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This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses in the U.S. state of South Carolina that are National Historic Landmarks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, listed on a heritage register, or are otherwise significant for their history, association with significant events or people, or their architecture and design.[1][2][3]

Color keyHistoric register listing
National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
Contributing property to a National Register of Historic Places historic district
Not listed on national or state register
NRHP reference numberNameImageDate designatedLocalityCountyNotes
80003716Allison PlantationYork
78002509Arcadia PlantationGeorgetown
75001691Ashley Hall PlantationCharleston
88000526Beneventum Plantation HouseGeorgetown
94000062Black RiverGeorgetown
73001698Bleak HallEdisto Island
BoochaweGoose CreekBerkeley
93001512Boone HallBoone Hall plantation house.JPGMount PleasantCharleston
72001224Borough House Plantation1960 picture from HABSJune 7, 1988Stateburg
33°57′19″N 80°32′06″W / 33.95539°N 80.53489°W / 33.95539; -80.53489 (Borough House Plantation)
70000580Brick House Ruins1939 picture from HABSApril 15, 1970Edisto Island
32°35′59″N 80°19′32″W / 32.59977°N 80.32542°W / 32.59977; -80.32542 (Brick House Ruins)
86003198Brookland PlantationEdisto Island
91000231Cedar Grove Plantation ChapelPawleys Island
95000633Charlton Hall Plantation HouseHickory Tavern
73001710Chicora Wood PlantationGeorgetown
75001687Coffin Point PlantationFrogmore
93000475Crawford's Plantation HouseEdisto Island
Crowfield HallGoose Creek
07000098Dantzler PlantationHolly Hill
74001851Darby PlantationEdgefield
71000776Davis PlantationMonticello
66000701Drayton HallDrayton HallOctober 9, 1960Charleston
32°52′15″N 80°04′35″W / 32.87090°N 80.07634°W / 32.87090; -80.07634 (Drayton Hall)
74001838Fairfield PlantationMcClellanville
82001517Farmfield Plantation HouseCharleston
79002382Fonti Flora PlantationMonticello
66000708Fort HillFort Hill.jpgDecember 19, 1960Clemson
34°40′33″N 82°50′21″W / 34.67597°N 82.83920°W / 34.67597; -82.83920 (Fort Hill (John C. Calhoun House))
96000409Friendfield PlantationGeorgetown
88001754Frogmore Plantation ComplexFrogmore
86000528Goodwill PlantationEastover
76001688Gravel Hill PlantationAllendale
10000240Gravel Hill PlantationHampton
78002495Grove PlantationAdams Run
70000582Hampton PlantationHampton PlantationApril 15, 1970McClellanville
33°12′04″N 79°26′05″W / 33.20112°N 79.43459°W / 33.20112; -79.43459 (Hampton Plantation)
75001695Harrietta PlantationHarrietta Plantation, south elevation, U.S. Routes 17 & 701, McClellanville vicinity (Charleston County, South Carolina).jpgMcClellanvilleCharleston
94001236Hobcaw BaronyBernard M. Baruch, Hobcaw Plantation, residence in (Georgetown, South Carolina) 5a31131r.jpgGeorgetownGeorgetown
71000782HopseweeHopeseweeNovember 11, 1971Georgetown
33°12′43″N 79°23′02″W / 33.21205°N 79.38386°W / 33.21205; -79.38386 (Hopsewee)
88000529Keithfield PlantationGeorgetown
71000806Kensington Plantation HouseEastover
86003520Landsford Plantation HouseLandsford Township
97000095Laurel Bay PlantationBeaufort
77001213Lawson's Pond PlantationCross
73001678Lewisfield PlantationMoncks Corner
86000468Long Point PlantationMt. Pleasant
10000299Lydia PlantationLydia
72001198Magnolia Plantation and GardensHouse at Magnolia Plantation.JPGCharlestonCharleston
77001223Mansfield PlantationMansfieldMainHouse.jpgGeorgetownGeorgetown
73001674Marshlands1977-79 picture from HABSNovember 7, 1973Beaufort
32°26′01″N 80°39′57″W / 32.43352°N 80.66583°W / 32.43352; -80.66583 (Marshlands (Dr. James Robert Verdier House))
73001700Marshlands Plantation HouseJames Island
74001831McLeod PlantationMcCleod Plantation (Charleston County, South Carolina).jpgCharlestonCharleston
70000568Middleburg Plantation1938 pictureApril 15, 1970Huger
33°04′49″N 79°50′37″W / 33.08029°N 79.84365°W / 33.08029; -79.84365 (Middleburg Plantation)
71000770Middleton PlaceNovember 11, 1971Summerville
32°54′01″N 80°08′12″W / 32.90014°N 80.13656°W / 32.90014; -80.13656 (Middleton Place)
71000755Middleton's PlantationEdisto Island
78002518Midfield PlantationBoykin
76001694Midway PlantationFort Motte
71000808Millford PlantationHABS photographNovember 7, 1973Pinewood
33°44′54″N 80°32′15″W / 33.74847°N 80.53751°W / 33.74847; -80.53751 (Millford Plantation)
79002394Mountain Shoals PlantationEnoree
66000697Mulberry Plantation1960 HABS PhotographOctober 9, 1960Moncks Corner
33°08′37″N 79°59′21″W / 33.14361°N 79.98917°W / 33.14361; -79.98917 (Mulberry Plantation (Moncks Corner))
80003673Mulberry Plantation1977-79 HABS PhotographFebruary 16, 2000Camden
34°12′23″N 80°35′31″W / 34.20639°N 80.59194°W / 34.20639; -80.59194 (Mulberry Plantation (Chesnut House))
74001850Newington PlantationStallsville
82003898Numertia PlantationEutawville
75001689Oakland PlantationFort Motte
77001218Oakland Plantation HouseOakland Plantation, Front facade, Mount Pleasant vicinity (Charleston County, South Carolina).jpgMount PleasantCharleston
94001630Oaklyn PlantationDarlington
OaksGoose CreekBerkeley
71000756Old House PlantationEdisto Island
97001159Old House PlantationRidgeland
88001774Orange Grove PlantationFrogmore
78003191Otranto PlantationHanahan
73001699Peter's Point PlantationEdisto Island
88001775Pine Island Plantation ComplexFrogmore
86003213Point of Pines Plantation Slave CabinEdisto Island
85003122Quinby Plantation House-Halidon Hill PlantationHuger
97000359Ravenwood PlantationNeylesColleton
88000537Richmond Hill Plantation Archeological SitesMurrells Inlet
80003653Richmond PlantationCordesville
78002532Rip Raps PlantationSumter
88001776Riverside Plantation Tabby RuinsFrogmore
83002185Rose Hill Plantation HouseBlufftonBeaufort
93000459Rosemont PlantationWaterloo
97001158Roseville PlantationFlorence
88000533Rural Hall Plantation HouseGeorgetown
00000591Salters Plantation HouseSalters
74001841John Seabrook Plantation BridgeRockville
79002375Seaside PlantationBeaufort
82003840Seaside Plantation HouseEdisto Island
85002387Springfield Plantation HouseFort Mill
80003693St. Julien PlantationEutawville
94000038Stoney-Baynard PlantationHilton Head Island
83002188Summit Plantation HouseAdams Run
94000024Sunnyside Plantation Foreman's HouseEdisto Island
77001229Tanglewood PlantationLynchburg
75001688Tombee PlantationFrogmore
70000603Walnut Grove PlantationWalnut Grove, Route 1, 1 mile East of intersection of U.S. 221 &, Roebuck (Spartanburg County, South Carolina).jpgSpartanburgSpartanburg
80003660Wedge PlantationWilliam Lucas House, U.S. Routes 17 & 701, McClellanville (Charleston County, South Carolina).jpgMcClellanvilleCharleston
98000423White Hall Plantation House Ruins and Oak AvenueRidgeland
78002511Wicklow Hall PlantationGeorgetown
74001837Windsor PlantationEdisto Island
01000607Woodland PlantationCarlisle
71000742WoodlandsHABS photographNovember 11, 1971Bamberg
33°16′06″N 80°57′11″W / 33.26833°N 80.95306°W / 33.26833; -80.95306 (Woodlands)
76001695Zante PlantationFort Motte

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