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This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses in the U.S. state of Virginia that are National Historic Landmarks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, other historic registers, or are otherwise significant for their history, association with significant events or people, or their architecture and design.[1][2][3]

Color keyHistoric register listing
National Memorial
National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
Not listed
NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
66000040Arlington HouseArlington House HABS Color.jpgOctober 15, 1966Arlington
38°53′06″N 77°04′24″W / 38.88500°N 77.07333°W / 38.88500; -77.07333 (Arlington House, The Robert E. Lee National Memorial)
The Robert E. Lee memorial
78003012Red HillRed Hill Charlotte County Virginia 1907.jpgFebruary 14, 1978Brookneal
37°01′56″N 78°53′53″W / 37.03222°N 78.89806°W / 37.03222; -78.89806 (Red Hill, The Patrick Henry National Memorial)
Campbell County
The Patrick Henry memorial
66000849Bacon's CastleBacon's CastleOctober 9, 1960Bacon's Castle
37°06′34″N 76°43′19″W / 37.10944°N 76.72182°W / 37.10944; -76.72182 (Bacon's Castle)
69000243Belle Grove PlantationBellegrove.JPGAugust 11, 1969Middletown
39°01′15″N 78°18′14″W / 39.02078°N 78.30381°W / 39.02078; -78.30381 (Belle Grove)
71001040BerkeleyBerkeley plantation harrison home.jpgNovember 11, 1971Charles City
37°19′02″N 77°10′50″W / 37.31710°N 77.18050°W / 37.31710; -77.18050 (Berkeley)
Charles City
69000246Berry HillHABS photographNovember 11, 1971South Boston
36°41′48″N 78°56′39″W / 36.69673°N 78.94422°W / 36.69673; -78.94422 (Berry Hill)
69000271BrandonBrandonApril 15, 1970Burrowsville
37°15′27″N 76°59′36″W / 37.25754°N 76.99339°W / 37.25754; -76.99339 (Brandon Plantation)
Prince George
69000241BremoHABS photographNovember 11, 1971Bremo Bluff
37°43′32″N 78°19′47″W / 37.72542°N 78.32973°W / 37.72542; -78.32973 (Bremo)
69000228Camden1980 HABS photographNovember 11, 1971Port Royal
38°09′48″N 77°09′41″W / 38.16324°N 77.16135°W / 38.16324; -77.16135 (Camden)
69000249Carter's GroveCarter's GroveApril 15, 1970Williamsburg
37°12′25″N 76°37′30″W / 37.20699°N 76.62500°W / 37.20699; -76.62500 (Carter's Grove)
James City
9600054Dodona ManorDodona Manor.JPGJune 19, 1996Leesburg
39°06′49″N 77°33′35″W / 39.11353°N 77.55968°W / 39.11353; -77.55968 (Dodona Manor, The Gen. George C. Marshall House)
69000252Elsing GreenElsinggreen.jpgNovember 11, 1971Tunstall
37°36′08″N 77°03′04″W / 37.60233°N 77.05120°W / 37.60233; -77.05120 (Elsing Green)
King William
66000829Greenway CourtHABS photographOctober 9, 1960White Post
39°02′40″N 78°07′09″W / 39.04436°N 78.11919°W / 39.04436; -78.11919 (Greenway Court)
66000832Gunston HallGunston-Hall-front.jpgDecember 19, 1960Lorton
38°39′51″N 77°09′37″W / 38.66404°N 77.16014°W / 38.66404; -77.16014 (Gunston Hall)
69000325KenmoreKenmoreApril 15, 1970Fredericksburg
38°17′35″N 77°27′59″W / 38.29315°N 77.46646°W / 38.29315; -77.46646 (Kenmore)
Independent city
69000276MenokinMenokin 01.jpgNovember 11, 1971Warsaw
38°00′31″N 76°48′04″W / 38.00867°N 76.80104°W / 38.00867; -76.80104 (Menokin)
66000826MonticelloThomas Jefferson's Monticello Estate.jpgDecember 19, 1960Charlottesville
38°00′37″N 78°27′08″W / 38.01027°N 78.45231°W / 38.01027; -78.45231 (Monticello)
66000843MontpelierMadisonsMontpelier.jpgDecember 19, 1960Orange
38°13′08″N 78°10′07″W / 38.21882°N 78.16848°W / 38.21882; -78.16848 (Montpelier)
66000845Mount AiryMount Airy HABS Color.jpgOctober 9, 1960Warsaw
37°58′15″N 76°47′28″W / 37.97090°N 76.79111°W / 37.97090; -76.79111 (Mount Airy)
66000833Mount VernonMtVernon.jpgDecember 19, 1960Alexandria
38°42′28″N 77°05′10″W / 38.70790°N 77.08610°W / 38.70790; -77.08610 (Mount Vernon)
66000842Oak HillOak HillDecember 19, 1960Leesburg
38°59′51″N 77°37′13″W / 38.99746°N 77.62040°W / 38.99746; -77.62040 (Oak Hill)
69000255OatlandsOatlandsNovember 11, 1971Leesburg
39°02′27″N 77°37′03″W / 39.04094°N 77.61753°W / 39.04094; -77.61753 (Oatlands)
69000223Poplar ForestPoplarForest.jpgNovember 11, 1971Lynchburg
37°20′53″N 79°15′52″W / 37.34795°N 79.26449°W / 37.34795; -79.26449 (Poplar Forest)
69000260PrestwouldPrestwouldJuly 31, 2003Clarksville
36°38′59″N 78°33′51″W / 36.64974°N 78.56425°W / 36.64974; -78.56425 (Prestwould)
69000277Sabine HallHABS photographApril 15, 1970Tappahannock
37°56′24″N 76°47′06″W / 37.94000°N 76.78495°W / 37.94000; -76.78495 (Sabine Hall)
70000788SaratogaSaratogaNovember 7, 1973Boyce
39°05′00″N 78°03′37″W / 39.08321°N 78.06022°W / 39.08321; -78.06022 (Saratoga)
66000835ScotchtownHABS photographDecember 21, 1965Ashland
37°50′40″N 77°35′10″W / 37.84449°N 77.58619°W / 37.84449; -77.58619 (Scotchtown)
69000328ShirleyShirley Plantation 2006.jpgApril 15, 1970Hopewell
37°20′31″N 77°15′40″W / 37.34190°N 77.26099°W / 37.34190; -77.26099 (Shirley Plantation)
Charles City
71000991Spence's PointSpence's PointNovember 11, 1971Westmoreland
38°04′51″N 76°33′01″W / 38.08092°N 76.55038°W / 38.08092; -76.55038 (Spence's Point)
66000922Sherwood ForestSherwood Forest-1961.jpgJuly 4, 1961Charles City
37°20′01″N 77°01′09″W / 37.33369°N 77.01910°W / 37.33369; -77.01910 (Sherwood Forest)
Charles City
66000851Stratford HallStratfordHallPlantationPanoCropped.jpgOctober 7, 1960Lerty
38°09′07″N 76°50′22″W / 38.15193°N 76.83944°W / 38.15193; -76.83944 (Stratford Hall)
68000049TuckahoeTuckahoe PlantationAugust 11, 1969Manakin
37°34′12″N 77°39′10″W / 37.57004°N 77.65279°W / 37.57004; -77.65279 (Tuckahoe)
Goochland and Henrico
66000846Walnut GroveCyrus McCormick statue Washington and Lee University Lexington Virginia.jpgJuly 19, 1964Steele's Tavern
37°55′55″N 79°12′49″W / 37.93197°N 79.21368°W / 37.93197; -79.21368 (Walnut Grove (Cyrus McCormick Farm and Workshop))
66000923WestoverWestoverPlantationSEGL.jpgOctober 9, 1960Charles City
37°18′40″N 77°08′58″W / 37.31116°N 77.14950°W / 37.31116; -77.14950 (Westover)
Charles City
70000792WoodlawnWoodlawn August 2003 A.jpgAugust 5, 1998Alexandria
38°43′03″N 77°08′15″W / 38.71746°N 77.13739°W / 38.71746; -77.13739 (Woodlawn)
95000245The AnchorageKilmarnockNorthumberland
69000015Appomattox ManorAppomatoxPlantation.JPGCity PointPrince George
69000267BarboursvilleBarboursville ruins.jpgBarboursvilleOrange
05001274BeauregardBrandy StationCulpeper
85000984Beaver Creek PlantationMartinsvilleHenry
70000823Bel AirBel AirFebruary 26, 1970Bel Air
38°38′26″N 77°21′46″W / 38.6405106°N 77.3628558°W / 38.6405106; -77.3628558 (Bel Air)
Prince WilliamHome of Parson Weems
74002232Belle AirCharles CityCharles City
73002029Belle GroveMadisonBirthplacePortConwayVA.jpgPort ConwayKing George
73002031Belle IsleBelle Isle Mansion.jpgLancasterLancaster
73002337BelvoirBelvoir Mansion.jpgFort BelvoirFairfax
82004573Boldrup Plantation Archeological SiteNewport NewsIndependent city
73002003Carter HallCarter hall.jpgMillwoodClarke
72001379Castle HillCastleHill1.jpgCismontAlbemarle
80004195ChericokeFallsKing William
03000208Chester PlantationDisputanta
73002211Chesterville Plantation SiteHampton
69000283Chippokes PlantationSurrySurry
73002043Criss CrossNew KentNew Kent
09001222Curles Neck PlantationVarinaHenrico
70000873Denbigh Plantation SiteNewport NewsIndependent city
06000706EdgewoodEdgewood 1818 Dec 08.JPGAmherstAmherst
83003265Edgewood Plantation and Harrison's MillCharles CityCharles City
07000220Elk HillNellysfordNelson
08000391Endview PlantationENDVIEW PLANTATION.jpgNewport NewsIndependent city
89000486EvelyntonEVELYN.jpgCharles CityCharles City
72001417Ferry FarmFerry Farm.jpgFredericksburgIndependent city
04001545Ferry Plantation HouseFerryPlantationHouse.jpgVirginia BeachIndependent city
75002030Flowerdew Hundred PlantationGarysvillePrince George
78003026Fox Hill PlantationLively
66000850George Washington Birthplace National MonumentGeo Washington birthplace.jpgColonial BeachWestmoreland
78000261Green SpringGreen Spring - NPS.jpgWilliamsburgJames City
74002121Hickory HillAshlandHanover
72001398Howard's Neck PlantationPemberton
72001392HuntleyHuntley plantation house.jpgAlexandriaFairfax
84000042Jerdone CastleBumpassLouisa
72001401KingsmillWilliamsburgJames City
07000799Kippax PlantationHopewellIndependent city
84003565LeesylvaniaDumfriesPrince William
69000232Long Branch PlantationLONG BRANCH.jpgOctober 1, 1969MillwoodClarke
89001107North Bend PlantationWeyanokeCharles City
85003052Piney Grove at Southall's PlantationHoldcroftCharles City
74002116Point of Fork PlantationColumbia
83003293Queen Hith Plantation Complex SiteNewport NewsIndependent city
77001535Richneck PlantationNewport NewsIndependent city
71000988Rippon LodgeRippon Lodge Today.JPGWoodbridgePrince William
73002002Roanoke PlantationSaxe
07000800Roseville PlantationAylett
69000244RosewellRosewell.VA.JpgGloucester CourthouseGloucester
69000341Smith's Fort PlantationSmith's Fort Plantation.jpgSurrySurry
80004204Soldier's JoySoldier's Joy, Nelson County, Virginia.jpgWinginaNelson
96000579Soldier's RestSoldiers rest.jpgBerryvilleClarke
03000212Stony Creek PlantationDe Witt
75002040Swann's Point Plantation SiteScotland
07000053Temple HallLeesburg
72001388The TuleyriesTULEYRIES.jpgWhite Post
77001489Varina PlantationVarina
72001505Weston ManorHopewell
AbingdonArlingtonIndependent city
AmpthillRichmondIndependent city
Ash GroveAsh grove 161470pv.jpgTysons CornerFairfax
Ceelys on the JamesNewport NewsIndependent city
Chatham ManorUS VA Falmouth Chatham Manor.jpgFredericksburgIndependent city
Chestnut GroveNew KentNew Kent
Chestnut HillLeesburgLoudoun
ChopawamsicQuanticoPrince William
ClarensAlexandriaIndependent city
Clover HillCulpeperCulpeper
ColrossColrossAlexandriaIndependent city
Four Mile TreeFmt main house.jpgSurrySurry
Hollin HallAlexandriaIndependent city
Hope ParkRobey's Mill HABS VA,30-FAIRF,1-2.jpgFairfaxFairfax
LexingtonMason NeckFairfax
Locust HillLeesburgLoudoun
Martin's HundredWilliamsburgIndependent city
Merchant's HopeMerchant's hope south.jpgHopewellIndependent city
Mount BrilliantFarringtonHanover
Mount EagleMount Eagle 5a46306u.jpgAlexandriaIndependent city
Okeley ManorAlexandriaIndependent city
Ossian HallOssian-hall161292pv.jpgAnnandaleFairfax
PampatikeManquinKing William
Raspberry PlainRaspberry Plain, Leesburg, Virginia.jpgLeesburgLoudoun
SmithfieldSmithfield - Now Fredericksburg Country Club.JPGFredericksburg, VirginiaSpotsylvania County, Virginia
Strawberry Vale ManorStrawberry Vale.jpgTysons CornerFairfax
Towlston GrangeGreat FallsFairfax
VaucluseVaucluse-virginia.jpgAlexandriaIndependent city
White HouseWhite HouseNew Kent
WoodbridgeWoodbridgePrince William

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