List of rivers of China

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This article is about rivers in the areas under the jurisdictions of the People's Republic of China (commonly known as "China"). For rivers in the areas under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China (commonly known as "Taiwan"), see List of rivers of the Republic of China.

This list of rivers that flow through China is organized according to the body of water into which each river empties, beginning with the Sea of Japan in the northeast, moving clockwise on a map and ending with the Arctic Ocean.

Sea of Okhotsk[edit]

Amur River basin

Sea of Japan[edit]

Bohai Sea[edit]

Liao River Basin
Wei RivFer Basin
Yellow River Basin

Yellow Sea[edit]

Huai River basin

East China Sea[edit]

Han River Basin of Hubei, southern Shaanxi and southwestern Henan
Jialing River Basin of Chongqing, eastern Sichuan and southern Gansu
Min River of central Sichuan
Yalong River of western Sichuan and southern Qinghai

Taiwan Strait[edit]

South China Sea[edit]

Pearl River Basin

From Hainan Island[edit]

Nandu River (map), Hainan Province

Andaman Sea[edit]

Bay of Bengal[edit]

Map of the Ganges (yellow), Brahmaputra (violet), and Meghna (green) drainage basins.

Arabian Sea[edit]

Arctic Ocean[edit]

Ob-Irtysh watershed

Endorheic basins[edit]

Tarim Basin[edit]

Tarim Basin
Ili Basin

Dzungarian Basin[edit]

Juyan Lake Basin[edit]

Lake Balkhash[edit]

Lake Alakol[edit]


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