProtonHybrid C/Ku-band satellite; will replace Anik F1
105.0°WAMC-18A2100AUSSES AmericomDirect BroadcastingCanada, Caribbean, CONUS, Mexico8 December 2006, Ariane 5
Americom-15A2100AXSUSSES AmericomDirect BroadcastingAlaska, CONUS, Hawaii15 October 2004, Proton-MHybrid Ku/Ka-band satellite; twin of Americom-16
103.0°WAmericom-1A2100AUSSES AmericomCanada, Caribbean, CONUS, Mexico8 September 1996, Atlas II-AHybrid C/Ku-band satellite
102.8°WSPACEWAY-1Boeing 702USDirecTVDirect Broadcasting26 April 2005, Zenit-3SL
101.3°WSkyTerra-1Boeing 702USLightSquaredTelecommunicationsUS14 November 2010, ILS Proton-M
101.2°WDirecTV-4SHS-601USDirecTVDirect Broadcasting27 November 2001, Ariane 44LP48 Ku-band transponders
101.1°WDirecTV-9SLS-1300USDirecTVDirect Broadcasting13 October 2006, Ariane 5 ECA
101.0°WAMC-4A2100AXUSSES AmericomCanada, Caribbean, Central America, CONUS, Mexico13 November 1999, Ariane 44LPHybrid C/Ku-band satellite
100.8°WDirecTV-8LS-1300USDirecTVDirect Broadcasting22 May 2005, ProtonHybrid Ku/Ka-band satellite
99.2°WSPACEWAY-2US16 November 2005, Ariane 5 ECA
99.0°WGalaxy-16FS-1300Intelsat18 June 2006, Zenit-3SL
98.0°WInmarsat-4 F3[1]UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsCanada, Caribbean, CONUS, Mexico11 March 2005, Atlas V 4312014-04-2
97.0°WGalaxy-19FS-1300USIntelsatTelevision and Radio Broadcasting24 C- and 28 Ku-band transponders (North America)24 September 2008, Zenit-3SL2008-11-20
95.0°WGalaxy 3CUS15 June 2002, Zenit-3SL
93.0°WGalaxy-26FS-1300US15 February 1999, Proton-K
91.0°WNimiq 1A2100AXCanadaTelesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting20 May 1999, Proton32 Ku-band transponders
Galaxy 17Spacebus 3000 B3USIntelsatTelevision and radio broadcastingNorth America4 May 2007, Ariane 5 ECA74°W July 2007 to March 2008Hybrid C/Ku-band satellite2008-06-13
89.0°WGalaxy-28FS-1300IntelsatThe Americas23 June 2005, Zenit-3SLHybrid C/Ku/Ka-band satellite; launched as Telstar 8
87.0°WAMC 3A2100AUSSES AmericomCanada, Caribbean, CONUS, Mexico4 September 1997, Atlas II-AHybrid C/Ku-band satellite
85.0°WXM-RhythmBoeing 702USXM Satellite Radio HoldingsRadio BroadcastingCONUS28 February 2005, Zenit-3SL
Americom-2A2100AUSSES AmericomDirect BroadcastingCanada, CONUS, Mexico30 January 1997, Ariane 44L
Americom-16A2100AXSUSSES AmericomDirect BroadcastingAlaska, CONUS, Hawaii17 December 2004, Atlas V (521)Hybrid Ku/Ka-band satellite; twin of Americom-15
84.0°WBrasilsat-B3Brazil4 February 1998, Ariane 44LP
83.0°WAmericom-9Spacebus 3000B3USSES AmericomDirect BroadcastingCanada, Caribbean, Central America, CONUS, Mexico7 June 2003, ProtonHybrid C/Ku-band satellite
82.0°WNimiq 2A2100AXCanadaTelesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting29 December 2002, ProtonHybrid Ku/Ka-band satellite
Nimiq 3HS-601Telesat CanadaDirect Broadcasting9 June 1995, Ariane 42PPreviously DirecTV-3 for DirecTV
80.9°WSBS-6HS-393USIntelsatTelevision and Radio Broadcasting12 October 1990, Ariane 44L74°W Nov 1995 to Jan 2008Beyond expected end of life. Serves Argentina now2008-06-13
79.0°WAmericom-5Spacebus 2000USSES AmericomCanada, CONUS, Mexico28 October 1998, Ariane 44L
Satcom C3US10 September 1992, Ariane 44LPInclined orbit
77.0°WEchoStar-4A2100AXUSEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting8 May 1998, Protonspare
EchoStar-8FS-1300USEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting21 August 2002, Proton110°W2008-11-19
76.8°WGalaxy 4RUS19 April 2000, Ariane 42LInclined orbit
75.0°WBrasilsat-B1Brazil10 August 1994, Ariane 44LP
74.9°WGalaxy-9US24 May 1996, Delta II (7925)spare
74.0°WHorizons-2STAR BusUSIntelsat JSATTelevision and Radio BroadcastingCONUS Canada Caribbean21 December 2007, Ariane 5GS20 Ku Xpndrs2008-06-13
72.7°WEchoStar-6FS-1300USEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting14 July 2000, Atlas II-AS2008-11-19
72.5°WDirectv-1RUS10 October 1999, Zenit-3SL
72.0°WAMC-6A2100AXUSSES AmericomCONUS, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America22 October 2000, Proton-MHybrid C/Ku-band satellite; a portion of the Ku-band payload is dedicated to South America
71.0°WNahuel 1AArgentina30 January 1997, Ariane 44L
70.0°WBrasilsat-B4Brazil17 August 2000, Ariane 44LP
65.0°WBrasilsat-B2Brazil28 March 1995, Ariane 44LP+
63.0°WEstrela do Sul 1Brazil11 January 2004, Zenit-3SL
61.5°WEchoStar-12A2100AXSUS17 July 2003, Atlas V (521)Formerly Rainbow-1, purchased from VOOM
EchoStar-3A2100AXUSEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting5 October 1997, Atlas II-AS
61.0°WHispasat AmazonasSpain4 August 2004, Proton-M
58.0°WIntelsat-9HS-601HPUS28 July 2000, Zenit-3SLformerly PAS-9
55.5°WIntelsat-805Intelsat18 June 1998, Atlas II-AS
54.0°W[2]Inmarsat-3 F4UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsAtlantic Ocean Region3 June 1997, Arianne 44L2014-04-2
53.0°WIntelsat-707Intelsat14 March 1996, Ariane 4
50.0°WIntelsat-705Intelsat22 March 1995, Atlas II-AS
45.0°WIntelsat 14HS702US16 November 2000, Ariane 5Gformerly PAS-1R, and IS-1R
43.1°WIntelsat-3RHS-601US12 January 1996, Ariane 44Lformerly PAS-3R
43.0°WIntelsat-6BHS-601HP22 December 1998, Ariane 42Lformerly PAS-6B
40.5°WNSS-806AS-7000Netherlands28 February 1998, Atlas II-AS
37.5°WNSS-10Spacebus 4000 C33 February 2005, Proton
Telstar-11USInclined orbit
34.5°WIntelsat-903Intelsat30 March 2002, Proton-K
31.5°WIntelsat-801Intelsat1 March 1997, Ariane 44P
30.0°WHispasat-1CSpain3 February 2000, Atlas II-AS
Hispasat-1DSpain18 September 2002, Atlas II-AS
27.5°WIntelsat-907Intelsat15 February 2003, Ariane 44L
24.5°WIntelsat-905Intelsat5 June 2002, Ariane 44L
24.0°WCosmos 2379RussiaInclined orbit
22.0°WNSS-7LM A2100AXNetherlands16 April 2002, Ariane 44L
20.0°WIntelsat-603Intelsat14 March 1990, Commercial Titan IIIInclined orbit
18.0°WIntelsat-901Intelsat9 June 2001, Ariane 44L
15.5°WInmarsat 3 F2UKInmarsatEGNOS PRN #1206 September 1996, Proton-K
15.0°WTelstar 12SSLUS19 October 1999, Ariane 44LP
14.0°WGorizont 32RussiaInclined orbit
12.5°WEutelsat 12 West AEurope28 August 2002, Ariane 5Gformerly Atlantic Bird 12012-03-01
11.0°WExpress-A3Russia24 June 2000, Proton-K
8.0°WEutelsat 8 West AEuropeEutelsat25 September 2001, Ariane 44Pformerly Atlantic Bird 22012-03-01
Telecom 2DFrance8 August 1996, Ariane 44LInclined orbit
7.0°WNilesat 101Egypt28 April 1998, Ariane 44P
Nilesat 102Egypt17 August 2000, Ariane 44LP
Nilesat 103Egypt27 February 1998, Ariane 42P
Nilesat 201Egypt4 August 2010, Ariane 5
7.0°WEutelsat 7 West AEuropeEutelsat24 September 2011formerly Atlantic Bird 72012-03-01
5.0°WEutelsat 5 West AEuropeEutelsat5 July 2002, Ariane 5formerly Atlantic Bird 32012-03-01
4.0°WAMOS 1Israel16 May 1996, Ariane 44L
AMOS 2Israel27 December 2003, Soyuz-FG/Fregat
3.4°WMeteosat 828 August 2002, Ariane 5G
1.0°WIntelsat 10-02Intelsat16 June 2004, Proton-M
0.8°WThor 2Norway20 May 1997, Delta II
Thor 3Norway10 June 1998, Delta II (7925-9.5)

Eastern Hemisphere[edit]

SourceOperatorTypeCoverageLaunch date/rocket (GMT)All locationsRemarksAs of
0.5°EMeteosat 7EuropeESAWeather satellite2 September 1997, Ariane 44LPInclined orbit
3.0°ETelecom 2AEurope16 December 1991, Ariane 44L
4.0°EEurobird 4EuropeEutelsat2 September 1997, Ariane 44LP
4.8°ESirius 4A2100AXSwedenSES SiriusComsat52 Ku band covering Europe
2 Ka band covering Scandinavia
17 November 2007, Proton M2007-11-18
Astra 1CLuxembourg12 May 1993, Ariane 42L0.9° inclined orbit
5.0°ESirius 3Sweden5 October 1998, Ariane 44L
5.2°EAstra 1AGE 4000Luxembourg11 December 1988, Ariane 44LP
6.0°ESkynet 4FEuropeMilitary communications7 February 2001, Ariane 44LInclined orbit
7.0°EEutelsat W3AEuropeEutelsat15 March 2004, Proton-M
9.0°EEurobird 9EuropeEutelsat21 November 1996, Atlas II-Aformerly Hot Bird 2
9.5°EMeteosat 6EuropeESAWeather satellite20 November 1993, Ariane 44LPInclined orbit
10.0°EEutelsat W1EuropeEutelsat6 September 2000, Ariane 44P
12.5°ERaduga 29RussiaInclined orbit
13.0°EHot Bird 6EuropeEutelsat21 August 2002, Atlas V-401
Hot Bird 7AEuropeEutelsat11 March 2006, Ariane 5 ECA
Hot Bird 8EuropeEutelsat4 August 2006, Proton
16.0°EEutelsat W2EuropeEutelsat5 October 1998, Ariane 44L
19.2°EAstra 1FLuxembourg8 April 1996, Proton-K
Astra 1GLuxembourg12 November 1997, Proton-K
Astra 1HLuxembourg18 June 1999, Proton-K
Astra 1KRLuxembourg20 April 2006, Atlas V (411)
Astra 1LLuxembourg4 May 2007, Ariane 5 ECA
20.0°EArabsat 2A9 July 1996, Ariane 44LInclined orbit
21.0°EAfriStarUS28 October 1998, Ariane 44L
21.5°EEutelsat W6EuropeEutelsat
ArtemisEuropeESAEGNOS PRN #12412 July 2001, Ariane 5GInclined orbit.
23.5°EAstra 3ALuxembourg29 March 2002, Ariane 44L
25.0°EInmarsat 3 F5UKInmarsatEGNOS PRN #1264 February 1998, Ariane 44LP
25.0°E[3]Inmarsat-4 F2UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsEAME11 June 2005, Zenit 3 SL2014-04-2
25.0°E[4]Inmarsat-4A F4UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsEAME25 July 2013, Arianne 5ECA2014-04-2
25.5°EEurobird 2EuropeEutelsat
25.8°EBadr 2
26.0°EBadr 3
26.2°EBadr C
28.2°EAstra 2AHS-601HPLuxembourg
Astra 2BLuxembourg14 September 2000, Ariane 5G
Astra 2CLuxembourg16 June 2001, Proton-K
Astra 2DLuxembourg20 December 2000, Ariane 5G
28.5°EEurobird 1Spacebus 3000EuropeEutelsat8 March 2001, Ariane 5G
30.5°EArabsat 2BArabsat13 November 1996, Ariane 44L
31.3°EAstra 1DHS-601LuxembourgSESComsat24 Ku band1 November 1994, Ariane 419.2°E (1994–1998)
28.2°E (1998)
19.2°E (1998–1999)
28.2°E (1999–2001)
24.2°E (2001–2003)
23.0°E (2003–2004)
23.5°E (2004–2007)
30.0°E (2007—)
31.5°EAstra 1EHughesLuxembourgSES19 October 1995, Ariane 42L
Sirius 2Sweden
33.0°EEurobird 3EuropeEutelsat27 September 2003, Ariane 5G
Intelsat 802LM-3000ITSO25 June 1997, Ariane 44P
36.0°EEutelsat Sesat 1EuropeEutelsat17 April 2000, Proton-K
Eutelsat W4EuropeEutelsat24 May 2000, Atlas IIIA
38.0°EPaksat-1RPakistanSpace and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission11 Aug 2011, Long March 3B
39.0°EHellas Sat 2Greece13 May 2003, Atlas V (401)
40.0°EExpress AM1RussiaRussian Satellite Communications Company (Intersputnik)29 October 2004, Proton-M
42.0°ETurksat 1CTurkeyTurksatComsat16 Ku band9 July 1996, Ariane 44L42°E
Turksat 2ATurkeyTurksatComsat34 Ku band10 January 2001, Ariane 44P42°E
45.0°EIntelsat 12EuropeESA
46.0°EAzerspace-1/ Africasat-1aOrbital STAR-2.4AzerbaijanAzercosmosBroadcast and Telecommunications SatelliteC-band: Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe, Ku-band: Central Asia and Europe7 February 2013, Ariane 5 ECA2014-09-11
49.0°EYamal 202RussiaGazprom Space Systems (subsidiary of Gazprom)24 November 2003, Proton-K
53.0°EExpress AM22RussiaRussian Satellite Communications Company (Intersputnik)/Eutelsat28 December 2003, Proton-K
56.0°EBonum 1Russia22 November 1998, Delta II (7925-9.5)
62.6°E[5]Inmarsat-5 F1UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsEAME8 December 2013, Proton M/Briz-M2014-04-2
64.5°E[6]Inmarsat-3 F1UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsIndian Ocean Region3 April 1996, Atlas IIA|2014-04-2
68.5°EIntelsat 7FS-1300EuropeESA16 September 1998, Ariane 44LP
Intelsat 10HS-601HPUS15 May 2001, Proton-K
74.0°EINSAT-3CIndia23 January 2002, Ariane 42L
KALPANA-1IndiaISROWeather satelliteN/A12 September 2002, PSLV74.0°E (2002—)Originally MetSat-1. Renamed in 2003 in memory of Kalpana Chawla, an astronaut killed in the Columbia accident2007-10-27
EDUSATIndiaISROEducational communication satellite6 Ka band and 6 C-band transmitters, covering India20 September 2004, GSLV74.0°E (2004—)Also known as GSAT-32007-10-27
INSAT-4CRIndiaINSATDTH, VPT and DSNG communication12 Ku band covering India2 September 2007, GSLV74.0°E (2007—)2007-10-27
75.0°EABS 1Lockheed Martin Intersputnik26 September 1999, Proton-K
79.0°EEsafi 1HS-351TongasatComsat21 February 1981, Atlas-Centaur142.0°W (1981)
127°W (1981–1985)
76.0°W (1985–2001)
69.5°E (2001–2002)
70°E (2002–2007)
79.0°E (2007—)
Originally Comstar-4 for LMGT. Ranamed Parallax-1 in 2001 and operated by SSC Parallax. Purchased by Tongasat and renamed Esafi-1 in 20022007-11-10
80.0°EExpress AM2RussiaRussian Satellite Communications Company (Intersputnik)29 March 2005, Proton-K
90.0°EYamal 101RussiaGazprom Space Systems (subsidiary of Gazprom)6 September 1999, Proton-K
Yamal 201RussiaGazprom Space Systems (subsidiary of Gazprom)24 November 2003, Proton-K
91.5°EMEASAT-3Boeing 601 HPMalaysiaMEASAT Satellite SystemsBroadcast and TelecommunicationsC-band: Asia, Australia, Middle East, South Eastern Europe and Eastern Africa
Ku-band: Malaysia, Indonesia and South Asia
11 December 2006, Proton-M2013-10-08
MEASAT-3aOrbital STAR-2.3MalaysiaMEASAT Satellite SystemsBroadcast and TelecommunicationsC-band: Asia, Australia, Middle East and Eastern Africa
Ku-band: Malaysia, Indonesia
June 2009, Land Launch Zenit - 3SLB2013-10-08
96.0°EExpress AM33RussiaRussian Satellite Communications Company (Intersputnik)28 January 2008, Proton-M
119.5°EMEASAT-5Loral FS-1300 SXMalaysiaMEASAT Satellite SystemsComsatMalaysiaAugust 2005, Ariane 5G2013-10-08
140.0°EExpress AM3RussiaRussian Satellite Communications Company (Intersputnik)24 June 2005, Proton-K
146.0°EAgila 2PhilippinesSpace Systems/LoralComsat, TV and Radio BroadcastingSoutheast Asia19 August 1997, Long March 3B
148.0°EMEASAT-2Boeing 376 HPMalaysiaMEASAT Satellite SystemsBroadcast & TelecommunicationsC-band: Asia Pacific and Hawaii
Ku-band: West Malaysia/Indonesia (Sumatra & Java), Taiwan, Eastern Australia, Vietnam and the Philippines (switchable)
13 November 1996, Ariane 44Linclined orbit2013-10-08
152.0°EOptus B3HS-601AustraliaOptus/Commonwealth BankComsat27 August 1994, Long March 2E152.0°E (1994–1995)
156.0°E (1995–2003)
152.0°E (2003—)
Optus D2STAR-2AustraliaOptusComsat5 October 2007, Ariane 5GS152.0°E (2007—)2007-10-28
166.0°EIntelsat 8FS-1300US4 November 1998, Proton-K
178.0°E[7]Inmarsat-3 F3UKInmarsatMaritime and Aviation CommunicationsPacific Ocean Region18 December 1996, Atlas IIA2014-04-2

In transit[edit]

En route toSatelliteSatellite
SourceOperatorTypeCoverageLaunch date/rocket (GMT)Previous locationsRemarksAs of
65.0°WStar One C1Spacebus 3000 B3BrazilStar OneBroadcast comsat28 C-band
14 Ku band
1 X-band, covering South America
14 November 2007, Ariane 5 ECA2007-11-14
53.0°ESkynet 5BE3000UKMinistry of Defence/ParadigmMilitary comsat14 November 2007, Ariane 5 ECA2007-11-14
5.0°ESirius 4A2100AXSwedenSES SiriusComsat52 Ku band covering Europe
2 Ka band covering Scandinavia
17 November 2007, Proton-M2007-11-18
93.1°WGalaxy-25FS-1300US24 May 1997, Proton-Kformerly Telstar 52008-11-20
105.0°WGalaxy-15Orbital Sciences Corporation Star-2USIntelsatTelevision/Radio Broadcasting, WAAS PRN #13513 October 2005, Ariane 5G133.0°Wdrifting to libration point since loss of stationkeeping on April 5, 2010


Date of disposalSatelliteSatellite
SourceOperatorTypeCoverageLaunch date/rocket (GMT)LocationsRemarksAs of
20:37 GMT
Thaicom 3Spacebus 3000 AThailandShin SatelliteComsatMiddle East and South Asia16 April 1997, Ariane 44LP78.5°ERetired after power system failure2008-01-01[8]
2008-11-09[9]NigComSat-1DFH-4NigeriaNASRDACommunication satellite4 C-band, 14 Ku band & 2 L-band covering Africa. 8 Ka band covering Africa and Italy13 May 2007, Long March 3B42.5°E (2007–2008)Power system failure[9]2008-11-19
2008-07-14EchoStar-2AS-7000USEchostar/DISH NetworkDirect Broadcasting11 September 1996, Ariane 4119°W (1996-1999), 148.0°W (1999—2008)Failed in orbit 2008-07-14, slowly drifting east2008-11-19
1994?DFS Kopernikus 1GermanyDeutsche Bundespost / Deutsche Telekom AGTelevision and Radio Broadcasting1989?23.5°E, later 33.5°ENo longer in use
2000?DFS Kopernikus 2GermanyDeutsche Bundespost / Deutsche Telekom AGTelevision and Radio Broadcasting1990?28.5°ENo longer in use
2002?DFS Kopernikus 3GermanyDeutsche Bundespost / Deutsche Telekom AGTelevision and Radio Broadcasting1992?23.5°ENo longer in use


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