List of postal codes in Mexico

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Postal codes in Mexico are issued by SEPOMEX (Servicio Postal Mexicano). They are of five digits and modelled on the US zip code system. The first 2 digits identify a state (or part thereof); and assignments are done alphabetically by state name, except for codes in the 0xxxx-1xxxx range which identify the delegaciones (boroughs) of Mexico City.

By district or state[edit]

00-16 Distrito Federal20 Aguascalientes21-22 Baja California23 Baja California Sur
24 Campeche29-30 Chiapas31-33 Chihuahua25-27 Coahuila
28 Colima34-35 Durango36-38 Guanajuato39-41 Guerrero
42-43 Hidalgo44-49 Jalisco50-57 México58-61 Michoacán
62 Morelos63 Nayarit64-67 Nuevo León68-71 Oaxaca
72-75 Puebla76 Querétaro77 Quintana Roo78-79 San Luis Potosí
80-82 Sinaloa83-85 Sonora86 Tabasco87-89 Tamaulipas
90 Tlaxcala91-96 Veracruz97 Yucatán98-99 Zacatecas

0xxxx-1xxxx: Mexican Federal District (México, D.F.)[edit]

20xxx: Aguascalientes[edit]

21xxx-22xxx: Baja California[edit]

23xxx: Baja California Sur[edit]

24xxx: Campeche[edit]

25xxx-27xxx: Coahuila[edit]

28xxx: Colima[edit]

29xxx-30xxx: Chiapas[edit]

31xxx-33xxx: Chihuahua[edit]

34xxx-35xxx: Durango[edit]

36xxx-38xxx: Guanajuato[edit]

39xxx: Guerrero[edit]

42xxx-43xxx: Hidalgo[edit]

44xxx-48xxx: Jalisco[edit]

jose serrano

50xxx-57xxx: México State (Estado de México)[edit]

58xxx-61xxx: Michoacán[edit]

62xxx: Morelos[edit]

63xxx: Nayarit[edit]

64xxx-67xxx: Nuevo León[edit]

68xxx-71xxx: Oaxaca[edit]

72xxx-75xxx: Puebla[edit]

76xxx: Querétaro[edit]

77xxx: Quintana Roo[edit]

78xxx-79xxx: San Luis Potosí[edit]

80xxx-82xxx: Sinaloa[edit]

83xxx-85xxx: Sonora[edit]

86xxx: Tabasco[edit]

87xxx-89xxx: Tamaulipas[edit]

90xxx: Tlaxcala[edit]

91xxx-94xxx: Veracruz[edit]

97xxx: Yucatán[edit]


98xxx: Zacatecas[edit]

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