List of rivers of Oregon

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Overview of Oregon river drainage basins.

This is a partial listing of rivers in the state of Oregon, United States of America. The list of Oregon rivers is organized alphabetically and by tributary structure. The list may also include streams known as creeks, brooks, forks, branches and prongs, as well as sloughs and channels.

A list of rivers of the Americas and a list of Pacific Ocean coast rivers of the Americas are also available, as is a list of Oregon lakes.

Alphabetical listing[edit]

Listing by tributary structure[edit]

List order is north to south if draining into the Pacific Ocean. Tributary order is by increasing distance from the mouth of the river they feed.

Ana River (drains into Summer Lake, which does not have an outlet)
Chewaucan River (drains into Abert Lake, which does not have an outlet)
East Fork Silvies River (drains into Malheur Lake, which does not have an outlet)
Silvies River (river reverse forks before terminating; see west fork below)
West Fork Silvies River (drains into Malheur Lake)
Silvies River
Donner und Blitzen River (drains into Malheur Lake)
Little Blitzen River
Kings River (briefly crosses into Oregon in Harney County west of McDermitt, Nevada-Oregon, and drains into the Quinn River)
East Fork Quinn River (intermittent stream briefly crosses into Oregon in Malheur County east of McDermitt, and drains into the Quinn River, which drains to the Black Rock Desert)

→ North Fork Smith River (California) (originates in Oregon and drains into Smith River (California))

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