List of radio stations in West Virginia

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The following is a list of FCC-licensed radio stations in the U.S. state of West Virginia, which can be sorted by their call signs, frequencies, cities of license, licensees, and programming formats.

Call signFrequencyCity of License [1][2]Licensee [2][3]Format [4]
WADC1050 AMParkersburgBurbach of DE, LLCAdult Standards
WAEY1490 AMPrincetonPrinceton Broadcasting, Inc.Southern Gospel
WAFD100.3 FMWebster SpringsSummit Media, Inc.Hot Adult Contemporary
WAJR1440 AMMorgantownWest Virginia Radio CorporationNews/Talk/Sports
WAJR-FM103.3 FMSalemWest Virginia Radio Corporation of SalemNews/Talk/Sports
WAMN1050 AMGreen ValleyWest Virginia - Virginia Media, LLCClassic Country
WAMX106.3 FMMiltonCapstar TX LLCClassic Rock
WAXS94.1 FMOak HillPlateau Broadcasting, Inc.Classic Hits
WBBD1400 AMWheelingCapstar TX LLCSports
WBES950 AMCharlestonBristol Broadcasting Company, Inc.Sports
WBGS1030 AMPoint PleasantBig River Radio, Inc.Oldies
WBHZ91.9 FMElkinsAmerican Family AssociationReligious
WBKW1070 AMBeckleySouthern Communications CorporationSouthern Gospel
WBRB101.3 FMBuckhannonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of BuckhannonCountry
WBTH1400 AMWilliamsonEast Kentucky Radio Network, Inc.Talk/Sports
WBTQ93.5 FMBuckhannonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of ElkinsNews/Talk/Sports
WBUC1460 AMBuckhannonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of BuckhannonNews/Talk/Sports
WBWG-LP99.1 FMFairmontGod's Word Broadcasting, Inc.Religious
WBWO-LP102.9 FMMoundsvilleGrave Creek B'Nai NoachOldies
WBWV88.7 FMBeckleySlingshot Broadcasting CorporationChristian Contemporary
WBYG99.5 FMPoint PleasantBig River Radio, Inc.Country
WCBC-FM107.1 FMKeyserProsperitas Broadcasting System, LPOldies
WCDE90.3 FMElkinsBoard of Trustees, Davis & Elkins CollegeContemporary Christian
WCEF98.3 FMRipleyBig River Radio, Inc.Country
WCHS580 AMCharlestonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonNews/Talk/Sports
WCIR-FM103.7 FMBeckleySouthern Communications CorporationContemporary Hit Radio
WCKU90.1 FMClarksburgEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian/Religious
WCLG1300 AMMorgantownBowers Broadcasting CorporationOldies/Classic Hits
WCLG-FM100.1 FMMorgantownBowers Broadcasting CorporationActive Rock
WCST1010 AMBerkeley SpringsCapper Broadcasting CompanyCountry
WCWV92.9 FMSummersvilleSummit Media Broadcasting, LLCContemporary Hit Radio
WDBS97.1 FMSuttonSummit Media Broadcasting, L.L.C.Country
WDHC92.9 FMBerkeley SpringsCapper Broadcasting CompanyClassic Hits/Classic Top 40
WDKL95.9 FMGraftonEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WDMX100.1 FMViennaCC Licenses, LLCClassic Hits
WDNE1240 AMElkinsWest Virginia Radio Corporation of ElkinsAdult Standards
WDNE-FM98.9 FMElkinsWest Virginia Radio Corporation of ElkinsCountry
WDTF-LP107.9 FMBerkeley SpringsDefenders of the Faith, Inc.Catholic Religious
WDUQ-LP99.1 FMBenwoodKol Ami HavurahClassic Jazz/Blues
WDYK100.5 FMRidgeleyWest Virginia Radio Corporation of the AllegheniesAdult Contemporary
WEGW107.5 FMWheelingCapstar TX LLCMainstream Rock
WEIR1430 AMWeirtonPriority Communications Ohio, LLCNews/Talk/Sports
WELC1150 AMWelchWest Virginia - Virginia Media, LLCCountry
WELD690 AMFisherThunder Associates, LLCOldies/Classic Rock
WELD-FM101.7 FMMoorefieldThunder Associates, LLCFull Service
WELK94.7 FMElkinsWest Virginia Radio Corporation of ElkinsHot Adult Contemporary
WEMM1200 AMHuntingtonMortenson Broadcasting Co. of West Virginia, LLCSouthern Gospel
WEMM-FM107.9 FMHuntingtonMortenson Broadcasting Co. of West Virginia, LLCSouthern Gospel
WEPM1340 AMMartinsburgPrettyman Broadcasting CompanyNews/Talk/Sports
WETT104.1 FMBridgeportWithers Broadcasting Company of Bridgeport, LLCAdult Hits
WETZ1330 AMNew MartinsvilleDailey CorporationClassic Hits
WFBY102.3 FMWestonAJG CorporationClassic Rock
WFGH90.7 FMFort GayWayne County Board of EducationVariety
WFGM-FM93.1 FMBarrackvilleAJG CorporationOldies/Classic rock
WFSP1560 AMKingwoodWFSP Radio, LLCSouthern Gospel/Talk
WFSP-FM107.7 FMKingwoodWFSP Radio, LLCOldies/Classic Rock
WGAG-LP93.1 FMPrincetonThe Denver Foundation, IncorporatedOldies/Classic Rock
WGGE99.1 FMParkersburgBurbach of DE, LLCCountry
WGIE92.7 FMClarksburgBurbach of DE, LLCCountry
WGLZ91.5 FMWest LibertyWest Liberty State CollegeContemporary Hit Radio
WGYE102.7 FMManningtonBurbach of DE, LLCCountry
WHAJ104.5 FMBluefieldL&L Licensee, LLCHot Adult Contemporary
WHAW980 AMLost CreekDella Jane WoofterClassic Country
WHBR-FM103.1 FMParkersburgBurbach of DE, LLCActive Rock
WHFI106.7 FMLindsideMonroe County Board of EducationVariety
WHIS1440 AMBluefieldL&L Licensee, LLCTalk
WHJC1360 AMMatewanThree States Broadcasting Company, Inc.Southern Gospel
WHMG-LP98.7 FMPurgitsvilleHoly Spirit Study Institute, Ltd.Catholic Religious
WHNK1450 AMParkersburgCC Licenses, LLCSilent
WHQX107.7 FMGaryL&L Licensee, LLCCountry
WJAW630 AMSt. MarysJawco, Inc.Sports
WJJJ88.1 FMBeckleyShofar Broadcasting CorporationReligious
WJLS560 AMBeckleyWest Virginia Radio Company of Raleigh, LLCSouthern Gospel
WJLS-FM99.5 FMBeckleyWest Virginia Radio Company of Raleigh, LLCCountry
WJYP1300 AMSt. AlbansWKLC, Inc.Sports
WKAZ680 AMCharlestonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonOldies
WKAZ-FM107.3 FMMiamiWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonVariety Hits
WKEE-FM100.5 FMHuntingtonCapstar TX LLCContemporary Hit Radio
WKEZ1240 AMBluefieldL&L Licensee, LLCClassic Country
WKJL88.1 FMClarksburgHe's Alive, IncorporatedSouthern Gospel/Contemporary Christian
WKKW97.9 FMFairmontAJG CorporationCountry
WKKX1600 AMWheelingRCK 1 Group, LLCNews/Talk/Sports
WKLC-FM105.1 FMSt. AlbansWKLC, Inc.Mainstream Rock
WKLP1390 AMKeyserStarcast Systems, Inc.Sports
WKMM96.7 FMKingwoodMarPat CorporationCountry
WKOY-FM100.9 FMPrincetonL&L Licensee, LLCClassic Rock
WKQR92.7 FMMullensWest Virginia-Virginia Media, LLCContemporary Hit Radio
WKQV105.5 FMCowenSummit Media Broadcasting, LLCClassic Rock
WKVW93.3 FMMarmetEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WKWK-FM97.3 FMWheelingCapstar TX LLCAdult Contemporary
WKWS96.1 FMCharlestonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonCountry
WLKV90.7 FMRipleyEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WLOL-FM89.7 FMStar CityLight of Life Community, Inc.Catholic Religious
WLTF97.5 FMMartinsburgPrettyman Broadcasting CompanyAdult Contemporary
WLUX1450 AMDunbarSt. Paul Radio Co.Catholic Religious
WMCC-LP105.7 FMSpencerRadio 7 CompanyReligious
WMGA97.9 FMKenovaFifth Avenue Broadcasting Company, Inc.Hot Adult Contemporary
WMLJ90.5 FMSummersvilleGrace Missionary Baptist ChurchReligious
WMMN920 AMFairmontSpectrum Radio Fairmont LLCNews/Talk/Sports
WMON1340 AMMontgomeryL.M. Communications of Kentucky, LLCSports
WMOV1360 AMRavenswoodAllen Media Stations, LLCClassic Hits
WMRE1550 AMCharles TownAMFM Radio Licenses, L.L.C.Sports
WMTD1380 AMHintonMountainplex Media, LLCClassic Hits
WMTD-FM102.3 FMHintonSouthern Communications CorporationSports
WMUL88.1 FMHuntingtonMarshall University Board of GovernorsVariety
WMUX1110 AMHurricaneSt. Paul Radio CompanyCatholic Religious
WMXE100.9 FMSouth CharlestonL.M. Communications of Kentucky, LLCClassic Hits
WNMP88.5 FMMarlintonPocahontas Communications Cooperative Corp.Full Service/Freeform
WNRJ103.9 FMViennaDailey CorporationContemporary Hit Radio
WNUX89.7 FMMontgomeryThe Saint Thomas More Catholic Lawyers Society, Inc.Catholic Religious
WOAY860 AMOak HillFoothills Broadcasting, Inc.Religious/Southern Gospel
WOBG-FM105.7 FMSalemBurbach of DE, LLCActive Rock/Sports
WOTR96.3 FMWestonDella Jane WoofterSouthern Gospel/Positive Country
WOUX105.3 FMSt. Mary'sParkersburg Catholic Schools Foundation, Inc.Catholic Religious
WOVK98.7 FMWheelingCapstar TX LLCCountry
WPDX750 AMClarksburgTschudy Broadcasting Corp.Classic Country
WPDX-FM104.9 FMClarksburgTschudy Broadcasting Corp.Classic Country
WPHP91.9 FMWheelingOhio County Board of EducationContemporary Hit Radio
WPIB91.1 FMBluefieldPositive Alternative Radio, Inc.Contemporary Christian
WPJW91.5 FMHurricanePositive Alternative Radio, Inc.Contemporary Christian
WPJY88.7 FMBlennerhassettPositive Alternative Radio Inc.Contemporary Christian
WPKM-LP96.3 FMParkersburgWest Virginia University at Parkersburg Journalism DepartmentAdult Album Alternative
WPWV90.1 FMPrincetonAmerican Family AssociationReligious
WQAB91.3 FMPhilippiAlderson-Broaddus College, Inc.Adult Contemporary
WQAZ-LP98.5 FMEdmondThe Syner FoundationOldies/Adult Standards
WQBE-FM97.5 FMCharlestonBristol Broadcasting Company, Inc.Country
WQTZ-LP106.9 FMHicoLandmark Baptist ChurchReligious Full Service
WQWV103.7 FMFisherMcGuire Broadcasting, LLCCountry
WQZK-FM94.1 FMKeyserStarcast Systems, Inc.Contemporary Hit Radio
WRLB95.3 FMRainelleRadio Greenbrier, LLCAdult Contemporary
WRLF94.3 FMFairmontSpectrum Radio Fairmont LLCClassic Rock
WRNR740 AMMartinsburgShenandoah Communications, Inc.News/Talk/Sports
WRON1400 AMRonceverteRadio Greenbrier, LLCNews/Talk
WRON-FM103.1 FMLewisburgRadio Greenbrier, LLCCountry
WRQY96.5 FMMoundsvilleKeymarket Licenses LLCActive Rock/Sports
WRRL1130 AMRainelleShilo Communications, Inc.Southern Gospel
WRRR-FM93.9 FMSt. MarysSeven Ranges Radio Company, Inc.Adult Contemporary
WRSG91.5 FMMiddlebourneTyler County Board of EducationVariety
WRVC930 AMHuntingtonFifth Avenue Broadcasting Company, Inc.Talk/Sports
WRVZ98.7 FMPocatalicoWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonRhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio
WRZZ106.1 FMElizabethBurbach of DE, LLCClassic Rock
WSCW1410 AMSouth CharlestonL.M. Communications of Kentucky, LLCContemporary Christian
WSGB1490 AMSuttonSummit Media Broadcasting, L.L.C.Oldies/Classic Rock
WSHC89.7 FMShepherdstownShepherd College Board of GovernorsAdult Album Alternative
WSJE91.3 FMSummersvilleEvangelist Communications, Inc.Catholic Religious
WSLW1310 AMWhite Sulphur SpringsRadio Greenbrier, LLCSports
WSPW-LP97.9 FMParkersburgWood County Board of EducationVariety
WSTG95.9 FMPrincetonPrinceton Broadcasting, Inc.Hot Adult Contemporary
WSWW1490 AMCharlestonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonSports
WSWW-FM95.7 FMCraigsvilleWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonFull Service
WTCF103.3 FMWardensvilleEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WTCR1420 AMKenovaCapstar TX LLCSports
WTCR-FM103.3 FMHuntingtonCapstar TX LLCCountry
WTCS1490 AMFairmontSpectrum Radio Fairmont LLCNews/Talk/Sports
WTNJ105.9 FMMount HopeWest Virginia Broadcasting, Inc.Country
WUKL105.5 FMBethlehemKeymarket Licenses, LLCClassic Hits
WULV88.7 FMMoundsvilleEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WVAF99.9 FMCharlestonWest Virginia Radio Corporation of CharlestonAdult Contemporary
WVAQ101.9 FMMorgantownWest Virginia Radio CorporationContemporary Hit Radio
WVAR600 AMRichwoodSummit Media, Inc.Oldies/Classic Rock
WVBD100.7 FMFayettevilleSummit Media South, Inc.Classic Country
WVBL88.5 FMBluefieldWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVBY91.7 FMBeckleyWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVDS89.5 FMPetersburgWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVEP88.9 FMMartinsburgWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVGV89.7 FMWest UnionAraiza Revival Ministries, Inc.Religious
WVHU800 AMHuntingtonCapstar TX LLCNews/Talk/Sports
WVHV-LP98.5 FMHarrisvilleRitchie Progress Alliance, Inc.Variety
WVKM106.7 FMMatewanThree States Broadcasting Company, Inc.Variety
WVLY1370 AMMoundsvilleRCK 1 Group, LLCNews/Talk
WVMD100.1 FMRomneyWest Virginia Radio Corporation of the AllegheniesCountry
WVMR1370 AMFrostPocahontas Communications Cooperative Corp.Full Service/Freeform
WVMR-FM91.9 FMHillsboroPocahontas Communications Cooperative Corp.Full Service/Freeform
WVNP89.9 FMWheelingWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVNT1230 AMParkersburgBurbach of DE, LLCNews/Talk
WVOW1290 AMLoganLogan Broadcasting CorporationFull Service
WVOW-FM101.9 FMLoganLogan Broadcasting Corp.Full Service
WVPB88.5 FMCharlestonWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVPG90.3 FMParkersburgWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVPM90.9 FMMorgantownWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVPP-LP97.9 FMBeckleyCalvary Assembly of GodReligious/Contemporary Christian
WVPV-LP104.3 FMCairoTown of CairoVariety
WVPW88.9 FMBuckhannonWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVRC1400 AMSpencerStar Communications, Inc.Southern Gospel
WVRC-FM104.7 FMSpencerStar Communications, Inc.Country
WVRR88.1 FMPoint PleasantPositive Alternative Radio, Inc.Contemporary Christian
WVRW107.7 FMGlenvilleDella Jane WoofterSilent
WVSB104.1 FMRomneyWest Va. Schs. for Deaf and BlindClassic Country
WVSR-FM102.7 FMCharlestonBristol Broadcasting Company, Inc.Contemporary Hit Radio
WVTS1240 AMDunbarBristol Broadcasting Company, Inc.News/Talk
WVTS-FM94.5 FMDunbarBristol Broadcasting Company, Inc.News/Talk
WVUS1190 AMGraftonLight of Life Community, Inc.Catholic Religious
WVVV96.9 FMWilliamstownSeven Ranges Radio Co., Inc.Adult Contemporary
WVWC92.1 FMBuckhannonWest Virginia Wesleyan CollegeAdult Contemporary
WVWS89.3 FMWebster SpringsWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WVWV89.9 FMHuntingtonWest Virginia Educational Broadcasting AuthorityPublic Radio
WWLA89.3 FMSouth CharlestonEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WWLW106.5 FMClarksburgWest Virginia Radio Corporation of ClarksburgAdult Contemporary
WWNR620 AMBeckleySouthern Communications CorporationNews/Talk/Sports
WWVA1170 AMWheelingCapstar TX LLCNews/Talk
WWVU-FM91.7 FMMorgantownWest Virginia University Board of GovernorsCollege
WWYO970 AMPinevilleMRJ, Inc.Full Service
WXAF90.9 FMCharlestonShofar Broadcasting CorporationReligious
WXCC96.5 FMWilliamsonEast Kentucky Radio Network, Inc.Country
WXCR92.3 FMNew MartinsvilleSeven Ranges Radio Company, Inc.Classic Rock
WXIL95.1 FMElizabethBurbach of DE, LLCContemporary Hit Radio
WXKX1340 AMClarksburgBurbach of DE, LLCNews/Talk
WYAP-LP101.7 FMClayClay County Communications, Ltd.Variety
WYKM1250 AMRupertMt. State B. Co., Inc.Country
WYMJ99.5 FMNew MartinsvilleDailey CorporationCountry
WYRC-LP92.3 FMSpencerRoane County Board of EducationContemporary Hit Radio
WYZR88.1 FMBethanyPittsburgh Public MediaPublic Radio/Jazz
WZAC-FM92.5 FMDanvillePrice Broadcasting CompanyClassic Country
WZST100.9 FMWestoverSpectrum Radio Fairmont LLCHot Adult Contemporary
WZZW1600 AMMiltonAloha Station Trust, LLCNews/Talk
This list is complete and up-to-date as of October 26, 2014.