List of radio stations in Connecticut

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The following is a list of FCC-licensed radio stations in the U.S. state of Connecticut, which can be sorted by their call signs, frequencies, cities of license, licensees, and programming formats.

Call signFrequencyCity of License [1][2]Licensee [1][2]Format [3][4]
WACC-LP107.7 FMEnfieldAsnuntuck Community College
WADS690 AMAnsoniaRadio Amor, Inc.Spanish Religion
WAPJ89.9 FMTorringtonTorrington Community Radio Foundation, Inc.AAA/Classical
WATR1320 AMWaterburyWATR, Inc.Full Service
WAVZ1300 AMNew HavenCC Licenses, LLCAll Sports
WAXB850 AMRidgefieldThe Berkshire Broadcasting Corp.Oldies
WBMW106.5 FMPawcatuckRed Wolf Broadcasting CorporationAdult Contemporary
WBVC91.1 FMPomfretPomfret SchoolVariety
WCCC1290 AMWest HartfordMarlin Broadcasting of Hartford, LLCChristian contemporary
WCCC-FM106.9 FMHartfordMarlin Broadcasting of Hartford, LLCChristian contemporary
WCNI90.9 FMNew LondonConnecticut College Community Radio, Inc.Variety
WCSE-LP100.1 FMLedyardCalvary Chapel of Southeastern ConnecticutReligion
WCTF1170 AMVernonFamily Stations, Inc.Religious
WCTY97.7 FMNorwichWICH, IncorporatedCountry
WCUM1450 AMBridgeportRadio Cumbre Broadcasting, Inc.Spanish Tropical
WDAQ98.3 FMDanburyBerkshire Broadcasting Corp.Hot Adult Contemporary
WDJW89.7 FMSomersWDJW-Somers High SchoolAAA
WDJZ1530 AMBridgeportPeoples Broadcast Network, LLCWorld Ethnic
WDRC1360 AMHartfordConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCNews Talk Information
WDRC-FM102.9 FMHartfordConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCClassic Hits
WEBE107.9 FMWestportCumulus Licensing LLCAdult Contemporary
WECS90.1 FMWillimanticEastern Connecticut State UniversityVariety
WEDW-FM88.5 FMStamfordConnecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.News Talk Information
WELI960 AMNew HavenCC Licenses, LLCNews Talk Information
WERB94.5 FMBerlinBerlin Board of EducationEducational
WESU88.1 FMMiddletownWesleyanEducational
WEZN-FM99.9 FMBridgeportConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCAdult Contemporary
WFAR93.3 FMDanburyDanbury Community Radio, Inc.Religious
WFCS107.7 FMNew BritainCentral Connecticut State UniversityEducational
WFIF1500 AMMilfordK.W. Dolmar Broadcasting Co., Inc.Religious
WFNW1380 AMNaugatuckCandido Dias CarreloSpanish Tropical
WFOX95.9 FMNorwalkConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCClassic Rock
WGCH1490 AMGreenwichForte Family Broadcasting, Inc.Business News
WGRS91.5 FMGuilfordTown of Monroe, ConnecticutClassical
WGSK90.1 FMSouth KentTown of Monroe, ConnecticutClassical
WHCN105.9 FMHartfordCapstar TX LLCClassic Hits
WHDD1020 AMSharonTri-State Public Communications, Inc.Variety
WHDD-FM91.9 FMSharonTri-State Public Communications, Inc.
WHUS91.7 FMStorrsThe Board Of Trustees, The University Of ConnecticutVariety
WICC600 AMBridgeportCumulus Licensing LLCNews Talk Information
WICH1310 AMNorwichWICH, IncorporatedAdult Standards/MOR
WIHS104.9 FMMiddletownConnecticut Radio Fellowship, Inc.Religious
WILI1400 AMWillimanticNutmeg Broadcasting Co.News Talk Information
WILI-FM98.3 FMWillimanticNutmeg Broadcasting Co.Pop Contemporary Hit Radio
WINE940 AMBrookfieldTownsquare Media Danbury License, LLCSports
WINY1350 AMPutnamOsbrey Broadcasting CompanyAdult Contemporary
WJMJ88.9 FMHartfordSt. Thomas SeminaryReligious
WKCI-FM101.3 FMHamdenCC Licenses, LLCPop Contemporary Hit Radio
WKND1480 AMWindsorGois Broadcasting of Connecticut, LLCUrban Adult Contemporary
WKNL100.9 FMNew LondonHall Communications, Inc.Hot Adult Contemporary
WKSS95.7 FMHartford-MeridenCapstar TX LLCPop Contemporary Hit Radio
WKZE-FM98.1 FMSalisburyWillpower Radio, L.L.C.Album Adult Alternative
WLAD800 AMDanburyThe Berkshire Broadcasting Corp.Talk
WLAT910 AMNew BritainGois Broadcasting Of Connecticut, LLCSpanish Tropical
WLIS1420 AMOld SaybrookCrossroads Communications of Old Saybrook, LLCTalk
WMAS-FM94.7 FMEnfieldRadio License Holding CBC, LLCAdult contemporary
WMMW1470 AMMeridenConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCNews Talk Information
WMNR88.1 FMMonroeTown of Monroe, ConnecticutClassical
WMOS102.3 FMStoningtonRadio License Holding CBC, LLCClassic Rock
WMRD1150 AMMiddletownCrossroads Communications, LLCTalk
WMRQ-FM104.1 FMWaterburyRed Wolf Broadcasting CorporationModern Rock
WNEZ1230 AMManchesterGois Broadcasting Of Connecticut, LLCSpanish News/Talk
WNHU88.7 FMWest HavenUniversity of New HavenVariety
WNLC98.7 FMEast LymeHall Communications, Inc.Classic Hits
WNLK1350 AMNorwalkSacred Heart University, IncorporatedNews Talk Information
WNLN-LP107.3 FMNianticNew Haven Educational Radio Corp.Christian
WNPR90.5 FMMeridenConnecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.News Talk Information
WPKN89.5 FMBridgeportWPKN, Inc.Variety
WPKT89.1 FMNorwichConnecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.News Talk Information
WPLR99.1 FMNew HavenConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCAlbum Oriented Rock
WPOP1410 AMHartfordCapstar TX LLCAll Sports
WPRX1120 AMBristolNievezquez Productions, Inc.Spanish Tropical
WQAQ98.1 FMHamdenQuinnipiac UniversityAlternative
WQGN-FM105.5 FMGrotonRadio License Holding CBC, LLCPop Contemporary Hit Radio
WQQQ103.3 FMSharonThe Ridgefield Broadcasting CorporationNews Talk Information
WQTQ89.9 FMHartfordHartford Board of EducationUrban Contemporary
WQUN1220 AMHamdenQuinnipiac UniversityAdult Standards/MOR
WRCH100.5 FMNew BritainCBS Radio Stations, Inc.Adult Contemporary
WRKI95.1 FMBrookfieldTownsquare Media Danbury License, LLCAlbum Oriented Rock
WRTC-FM89.3 FMHartfordTrustees of Trinity CollegeVariety
WRXC90.1 FMSheltonTown of Monroe, ConnecticutClassical
WRYM840 AMNew BritainEight Forty Broadcasting CorporationSpanish Tropical
WSDK1550 AMBloomfieldBlount Masscom, Inc.Religion
WSGG89.3 FMNorfolkRevival Christian Ministries, Inc.Spanish Contemporary Christian
WSHU1260 AMWestportSacred Heart University, Inc.News Talk Information
WSHU-FM91.1 FMFairfieldSacred Heart University, Inc.Classical
WSLX91.9 FMNew CanaanSt. Luke's Foundation, Inc.Classical
WSNG610 AMTorringtonConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCNews Talk Information
WSTC1400 AMStamfordSacred Heart University, IncorporatedNews Talk Information
WTIC1080 AMHartfordCBS Radio Stations, Inc.News Talk Information
WTIC-FM96.5 FMHartfordCBS Radio Stations, Inc.Hot Adult Contemporary
WUCS97.9 FMWindsor LocksCapstar TX LLCSports
WVOF88.5 FMFairfieldFairfield UniversityVariety
WWBW-LP97.1 FMHigganumConnecticut River Educational Radio, Inc.Religious
WWCO1240 AMWaterburyConnoisseur Media Licenses, LLCNews Talk Information
WWEB89.9 FMWallingfordChoate Rosemary Hall FoundationVariety
WWPT90.3 FMWestportWestport Ct. Board of EducationAlbum Oriented Rock
WWRX107.7 FMLedyardFuller Broadcasting International, LLCRhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio
WWUH91.3 FMWest HartfordUniversity of HartfordAlternative Folk, Jazz, Rock, Classicsl
WWYZ92.5 FMWaterburyCapstar TX LLCCountry
WXCI91.7 FMDanburyWestern Connecticut State UniversityEducational
WXCT990 AMSouthingtonDavidson Media Station WXCT Licensee, LLCSpanish Christian
WXLM980 AMGrotonRadio License Holding CBC, LLCNews/Talk
WYBC1340 AMNew HavenYale Broadcasting Company, Inc.Album Adult Alternative
WYBC-FM94.3 FMNew HavenYale Broadcasting Company, Inc.Urban Adult Contemporary
WYPH-LP102.5 FMManchesterNew River Community Church
WZBG97.3 FMLitchfieldLocal Girls and Boys Broadcasting CorporationAdult Contemporary
WZMX93.7 FMHartfordCBS Radio Stations, Inc.Rhythmic Contemporary Hit Radio
This list is complete and up-to-date as of May 8, 2014.