List of personalities on The Weather Channel

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This is a list of on-air personalities on The Weather Channel.[1] [2]


Current on-air personalities

On-camera meteorologists

NameDuration on NetworkMain RoleOther Roles
Stephanie Abrams2003–presentWake Up With Al / Your Weather TodayField Reporter
Danielle Banks2009-present[a]Weekend View/Fill in[3]TWC Radio Meteorologist
Adam Berg2004–present[b]Weather Center LiveField Reporter
Mike Bettes2003–presentYour Weather TodayField Reporter
Vivian Brown1988–present[c]Day Planner
Jen Carfagno2004–present[d]Weekend View
Kelly Cass2000–presentWeather Center Live
Kim Cunningham1995–present[e]Weather Center Live
Crystal Egger2010–presentWeather Center LiveField Reporter
Eric Fisher2010–presentWeekend ViewField Reporter
Paul Goodloe1999–presentWeather Center LiveField Reporter
Kyla Grogan2012-presentFirst OutlookOnline OCM
Maria LaRosa2010–presentFirst Outlook / Your Weather TodayField Reporter
Julie Martin2006–presentFill-inField Reporter
Jeff Morrow1986–presentWeekend ViewField Reporter
Todd Santos2009–presentWeekend Now / Weather Center Live
Ray Stagich2003-presentFill-inTWC Radio Meteorologist
Heather Tesch1999–presentWeekend Now / Weather Center Live
Nick Walker1999–presentDay Planner
Alex Wallace2006–presentFirst Outlook
Chris Warren2009–presentWeather Center LiveField Reporter

Other personalities

NameDuration on NetworkMain RoleOther Roles
Jim Cantore1986-presentStorm TrackerField Reporter
Mark Elliot2004-present[f]Digital Media Correspondent
Dr. Greg Forbes1999–presentSevere Weather Expert
Tom Niziol2012–presentWinter Weather Expert
Bryan Norcross2010-presentTropical Weather Expert
Dave Malcoff2012-presentField Reporter
Stu Ostro1989–presentSenior Meteorologist
Carl Parker1999-presentStorm Specialist
Dr. Greg Postel2012-presentTropical Weather Expert
Al Roker2009-presentHost, Wake Up With AlField Reporter
Mike Seidel1992–presentField Reporter /On-Air Meteorologist
Reynolds Wolf2012-presentField Reporter

a^ Banks joined TWC in 2004 as a TWC radio meteorologist and became an OCM in 2009.
b^ Berg joined TWC in 1999 as an OCM apprentice and became a full-time OCM in 2004.
c^ Brown joined TWC in 1986 as an OCM apprentice and became a full-time OCM in 1988.
d^ Carfagno joined TWC in 1998 as an OCM apprentice and became a full-time OCM in 2004.
e^ Cunningham joined TWC in 1991 as a senior meteorologist and became an OCM in 1995. Prior to mid 2010 she was known as Kim Perez.
f^ Elliot joined TWC in 2004 as a TWC radio meteorologist and became an on-air personality in 2010.

Notable former on-air personalities