List of people who died climbing Mount Everest

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North face of Mount Everest

Mount Everest at 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) is the world's highest mountain and a particularly desirable peak for mountaineers. However, over 200 people have died trying to climb it.[1]

Most deaths have been attributed to avalanche, injury from fall or ice collapse, exposure or health problems related to conditions on the mountain. Not all bodies have been located, so details on those fatalities are not available. Most bodies still remain on the mountain even in cases of easy recovery.

The upper reaches of the mountain are in the death zone. The death zone is a mountaineering term for altitudes above a certain point – around 8,000 m (26,000 ft), or less than 356 millibars (5.16 psi) of atmospheric pressure – where the oxygen level is not sufficient to sustain human life.[2] Many deaths in high-altitude mountaineering have been caused by the effects of the death zone, either directly (loss of vital functions) or indirectly (unwise decisions made under stress or physical weakening leading to accidents). In the death zone, the human body can not acclimatize, as it uses oxygen faster than it can be replenished. An extended stay in the zone without supplementary oxygen will result in deterioration of bodily functions, loss of consciousness and, ultimately, death.[3][4][5]


Routes to Mount Everest's summit from the north (yellow) and south (orange) – Note that North is not oriented up (top of page) in this photo as it should be for maps, and aerial photos used for location

The most popular routes are the South Col route from the Nepalese side and the North Col route from the Tibetan side.

The first recorded deaths on the mountain were the seven porters who perished in an avalanche in the 1922 British Mount Everest Expedition. George Mallory, who was present, blamed himself for the deaths.[6] During the initial 1921 British Reconnaissance Expedition there were two deaths en route to the mountain – an unidentified porter as well as heart attack victim Dr. A. M. Kellas.[6][7]

While dangerous for the novice climber, the mountain has also claimed the lives of some of the most experienced climbers. Babu Chiri Sherpa had climbed the mountain several times, and in 1999 spent 20 hours on the summit of Everest, then a new record.[8] He also climbed to the summit twice in two weeks and held the record climbing time from Base Camp to summit of 16 hours and 56 minutes.[8] He died in 2001 from a fall near Camp II. Experienced guide Rob Hall died on Everest shortly after becoming the first non-Sherpa to have summitted five times (1996).

The most infamous tragedy on the mountain was the 1996 Mount Everest disaster on May 11, 1996, during which eight people died while making summit attempts. In that entire season, fifteen people died trying to reach the summit, making it the deadliest single year in the mountain's history to that point. The disaster gained wide publicity and has been written about many times; both Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer and The Climb by Anatoli Boukreev were written by mountaineers who were on Mount Everest at the time, and they give conflicting accounts about the events. Curiously, 1996 was statistically a safe year for Everest climbers. Before 1996, one in four climbers had died making the ascent; 1996 saw huge numbers of people attempting the climb and the statistics for 1996 reveal that only one in seven died.[9]

Another notable incident occurred in 1998 when Francys Arsentiev and her husband, Sergei Arsentiev, became separated and then died while looking for each other.[10] Francys's frozen body lay next to the main route to the summit for nine years before climber Ian Woodall led an expedition to push her over an edge and out of view.[10][11]

Another note is unconfirmed Russian deaths on the north side of Everest. After the Battle of Chamdo the Chinese took control of the region and enacted strict travel restrictions against westerners. The Chinese government, however, did allow some Russian Soviet climbers near the mountain and reports leaked out of a Russian expedition in 1952. The alleged expedition, apparently led by Pavel Datschnolian, was said to have been a disaster, resulting in the deaths of Datschnolian and five other men. However, Russian and Chinese authorities have consistently denied that such an attempt took place, no physical evidence has ever been found to confirm its existence, nor is there any record of a person named Pavel Datschnolian.[12]

Due to the difficulties and dangers in bringing bodies down, most of those who perish on the mountain remain where they fall, although some are moved by winds and ice. Two Nepalese climbers died on October 24, 1984, while trying to recover the body of Hannelore Schmatz.[13] While searching for George Mallory's body in a "catchment basin" near the peak in 1999, searchers came across multiple bodies in the snow, including Mallory's.[14]

On April 18, 2014, sixteen Sherpas were killed in an avalanche that struck Base Camp. In addition, a number of climbers were caught in the avalanche; some were recovered but others remain unaccounted for.[15][16][17]


NameDateAgeExpeditionNationalityCause of DeathLocationRefs
DorjeJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
TupacJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
NorbuJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
PasangJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
PemaJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
SangeJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
TembaJune 7, 19221922 British Mount Everest Expedition IndiaAvalancheBelow North Col[6]
Bahadur, ManMan BahadurMay 13, 19241924 British Mount Everest Expedition   NepalPneumoniaAbove Rongbuk B.C.[6][18]
Shamsherpun, Lance-NaikLance-Naik ShamsherpunMay 17, 19241924 British Mount Everest Expedition   NepalBrain hemorrhageAbove Rongbuk B.C.[6][18]
Irvine, AndrewAndrew IrvineJune 9, 1924221924 British Mount Everest Expedition United KingdomDisappeared; body never found; cause of death unknownN.E. Ridge[6]
Mallory, GeorgeGeorge MalloryJune 9, 1924371924 British Mount Everest Expedition United KingdomDisappeared; body found in 1999; evidence suggests Mallory died from being accidentally struck by his ice axe following a fall.N.E. Ridge[6]
Wilson, MauriceMaurice WilsonMay 31, 1934 [A 1]36Solo Expedition United KingdomBody found 1935; cause of death possibly exhaustion, exposure or starvation.East Rongbuk glacier[19]
Mingma, DorjeDorje MingmaOctober 31, 1952Swiss Expedition   NepalFalling iceLhotse Face[20]
Ji, WangWang JiApril 11, 1960Chinese Expedition Northern Slope ChinaMountain sickness[21][22]
Shi-Ching, ShaoShao Shi-Ching [A 2]April 29, 1960Chinese Expedition Northern Slope ChinaN.E. Ridge[21][22]
Tshering, NawangNawang TsheringApril 28, 1962Chinese Expedition Northern Slope   NepalLhotse face[23]
Breitenbach, JakeJake BreitenbachMarch 23, 196327Norman Dyhrenfurth's American Mount Everest Expedition United StatesCrushed under seracIcefall[24][25][26]
Gao-shu , MaMa Gao-shuMay 1, 1966Chinese Everest Expedition ChinaFallIcefall[22][1]
Dorje, PhuPhu DorjeOctober 18, 1969Japanese Everest Expedition   NepalFall into a creviceIcefall[27]
Dorje, NimaNima DorjeApril 5, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[28]
Norbu, KungaKunga NorbuApril 5, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalanche[28]
Norbu, MimaMima NorbuApril 5, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[28]
Pasang, PasangApril 5, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[28]
Tshering, KamiKami TsheringApril 5, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[28]
Tshering, KyakKyak TsheringApril 5, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[28]
Tshering, KyakKyak TsheringApril 9, 197036Japanese Skiing Expedition   NepalAvalanche5525 m[29]
Narita, KiyoshiKiyoshi NaritaApril 21, 1970Japanese Skiing Expedition JapanHeart attack6150m[30]
Vestergaard, SørenSøren VestergaardApril 18, 1971International Expedition of 1971 DenmarkSuspended above a crevice during a blizzard6900m[31]
Tighe, TonyTony TigheNovember 16, 1972Mt. Qomolangma expedition AustraliaCrushed under seracIcefall[32][33]
, JangbuJangbuOctober 12, 1973   NepalAvalancheS.W. Face[34]
Devouassoux, GérardGérard DevouassouxSeptember 9, 1974French West Ridge Direct expedition FranceAvalanche6400m[35]
Dorje, PembaPemba DorjeSeptember 9, 1974French West Ridge Direct expedition   NepalAvalanche6400m[35]
, LhakpaLhakpaSeptember 9, 1974French West Ridge Direct expedition   NepalAvalanche6400m[35]
Lutuk, NawangNawang LutukSeptember 9, 1974French West Ridge Direct expedition   NepalAvalanche6400m[35]
Wangchu, NimaNima WangchuSeptember 9, 1974French West Ridge Direct expedition   NepalAvalanche6400m[35]
Wongal, SanuSanu WongalSeptember 9, 1974French West Ridge Direct expedition   NepalAvalanche6400m[35]
Zhuong Yue, WuWu Zhuong Yue [A 3]May 4, 1975 ChinaExhaustion, fall8500m[36]
Burke, MickMick BurkeSeptember 26, 197534Bonington's 1975 Everest expedition United KingdomNear Summit[37]
Thompson, TerryTerry ThompsonApril 10, 1976British-Nepal Army Everest Expedition United KingdomFall into a crevasseCamp II[31]
Nuru, DawaDawa NuruApril 18, 1978   NepalFall into a crevasseIcefall[31]
Ming-ji, ShiShi Ming-jiApril 18, 1978Chinese Iranian Expedition ChinaFall into a crevasseIcefall[1]
Phu, AngAng PhuMay 16, 1979Yugoslavian Expedition   NepalFallIcefall[31]
Genet, RayRay GenetOctober 2, 197948Gerhard Schmatz German Expedition United StatesCold, exhaustion8400m S.E. Ridge[38]
Schmatz, HanneloreHannelore SchmatzOctober 2, 197939Gerhard Schmatz German Expedition GermanyCold, exhaustion8400m S.E. Ridge[38]
Hong-bao, WangWang Hong-baoOctober 12, 1979Japanese Alpine Club reconnaissance expedition ChinaAvalancheBelow North Col[39]
Lan , LouLou Lan [A 4]October 12, 1979Japanese Alpine Club reconnaissance expedition ChinaAvalancheBelow North Col[39]
Thaxi , NimaNima Thaxi [A 5]October 12, 1979Japanese Alpine Club reconnaissance expedition ChinaAvalancheBelow North Col[39]
Ube, AkiraAkira UbeMay 2, 198031Japanese Alpine Society Expedition JapanAvalanche7900m North Face (Hornbein Couloir)[40]
Kersang, NawangNawang KersangSeptember 6, 1980Italian Expedition   NepalFallIcefall[41]
Piana, MarioMario PianaSeptember 22, 1980Italian Expedition ItalyCrushed under seracLhotse Face[42]
Takenaka, NoboruNoboru TakenakaJanuary 12, 198128Japanese Winter Expedition JapanFall6900m W. Cwm[43]
Hoey, MartyMarty HoeyMay 15, 198230Whittaker American Expedition United StatesFall8000m[44]
Boardman, PeterPeter BoardmanMay 17, 198231British Mount Everest Expedition United KingdomUnknownNorth-East Ridge (approx. 8200m)[27][45]
Tasker, JoeJoe TaskerMay 17, 198233British Mount Everest Expedition United KingdomDisappearedNorth-East Ridge (approx. 8200m)[45][46]
Chuldim, AngAng ChuldimAugust 31, 198220Bill March Canadian Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[47]
Dorje, DawaDawa DorjeAugust 31, 198242Bill March Canadian Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[47]
Sona, PasangPasang SonaAugust 31, 198238Bill March Canadian Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[47]
Griffiths, BlairBlair GriffithsSeptember 2, 198233Bill March Canadian Expedition CanadaCrushed under seracIcefall[48]
Tshering, LhakpaLhakpa TsheringSeptember 27, 1982Spanish Expedition   NepalInternal hemorrhage6770m[36]
Dorje, NimaNima DorjeOctober 14, 1982Spanish Expedition   NepalFall8300m W ridge[49]
Kato, YasuoYasuo KatoDecember 28, 198233Japanese Expedition JapanDisappearedNear Summit[27][46]
Kobayashi, ToshiakiToshiaki KobayashiDecember 28, 1982Japanese Expedition JapanDisappearedNear Summit[46]
Kamuro, HironobuHironobu KamuroOctober 8, 1983Japanese Expedition JapanFallNear Summit[27]
Temba, PasangPasang TembaOctober 8, 1983Japanese Expedition   NepalFall8600m SE Ridge[27][36]
Yoshino, HiroshiHiroshi YoshinoOctober 9, 1983Japanese Expedition JapanFallNear Summit[27]
Rinji, AngAng RinjiMarch 26, 1984Indian Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[36]
Swierzy, TonyTony SwierzyApril 3, 198427Micheal Lane British North Face Expedition United KingdomAvalanche6238m[50]
Prodanov, Hristo IvanovHristo Ivanov ProdanovApril 21, 198440Bulgarian West Face Expedition BulgariaDisappeared8500m West Ridge[27]
From, FredFred FromOctober 9, 198428Australian New Zealand Expedition AustraliaFall8000m[51]
Nottle, CraigCraig NottleOctober 9, 198423Australian New Zealand Expedition AustraliaFall8000m[51]
Psotka, JozefJozef PsotkaOctober 16, 198450Australian New Zealand Expedition CzechoslovakiaFallNear Summit[27]
Dorje, AngAng DorjeOctober 24, 198435Mission to recover body of Hannelore Schmatz   NepalFall8400m S.E. Ridge[13]
Thapa, Yogendra BahadurYogendra Bahadur ThapaOctober 24, 198436Mission to recover body of Hannelore Schmatz   NepalFall8400m S.E. Ridge[13]
Navarro, JuanjoJuanjo NavarroMay 12, 1985Basque Expedition SpainFall7300m[52]
Ishii, ShinichiShinichi IshiiSeptember 19, 1985Japanese Expedition JapanAvalanche[52]
Kumar, Kiran InderKiran Inder KumarOctober 7, 198540Indian Expedition IndiaFall7986m[53]
Bahugana, JaiJai BahuganaOctober 11, 1985Indian Expedition IndiaExposureSouth Col[54]
Bakshi, Ranjeet SinghRanjeet Singh BakshiOctober 11, 1985Indian Expedition IndiaExposureSouth Col[54]
Negi, Vijay Pal SinghVijay Pal Singh NegiOctober 11, 198528Indian Expedition IndiaExposureSouth Col[53][54]
Rao, M.U. Bhaskar RaoM.U. Bhaskar Rao RaoOctober 11, 1985Indian Expedition IndiaExposureSouth Col[54]
Trujillo, Víctor HugoVíctor Hugo TrujilloAugust 16, 198622 ChileAvalancheBelow North Col[55]
Burkhardt, SimonSimon BurkhardtSeptember 28, 198652Eiselin Sports Expedition SwitzerlandAvalanche7315m[56]
Gyalu, GyaluOctober 4, 1986Eiselin Sports Expedition   NepalCrushed under seracIcefall[56]
Norbu, DawaDawa NorbuOctober 17, 1986Eiselin Sports Expedition   NepalAvalancheBelow North Col[27]
Dorje, TsuttinTsuttin DorjeJanuary 30, 1987   NepalFall7700m[57]
Marshall, RogerRoger MarshallMay 21, 198745 CanadaHornbein Couloir, Near Summit[58]
Yokoyama, MasaoMasao YokoyamaSeptember 2, 198744Japanese Expedition JapanDrownedE Rongbuk Glacier[59][60][61]
Singh, MangalMangal SinghOctober 20, 1987British Expedition   NepalAvalancheBase camp[36]
Mizukoshi, HidetakaHidetaka MizukoshiApril 21, 198835th Anniversary climb with Chinese, Japanese and Nepalese nationals JapanHeart attackBase camp[62]
Parmentier, MichelMichel ParmentierSeptember 20, 1988International FranceExposure7700m[52]
Shrestha, NarayanNarayan ShresthaSeptember 21, 1988   NepalAvalanche7200m[63]
Sonam, LhakpaLhakpa SonamOctober 13, 1988   NepalFall8200m[27]
Temba, PasangPasang TembaOctober 13, 1988   NepalFall8200m[27]
Becík, DušanDušan BecíkOctober 17, 198834IAMES Bratislava Expedition CzechoslovakiaDisappeared8000m S.E. Ridge[64]
Božík, PeterPeter BožíkOctober 17, 198834IAMES Bratislava Expedition CzechoslovakiaDisappeared8000m S.E. Ridge[64]
Jaško, JaroslavJaroslav JaškoOctober 17, 198826IAMES Bratislava Expedition CzechoslovakiaDisappeared8000m S.E. Ridge[64]
Just, JozefJozef JustOctober 17, 198833IAMES Bratislava Expedition CzechoslovakiaDisappeared8000m S.E. Ridge[27]
Lhakpa, AngAng LhakpaDecember 23, 1988   NepalCerebral thrombosisSouth Col[27]
Ilievski-Murato, DimitarDimitar Ilievski-MuratoMay 10, 1989 YugoslaviaFallDescending South Col Route[27]
Dorje, PhuPhu DorjeMay 16, 1989   NepalFallDescending South Col Route[27]
Dąsal, MirosławMirosław DąsalMay 27, 198926Polish-led expedition that included four U.S. mountaineers PolandAvalanche7200m W ridge[65]
Gardzielewski, MirosławMirosław GardzielewskiMay 27, 198935Polish-led expedition that included four U.S. mountaineers PolandAvalanche7200m W ridge[65]
Heinrich, AndrzejAndrzej HeinrichMay 27, 198951Polish-led expedition that included four U.S. mountaineers PolandAvalanche7200m W ridge[65]
Otręba, WacławWacław OtrębaMay 27, 198950Polish-led expedition that included four U.S. mountaineers PolandAvalanche7200m W ridge[65]
Chrobak, EugeniuszEugeniusz ChrobakMay 28, 198930Polish-led expedition that included four U.S. mountaineers PolandAvalanche injuriesLhola camp[27][65]
Pinjo, AngAng PinjoDecember 12, 1989South Korean expedition   NepalAltitude sickness[1]
Gómez-Menor, RafaelRafael Gómez-MenorSeptember 14, 1990 SpainAvalanche[66]
Sona, AngAng SonaSeptember 14, 1990   NepalAvalanche[66]
Nath, BadriBadri NathSeptember 14, 1990   NepalAvalanche[66]
Sang-Hun, HamHam Sang-HunOctober 7, 1990Japanese Korean expedition South KoreaDisappeared[67]
Lang, RüdigerRüdiger LangMay 3, 1991Austrian solo expedition GermanyExposure7850m N.E. Ridge[36][68]
Futagami, JunichiJunichi FutagamiMay 27, 1991Japanese solo expedition JapanFall8700m NE[1]
Kulkarni, DeepakDeepak KulkarniMay 2, 1992Indian expedition IndiaExposure[1]
Jacob, RaymondRaymond JacobMay 2, 1992Indian expedition IndiaExposure[1]
Singh, SubbaSubba SinghMay 11, 199243   NepalHeart attack[69]
Singh, SherSher SinghMay 23, 1992Indian Expedition IndiaFallIcefall[1]
Hoshi, ManabuManabu HoshiMay 23, 1992Japanese Expedition JapanDisappeared8350m NE[70]
Tshering, AngAng TsheringJanuary 15, 1993Spanish Expedition   NepalFall[1]
Sherpa, Pasang LhamuPasang Lhamu SherpaApril 23, 199332Nepalese Expedition   NepalDisappeared8750m S.E. Ridge[71]
Tshering, SonamSonam TsheringApril 23, 1993Nepalese Expedition   NepalDisappeared8750m S.E. Ridge[71]
Tshering Bhutia, LobsangLobsang Tshering BhutiaMay 10, 19934140th anniversary of Tenzing Norgay's climb   NepalFall8750m S.E. Ridge[72]
Won-Woo, NamNam Won-WooMay 16, 1993South Korean expedition South KoreaFall8450m S.E. Ridge[1][73]
Jin-Seob, AnAn Jin-SeobMay 17, 1993South Korean expedition South KoreaFall8450m S.E. Ridge[1][73]
Henize, KarlKarl HenizeOctober 5, 199366American expedition United StatesHAPE6400m[74]
Miranda, AntonioAntonio MirandaOctober 7, 1993 SpainFall[75]
Thapa, PremPrem ThapaApril 6, 1994German Expedition   NepalCerebral oedema[1]
Fang-Fang, ShihShih Fang-Fang 'Norman'May 9, 199427Taiwanese TaiwanExhaustion and/or Exposure.[1]
Vigani-Fang, GiuseppeGiuseppe Vigani-FangMay 18, 1994Italian Expedition ItalyFall[1]
Rheinberger, MikeMike RheinbergerMay 27, 199453Australian Expedition Australia500ft fall. He showed signs of Exhaustion, Dehydration , Cerebral Oedema, Retinal Hemorrages and possible blood clots in his upper legs.8500m NE[1]
Norbu, MingmaMingma NorbuSeptember 12, 1994Norwegian Expedition   NepalAvalanche[1]
Rita, KamiKami RitaMay 6, 1995American Expedition   NepalFall[1]
Nuru, LhakpaLhakpa NuruSeptember 10, 1995South Korean Expedition   Nepal6900m[1]
, ZangbuZangbuOctober 14, 1995South Korean Expedition   NepalFallNear Summit[1]
Yu-Nan, ChenChen Yu-NanMay 9, 199636"Makalu" Gau Ming-Ho Taiwanese expedition TaiwanInjuries from a fall[76]
Fischer, ScottScott FischerMay 11, 199640Mountain Madness United StatesSuspected HACE (High-altitude Cerebral Odema), exhaustion, frostbite and exposure.8300m S.E. Ridge[52][77]
Hall, RobRob HallMay 11, 199635Adventure Consultants New ZealandExposureSouth Summit[52][77]
Hansen, DougDoug HansenMay 11, 199646Adventure Consultants United StatesExposureSouth Summit[52][77]
Harris, AndrewAndrew HarrisMay 11, 199631Adventure Consultants New ZealandDisappeared8700m S.E. Ridge[52][77]
Morup, DorjeDorje MorupMay 11, 199647Indo-Tibetan Border Police IndiaExposure8600m N.E. Ridge[52][77]
Namba, YasukoYasuko NambaMay 11, 199647Adventure Consultants JapanExposureSouth Col[52][77]
Paljor, TsewangTsewang PaljorMay 11, 199628Indo-Tibetan Border Police IndiaExposure8600m N.E. Ridge[52][77]
Samanla, TsewangTsewang SamanlaMay 11, 199638Indo-Tibetan Border Police IndiaExposure8600m N.E. Ridge[52][77]
Wlasich, ReinhardReinhard WlasichMay 19, 1996Austrian AustriaAltitude sickness8300m North Face, Great Couloir[78]
Herrod, BruceBruce HerrodMay 25, 199637South African/British United KingdomRope accidentS.E. Ridge, Hillary Step[79]
Topche, NgawangNgawang TopcheJune 6, 1996American   NepalComatose on 23 Apr 1996, died in hospitalCamp II[80]
Bouchon, YvesYves BouchonSeptember 25, 1996French/Belgian/Swiss FranceAvalanche7400m Lhotse Face[52][81]
Jangbu, LobsangLobsang JangbuSeptember 25, 199623–25Japanese   NepalAvalanche7400m Lhotse Face[52][81]
, DawaDawaSeptember 25, 1996South Korea   NepalAvalanche7400m Lhotse Face[52][81]
Duff, MalcolmMalcolm DuffApril 23, 1997British United KingdomHeart attackBase Camp[1]
Rinzi, NimaNima RinziMay 6, 1997Malaysian United KingdomFallLhotse Face[1]
Torochin, AleksandrAleksandr TorochinMay 7, 1997Russian RussiaFallN.E. Ridge[1][82][83][84]
Plotnikov, IvanIvan PlotnikovMay 7, 1997Russian RussiaDisappearedN.E. Ridge[1][82][83][84]
Shevtchenko, NikolaiNikolai ShevtchenkoMay 7, 1997Russian RussiaDisappearedN.E. Ridge[1][82][83][84]
, MingmaMingmaMay 7, 1997Russian   NepalFallN.E. Ridge[82]
Kowalzik, PeterPeter KowalzikMay 8, 1997Polish GermanyDisappearedN.E. Ridge[85]
Nuru, TenzingTenzing NuruSeptember 8, 1997American   NepalDisappearedS.E. Ridge[86]
Byong-Soo, ChoiChoi Byong-SooSeptember 8, 1997South Korean South KoreaAvalancheNorth Col Flank[1]
Arsentiev, SergeiSergei ArsentievMay 23, 1998Russian/French United States320ft Fall.N.E. Ridge[10][83]
Arsentiev, FrancysFrancys ArsentievMay 24, 199840Russian/French United StatesExposure or Cerebral Oedema.N.E. Ridge[10][11][83]
Jennings, MarkMark JenningsMay 25, 1998British United KingdomExhaustionN.E. Ridge[1]
Buick, RogerRoger BuickMay 26, 1998New Zealand New ZealandExhaustionN.E. Ridge[1]
Kopytko, VasiliVasili KopytkoMay 8, 1999Ukrainian UkraineN.E. Ridge[1][87]
Matthews, MichaelMichael MatthewsMay 13, 199923International United KingdomS.E. Ridge[88]
Kudelski, TadeuszTadeusz KudelskiMay 18, 199944Polish International PolandFallN.E. Ridge[89]
Debrouwer, PascalPascal DebrouwerMay 18, 1999Belgian International BelgiumExposureN.E. Ridge[89]
Stoltz, JeppeJeppe StoltzMay 20, 200027 DenmarkFallN.E. Ridge[1]
Gen-hua, YanYan Gen-huaMay 21, 2000Chinese ChinaFallN.E. Ridge[1]
Chiri Sherpa, BabuBabu Chiri SherpaApril 29, 200135Nepalese   NepalFallN.E. Ridge[8]
Ganner, PeterPeter GannerMay 23, 2001Austrian AustriaFall8500m S.E. Ridge[90]
Auricht, MarkMark AurichtMay 24, 2001Australian AustraliaCerebral oedemaN.E. Ridge[91]
Nikiforov, AlekseiAleksei NikiforovMay 24, 2001Russian RussiaIllnessN.E. Ridge[92]
Gárdos, SándorSándor GárdosOctober 17, 2001Hungarian HungaryFall7800m N.E. Ridge[1]
Legate, PeterPeter LegateApril 30, 200238British International United KingdomFall into a crevasseBelow Camp III[93]
Miletic, ZoranZoran Miletic?May 19, 2002Russian International YugoslaviaExact cause and date unknown7800m N.E. Ridge[1]
Siffredi, MarcoMarco SiffrediSeptember 8, 200223International FranceSnowboarding AccidentHornbein Couloir[94]
Bahadur Gurung, BhimBhim Bahadur GurungMay 27, 2003Indo-Nepal   NepalFall into a crevasse5900m Icefall[1]
Liszewski, Jan KrzysztofJan Krzysztof LiszewskiMay 25, 200355Independent PolandFall7900m N.E. Ridge[1]
Saulnier, ArnaudArnaud SaulnierMay 8, 2003French FranceSickness in tent5500m S.E. Ridge[1]
Gyalzen Sherpa, KarmaKarma Gyalzen SherpaMay 24, 2003International   NepalAltitude Sickness6000m S.E. Ridge[1]
Baek, Joon-HoJoon-Ho BaekMay 18, 200438South Korean South KoreaExposure8500m N.E. Ridge[1][95]
Jang, MinMin JangMay 18, 200428South Korean South KoreaExposure8500m N.E. Ridge[1][95]
Park, Mu-TaekMu-Taek ParkMay 18, 200436South Korean South KoreaExposure8500m N.E. Ridge[1][95]
Antezana, NilsNils AntezanaMay 18, 200469International United StatesExposure8600m S.E. Ridge[96]
Hristov, Hristo GanchevHristo Ganchev HristovMay 20, 200427Bulgarian BulgariaExposure8600m N.E. Ridge[1]
Ota, ShokoShoko OtaMay 20, 200463Japanese JapanExposure8600m N.E. Ridge[97]
Maslarova, Mariana ProdanovaMariana Prodanova MaslarovaMay 23, 200443Bulgarian BulgariaExposure8700m N.E. Ridge[1]
Egan, SeanSean EganApril 28, 200563Tim Redpath Expedition CanadaHeart attack4600m S.E. Ridge[98]
O'Brien, Michael CoreyMichael Corey O'BrienMay 2, 200539Charity run with brother United StatesFall into a crevasse5800m Icefall South[99]
Lihteneker, MarkoMarko LihtenekerMay 21, 200545 Slovenia8600m N.E. Ridge[1]
Shankarappa Chaitanya, SirigereshivaSirigereshiva Shankarappa ChaitanyaMay 30, 2005India IndiaExposure8700m N.E. Ridge[1]
Kramer, DieterDieter KramerJune 4, 2005German GermanyRidge Exposure8000m N.E.[1]
Milne, Robert WilliamRobert William MilneJune 5, 200549 United KingdomOrgans Froze8200m S.E. Ridge[100]
Sherpa, Tuk Bahadur Thapa MagarTuk Bahadur Thapa Magar SherpaApril 7, 2006American   NepalAltitude5500m N.E. Ridge[1]
Sherpa , Ang PhinjoAng Phinjo SherpaApril 21, 200650American   NepalAvalanche5900m Icefall[101]
Tseri , LhakpaLhakpa TseriApril 21, 2006American   NepalAvalanche5900m Icefall[101]
Temba , DawaDawa TembaApril 21, 2006American   NepalAvalanche5900m Icefall[101]
Letrange , Jacques-HuguesJacques-Hugues LetrangeMay 6, 2006American FranceExhaustionN.E. Ridge[1]
Srikrishna, SrikrishnaMay 14, 2006Indian IndiaFall8600m N.E. Ridge[1]
Sharp, DavidDavid SharpMay 15, 200634Asian Trekking United KingdomExposure and/or Exhaustion.8600m N.E. Ridge[102]
Olsson, TomasTomas OlssonMay 16, 200630International SwedenFall8700m Norton Couloir[1]
Negrete, VitorVitor NegreteMay 19, 200638International BrazilExposure and/or Exhaustion.Camp III, 8200m N.E. Ridge[103]
Plyushkin, IgorIgor PlyushkinMay 22, 2006International RussiaAltitude sickness7800m N.E. Ridge[1]
Weber, ThomasThomas WeberMay 25, 2006International GermanyAltitude sickness8700m N.E. Ridge[104]
Okura, YoshitomiYoshitomi OkuraMay 16, 200762Japanese JapanN.E. Ridge[105]
Pierangelo, MaurizioMaurizio PierangeloMay 17, 2007Italian ItalyN.E. Ridge[1]
Hee-joon, OhOh Hee-joonMay 17, 200737South Korean South KoreaS.W. Face[105]
Hyun-jo, LeeLee Hyun-joMay 17, 200734South Korean South KoreaS.W. Face[105]
Goltz, Uwe GianniUwe Gianni GoltzMay 21, 200844Sherpas documentary team SwitzerlandExhaustion8000m South Col[106]
Nuru, LhakpaLhakpa NuruMay 7, 2009Eco Everest Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[107]
Chrzaszcz, VeslavVeslav ChrzaszczMay 18, 2009Eco Everest Expedition Czech RepublicHeart attack[108]
Wu, WenhongWenhong WuMay 19, 2009 China[108]
Ziebarth, FrankFrank ZiebarthMay 21, 200929 Canada8700m North Summit[108][109]
Várkonyi, LászlóLászló VárkonyiApril 26, 201054 HungaryAvalanche crevasse fallNorth Col[110]
Jørgensen , TomTom JørgensenMay 19, 201056 DenmarkHACE[108]
Kinloch, PeterPeter KinlochMay 26, 201028International United KingdomExhaustion8600m[111]
Hitch, RickRick HitchMay 1, 201155International United StatesHeart attack7010m[112]
Upadhyaya, Shailendra KumarShailendra Kumar UpadhyayaMay 9, 201182Nepal   NepalAltitude sicknessBase Camp[113]
Ozaki, TakashiTakashi OzakiMay 12, 2011International JapanAltitude sickness8400m The Balcony[114]
Delaney, JohnJohn DelaneyMay 21, 201142International IrelandAltitude sickness8400m The Balcony[115]
Kino, HiroakiHiroaki KinoSeptember 15, 201148 Japancerebral apoplexyLower Icefall[116][117]
Tenzing, DawaDawa TenzingApril 5, 2012Himex   NepalStroke (CVA)Icefall[118][119]
Namgyal Sherpa, KarsangKarsang Namgyal SherpaApril 19, 2012Prestige Adventures   Nepalaltitude sicknessBase Camp[119][120]
Gulve, RameshRamesh GulveApril 20, 201233Pune team IndiaStrokeBase Camp[119][121]
Tshering Sherpa, NamgyalNamgyal Tshering SherpaApril 21, 201228   NepalFall into a crevasseCamp 1[119][122]
Shah–Klorfine, ShriyaShriya Shah–KlorfineMay 19, 201233Utmost Adventures CanadaExhaustionBelow Balcony 8300m[119][123]
Schaaf, EberhardEberhard SchaafMay 19, 201261Asian Trekking GermanyCerebral oedemaHillary Step[119][123]
Won-bin, SongSong Won-binMay 19, 201244Korean Everest & Lhotse Expedition South KoreaFallBalcony[119][123]
Wenyi, HaHa WenyiMay 20, 201255Mountain Experience ChinaSuspected altitude sicknessBalcony[119][124]
José Polo Carbayo, JuanJuan José Polo CarbayoMay 20, 201243Himalayan Guides SpainExhaustion8300m N.E. Ridge[119][125]
Arnold, Ralf D.Ralf D. ArnoldMay 20, 201243Monterosa GermanyExhaustion after breaking leg at Second Step8300m N.E. Ridge[119][125]
Lim, PisethPiseth LimOctober 19, 201227International CambodiaEncountered inclement weatherAround 4,000 meter high point
Sherpa, MingmaMingma SherpaApril 7, 201345Destination Himalaya   NepalFalling into a crevasseBetween Camps 1 and 2 in the Western Cwm[126]
Sherpa, DaRitaDaRita SherpaMay 5, 201337International Mountain Guides   NepalSuspected cardiac arrestCamp 3 on south side[127]
Ponomarev, SergeySergey PonomarevMay 5, 20137 Summits Club Everest expedition RussiaSuspected cardiac arrestAt 100m above ABC on north side (at about 6500m)[128]
Sherpa, LobsangLobsang SherpaMay 7, 201322Chinese expedition team   NepalFallBetween Camp 2 and Camp 3 on descent from Camp 4 (on south side)[129]
Bolotov, AlexeyAlexey BolotovMay 15, 201350Russian South-West Face expedition RussiaFall5600m Icefall[130][131]
Sherpa, NamgyalNamgyal SherpaMay 17, 201335   Nepal8300m N.E. Ridge[132]
Sung-Ho, SeoSeo Sung-HoMay 21, 201333Zero to 8848 expedition South KoreaSuspected Altitude SicknessOn descent (south side)[133]
Khaled (Mohammed Khaled Hossain), SajalSajal Khaled (Mohammed Khaled Hossain)May 21, 201335 BangladeshSuspected Altitude SicknessSouth Col Camp[133]
Sherpa, Mingma TenzingMingma Tenzing SherpaApril 2, 2014Peak Freaks Expedition   NepalHAPEEverest Base Camp[134]
Sherpa, Mingma NuruMingma Nuru SherpaApril 18, 201446NBC Everest Expedition   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, DorjiDorji SherpaApril 18, 2014NBC Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Ang TshiriAng Tshiri SherpaApril 18, 2014AAI Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, NimaNima SherpaApril 18, 2014AAI Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Phurba OngyalPhurba Ongyal SherpaApril 18, 2014AC Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Chris DeckerChris Decker SherpaApril 18, 2014AC Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Chhiring OngchuChhiring Ongchu SherpaApril 18, 2014AC Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Khatri, DorjeeDorjee KhatriApril 18, 2014Adventurist Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Then DorjeeThen Dorjee SherpaApril 18, 2014Adventurist Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Phur TembaPhur Temba SherpaApril 18, 2014Adventurist Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Pasang KarmaPasang Karma SherpaApril 18, 2014Jagged Globe Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Tamang, AsmanAsman TamangApril 18, 2014Himalayan Ecstasy Khotse Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, Tenzing ChottarTenzing Chottar SherpaApril 18, 2014AAI Everest Expedition 2014   NepalAvalanche (missing)Icefall[135][136]
Sherpa, AnkajiAnkaji SherpaApril 18, 2014Everest Chinese Dream Expedition 2014   NepalAvalancheIcefall[135][136]
Sherpa, PemTenjiPemTenji SherpaApril 18, 2014Everest Chinese Dream Expedition 2014   NepalAvalanche (missing)Icefall[135][136]
Gurung, Aash BahadurAash Bahadur GurungApril 18, 2014Everest Chinese Dream Expedition 2014   NepalAvalanche (missing)Icefall[135][136]
Everest base camp
ER tent at Everest base camp

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