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This is a list of plantations and/or plantation houses in the U.S. state of Mississippi that are National Historic Landmarks, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, listed on a heritage register, or are otherwise significant for their history, association with significant events or people, or their architecture and design.[1][2][3]

Color keyHistoric register listing
National Historic Landmark
National Register of Historic Places
Contributing property to a National Register of Historic Places historic district
Not listed on national or state register
NRHP reference numberNameImageLocalityCountyNotes
Annandale PlantationAnnandale Plantation 02.jpgMadison
32°30′56″N 90°11′08″W / 32.51545°N 90.18557°W / 32.51545; -90.18557 (Annandale)
MadisonBuilt from 1857–59 by Margaret Louisa Thompson Johnstone. It burned down in 1924.
74001047Auburn1936 HABS photoNatchez
31°32′42″N 91°23′34″W / 31.54505°N 91.39286°W / 31.54505; -91.39286 (Auburn)
30°23′33″N 88°51′46″W / 30.39250°N 88.86278°W / 30.39250; -88.86278 (Beauvoir)
HarrisonThe last residence of Jefferson and Varina Davis.
78001576Bedford PlantationNatchezAdams
Brierfield PlantationBrierfield Plantation.jpgDavis Bend
32°09′12″N 91°07′15″W / 32.15320°N 91.12094°W / 32.15320; -91.12094 (Brierfield)
WarrenBuilt 1847 by Jefferson Davis adjacent to his older brother's Hurricane Plantation. Destroyed by fire in 1931.
83000949Cherry Grove PlantationNatchezAdams
82003089China Grove PlantationLormanJeffersonBuilt in 1826 by Willis McDonald (a Revolutionary War veteran)
80002193Cliffs PlantationNatchezAdams
87000543Desert PlantationWoodvilleWilkinson
72000684DunleithDunleith by Highsmith.jpgNatchez
31°32′59″N 91°23′57″W / 31.54971°N 91.39914°W / 31.54971; -91.39914 (Dunleith)
77000786Evergreen PlantationGrenada
82003121Forest HomeCentrevilleWilkinson
80002229Forestdale PlantationPachuta
79003380Glen MaryNatchezAdams
89002322Glenfield PlantationNatchezAdams CountyBuilt in two distinct architectural periods 1797-1840s, this English Gothic estate rest on the original 150 acres Spanish land grant and witnessed a civil war skirmish on the grounds with a bullet hole through the original door denoting this fact.
99000499GlenwildGlenwild Plantation Mississippi.jpgGrenada
96001313Holly GroveBoltonHinds
Hurricane PlantationHurricaneDavis.gifDavis Bend
32°10′01″N 91°08′53″W / 32.16681°N 91.14816°W / 32.16681; -91.14816 (Hurricane)
WarrenBuilt 1827 by Joseph Davis, older brother of Jefferson Davis. All primary structures except for the library pavilion (pictured) were burned in 1862 by Federal troops.
82000569Laurel Hill PlantationNatchezAdams
91001893Lenoir Plantation HousePrairie
34°12′56″N 89°0′22″W / 34.21556°N 89.00611°W / 34.21556; -89.00611 (Lochinvar)
96000180Long MossCanton
31°32′12″N 91°24′17″W / 31.53667°N 91.40472°W / 31.53667; -91.40472 (Longwood)
07000648McGehee PlantationSenatobia
96000189Theodore L. McGehee Plantation HouseSummit
82003101McNair PlantationRaymond
01000946Meadow Woods Plantation HouseStarkville
31°32′35″N 91°22′59″W / 31.54317°N 91.38298°W / 31.54317; -91.38298 (Melrose)
82004630Miller PlantationOlive Branch
73001001Monmouth1972 HABS photoNatchez
31°33′10″N 91°23′10″W / 31.55283°N 91.38615°W / 31.55283; -91.38615 (Monmouth)
02000354Dossey A. Outlaw PlantationStarkville
80002227Lang PlantationLangsdale
94001305Prairie PlantationClarksdale
80002221Riverside PlantationEnterpriseClarke
83000970Salisbury PlantationWoodvilleWilkinson
00001400Sedgewood PlantationCanton
89000207Selma PlantationSelma Plantation House.jpgNatchezAdams
71000454Springfield PlantationSpringfield Plantation.jpgFayetteJefferson
73001004WaverleyWaverleyWest Point
33°34′16″N 88°30′01″W / 33.57103°N 88.50023°W / 33.57103; -88.50023 (Waverley)
Weir SpringsGrenada
33°48′20″N 89°42′14″W / 33.80543°N 89.70376°W / 33.80543; -89.70376 (Weir Springs)
Grenada1840, Knight-Weir, demolished
71000447WindsorWindsor Ruins 03.jpgPort GibsonClaiborneRuins of a plantation house built 1859–61 for Smith Coffee Daniell II. It was three-and-a-half-stories high, then topped by a large cupola. It was one of the largest antebellum mansions ever built in the South. It burned down on February 17, 1890.
78001605Woodland PlantationChurch HillJefferson
85001168Wyolah PlantationChurch HillJefferson

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