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This page provides a list of prisons by country.




Australian Capital Territory[edit]

New South Wales[edit]

Northern Territory[edit]



South Australia[edit]


Western Australia[edit]



- Section Femmes - Section d'Hommes






Men's (Federal)[edit]

Men's (Provincial)[edit]

(Note: Some provincial facilities, though predominantly male, may house a small number of remanded female inmates.)

Women's (Federal)[edit]

Women's (Provincial)[edit]







Both sexes[edit]







Other Canadian correctional facilities[edit]


Bío Bío Region[edit]

Los Ríos Region[edit]

Santiago Metropolitan Region[edit]


Hong Kong[edit]



Court and prison in Rijeka (est.1904).

County prisons[edit]

State prisons, penitentiaries and prison hospitals[edit]

Former regime prisons and penal colonies[edit]

 Czech Republic[edit]





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Best known prisons (mostly from 19th century or older, mainly still in function except the Katajanokka Prison and Kakola):

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Listing from official website: (French)


For a longer list of prisons in Germany see Liste der Justizvollzugsanstalten in Deutschland (German)




NameMunicipalityEstablishedCapacitySecurity levelNotes
HegningarhúsiðReykjavík187416MediumUsed for short detention, short sentences and for new prisoners awaiting transfer.
Fangelsið Litla-HrauniEyrabakki192945HighUsed for prisoners with long sentences, particularly those with a history of violence.
Fangelsið KvíabryggjuGrundarfjörður195422Open prisonUsed for prisoners with a remaining sentence of 2 year or less. Prisoners are expected to either work or receive education and to take care of themselves for the most part.
Fangelsið AkureyriAkureyri197810LowUsed for prisoners with a remaining sentence of 1 year or less. Prisoners are expected to either work or receive education and to take care of themselves for the most part.
Fangelsið Kópavogsbraut 17Kópavogur198912MediumAll female prisoners serve their sentences in Kópavogur, short sentences can be served elsewhere. Due to the low female prison population, male prisoners with short sentences and no history of violence are also accepted.
Fangelsið BitruSelfoss201016Open prisonPrisoners are expected to either work or receive education and to take care of themselves for the most part.









Sapporo Correctional Precinct[edit]

Sendai Correctional Precinct[edit]

Tokyo Correctional Precinct[edit]

Nagoya Correctional Precinct[edit]

Osaka Correctional Precinct[edit]

Hiroshima Correctional Precinct[edit]

Takamatsu Correctional Precinct[edit]

Fukuoka Correctional Precinct[edit]

Medical Prison[edit]

Social Rehabilitation Program Center(Private Finance Initiative, PFI system)[edit]







 New Zealand[edit]

For prisons in New Zealand, see list of correctional facilities in New Zealand

 North Korea[edit]

Operating political prison camps[edit]

Former political prison camps[edit]

Operating reeducation camps[edit]

Former reeducation camps[edit]


Oslo Prison (est.1851).
Hamar Prison (est.1864).
Ålesund Prison (est.1864/1906)






Remand prisons[edit]

Former KGB remand prisons[edit]

Maximum security prisons[edit]

 Saudi Arabia[edit]




Operational prisons[edit]

Former prisons[edit]

Prisons planned and under construction[edit]






 United Kingdom[edit]

 United States[edit]


Other countries[edit]


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