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Rabbit breeds are different varieties of the domestic rabbit created through selective breeding or natural selection. Breeds recognized by organizations such as the American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA) or the British Rabbit Council (BRC) may be exhibited and judged in rabbit shows. Breeders attempt to emulate the breed standard by which each breed is judged.

List with classification and standards[edit]

BreedOriginSizeFur TypeEar TypeColor(s)ARBA AcceptedBRC AcceptedImage
AlaskaGermany7–9 lb (3.2–4.1 kg)ShortUprightBlackNoYesAlaska schwarz.jpg
AltexUnited States; crossbreed being developed in USA13 lb (5.9 kg)ShortUprightAlbinoNoNo---
American BlueUnited States9–12 lb (4.1–5.4 kg)ShortUprightBlueYesNoRabbitAmericanBlue.jpg
American AlbinoUnited States9–12 lb (4.1–5.4 kg)ShortUprightWhiteYesNoRabbitAmericanWhite.jpg
American Fuzzy LopUnited States3–4 lb (1.4–1.8 kg)LongLopAllYesNoRabbit american fuzzy lop buck white.jpg
American SableUnited States9–10 lb (4.1–4.5 kg)ShortUprightSableYesNoAmerican Sable.png
Argente BleuFrance6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightBlueNoYes---
Argente BrunFrance6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightBrownNoYes---
Argente ClairFrance6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightBlue SilverNoNo---
Argente CrèmeFrance6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightCreamYesYes---
Argente de ChampagneFrance8–10 lb (3.6–4.5 kg)ShortUprightSilverYesYesLapin argenté.jpg
Argente NoirFrance6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightDark SilverNoYes---
Argente St HubertFrance6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightSilvered Black AgoutiNoYes---
BaladiEgypt6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Red, WhiteNoNo---
BauscatEgypt8 lb (3.6 kg)ShortUprightAlbinoNoNo---
BeigeEngland/Netherlands6.5 lb (2.9 kg)ShortUprightDark Chamois or Light SandNoYes---
Belgian HareBelgium8–10 lb (3.6–4.5 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Black & Tan, RedYesYesBelgische haas (konijnenras).jpg
BeverenBelgium5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Blue, WhiteYesYes---
Big Silver MartenCroatia8–12 lb (3.6–5.4 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Chocolate, Blue; SallanderNoNo---
Blanc de BouscatFrance11–15 lb (5.0–6.8 kg)ShortUprightWhiteNoYes---
Blanc de HototFrance8–11 lb (3.6–5.0 kg)ShortUprightWhite, dark rings around eyesYesYesHotot Rabbit!.jpg
Blanc de PopielnoFrance10–12 lb (4.5–5.4 kg)ShortUprightWhiteNoNo---
Blanc de TermondeBelgium10–12 lb (4.5–5.4 kg)ShortUprightWhite, Red EyesNoYes---
Blue of HamBelgium10–13 lb (4.5–5.9 kg)ShortUprightNoNo---
Blue of Sint-NiklaasBelgium5–12 lb (2.3–5.4 kg)ShortUprightBlueNoNoBlvSN.jpg
Bourbonnais GreyFrance7–11 lb (3.2–5.0 kg)ShortUprightBlueNoNo---
BrazilianBrazil7–11 lb (3.2–5.0 kg)ShortUprightNoNo---
Britannia PetiteEngland1.5–2.5 lb (0.68–1.13 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Black Otter, Chestnut, Sable Marten, Red-Eyed White. Blue-Eyed WhiteYesNoRo pool gilberte.jpg
British GiantEngland12–13 lb (5.4–5.9 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Blue, White, Opal, Steel Grey, Brown GreyNoYes---
Brown Chestnut of LorraineFrance4.5 lb (2.0 kg)ShortUprightChestnutNoNo---
CaldesSpainShortUprightRed-Eyed WhiteNoNo---
CalifornianUnited States9–10 lb (4.1–4.5 kg)ShortUprightWhite with Chocolate, Lilac or Blue points, red eyesYesYesKróliki kalifornijskie 666.jpg
Carmagnola GreyItaly10–12 lb (4.5–5.4 kg)ShortUprightChinchillaNoNo---
Cashmere LopEngland4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)LongLopManyNoYes---
ChaudryFrance8–9 lb (3.6–4.1 kg)ShortUprightRed-Eyed WhiteNoNo---
Checkered GiantEurope11–12 lb (5.0–5.4 kg)ShortUprightWhite with black markingsYesYesNemecky oborovity strakos.jpg
Chinchilla (Standard)France5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightChinchillaYesYesKaninchen3.jpg
Chinchilla (American)United States9–12 lb (4.1–5.4 kg)ShortUprightChinchillaYesNo---
Chinchilla (Giganta)France10–12 lb (4.5–5.4 kg)ShortUprightChinchillaNoYes---
Chinchilla (Giant)United States10–16 lb (4.5–7.3 kg)ShortUprightChinchillaYesNo---
CinnamonUnited States10–11 lb (4.5–5.0 kg)ShortUprightCinnamonYesNo---
Continental GiantEurope12–16 lb (5.4–7.3 kg)ShortUprightManyNoYes---
Cuban BrownCentral AmericaShortUprightChocolateNoNo---
Czech AlbinCzech RepublicShortUprightWhiteNoNo---
Czech SpotCzech Republic6–8 lb (2.7–3.6 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Blue, Agouti, Tri-colorNoNo---
Czech Red rabbitCzech Republic4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortUprightChestnutNoNoČeský červený samec.jpg
DeilenaarNetherlands5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)ShortUprightRed AgoutiNoYes---
DutchEngland4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Blue, Chinchilla, Chocolate, Grey, Steel, Tortoise with a white band across the shoulders, white nose and white pawsYesYesAmerican Grand Champion Dutch Rabbit.jpg
Dutch (Tri-Coloured)England4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortUprightTri-colour with a white band across the shoulders, white nose and white pawsNoYes---
Dwarf HototGermany2–3 lb (0.91–1.36 kg)ShortUprightWhite with black around the eyesYesNoDwarf Hotot, my favorite breed.jpg
Dwarf Lop (Mini Lop in USA)Germany4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortLopManyYesYes


ElfinSweden4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortUprightManyNoNoTanElfinrabbit.JPG
Enderby IslandAustralia3–4 lb (1.4–1.8 kg)ShortUprightChampagne, CrèmeNoNo---
English AngoraFrance5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)LongUprightManyYesYesEnglishAngoraRabbit.jpg
English SpotEngland5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)ShortUprightWhite with colored butterfly patternYesYesEnglish Spot Black.JPG
English LopEngland10–11 lb (4.5–5.0 kg)ShortLopManyYesYesEnglish Lop Rabbit.jpg
Fauve de BourgogneFrance7–11 lb (3.2–5.0 kg)ShortUprightOrange/RedNoYesGVB ram.jpg
Fee de Marbourg (Marburger)France4–7 lb (1.8–3.2 kg)ShortUprightLilacNoNoMarburger Feh 20061027.jpg
Flemish GiantBelgium14–25 lb (6.4–11.3 kg)TallUprightSteel, Light Grey, Sandy, Fawn, White, Black, BlueYesYesFlemish giant fawn doe.jpg
Florida WhiteUnited States4–6 lb (1.8–2.7 kg)ShortUprightWhiteYesNoFloridawhiterabbit.jpg
French AngoraFrance7–10 lb (3.2–4.5 kg)LongUprightManyYesNoFrenchAngora.jpg
French LopFrance10 lb (4.5 kg)ShortLopManyYesYesLoprabbit.JPG
GabaliEgypt6–7 lb (2.7–3.2 kg)ShortUprightAgoutiNoNo---
German AngoraGermany4–12 lb (1.8–5.4 kg)LongUprightWhite, AlbinoNoNo---
German LopGermany6–8 lb (2.7–3.6 kg)ShortLopManyNoYes---
Giant AngoraUnited States10 lb (4.5 kg)LongUprightYesNoJoey Giant Angora Buck-rebalanced.jpg
Giant PapillonEurope11–12 lb (5.0–5.4 kg)ShortUprightWhite with black markingsYesYesNemecky oborovity strakos.jpg
Giza WhiteEgypt5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightWhite (albino)NoNo---
Golden GlavcotEngland5–6 lb (2.3–2.7 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
GotlandSweden6.6–9 lb (3.0–4.1 kg)ShortUprightNoNoGotlandskanin Vallby.jpg
Grey Pearl of HalleBelgium5–6 lb (2.3–2.7 kg)ShortUprightLight GreyNoNo---
Güzelçamlı rabbitTurkey5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)ShortUprightWhite with chocolate markingsNoNo---
HarlequinFrance6–9 lb (2.7–4.1 kg)Upright2 colours in fur i.e. part black part orangeYesYesHarlequin Rabbits.jpg
HavanaNetherlands4.5–6.5 lb (2.0–2.9 kg)ShortUprightChocolate, Blue, Black, LilacYesYesOtisHavana.jpg
HimalayanAsia6–8 lb (2.7–3.6 kg)ShortUprightWhite with black, chocolate, lilac or blue pointsYesYesHimalayanRabbit.jpg
HulstlanderNetherlands4–6 lb (1.8–2.7 kg)ShortUprightWhite with blue eyesNoYes---
Hungarian GiantHungary12–15 lb (5.4–6.8 kg)ShortUprightManyNoNo---
Jersey WoolyUnited States2.5–3.5 lb (1.1–1.6 kg)LongUprightManyYesNoLightsmokepearljerseywoolyrabbit.jpg
KabyleAlgeria5–6 lb (2.3–2.7 kg)ShortUprightManyNoNo---
LilacEngland5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightLavenderYesYes---
LionheadUnited States2.5–3.5 lb (1.1–1.6 kg)LongUprightVaries by country [1][2]YesYesLapin nain.JPG
Liptov Baldspotted RabbitSlovakia8–9 lb (3.6–4.1 kg)ShortUprightAgouti, BlackNoNo---
Meissner LopGermany10–12 lb (4.5–5.4 kg)ShortLopManyNoYes---
Mellerud rabbitSweden6.6–7.7 lb (3.0–3.5 kg)ShortUprightAlbino, Black/whiteNoNoMellerud rabbit.jpeg
Miniature Lop (Holland Lop in USA)Netherlands2–3 lb (0.91–1.36 kg)ShortLopManyYesYesHolland lop bunny.JPG
Mini Lion LopEngland2–3 lb (0.91–1.36 kg)LongLopManyNoYes---
Netherland DwarfNetherlands1.1–3.5 lb (0.50–1.59 kg)ShortUprightManyYesYesNetherland dwarf rabbit chibi.JPG
New ZealandUnited States9–12 lb (4.1–5.4 kg)ShortUprightWhite with red eyes, Red, Black, BrokenYesYesRabbit NZ BWR.jpg
New Zealand RedCzech Republic9–12 lb (4.1–5.4 kg)ShortUprightChestnutNoYesRode nieuwzeelander Ram.jpg
OrestadScandinavia5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightAlbinoNoNo---
PalominoUnited States10–11 lb (4.5–5.0 kg)ShortUprightLynx, GoldenYesNoPalBuckSide-small.jpg
Pannon WhiteHungary5–10 lb (2.3–4.5 kg)ShortUprightWhiteNoNo---
PerlfeeEngland5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)ShortUprightBlue AgoutiNoYes---
Plush Lop (Standard)United States5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)RexLopNoNo---
Plush Lop (Mini)United States3–4 lb (1.4–1.8 kg)RexLopNoNo---
Pointed BeverenBelgium7 lb (3.2 kg)ShortUprightBlue points, brown or lilac also recognisedNoYes---
PolishEngland1–2 lb (0.45–0.91 kg)ShortUprightManyYesYes---
Rex (Standard)France6–10 lb (2.7–4.5 kg)Rex[3]UprightManyYesYes45-rex-castor.jpg
Rex (Astrex)England6–10 lb (2.7–4.5 kg)Rex, wavyUprightManyNoYes---
Rex (Mini)England3–4 lb (1.4–1.8 kg)RexUprightManyYesYesRexdwerg castor.jpg
Rex (Opossum)England6–8 lb (2.7–3.6 kg)LongUprightManyNoYes---
RhinelanderGermany9–10 lb (4.1–4.5 kg)ShortUprightWhite with coloured butterfly patternsYesYesRhinelander.jpg
SallanderNetherlands5–9 lb (2.3–4.1 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
San JuanUnited States3–5 lb (1.4–2.3 kg)ShortUprightAgoutiNoNo---
Satin6–8 lb (2.7–3.6 kg)ShortUprightAll self colours, very shiny furYesYesSatijn konijn ivoor.jpg
Satin (Mini)4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
Satin AngoraCanada6–9 lb (2.7–4.1 kg)LongUprightYesNoSatinangora.jpg
Siberian5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
Siamese Sable5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
Silver5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightYesYesKleinsilber schwarz.JPG
Silver FoxUnited States11–12 lb (5.0–5.4 kg)ShortUprightYesYesEithel, black Silver Fox doe.jpg
Silver Marten9.5 lb (4.3 kg)ShortUprightYesNoMarten Rabbit.jpg
Smoke Pearl5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
Spanish GiantSpain12.5–15 lb (5.7–6.8 kg)ShortUprightNoNo---
Squirrel5–7 lb (2.3–3.2 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
SussexEngland7–8 lb (3.2–3.6 kg)ShortUprightGold, CreamNoYes---
Swiss Fox5–8 lb (2.3–3.6 kg)LongUprightNoYesVoskonijn-Feh.jpg
TadlaMorocco4–5 lb (1.8–2.3 kg)ShortUprightAgoutiNoNo---
TanEngland4–6 lb (1.8–2.7 kg)ShortUprightBlack, Blue, Chocolate, LilacYesYesState fair 06 029.jpg
TeddywidderGermany3.3 lb (1.5 kg)LongLopManyNoNo2007-03-20Teddywidderbaby02.jpg
ThriantaSwiss Alps6 lb (2.7 kg)ShortUprightChestnutYesYes---
ThuringerGermany9 lb (4.1 kg)ShortUprightNoYes---
Vienna7–9 lb (3.2–4.1 kg)ShortUprightBlue, Black, Agouti, WhiteNoYesWeisser Wiener.JPG
Wheaten5.5–7 lb (2.5–3.2 kg)ShortUprightFawn or pale yellowNoYes---
Wheaten Lynx5.5–7 lb (2.5–3.2 kg)ShortUprightOrange shot silverNoYes---

Extinct Breeds[edit]

These rabbit breeds are now extinct but many form part of the heritage of the rabbit breeds above. For some there is very little known and the only records that exist are extracts in old breed books.

BreedOriginSizeFur TypeEar TypeColor(s)ImageBreed Heritage[4]
Beaver------------Silky & luxurious coat---
Blanc de Chauny------------Snow white---
Blanc de L'OuralFrance8–10 lb (3.6–4.5 kg)------Albino---
Golden Fawn------------------New Zealand Red
Old English RedEngland---------------
PatagonianEurope---------------Flemish Giant
Petite BrabanconBelgium---------------Dutch
RouennaisFrance8–10 lb (3.6–4.5 kg)ShortUpright------French Lop
SwanIsle of Man16–20 lb (7.3–9.1 kg)------Brown, Grey---


  1. ^ [1] ARBA 2013 Standards Committee Report
  2. ^ [2] BRC Lionhead Standard
  3. ^ Rex means genetic fur mutation. Rexes lack the long guard hairs of the normal-furred rabbit counterparts. Their fur is very short, soft and velvety.
  4. ^ These are breeds that this extinct breed has contributed to that exist nowadays.