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Worldwide there are more than 40,000 different varieties of rice, species name Oryza sativa. Here are some of the common and popular varieties.

Major categories[edit]

There are four major categories of rice worldwide: Indica, japonica, aromatic and glutinous.[1]

African varieties[edit]

Australian varieties[edit]

Bangladeshi varieties[edit]

Cambodian varieties[edit]

Canadian varieties[edit]

Chinese varieties[edit]

Brown rice

Dominican varieties[edit]

French varieties[edit]

Indian varieties[edit]

Rice varieties of Karnataka

Traditional Kerala rice varieties

Assamese rice varieties

Tamil Nadu rice varieties

Paddy Varieties conserved by CIKS

Indonesian rice varieties/landraces[edit]

Iranian varieties[edit]

Many varieties of rice are cultivated in Iran. A few of them are listed below

Italian varieties[edit]

Japanese varieties[edit]

Lao / Thai varieties[edit]

Pakistani varieties[edit]

Portuguese varieties[edit]

Philippine varieties[edit]

Sri Lankan varieties[edit]

Spanish varieties[edit]

Bomba Rice.

Thai varieties[edit]

United States varieties[edit]

California varieties[edit]

Carolina varieties[edit]

Louisiana varieties[edit]

Vietnamese varieties[edit]

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Egyptian Rice Varieties Giza 177 Giza 178 Giza 179 Sakha 101 Sakha 102 Sakha 103 Sakha 104 Sakha 105 Sakha 106 Egyptian Yasmin