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This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses in the United States of America that are National Memorials, National Historic Landmarks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places or other heritage register, or are otherwise significant for their history, association with significant events or people, or their architecture and design.[1][2][3]

Color keyHistoric register listing
National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
National Historic Site
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NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
75000397Dortch PlantationDecember 6, 1975Scott
34°42′55″N 92°03′13″W / 34.71528°N 92.05361°W / 34.71528; -92.05361 (Dortch Plantation)
LonokeBuilt 1904
74000466Lakeport PlantationLakeport Plantation, Lake Village, Chicot County, Arkansas.jpgNovember 20, 1974Shives
33°15′24″N 91°09′19″W / 33.25667°N 91.15528°W / 33.25667; -91.15528 (Lakeport Plantation)
ChicotBuilt 1850
99000044Land's End PlantationJanuary 27, 1999Scott
34°53′36″N 92°07′08″W / 34.89333°N 92.11889°W / 34.89333; -92.11889 (Land's End Plantation)
PulaskiBuilt 1925
77000254Morrison PlantationDecember 28, 1977Saginaw
34°16′12″N 92°56′50″W / 34.27°N 92.94722°W / 34.27; -92.94722 (Morrison Plantation)
Hot SpringBuilt 1854
03001451RosedaleJanuary 21, 2004Arkadelphia
34°09′41″N 93°06′07″W / 34.161389°N 93.101944°W / 34.161389; -93.101944 (Rosedale)
ClarkBuilt 1860


NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
70000170Aspendale1982 HABS photoApril 15, 1970Kenton
39°06′10″N 75°26′58″W / 39.10278°N 75.44944°W / 39.10278; -75.44944 (Aspendale)
KentBuilt 1773
74000602HagleyBroom House Boucher 1975.jpgDecember 2, 1974Montchanin
39°47′03″N 75°39′44″W / 39.78422°N 75.66222°W / 39.78422; -75.66222 (Jacob Broom House)
New CastleBuilt 1795
72000292Lombardy HallLombardy Hall.JPGDecember 2, 1974Wilmington
39°46′46″N 75°32′41″W / 39.77949°N 75.54472°W / 39.77949; -75.54472 (Lombardy Hall)
New CastleBuilt 1682
66000258Poplar Hall1982 HABS photoJanuary 20, 1961Dover
39°06′10″N 75°26′58″W / 39.10277°N 75.44944°W / 39.10277; -75.44944 (John Dickinson House)
KentBuilt 1740
73000524Stonum1982 HABS photoNovember 7, 1973New Castle
39°39′37″N 75°34′34″W / 39.66022°N 75.57602°W / 39.66022; -75.57602 (Stonum)
New CastleBuilt 1750


NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
02000606Bannerman PlantationBannermanPlantation.JPGJune 6, 2002Tallahassee
30°38′42″N 84°16′44″W / 30.64500°N 84.27889°W / 30.64500; -84.27889 (Bannerman Plantation)
LeonBuilt 1852
99000712Blackwood-Harwood PlantationsTallahassee FL Blackwood-Harwood Cemetery03.jpgOctober 6, 1999Tallahassee
30°29′13″N 84°21′01″W / 30.48694°N 84.35027°W / 30.48694; -84.35027 (Blackwood-Harwood Plantations)
70000185Bulow Plantation RuinsBulow Plantation Ruins HSP - Ruins.jpgSeptember 29, 1970Flagler Beach
29°26′10″N 81°08′28″W / 29.43611°N 81.14111°W / 29.43611; -81.14111 (Bulow Plantation Ruins)
FlaglerBuilt 1821, destroyed 1836 during Second Seminole War
02000002Burn Brae Plantation-Krueger HouseStuart FL Burn Brae House01.jpgStuartMartin
73000606Dunlawton Plantation and Sugar MillPort Orange Sugar Mill Ruins01.jpgPort OrangeVolusia
02000836Killearn Plantation Archeological and Historic District07-09-30 LkHall2.JPGTallahasseeLeon
70000182Kingsley PlantationKingslay main house rear.jpgJacksonvilleDuval
Kinhega LodgeKinnega Lodge 2009.jpgTallahassee vicinityLeon
73000582Lyndhurst PlantationMonticello FL Lyndhurst Plantation bldg01.jpgMonticelloJefferson
04000142Mala Compra Plantation Archeological SitePalm Coast Mala Compra length1.jpgPalm CoastFlagler
Oaklawn PlantationTallahassee vicinityLeon
72000311Red Bank PlantationJax FL Red Bank Plantation02.jpgJacksonvilleDuval
Rose Hill PlantationTallahassee vicinityLeon
89000240Tall Timbers PlantationTall Timbers n038136.jpgTallahasseeLeon



NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
93000774, 93000775, 93000777,Kilauea PlantationKauai-Kilauea-KongLung-store.JPG
1983KīlaueaKauaʻiSugar cane plantation that operated from 1880 to 1971; 5 historic buildings NRHP-listed: Manager's House, Head Luna's House, Head Bookkeeper's House, Kilauea School, Kong Lung Store
66000296Old Sugar Mill of KoloaKauai-old-sugar-mill-Koloa-chimney.JPGDecember 29, 1962Kōloa
21°54′35″N 159°28′09″W / 21.90972°N 159.46916°W / 21.90972; -159.46916 (Old Sugar Mill of Koloa)


NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
83002891Alexander Plantation HouseMidway
66000357AshlandAshland HC.JPGDecember 19, 1960Lexington
38°01′43″N 84°28′48″W / 38.02861°N 84.48000°W / 38.02861; -84.48000 (Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate)
93000045Coleman-Desha PlantationCynthiana
83002668Fishpool PlantationLouisville
71000347Locust GroveLocust Grove, Louisville.jpgJune 23, 1986Louisville
38°17′13″N 85°39′43″W / 38.28706°N 85.66192°W / 38.28706; -85.66192 (Locust Grove)
66000359SpringfieldZachary Taylor House 1.JPGJuly 4, 1961Louisville
38°16′45″N 85°38′50″W / 38.27917°N 85.64722°W / 38.27917; -85.64722 (Springfield, The Zachary Taylor House)



NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
71000376Doughoregan ManorDoughoregan.jpgNovember 11, 1971Ellicott City
39°16′36″N 76°53′35″W / 39.27667°N 76.89306°W / 39.27667; -76.89306 (Doughoregan Manor)
72001595Habre-de-ventureThomas Stone House.jpgNovember 11, 1971Port Tobacco
38°31′43″N 77°01′54″W / 38.52871°N 77.03155°W / 38.52871; -77.03155 (Habre-de-venture; Thomas Stone National Historic Site)
66000389Hampton MansionOctober 15, 1966Towson
70000853His Lordship's Kindness1936 HABS photoApril 15, 1970Rosaryville
38°46′44″N 76°50′34″W / 38.77889°N 76.84278°W / 38.77889; -76.84278 (His Lordship's Kindness)
Prince George's
75000926Magnolia PlantationKnoxvilleWashington
70000852MontpelierMontpellier Maryland 2.jpgApril 15, 1970Laurel
39°03′54″N 76°50′42″W / 39.06491°N 76.84503°W / 39.06491; -76.84503 (Montpelier)
Prince George's
70000860Mount Clare1958 HABS photoApril 15, 1970Baltimore
39°16′44″N 76°38′35″W / 39.27897°N 76.64293°W / 39.27897; -76.64293 (Mount Clare)
Independent city
84001874Pomfret PlantationMarionSomerset
73002166Riversdale MansionRiversdale Mansion, Maryland HABS.jpgDecember 9, 1997Riverdale38°57′37″N 76°55′55″W / 38.96024°N 76.93181°W / 38.96024; -76.93181 (Riversdale)Prince George's
75000919Salisbury PlantationWestoverSomerset
90000608Sion Hill1936 HABS photoApril 27, 1992Havre De Grace
39°33′53″N 76°07′43″W / 39.56484°N 76.12856°W / 39.56484; -76.12856 (Sion Hill)
72001487SotterleySotterley Jul 09.JPGFebruary 16, 2000Hollywood
38°22′47″N 76°32′20″W / 38.37972°N 76.53889°W / 38.37972; -76.53889 (Sotterley)
St. Mary's
70000261Tulip Hill1936 HABS photoApril 15, 1970Galesville
38°51′03″N 76°33′02″W / 38.85083°N 76.55056°W / 38.85083; -76.55056 (Tulip Hill)
Anne Arundel
70000854West St. Mary's ManorHABS photoApril 15, 1970Drayden
38°10′59″N 76°26′56″W / 38.18318°N 76.44875°W / 38.18318; -76.44875 (West St. Mary's Manor)
St. Mary's
66000387Whitehall1936 HABS photoOctober 9, 1960Annapolis
39°00′16″N 76°25′44″W / 39.00453°N 76.42895°W / 39.00453; -76.42895 (Whitehall)
Anne Arundel
70000264Wye PlantationWye House, view of front, HABS.jpgApril 15, 1970Easton
38°51′12″N 76°10′06″W / 38.85344°N 76.16834°W / 38.85344; -76.16834 (Wye Plantation)



NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
79003205White Havengreen wooden building, large driveway, treesJune 23, 1986Grantwood Village
38°33′04″N 90°21′07″W / 38.55111°N 90.35194°W / 38.55111; -90.35194 (Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site)
St. Louis

North Carolina[edit]


NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
70000530Murrell HomeMurrell HomeMay 30, 1974Park Hill
35°50′50″N 94°57′51″W / 35.84735°N 94.96418°W / 35.84735; -94.96418 (Murrell Home)
CherokeeBuilt in 1845

South Carolina[edit]


NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
75001741Beechwood Hall1975NewportCockeConstructed in 1803
69000177Belle Meade PlantationBelleMeadePlantation.JPGBelle MeadeDavidson
75001780Brabson's Ferry PlantationBrabson-ferry-house-tn1.jpgSeviervilleSevier
75001787Davies Manor
Davies Manor Shelby Cty TN Outside 1.jpg
March 19, 1975MemphisShelby
75002162FairvueFairvue, U.S. Highway 31-E, Gallatin vicinity Sumner County, Tennessee.jpgGallatinSumner
66000722The HermitageOblique front photograph of the Hermitage, showing the false-front architectural style.December 19, 1960Nashville
36°12′54″N 86°36′47″W / 36.21497°N 86.61297°W / 36.21497; -86.61297 (The Hermitage)
75001795Northcutt PlantationMcMinnville
71000825Rattle and SnapRattle and SnapNovember 11, 1971Columbia
35°33′38″N 87°09′12″W / 35.56056°N 87.15333°W / 35.56056; -87.15333 (Rattle and Snap)
75001781Rose GlenRose-glen-house-tn1.jpgSeviervilleSevier
69000180Ramsey HouseRamseyhouse1.jpgKnoxvilleKnox
09000538White PlainsWhite-plains-front-facade-tn1.jpgAlgoodPutnam


NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
80004081Durazno PlantationJones Creek
69000209Freeman Plantation HouseJefferson
77001474William Garrett Plantation HouseSan Augustine
71000971Hatfield PlantationBrenhamWashington
71000970Liendo PlantationHempsteadWaller
75001961Old Brulay PlantationBrownsville
83003084Col. Elijah Sterling Clack Robertson PlantationSalado
80004082Varner-Hogg PlantationVarner Hogg Front Entrance.JPGWest ColumbiaBrazoria

Tod Robinson

Tod Robinson Point Blank, Texas ( San Jacinto County)

U.S. Virgin Islands[edit]

NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
81000089Brown Bay Plantation Historic DistrictBrown Bay
78000269Cinnamon Bay PlantationCinnamon Bay Plantation; Saint John, United States Virgin Islands.jpgCruz BaySaint John
76002217Estate Carolina Sugar PlantationCoral Bay
81000094Hermitage Plantation Historic DistrictHurricane Hole
78000271Lameshur PlantationCruz Bay
81000093Rustenberg Plantation South Historic DistrictCinnamon Bay
76001867Tutu Plantation HouseCharlotte Amalie


West Virginia[edit]


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