List of police dog breeds

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The following is a list of dog breeds that are or have been used as aides on police forces. There are different jobs a police dog can do: public order enforcement, illicit substance detection, tracking, and cadaver searching. Note that some police forces only use one breed of dog for every one of these tasks rather than using one breed for tracking and another for illegal substance detection.

Public order enforcement dogs[edit]

The job these dogs hold is to chase after a fleeing suspect and hold him for officers, or detain suspects from some action by threat of the dog being released. This is the traditional image of a police dog.

Illicit substance detection dogs[edit]

These dogs sit with their handlers in airports, sniffing the passengers from afar for illegal substances a person may carry in their luggage or carry-on items; these are most commonly drugs or explosives, although many nations also interdict foreign food items.

Tracking dogs[edit]

These dogs are used for sniffing the trails of lost or missing persons or objects.

Cadaver-sniffing dogs[edit]

These dogs are trained to detect the odor of decomposing bodies, in order to find corpses and human remains. Their noses are so sensitive, they can even smell a body from under running water.

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