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Rodents are animals that gnaw with two continuously growing incisors. Forty percent of mammal species are rodents, and they inhabit every continent except Antarctica.

This list contains the species in Order Rodentia.

Suborder Hystricomorpha[edit]

Family Ctenodactylidae[edit]

Family Diatomyidae[edit]

Family Bathyergidae[edit]

Family Hystricidae[edit]

Family Petromuridae[edit]

Family Thryonomyidae[edit]

Family Erethizontidae[edit]

Family Chinchillidae[edit]

Family Dinomyidae[edit]

Family Caviidae[edit]

Family Dasyproctidae[edit]

Family Cuniculidae[edit]

Family Ctenomyidae[edit]

Family Octodontidae[edit]

Family Abrocomidae[edit]

Family Echimyidae[edit]

Family Capromyidae[edit]

Family Heptaxodontidae[edit]

Family Myocastoridae[edit]

Suborder Anomaluromorpha[edit]

Family Anomaluridae[edit]

Family Pedetidae[edit]

Suborder Sciuromorpha[edit]

Family Aplodontidae[edit]

Family Sciuridae[edit]

Family Gliridae[edit]

Suborder Castorimorpha[edit]

Family Castoridae[edit]

Family Geomyidae[edit]

Family Heteromyidae[edit]

Suborder Myomorpha[edit]

Family Dipodidae[edit]

Family Platacanthomyidae[edit]

Family Spalacidae[edit]

Family Calomyscidae[edit]

Family Nesomyidae[edit]

Family Cricetidae[edit]

Subfamily Lophiomyinae[edit]

Subfamily Cricetinae[edit]

Subfamily Arvicolinae[edit]

Subfamily Tylomyinae[edit]

Tribe Nyctomyini[edit]
Tribe Tylomyini[edit]

Subfamily Neotominae[edit]

Subfamily Sigmodontinae[edit]

Tribe Abrotrichini[edit]
Tribe Akodontini[edit]
Tribe Ichthyomyini[edit]
Tribe Oryzomyini[edit]
Tribe Phyllotini[edit]
Tribe Reithrodontini[edit]
Tribe Sigmodontini[edit]
Tribe Thomasomyini[edit]

Family Muridae[edit]

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