List of regions of Arizona

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This is a list of regions of Arizona, in the USA.

RegionDescription of RegionNotes
Arizona StripArizona Strip
Mojave Desert
Arizona Sun CorridorArizona Sun CorridorMegaregion extending from Prescott to Nogales
Arizona transition zoneMogollon Rim and
White Mountains (Arizona) in east
the transition zone region
(diagonal across Arizona–NW-to-E-central); Colorado Plateau to northeast, lower level deserts of Basin and Range to west-(NW), SW, and south
Canyon LandsMonument Valleythe Canyonlands of SE Utah and NE Arizona
see: Physiographic regions of the world
Coconino PlateauCoconino Plateau
Colorado RiverColorado RiverMojave Desert in North
In south-Sonoran Desert/Colorado Desert(So. Calif.)
Colorado PlateauColorado Plateau
Grand CanyonGrand Canyon
Kaibab PlateauKaibab Plateau
Lower Colorado River ValleyLower Colorado River regionsRegions below Hoover Dam
south to the Colorado River Delta(Mexico)
see: Category:Lower Colorado River Valley
Madrean sky islandsMadrean sky islands,
Southern Arizona, near Tucson, Nogales, Douglas
Mogollon PlateauMogollon Plateau
Mogollon RimMogollon Rim
Mojave DesertMojave DesertMohave County, Arizona and
associated areas
Monument ValleyMonument Valley
the Canyon Lands
see: Physiographic regions of the world
Navajo NationNavajo Nation
w/Monument Valley
Northeast Arizona
and the Colorado Plateau
Northeast ArizonaNortheast Arizona
Northern ArizonaNorthern Arizona
Oak Creek CanyonOak Creek Canyon
bordering on west:
Sycamore Canyon
Phoenix Metropolitan AreaPhoenix Metropolitan Areasee also:
Category:Phoenix metropolitan area
San Francisco volcanic fieldSan Francisco volcanic field
Sonoran DesertMojave Desert, Sonoran Desertby the Hoover Dam/Lake Mead, (w&nw)(Mojave Desert)
Chihuahuan Desert by extreme SE Arizona
All of central, and sw Arizona-lower elevations below Mogollon Rim: part of Sonoran Desert; even the bottom of the Grand Canyon(a lower elevation) would have Sonoran Desert biota/Sonoran influence
United States–Mexico borderUnited States–Mexico border
Verde ValleyVerde Valley with/
Oak Creek Canyon
White Mountains (Arizona)White Mountains (Arizona)