List of radio stations in Maine

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The following is a list of FCC-licensed radio stations in the U.S. state of Maine, which can be sorted by their call signs, frequencies, cities of license, licensees, and programming formats.

Call signFrequencyCity of License [1][2]Licensee [2][3]Format
WABK0104.3 FMGardinerBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCClassic Hits
WAEI0910 AMBangorBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCSports
WALZ-FM0095.3 FMMachiasWilliam McVicar & Roger Holst, Gen. PartnershipClassic Hits
WARX0093.9 FMLewistonEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WBAE1490 AMPortlandSaga Communications of New England, LLCHot Talk
WBAK0104.7 FMBelfastBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCClassic Hits
WBCI0105.9 FMBathBlount Communications, Inc.Religious
WBCQ-FM0094.7 FMMonticelloAllan H. Weiner & Barbara A. Weiner, d/b/a/ WBCQ RadioClassic Country
WBFB0097.1 FMBangorBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCCountry
WBFE0099.1 FMBar HarborBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCCountry
WBKA0107.7 FMBar HarborWBIN Media Co., Inc.Classic Hits
WBLM0102.9 FMPortlandTownsquare Media Portland License, LLCClassic rock
WBOR0091.1 FMBrunswickBowdoin CollegeCollege Radio
WBPW0096.9 FMPresque IsleTownsquare Media Licensee of Peoria, Inc.Country
WBQQ0099.3 FMKennebunkWBIN Media Co., Inc.Country
WBQX0106.9 FMThomastonWBIN Media Co., Inc.Classical
WBYA0105.5 FMIslesboroWBIN Media Co., Inc.Classic Hits
WBZN0107.3 FMOld TownTownsquare Media Bangor License, LLCTop 40 (CHR)
WCLZ0098.9 FMNorth YarmouthSaga Communications of New England, LLCAdult Alternative
WCME0900 AMBrunswickJames B. Bleikampsilent
WCRQ0102.9 FMDennysvilleWQDY, Inc.Top 40 (CHR)
WCTB0093.5 FMFairfieldMountain Wireless, Inc.Oldies
WCXU0097.7 FMCaribouThe Canxus Broadcasting CorporationAdult Hits
WCXV0098.1 FMVan BurenCanxus Broadcasting CorporationAdult Hits
WCXX0102.3 FMMadawaskaThe Canxus Broadcasting CorporationAdult Hits
WCYY0094.3 FMBiddefordTownsquare Media Portland License, LLCModern Rock
WDEA1370 AMEllsworthTownsquare Media Bangor License, LLCAdult Standards/MOR
WEBB0098.5 FMWatervilleTownsquare Media Augusta/Waterville License, LLCCountry
WEGP1390 AMPresque IsleNorthern Maine Broadcasting Inc.News Talk
WERU-FM0089.9 FMBlue HillSalt Pond Community Broadcasting CompanyVariety, Community Radio
WEZQ0092.9 FMBangorTownsquare Media Bangor License, LLCSports
WEZR1240 AMLewistonMountain Valley Broadcasting, Inc.Soft Adult Contemporary
WFAU1280 AMGardinerBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCSilent
WFMX0107.9 FMSkowheganMountain Wireless, Inc.Adult Contemporary
WFNK0107.5 FMLewistonWBIN Media Co., Inc.Classic Hits
WFST0600 AMCaribouNorthern Broadcast Ministries, Inc.Religious
WFYB0600 AMFryeburgLight of Life Ministries, Inc.Southern Gospel
WGAN0560 AMPortlandSaga Communications of New England, LLCNews/Talk
WGIN1400 AMBiddefordSaga Communications of New England, LLCNews/Talk
WGUY1230 AMVeazieInnovative Advertising Consultants Inc.Oldies
WHCF0088.5 FMBangorLighthouse Radio Network, Inc.Contemporary Christian
WHMX0105.7 FMLincolnLighthouse Radio Network, Inc.Contemporary Christian
WHOU-FM0100.1 FMHoultonNorthern Maine Media, Inc.Adult Contemporary
WHPF0088.1 FMPittston FarmLight of Life Ministries, Inc.Southern Gospel
WHSN0089.3 FMBangorHusson CollegeAlternative
WHTP0104.7 FMKennebunkportMainestream Media, LLCTop 40 (Rhythmic)
WHXR0106.3 FMScarboroughWBIN Media Co., Inc.Album Oriented Rock
WJBQ0097.9 FMPortlandTownsquare Media Portland License, LLCTop 40 (CHR)
WJCX0099.5 FMPittsfieldCalvary Chapel of BangorContemporary Christian
WJJB-FM0096.3 FMGrayAtlantic Coast Radio, LLCSports Radio
WJTO0730 AMBathBlue Jey Broadcasting CompanyAdult Standards/Oldies
WJZF-LP0097.1 FMStandishStandish Citizens Educational Organization, Inc.Smooth Jazz/Variety
WJZN1400 AMAugustaTownsquare Media Augusta/Waterville License, LLCAdult Standards
WJZP-LP0105.1 FMPortlandAll Inclusive, Inc.Smooth Jazz
WKIT-FM0100.3 FMBrewerThe Zone CorporationClassic rock
WKSQ0094.5 FMEllsworthBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCHot Adult Contemporary
WKTJ-FM0099.3 FMFarmingtonClearwater Communications, Inc.Adult Hits
WKTQ1450 AMSouth ParisMountain Valley Broadcasting, Inc.Christian
WKVV0101.7 FMSearsportEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WKVZ0102.1 FMDexterEducational Media FoundationContemporary Christian
WLAM1470 AMLewistonWBIN Media Co., Inc.Oldies
WLOB1310 AMPortlandAtlantic Coast Radio, LLCNews/Talk
WLVP0870 AMGorhamWBIN Media Co., Inc.Oldies
WMCM0103.3 FMRocklandBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCCountry
WMDR1340 AMAugustaLight of Life Ministries, Inc.News/Talk
WMDR-FM0088.9 FMOaklandLight of Life Ministries IncSouthern Gospel
WMEA0090.1 FMPortlandMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEB-FM0091.9 FMOronoUniversity of Maine SystemCollege Radio
WMED0089.7 FMCalaisMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEF0106.5 FMFort KentMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEH0090.9 FMBangorMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEK0088.3 FMKennebunkportWord Radio Educational FoundationChristian
WMEM0106.1 FMPresque IsleMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEP0090.5 FMCamdenMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEW0091.3 FMWatervilleMaine Public Broadcasting CorporationPublic Radio
WMEY0088.1 FMBowdoinLight of Life Ministries, Inc.
WMGX0093.1 FMPortlandSaga Communications of New England, LLCHot Adult Contemporary
WMHB0089.7 FMWatervilleThe Mayflower Hill Broadcasting Corp.Variety, College
WMME-FM0092.3 FMAugustaTownsquare Media Augusta/Waterville License, LLCTop 40 (CHR)
WMPG0090.9 FMGorhamUniversity of Maine SystemCommunity radio
WMSJ0089.3 FMFreeportBethesda Christian BroadcastingContemporary Christian
WNSX0097.7 FMWinter HarborStony Creek Broadcasting, LLCClassic Hits
WNZS1340 AMVeazieWaterfront Communications Inc.News/Talk
WOXO-FM0092.7 FMNorwayMountain Valley Broadcasting, Inc.Country
WOZI0101.9 FMPresque IsleTownsquare Media Presque Isle License, LLCClassic rock
WPEI0095.9 FMSacoAtlantic Coast Radio, LLCSports
WPOR0101.9 FMPortlandSaga Communications of New England, LLCCountry
WPPI0095.5 FMTopshamAtlantic Coast Radio, LLCSports
WQCB0106.5 FMBrewerTownsquare Media Bangor License, LLCCountry
WQDY-FM0092.7 FMCalaisWQDY, Inc.Classic hits
WQHR0096.1 FMPresque IsleTownsquare Media Presque Isle License, LLCHot Adult Contemporary
WQSK0097.5 FMMadisonBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCAdult Contemporary
WQSS0102.5 FMCamdenBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCAdult Contemporary
WRBC0091.5 FMLewistonPresident & Trustees of Bates CollegeVariety
WRED1440 AMWestbrookAtlantic Coast Radio, LLCSports Radio
WRFR-LP0093.3 FMRocklandPenobscot SchoolCommunity radio
WRGY0090.5 FMRangeleyTranetCommunity radio
WRKJ0088.5 FMWestbrookWord Radio Educational FoundationChristian
WRMO0093.7 FMMilbridgePine Tree Broadcasting, LLCAdult Contemporary
WRNM0091.7 FMEllsworthLight of Life Ministries, Inc.Southern Gospel
WRPB0089.3 FMBenedictaLight of Life Ministries, Inc.Southern Gospel
WSEW0088.7 FMSanfordWord Radio Educational FoundationChristian
WSHD0091.7 FMEastportShead Memorial High Schoolsilent
WSHK0105.3 FMKitteryTownsquare Media Portsmouth License, LLCClassic Hits
WSKW1160 AMSkowheganMountain Wireless, Inc.Classic Country
WSKX0095.3 FMYork CenterCapstar TX LLCAdult Hits
WSYY1240 AMMillinocketKatahdin Broadcasting, Inc.Sports Radio
WSYY-FM0094.9 FMMillinocketKatahdin Communications, Inc.Adult Hits
WTBM0100.7 FMMexicoMountain Valley Broadcasting, Inc.Country
WTBP0089.7 FMBathThe Presence Radio Network, Inc.
WTHT0099.9 FMAuburnWBIN Media Co., Inc.Country
WTME0780 AMRumfordMountain Valley Broadcasting, Inc.Christian
WTOS-FM0105.1 FMSkowheganBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCActive rock
WTQX0096.7 FMBoothbay HarborBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCActive rock
WTUX0101.1 FMGouldsboroBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCActive rock
WTVL1490 AMWatervilleTownsquare Media Augusta/Waterville License, LLCAdult Standards
WUMF0091.5 FMFarmingtonUniversity of Maine SystemCollege radio
WUMM0091.7 FMMachiasUniversity of Maine SystemEclectic
WUPI0092.1 FMPresque IsleUniversity of Maine SystemCollege radio
WVOM1450 AMRocklandBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCNews/Talk
WVOM-FM0103.9 FMHowlandBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCNews/Talk
WVQM0101.3 FMAugustaBlueberry Broadcasting, LLCNews/Talk
WWLN0090.5 FMLincolnLight of Life Ministries, Inc.Southern Gospel
WWMJ0095.7 FMEllsworthTownsquare Media Bangor License, LLCClassic Hits
WWNZ1400 AMVeazieWaterfront Communications Inc.News/Talk
WWSF1220 AMSanfordPort Broadcasting, LLCOldies
WWTP0089.5 FMAugustaThe Presence Radio Network, Inc.Christian
WWWA0095.3 FMWinslowLight of Life Ministries, Inc.Southern Gospel
WXBP0090.3 FMCorinthThe Presence Radio Network, Inc.Christian
WXEX-FM0092.1 FMSanfordAruba Capital Partners, LLCOldies
WXME0780 AMMonticelloAllan H. WeinerNews/Talk
WXTP0106.7 FMNorth WindhamThe Presence Radio Network, Inc.Stunting
WYAR0088.3 FMYarmouthHeritage Radio Society, Inc.Educational
WYFP0091.9 FMHarpswellBible Broadcasting Network, Inc.Christian
WYNZ0100.9 FMSouth PortlandSaga Communications of New England, LLCClassic Hits
WZAN0970 AMPortlandSaga Communications of New England, LLCTalk
WZLO0103.1 FMDover-FoxcroftThe Zone CorporationAAA
WZON0620 AMBangorThe Zone CorporationSports Talk