List of real-time operating systems

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This is a list of real-time operating systems. An RTOS is an operating system in which the maximum time from an input stimulus to an output response can be definitely determined.

NameLicenseSource modelTarget usageStatusPlatformsOfficial site
AbassiProprietaryclosedembeddedactiveAVR32, ATmega, Coldfire, Cortex-A9, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, MSP430, PIC32, TMS320C2000, 80251, 8051[1]
AMOSProprietary ?commercialclosed680x0, 683xx, x86 via emulation[2]
AMX RTOSProprietaryclosedembeddedactive680x0, 683xx, ARM, ColdFire, MIPS32, PowerPC[3]
uKOSGNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveCortex-M3, Cortex-M4, 6833x, PIC, CSEM icyflex-1, STM32[4]
ARTOS (Locamation)Proprietary ?embeddedactivex86[5]
ARTOS (Robotu)Proprietary ?embedded, robotsdefunctARM9+[6]
AtomthreadsBSD Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveAVR, STM8, ARM, MIPS[7]
AVIXProprietaryclosedembeddedactiveAtmel AT91SAM3(U/S), Energy Micro EFM32, NXP LPC1300, LPC1700, ST Micro STM32, Texas Instruments LM3S, Toshiba TMPM330, Microchip PIC32MX, Microchip PIC24F, PIC24H, dsPIC30F & dsPIC33F[8]
BeRTOSmodified GNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveDSP56K, I196, IA32, ARM, AVR[9]
BRTOSMIT Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveFreescale Coldfire V1, Freescale HCS08, Texas Instruments MSP430 and Atmel ATMEGA328/128 (Port for PIC18 in development[10]
CapROSGNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveIA32, ARM9[11]
ChibiOS/RTModified GNU GPL or proprietaryopen sourceembedded, small footprintactivex86, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, PowerPC e200z, STM8, AVR, MSP430, Coldfire, H8S[12] [13]
ChorusOS ? ? ? ?SPARC, x86, PowerPC[14]
ChronOSGNU GPLopen sourceresearch, general purposeactivex86, ARM[15]
CMX RTOSProprietary ?embeddedactiveIA32, ARM, AVR, H8, PIC, 8051[16]
CoActionOSModified GNU GPL or proprietaryopen sourceembeddedactiveARM Cortex-M3, LPC17xx[17]
cocoOSBSD Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveAVR, MSP430[18]
Concurrent CP/MProprietaryclosed (meanwhile: open source)general purpose, industrialdefunct8080, Z80, 8086Digital Research
Concurrent DOSProprietaryclosedgeneral purpose, industrialdefunct8086, 286, 386, 68000, (also 8080/Z80 in dual-processor variants)Digital Research
ContikiBSD Licenseopen sourceembedded, WSNactiveMSP430, AVR[19]
COSProprietaryclosedprocess controldefunctGEC 4000 series ?
CooCox CoOSBSD Licenseopen sourcegeneral purposeactiveSTM32, NXP LPC1000, TI LM3S8962,Nuvoton NU1xx,Holtek HT32[20]
DeosProprietaryclosedsafety criticalactivex86, PowerPC, MIPS[21]
DioneOSProprietaryavailable for licenseeembeddedactiveTexas Instruments MSP430, MSP430x[22]
DNIXProprietaryclosedgeneral purposedefunct68000 ?
dnx RTOSGNU GPL, modified GNU GPL, and BSD Licenseopen sourceembedded (Unix-like)activeARM Cortex-M3, STM32[23]
GEC DOSProprietaryclosedprocess controldefunctGEC 4000 series ?
DrRtosfree?open? ?active?ARM7[24]
DSOS ? ? ?defunctTI-980A minicomputer ?
DSP/BIOSfreeclosed, available with licensegeneral purposeactivePrimarily Texas Instruments C2800, C5500, C6000 and OMAP DSP cores[25]
DSPnano RTOSOpen Source and CommercialOpen SourceMCU, DSC, DSP SoCactiveR8C, M16C, PIC24, dsPIC33[26]
DuinOSModified GNU GPLOpen Sourcegeneral purposeactiveAtmel AVR (Arduino)[27]
eCosModified GNU GPLopen sourcegeneral purposeactiveARM/XScale/Cortex-M, CalmRISC, 68000/Coldfire, fr30, FR-V, H8, IA32, MIPS, MN10300, OpenRISC, PowerPC, SPARC, SuperH, V8xx[28]
eCosProModified GNU GPL or eCosPro licenseopen source with non-free portionsgeneral purposeactiveARM/XScale/Cortex-A5/Cortex-A9/Cortex-M, 68000/ColdFire, H8/H8S, IA32, MIPS32/64/microMIPS, NIOS II, OpenRISC, PowerPC, SPARC, SH4/4A, TILE-Gx[29]
embOSProprietaryclosedembeddedactive8/16/32 bit processors[30]
EmboxBSD Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, LEON, MicroBlaze, x86[31]
EmbkernelGNU LGPLopen sourceembeddedactiveARM Cortex M[32]
ERIKA EnterpriseModified GNU GPL + linking exceptionOpen SourceembeddedactiveARM7, ARM Cortex MX, Hitachi H8, Altera Nios2, Microchip dsPIC (including dsPIC30, dsPIC33, and PIC24), Microchip PIC32, ST Microelectronics ST10, Infineon C167, Infineon Tricore, Freescale PPC e200 (MPC 56xx) (including PPC e200 z0, z6, z7), Freescale S12XS, EnSilica eSi-RISC, Atmel AVR5, Lattice Mico32, TI MSP430, Renesas RX200[33]
eTaskSync Verifiable RTOSProprietaryProprietary source with free distributionVerifiable & safetyActive8/16/32 bit processors: ARM Cortex-M0/M1/M3/M4/R4/A8, ARM7/9/11; Atmel AVR32, SAM3/4/7/9; Freescale ColdFire, Kinetis, PowerPC, i.MX, Vybrid, QorIQ; Infineon C164, XMC1000, XMC4000; Microchip PIC24, PIC32; NXP LPC1300/1700/1800/2000/3 000/4000; Renesas SuperH, RX, RL,78k; SiliconLabs EFM32, SIM3; Spansion FM0/FM3/FM4; STMicroelectronics STM32; Texas Instruments MSP430, Stellaris, C2000, Hercules, DaVinci, Sitara, Tiva; Toshiba TMP M0/M3;[34]
EUROSProprietaryclosedembeddedactive8/16/32 bit processors: among others AVR, 8051, XC800, 16FX, XC166, ARM, Cortex-M3, PowerPC, Nios II, MIPS32, PIC32[35]
EROSModified GNU GPLopen sourceexperimental
research use
Femto OSGNU GPLv3open sourceembeddedactiveAVR[37]
FlexOSProprietaryclosedgeneral purpose, industrial, POSdefunct186, 286, 386, V60, V70, 68000Digital Research/Novell
FreeOSEKGNU GPLv3open sourceembeddedactivePosix, Windows, ARM7[38]
FreeRTOSModified GNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, AVR, AVR32, Freescale ColdFire, HCS12, IA32, Cortex-M3, MicroBlaze, MSP430, PIC, PIC32, Renesas H8/S, 8052, STM32, EFM32[39]
FunkOSmodified Sleepycat Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveAVR, MSP430, Cortex-M3[40]
Fusion RTOSfree ?semi-general purposeactiveARM, Blackfin, StarCore, DSP 56800E
HeartOSProprietaryclosedsafety criticalactivex86, PowerPC, ARM[41]
HeliumGNU LGPLOpen SourceEmbeddedActiveOpen-Source RTOS for HCS08 & AVR MCUs[42]
HP-1000/RTE ? ? ? ? ?[43]
Hybridthreads ?open sourceFPGAactiveXilinx Virtex-II Pro ML310, Xilinx Virtex-II Pro XUP[44]
IBM 4680 OSProprietaryclosedgeneral purpose, industrial, POSdefunct286IBM (DR Concurrent DOS 286 derivative)
IBM 4690 OSProprietaryclosedgeneral purpose, industrial, POSactive286, 386IBM (DR FlexOS 286/386 derivative)
INTEGRITYProprietaryclosedembeddedactiveARM, XScale, Blackfin, Freescale ColdFire, MIPS, PowerPC, x86[45]
IntervalZero RTX / RTX64ProprietaryclosedMS Windows extensionactivex86 / x64[46]
ITRON, µITRONvariesvariesembeddedactiveARM, MIPS, x86, and others[48], [49]
ISIXGNU LGPLopen sourceembeddedactiveCortex-M3[50]
ioRTOSProprietaryclosedembedded, safety criticalactiveTI TMS320 Families (x2812, c6416)[51]
iRTOSGNU LGPLopen sourceembeddedactiveAVR, ARM7[52]
KolibriOSGNU GPLopen sourceembeddableactivex86[53]
Kithara RTSProprietaryclosedgeneral purpose, industrialactiveWindows extension, x86, x64, Windows 7/8[54]
LeptonMozilla Public Licenseopen sourceembeddableactiveARM9 (ATMEL AT91SAM9261, AT91SAM9260), ARM7(ATMEL AT91SAM7x, AT91SAM7SE, AT91M55800), CortexM3 (ST STM32F103, Texas Instrument Stellaris) et CortexM4(Freescale KINETIS).[55]
LithOSProprietary ?embedded, industrialactiveLEON2/LEON3/LEON4, x86[56] [57]
LynxOSProprietarysource code availableembeddedactiveMotorola 68010, x86/IA-32, ARM, Freescale PowerPC, PowerPC 970, LEON3[58]
Mark3BSD Licenseopen sourceembeddedactive, beta ?[59]
MaRTE OSGNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveIA-32[60]
MAX II,IVProprietary ? ? ?Modcomp II,IV,... ?
MenuetOSGNU GPLopen-source ?activeIA-32[61]
Menuet 64Proprietaryunknown ?activeIA-32, x86-64
Micrium µC/OS-IIProprietaryAvailable under licenseembeddedactiveARM7/9/11/Cortex M1/3, AVR, HC11/12/S12, Coldfire, Blackfin, Microblaze, NIOS, 8051, x86, Win32, H8S, M16C, M32C, MIPS, 68000, PIC24/dsPIC33/PIC32, MSP430, PowerPC, SH, StarCore, STM32, …[62]
Micrium µC/OS-IIIProprietaryAvailable under licenseembeddedactiveARM7/9/11/Cortex M1/3, AVR, HC11/12/S12, Coldfire, Blackfin, Microblaze, NIOS, 8051, x86, Win32, H8S, M16C, M32C, MIPS, 68000, PIC24/dsPIC33/PIC32, MSP430, PowerPC, SH, StarCore, STM32, …[63]
MilosGNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveCortex-M3[64]
mipOSProprietaryopen sourceembeddedactiveCortex-M3, ST7, STM8, x86[65]
Microsoft Invisible Computing (MMLite)Proprietaryopen sourceembeddedactiveArm7, Arm9, i386, h8, mips, Trimedia, eCog1[66]
mLithOSProprietary ?embedded, industrialactiveLEON2/LEON3/LEON4, x86[67] [68]
MP/MProprietaryclosed (meanwhile: open source)general purpose, industrialdefunct8080, Z80, 8086Digital Research
MQXProprietarycomplimentary source code availableembeddedactiveFreescale Power, ColdFire, Kinetis Cortex ARM, List of Freescale products,[69]
MERT ? ? ?inactivePDP-11 ?
Multiuser DOSProprietaryclosedgeneral-purpose, industrialdefunct386Digital Research/Novell, Concurrent Controls/Datapac/IMS (see REAL/32)
Nano-RKmixedopen sourceembedded, WSNactiveAVR, MSP430[70]
NeutrinoProprietarysome source code providedmicrokernelactiveARM, MIPS, PPC, SH, x86, XScale[71]
Nokia OSProprietaryclosedembedded GSM devicesactiveARMSeries 40
nOSMozilla Public Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveAVR, MSP430, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4[72]
Nucleus OSProprietarysource code providedembeddedactiveARM (Cortex-M3, M4, R4, R4F, A8, A9, ARM7, ARM9, ARM11), PowerPC, MIPS32, MIPS16e, microMIPS, Coldfire, SuperH[73]
Nut/OSBSD Licenseopen sourceembedded, industrialactiveAVR, AVR32, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M3[74]
NuttXBSD Licenseopen sourceembedded, small footprintactiveLinux user mode, ARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, 8052, SH-1, Renesas MC16C/26, Zilog Z16F, Zilog eZ80 Acclaim!, Zilog Z8Encore!, Z80, partial ports for MIPS[75]
On Time RTOS-32Proprietarysource code availableembeddedactive32/64-bit x86[76]
OpenEPOSProprietaryopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, x86, AVR, MIPS, PowerPC[77]
OS20Proprietaryclosedembedded (STB)maintenance onlyST20 ?
OS21Proprietarysource code providedembedded (STB)activeST40/SH4,ST200,ARM ?
OS4000Proprietaryclosedprocess controlmaintenance onlyGEC 4000 series ?
OPENRTOSProprietarysource code availableembeddedactiveSame as FreeRTOS[78]
OSABSDopen sourceembeddedactivePIC10-PIC24, AVR 8bit, STM8[79]
OSEProprietaryclosedgeneral purposeactiveARM, PowerPC, MIPS, IXP2400, TI OMAP, …[80]
OS-9Proprietaryavailable to customersembeddedactiveARM/strongARM, MIPS, PowerPC, SuperH, x86/Pentium, XSCALE, Motorola 6809, Motorola 68000-series[81]
OSEKn/aspecificationembeddedactiveengine control units[82]
PartikleProprietary ?embedded, industrialactiveLEON2/LEON3/LEON4, x86[83] [84]
Phar Lap ETS ? ? ? ? ? ?
PaulOSGNU GPLopen sourceembedded ? ?[85]
PICOS18GNU GPLopen sourceembedded ?PIC18 ?
picoOSModified BSD Licenseopen sourceembeddeddiscontinued6502, 80x86, ARM7, AVR, PowerPC[86]
Phoenix-RTOSProprietaryembedded ?ARM7, IA32, eSI-RISC[87]
PikeOSProprietaryavailable to customerssafety critical, virtualizationactivePPC, x86, ARM, MIPS, SPARC/Leon, SuperH[88]
PortosProprietarysource code providedembedded, small footprintactiveDSP/BIOS (ARM soon)[89]
POKBSD Licenceopen sourceembeddedactivex86, PowerPC, SPARC[90]
PowerTVProprietary ? ? ? ?[91]
PrexBSD Licenseopen sourcemicrokernelactiveARM, IA32[92]
ProtothreadsBSD Licenseopen sourcegeneral purposeactiveArchitecture independent[93]
pSOSProprietary ? ?discontinuedMotorola 680x, Motorola 68000 ?
QNXProprietary ?general purposeactiveIA32, MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, ARM, StrongARM, XScale[94]
Q-Kernel-Freemodified GNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactivePIC-30, PIC-24, dsPIC, PIC32MX[95]
Q-Kernel-ProProprietaryopen sourceembeddedactivePIC-30, PIC-24, dsPIC, PIC32MX[96]
QPOpen Source and CommercialOpen SourceMCU, DSC, DSP SoCactiveARM7/9, ARM Cortex-M3/Cortex-M0, MSP430, TMS320C28x, AVR, AVRXmega, ColdFire, 68HC08, M16C/R8C, H8, 8051, 80251, PIC18, PIC24/dsPIC33, Nios II, PSoC1[97]
Data General RDOSProprietary ?general purposedefunctData General Nova, Data General Eclipsen/a
ReaGOSProprietaryclosed, available with licenseembeddedactivex86, ATmega, ARM, portable[98]
REAL/32Proprietaryclosedgeneral-purpose, industrialactive386IMS (Multiuser DOS derivative)
RedHawk Linux? ?general-purposeactivex86[99]
Real-time Linux (CONFIG_RT_PREEMPT)GNU GPLv2open sourcegeneral purposeactivesame as Linux[100] wiki
REX OSProprietaryclosed, available with licenseembeddedinactiveARMja:REX OS
RIOTGNU LGPLopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, MSP430[101]
RMXProprietaryclosedembeddedactive8080, 8086, 80386 or higher[102]
RSX-11Proprietary ? ?historicPDP-11n/a
RT-11Proprietary ?general purposedefunctPDP-11n/a
RTAIGNU GPLopen sourcegeneral purposeactivex86, ARM[103]
RTEMSmodified GNU GPLopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, Blackfin, ColdFire, TI C3x/C4x, H8/300, x86, 68k, Milkymist SoC, MIPS, Nios II, PowerPC, SuperH, SPARC, ERC32, LEON, Mongoose-V[104]
rt-kernelmixedavailable to customersembeddedactiveARM7, ARM9, Cortex-M3, Cortex-A8, Blackfin, PowerPC, Windows (simulation)[105]
RTLinuxGNU GPLopen sourcegeneral purposeinactivesame as Linuxn/a
RT-ThreadGNU GPLv2open sourceembeddedactiveARM, IA-32, AVR32, M16C, MIPS[106][107]
RTXC QuadrosProprietarysource availableembeddedactiveARM - Atmel/Freescale/NXP/ST/TI, Blackfin, Coldfire/68K, PowerPC, StarCore, TI/Luminary Stellaris, TI OMAP, XScale[108]
RTX Keil Real-Time Operating SystemProprietary, royalty freesource availableembeddedactiveARM[109]
RX116 ? ?embedded, industrialdefunctNEC V20, NEC V30, NEC V40, NEC V50first ITRON 1 compatible 16-bit RTOS
RX616 ? ?safety critical, embedded, industrialdefunctNEC V60, NEC V7032-bit ITRON compatible
RX-UX832 ? ?embedded, industrial, general-purposedefunctNEC V60, NEC V7032-bit Unix-like RTOS
SafeRTOSProprietarysource code & Design Assurance Pack availableembedded, Safety CriticalactiveSame as FreeRTOS
SalvoProprietarysource availableembeddedactive8051, ARM ARM7TDMI and Cortex-M3, Atmel AVR and Mega AVR, Epson S1C17, Motorola M68HC11, TI MSP430, PICmicro 12/14000/16/17/18, PIC24, dsPIC, PIC32, TMS320C2000[110]
SCIOPTAProprietaryclosed, source availableembedded, safety relatedactiveARM, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-R4, Cortex-A9, XScale, Renesas RX, PowerPC, ColdFire, HCS12, M16C, Windows(simulation)[111]
scmRTOSfreeopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, Cortex-M3, Blackfin, MSP430, AVR[112]
SDPOSGNU LGPLopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, Cortex-M3, Blackfin, PIC18, PIC24, i386 win32/linux synthetic targets[113]
SHaRKGNU GPLopen source ? ? ?[114]
silRTOSfreeopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, Cortex-M3 Cortex-A9 ARM-11MP, Blackfin, MIPS, AVR[115]
SimpleAVROSGNU GPLv3open sourceembeddedactive, betaAVR onlyn/a
SINTRAN III ? ? ? ?Norsk Data computersn/a
Sirius RTOSProprietaryavailable under licenseembeddedactivex86, i386+, ARM, 68k, 8051, ...[116]
SMX RTOSProprietaryavailable under licenseembeddedactiveARM, Cortex, ColdFire, PowerPC, x86, ...[117]
SOOS Projectfreeopen sourceembeddedactive, betaH8/300[118]
Symbian OSEclipse Public Licenseopen sourceembeddedactiveARM[119]
SYS/BIOSBSD Licenseopen sourceembeddedactivePrimarily Texas Instruments: MSP430, C2000, C5000, C6000 and their ARM families (Cortex M3/4F, Cortex R4, Cortex A8, Cortex A15)[120]
Talon DSP RTOSProprietary ?embedded DSPactiveTMS320[121]
TargetOSProprietaryavailable to customersembedded ?ARM, Freescale ColdFire, Freescale PowerPC[122]
T-Kernelfree under T-Licensesource availableembedded RTOSactiveARM/MIPS/SH/others[123]
THEOS ? ? ? ? ?[124]
ThreadXProprietaryavailable to customers ?activeARC, ARM/Thumb, AVR32, BlackFin, ColdFire/68K, H8/300H, Luminary Micro Stellaris, M-CORE, MicroBlaze, PIC24/dsPIC, PIC32, MIPS, V8xx, Nios II, PowerPC, SH, SHARC, StarCore, STM32, StrongARM, TMS320C54x, TMS320C6x, x86/x386, XScale, Xtensa/Diamond, ZSP[125]
Trampoline Operating System (OSEK and AUTOSAR)GNU LGPLopen sourceembeddedactiveAVR, H8/300H, POSIX, NEC V850e, ARM7, Infineon C166, HCS12 or PowerPC[126]
TNKernelBSD Licensesopen sourceembeddedactiveARM, PIC24/dsPIC, PIC32, HCS08, STM32 (Cortex-M3)[127]
Transaction Processing FacilityProprietary ?general purposeactiveIBM System/360 derivatives[128]
TRON projectopen?mixedmixedactiveany: not an implementation, but a specification[129]
TUD:OSGNU GPLopen source ?activeARM, IA-32, X86-64[130]
Unison RTOSOpen Source and CommercialOpen SourceMCU, DSC, DSP SoC, FPGAactivePic32, ARM Cortex (TI Stellaris, ST STM32, NXP LPC1700), SH2A, SH2AFPU, R32C, MIPS4K, {SHARC, Coldfire, TMS320, Altera NIOS, Xilinx Microblaze, Proprietary}[131]
UNIX-RTR ? ? ? ?PDP-11 ?
uSmartx ?open sourceembedded ?ARM7TDMI, AVR, H8[132]
µTaskerProprietaryOpen-code. Free for non-commercial or with support licenseembeddedactiveFreescale Kinetis, Freescale Coldfire M522XX, Atmel AVR32, Atmel SAM7X, TI Stellaris, NXP LPC2000, NXP LPC1700, ST-Micro STM32 (F1/F2/F4), ST-Micro STR91X, Freescale NE64, Windows (processor and peripheral simulation)[133]
u-velOSity ? ?microkernelactive ?[134]
velOSity ? ? ?activePower Architecture, ARM/XScale, MIPS, x86/Pentium, ColdFire, Blackfin, OMAP, DaVinci[135]
VRTXProprietary ? ?superseded by Nucleus RTOSARM, MIPS, PowerPC, RISC[136]
VxWorksProprietary ?embeddedactiveARM, IA32, Intel 64, MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, StrongARM, xScale[137]
Windows CEProprietaryMicrosoft Shared Sourceembeddedactivex86, MIPS, ARM, SuperH[138]
XenomaiGNU GPLv2Open Sourcegeneralactivex86, x86_64, PowerPC, ARM, Analog Devices Blackfin BF52x, BF53x, BF54x and BF56x[139]
Simulink Real-TimeProprietaryclosedreal-time testing/embeddedactivex86[141]
Y@SOSGNU LGPLOpen SourceembeddedactiveCortex-M3, STM32[142]
ZottaOSopen sourceOpen SourceembeddedactiveSTM32, MSP430[143]
MontaVista LinuxGNU GPLOpen Sourceembeddedactive ?[144]
µnOS ? ? ?historicMotorola 68k ?
uOSGNU GPLOpen SourceembeddedactiveAVR, ARM, MIPS32, MSP430, Intel i386, Linux386[145]