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This page is a list of non-governmental entities that currently offer – or are planning to offer – equipment and services geared towards spaceflight, both robotic and human spaceflight.

List of abbreviations used in this article

LEO: Low Earth orbit
GTO: Geostationary transfer orbit
VTOL: Vertical take-off and landing
SSTO: Single-stage-to-orbit
TSTO: Two-stage-to-orbit
SSTSO: Single-stage-to-sub-orbit


Manufacturers of space vehicles

Crew and cargo transport vehicles

Company nameCraft nameCraft typeLauncher
Craft statusNotes
Romania ARCAHaas 2bcapsuleHaas 2brocketsub-orbit2development[1]
Romania ARCASuper HaascapsuleSuper Haasrocketorbit2development[2]
United States Armadillo AerospaceBlack Armadillorocketself-poweredself-poweredsub-orbit1-3testing[3]
Bigelow Aerospace and BoeingCST-100capsuleAtlas V[4]rocketLEO7testingFirst use is planned for 2015[5]
Bigelow Aerospace and Lockheed MartinOrion LitecapsuleFalcon 9rocketLEO6-7cancelled[6]
United States Blue OriginNew Shepardrocketself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit3testing[7]
Denmark Copenhagen SuborbitalsTycho Braherocketself-poweredself-poweredsub-orbit1testing[8]
EADS Astriumunnamed craftspaceplaneself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit4development[9]
Excalibur AlmazTKS derivativecapsulemultiplerocketLEO3development[10][11]
da Vinci ProjectWild Firecapsule-balloonsub-orbit3cancelled[12]
United States Interorbital SystemsSolaris Xcapsuleself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit6cancelled[13]
United States Interorbital SystemsCrew ModulecapsuleNeptune TSAAHTOrocketlunar orbit6development[14]
Japanese Rocket SocietyKankoh-marurocketself-powered (SSTO)self-powered (SSTO)LEO50proposedSponsors needed[15]
Orbital Sciences Corp.CygnuscapsuleAntares (rocket)rocketLEO-testingFirst use planned for 2012
Orbital Sciences Corp.PrometheusspaceplaneAtlas VrocketLEO4development[16]
PlanetSpaceCanadian Arrowrocketself-poweredself-poweredsub-orbit3testing
PlanetSpaceSilver DartspaceplaneCanadian ArrowrocketLEO8development[17]
Reaction Engines Ltd.HOTOLspaceplaneself-powered (SSTO)self-powered (SSTO)LEO-cancelled[18][full citation needed]
Reaction Engines Ltd.HOTOL 2spaceplaneAn 225airplaneLEO-proposed[19]
Reaction Engines Ltd.Skylonspaceplaneself-powered (SSTO)self-powered (SSTO)LEO5-20development[19]
Rocketplane KistlerK-1rocketself-powered (TSTO)self-powered (TSTO)LEO-cancelled[20][full citation needed]
Rocketplane KistlerRocketplane XPspaceplaneself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit6cancelled[21][full citation needed]
Rotary RocketRotonrocketself-powered (SSTO)self-powered (SSTO)LEO2cancelled[22]
Scaled CompositesSpaceShipOnespaceplaneWhiteKnightOneairplanesub-orbit2retired (3/3)[23]
Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic
(The Spaceship Company)
Scaled Composites and Virgin Galactic
(The Spaceship Company)
SpaceShipThreespaceplaneWhiteKnightTwoairplaneLEO (or suborbital passenger-delivery) ?proposed[25]
Space Adventures and Myasishchev Design BureauExplorer (Cosmopolis XXI, C-21)spaceplaneM-55Xairplanesub-orbit5development[26]
Space Transport Corp.Rubicon Irocketself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit3cancelled[27]
SpaceDevDream ChaserspaceplaneAtlas VrocketLEO7testing[28]
SpaceXDragoncapsuleFalcon 9rocketLEO7operational (2/2)2 spacecraft have been launched into orbit and returned to earth[29]
Starchaser IndustriesNOVAcapsuleStarchaser 4rocketsub-orbit-testing[30]
Starchaser IndustriesThunderstarcapsuleStarchaser 5rocketsub-orbit3development[31]
Starchaser IndustriesThunderbirdcapsuleStarchaser 5rocketsub-orbit6development[31]
Truax Engineering, Inc.X-3 VolksrocketcapsulePrivate Enterpriserocketsub-orbit1cancelled[citation needed]
t/SpaceCXVcapsuleQuickReachrocketLEO and lunar orbit6development[32]
Venturer AerospaceS-550capsuleFalcon 9rocketLEO6cancelled[33]
XCORXerusspaceplaneself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit2cancelled[34]
XCOR and RocketShip ToursLynxspaceplaneself-powered (SSTSO)self-powered (SSTSO)sub-orbit1development[35]

Space stations

Private Company nameSpace Craft nameSpace Craft typeInternal
Craft statusRef
Bigelow AerospaceGenesis IInflatable module11.5 m3 (406 cu ft)[36]unmannedcurrently in LEO[37]
Bigelow AerospaceGenesis IIInflatable module11.5 m3 (406 cu ft)[38]unmannedcurrently in LEO[39]
Bigelow AerospaceGalaxyInflatable module16.7 m3 (590 cu ft)[40]unmannedcancelled[41]
Bigelow AerospaceSundancerInflatable module180 m3 (6,357 cu ft)3cancelled[42]
Bigelow AerospaceBA 330Inflatable module330 m3 (11,654 cu ft)6development[43]
Bigelow AerospaceBA 2100Inflatable module2,100 m3 (74,161 cu ft)16proposed
Excalibur AlmazAlmaz derivativeRigid module ?3development[10][11]
Galactic Suite Ltd.Galactic SuiteRigid module ?6proposed[44]
Orbital Technologies/RSC EnergiaOrbital Technologies Commercial Space StationRigid ModuleThe first module CSS will be volume about 20 m³.7development[45]

Launch vehicles

Company nameLauncher
No. of
AirLaunch LLCQuickReachrocket2LEOdevelopment ?[46]
ARCAHaas 2bsmall rocket1suborbitdevelopment ?[1]
ARCASuper Haasmedium rocket2LEOdevelopment ?[2]
Beal AerospaceBA-2medium rocket3GTOcancelled ?[47]
Canadian ArrowCanadian Arrowrocket2LEOtesting ?[citation needed]
DIRECTLeviathan-140rocket2GTOdevelopment ?[48]
Galaxy ExpressGXmedium rocket2SSOcancelled ?[49]
Interorbital SystemsSea Star TSAAHTOlight rocketLEOdevelopment ?[50]
Interorbital SystemsNeptune 30light rocketmultiLEOproposed ?[14]
Interorbital SystemsNeptune 1000medium rocketmultilunar orbitproposed ?[14]
Interorbital SystemsNeptune TSAAHTOheavy rocketlunar orbitproposed ?[14]
Lockheed MartinVentureStarmedium rocket1LEOcancelled ?[51]
Orbital Sciences Corp.Taurus Ilight rocket4LEOoperational (6/9)1989[52]
Orbital Sciences Corp.Antaresmedium rocket3LEOdevelopment2012 (planned) ?
Orbital Transport & Raketen AGOTRAGmedium rocketvariableLEOretired1977[citation needed]
Rocket LabATEA-1light rocket2suborbitoperational (1/1)2009[53][54]
Scorpius Space Launch Company
(Spin-off of Microcosm)
SR-Mlight rocket1suborbitoperational ?[55]
Scorpius Space Launch Company
(Spin-off of Microcosm)
Spritelight rocket--testing ?[55]
Scorpius Space Launch Company
(Spin-off of Microcosm)
Libertylight rocket--development ?[55]
Scorpius Space Launch Company
(Spin-off of Microcosm)
Exodusmedium rocket--development ?[55]
Scorpius Space Launch Company
(Spin-off of Microcosm)
Space Freightermedium rocket--proposed ?[55]
Space Services Inc. of AmericaPercheronlight rocket1suborbitcancelled ?[56]
Space Services Inc. of AmericaConestoga 1620medium rocket4LEOcancelled ?[56]
Space Transport Corp.Spartanlight rocket3suborbitcancelled ?
SpaceXFalcon 1light rocket2LEOoperational (2/5)2008[57]
SpaceXFalcon 1elight rocket2LEOtesting2011 (planned)[57]
SpaceXFalcon 5medium rocket2GTOcancelled ?[58]
SpaceXFalcon 9medium rocket2GTOoperational (3/3)2010[59]
SpaceXFalcon Heavyheavy rocket2+boosterslunar orbitdevelopment2013 (planned)[59]
Texas Spacelines Inc / TSI.Sol Cazadorlight rocket7HEO/lunar/escapedevelopment ?[60]

Landers, rovers and probes

Company nameCraft nameCraft typeCraft statusRef
Armadillo Aerospaceunnamed craftrocket moduletesting[61]
BlastOff! CorporationLunar 1rovercancelled[62]
Odyssey MoonMoonOne (M-1)roverdevelopment[63]
Astrobotic TechnologyArtemis Landerlanderdevelopment[64]
Astrobotic TechnologyRed Roverroverdevelopment[65]
Team Italiaroverdevelopment[66]
Micro Spacedevelopment[67]
Next Giant Leapdevelopment[68]
Team FREDNETdevelopment[69]
TransOrbitalTrailBlazerlunar orbitercancelled[70]
ARCASPACEELElunar orbiterdevelopment[71]
Omega Envoydevelopment[77]
SYNERGY MOONdevelopment[79]
Team SeleneLuRoCa 1rocket cardevelopment[81]
Puli Space TechnologiesPuliroverfundraising[84]

Research craft and tech demonstrators

Company nameCraft nameCraft purposeCraft statusRef
ARCADemonstrator 2bdemonstrate reusable monopropellant engineretired
Armadillo AerospaceQuaddemonstrate VTOLoperational
Blue OriginGoddarddemonstrate VTOLoperational
Interorbital SystemsNeutrinosystems testingoperational
Interorbital SystemsTachyonsystems testingoperational[85]
Lockheed MartinX-33demonstrate SSTOcancelled
Masten Space SystemsXA-0.1demonstrate VTOLretired
Masten Space SystemsXA-0.1BLunar Lander Challenge Level 1operational
Masten Space SystemsXA-0.1ELunar Lander Challenge Level 2, commercial precursor flightsoperational
Masten Space SystemsXA-0.1E2commercial flightsdevelopment
McDonnell DouglasDC-Xdemonstrate VTOLretired (11 test flights)
Rotary RocketRoton ATVdemonstrate VTOLretired (3 test flights)
Space Services Inc.Conestoga Isystems testingretired (1 test)[56]
SpaceXGrasshopperdemonstrate VTOLdevelopment[86]
Swedish Space Corp.Maxuspayload to 700 kmoperational
Swedish Space Corp.Maserpayload to 300 kmoperational
UP AerospaceSpaceLoft XLpayload to 140 kmoperational[87]

Space mining

Company nameBody to be minedMining craftMining statusRef
Shackleton Energy CompanyMoonUnknownUnknown
Moon ExpressMoonUnknownUnknown
Planetary ResourcesUnknownArkyd Series 100, 200, 300development[88]

Propulsion manufacturers

Company nameEngineEngine typeApplicationsRef
Ad Astra Rocket CompanyVASIMRmagnetoplasmamay be used for future Mars missions[citation needed]
AE AerospaceHIRE[89][90]hybrid ion rocket
AE AerospaceScearamjet[91][full citation needed]Electric Scramjet
American Rocket Companyhybrid rocketThe company became insolvent and was shut down in May 1996. Its lineage is part of SpaceShipOne.
ARCAExecutor (rocket engine)Liquid Oxygen/RP-1IAR 111, Haas 2, Haas 2b, Super Haas
The Elwing CompanyElectrodeless Plasma ThrusterElectric Propulsionmay be used for future explorations missions[92][full citation needed]
Firestar Technologies[93]
Reaction Engines Ltd.SABREprecooled air-breathing rocketplanned to be used in Skylon[94]
Sierra Nevada CorporationRocketMotorTwohybrid rocketSpaceShipTwo
SpaceDevhybrid rocketSpaceShipOne[citation needed]
SpaceXKestrel (rocket engine)Liquid Oxygen/RP-1Falcon 1 second stage
SpaceXMerlin (rocket engine)Liquid Oxygen/RP-1Falcon 1,[95] Falcon 9,[96] Falcon 9 Heavy first stage[citation needed]
SpaceXMerlin VacuumLiquid Oxygen/RP-1Falcon 9, Falcon 9 Heavy second stage[citation needed]
SpaceXRaptor (rocket stage)Liquid Oxygen/Liquid HydrogenAs of July 2009, some preliminary concept work was being done.[97]

Satellite launchers

Spaceliner companies

Company nameContracts forCraft utilisedStatus
Benson Space CompanySpaceDevDream Chaserwaiting for hardware[citation needed]
MirCorpnoneSoyuz TM, Progress M1 and Mirdefunct, Mir deorbited
Space AdventuresnoneSoyuz and the ISSactive (6 tourists sent)
RocketShip ToursXCORLynx rocketplanewaiting for hardware
Virgin GalacticScaled CompositesSpaceShipTwowaiting for hardware

Spacecraft component manufacturers

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