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The following are lists of some of the power plants in the Philippines.



StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Montalban Methane Power Plant7.52007Montalban, RizalOperational[1]
San Pedro Methane Power Plant42010San Pedro, LagunaOperational[2]


StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Agus 1 Hydroelectric Power Plant801994Marawi City, Lanao del SurOperational 
Ambuklao Hydroelectric Power Plant1052011Ambuklao, BenguetOperational 
Agus 6 Hydroelectric Power Plant2001953,1977Iligan City, Lanao del NorteOperational 
Ampohaw Hydro81991,1997Sablan, BenguetOperational[3]
Angat Dam2561968,1978,1992Norzagaray, BulacanOperational 
Bakun AC Hydro702001Alilem, Ilocos SurOperational[3]
Bineng Hydro 13.21991,1994La, Trinidad, BenguetOperational[3]
Bineng Hydro 221991,1996La, Trinidad, BenguetOperational[3]
Bineng Hydro 2b.751992La, Trinidad, BenguetOperational[3]
Bineng Hydro 34.51992,1994,1996La, Trinidad, BenguetOperational[3]
Binga Hydroelectric Power Plant1322013Itogon, BenguetOperational 
Casecnan Irrigation and Hydroelectric Plant1402002Pantabangan, Nueva EcijaOperational 
Ferdinand L Singit Hydro5.91993Bakun, BenguetOperational[3]
Irisan Hydro 13.82011Tuba, BenguetOperational[3]
Irisan Hydro 31.21991Tuba, BenguetOperational[3]
Kalayaan Pumped Storage Power Plant6851983Kalayaan, Laguna14°19′2″N 121°28′27″E / 14.31722°N 121.47417°E / 14.31722; 121.47417 (Kalayaan Pumped Storage Power Plant)Operational
Lon-oy Hydro3.61993Lon-oy, San Gabriel, La UnionOperational[3]
Lower Labay Hydro2.41993Bakun, BenguetOperational[3]
Magat Dam3601984Ramon, Isabela16°49′03″N 121°27′11″E / 16.81750°N 121.45306°E / 16.81750; 121.45306 (Magat Dam)Operational 
Pulangui Hydroelectric Power Plant2551986Maramag, BukidnonOperational 
Pantabangan - Masiway Hydroelectric Power Plant1121977,1980Pantabangan, Nueva EcijaOperational 
Sal-Angan Hydro2.41991Itogon, BenguetOperational[3]
San Roque Dam3452003San Manuel and San Nicolas Pangasinan14°43′00″N 121°05′00″E / 14.71667°N 121.08333°E / 14.71667; 121.08333 (San Roque Dam)Operational 
Sibulan Hydro A16.52010Santa Cruz, Davao del SurOperational[3]
Sibulan Hydro B262010Santa Cruz, Davao del SurOperational[3]
Talomo Hydro 111992Calinan, Davao CityOperational[3]
Talomo Hydro 2.62005Proper Mintal, Davao CityOperational[3]
Talomo Hydro 2A.652005Upper Mintal, Davao CityOperational[3]
Talomo Hydro 2b.32005Upper Mintal, Davao CityOperational[3]
Talomo Hydro 31.922005Catalunan, Davao CityOperational[3]


StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Bacon-Manito Geothermal Power Plant150Bacon, SorsogonOperational
Leyte Geothermal Production Field700.9Ormoc City, Leyte (province)Operational
Makiling-Banahaw Geothermal Power Plant4801979, 1980, 1984, 1996Brgy. Bitin, Bay, Laguna14°5′17″N 121°13′35″E / 14.08806°N 121.22639°E / 14.08806; 121.22639 (Makiling-Banahaw Geothermal Power Plant)Operational 
Malaya Geothermal Power Plant6501970, 2012Pililla,_RizalOperational
Malitbog Geothermal Power Station232.51996Malitbog, Southern Leyte11°9′7″N 124°38′58″E / 11.15194°N 124.64944°E / 11.15194; 124.64944 (Malitbog Geothermal Power Station)Operational 
Mindanao Geothermal Production Field106Kidapawan City, North CotabatoOperational[4][5]
Northern Negros Geothermal Production Field49.4NW of Kanlaon VolcanoOperational[5]
Palinpinon Geothermal Power Plant192.51983, 1993 - 1994, 1995Valencia, Negros OrientalOperational 
Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant2751979Tiwi, Albay13°27′56″N 123°38′55″E / 13.46556°N 123.64861°E / 13.46556; 123.64861 (Tiwi Geothermal Power Plant)Operational[6]


StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
CEPALCO Cagayan de Oro Photovoltaic Power Plant1.12012Cagayan de Oro, Misamis OrientalOperational[7][8]
Surallah Photovoltaic Power Plant5Surallah, South CotabatoUnder-construction[9]
Ormoc Photovoltaic Power Plant30Ormoc, LeyteApproved[10]
Badoc-Vintar Photovoltaic Power Plant20Badoc and Vintar, Ilocos NorteApproved[11]

Wind Power Plants[edit]

StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Philippine Wind Farm482012Puerto Galera, Mindoro18°31′40″N 120°42′50″E / 18.52778°N 120.71389°E / 18.52778; 120.71389 (Bangui Wind Farm)Under construction[12]
Bangui Wind Farm24.752005Bangui, Ilocos Norte18°31′40″N 120°42′50″E / 18.52778°N 120.71389°E / 18.52778; 120.71389 (Bangui Wind Farm)Operational
Burgos Wind Farm87Burgos, Ilocos Norte18°30′58″N 120°38′46″E / 18.51611°N 120.64611°E / 18.51611; 120.64611 (Burgos Wind Farm)Under-construction[13][14]



StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Sual12941999Sual, PangasinanOperational[15]
Masinloc Coal Thermal Power Plant6001998Masinloc, Zambales15°34′02″N 119°55′22″E / 15.56722°N 119.92278°E / 15.56722; 119.92278 (Masinloc Power Station)Operational[16]
Pagbilao Coal Power Plant7281996Pagbilao, Quezon13°53′35″N 121°44′42″E / 13.89306°N 121.74500°E / 13.89306; 121.74500 (Pagbilao Coal Power Plant)Operational[15]
Calaca Coal Power Plant600 (350)1984, 1995Calaca, Batangas13°55′49″N 120°47′19″E / 13.93028°N 120.78861°E / 13.93028; 120.78861 (Calaca Power Station)Operational[17]
APEC502006Mabalacat, PampangaOperational[15]
Toledo88.81993Toledo, CebuOperational[15]
Cebu Thermal Power Plant2001981 (2011)Naga, CebuOperational[15]
Mindanao Coal Plant2322006Villanueva, Misamis OrientalOperational[15]
Bataan Coal Power Plant2/3002012Mariveles, Bataan14°13′44″N 121°45′21″E / 14.22889°N 121.75583°E / 14.22889; 121.75583 (Bataan Power Plant)Operational[18]
PEDC Coal Fired Power Plant164Lapaz,Iloilo City, IloiloOperational



StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Bohol Diesel Power Plant111978, 1986, 1996Tagbilaran, BoholOperational[20]
Panay Diesel Power Plant74.91999Iloilo City, IloiloOperational[20][21]

Natural Gas[edit]

StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Ilijan Combined Cycle Power Plant12002001Batangas City, BatangasOperational[22]
San Gabriel Combined Cycle Power Plant4142016Batangas City, BatangasUnder-Construction[23]
San Lorenzo Combined Cycle Power Plant5002002Batangas City, BatangasOperational[24]
Santa Rita Combined Cycle Power Plant10001997Batangas City, BatangasOperational[25]


StationCapacity (MW)CommissionedCommunityCoordinatesStatusRef
Bataan Nuclear Power PlantN/AMorong, Bataan14°37′45″N 120°18′49″E / 14.62917°N 120.31361°E / 14.62917; 120.31361 (Bataan Nuclear Power Plant)Completed but Never fueled

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