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This article lists political parties in South Africa. South Africa is a democratic but one party dominant state with the African National Congress in power.

The parties[edit]

Parties represented in Parliament[edit]

PartyAlso known asSeats in parliamentNotes
African Christian Democratic PartyACDP3
African National CongressANC264
African Peoples' ConventionAPC1
Azanian People's OrganisationAZAPO1
Congress of the PeopleCOPE30
Democratic AllianceDA67
Freedom Front +Vryheidsfront+, FF+4
Minority FrontMF1
Independent DemocratsID4as of 2012 in the process of merging with the Democratic Alliance
Inkatha Freedom PartyIFP18
Pan Africanist CongressPAC1
South African Communist PartySACPas part of the ANC-led "Tripartite Alliance" since 1994, the SACP has not contested elections in their own name
United Christian Democratic PartyUCDP2
United Democratic MovementUDM4

Parties unrepresented in Parliament[edit]

Defunct parties[edit]

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