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NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
Chester R. Bender (1914–1996)First Florida United States Coast Guard AcademyBorn in Burnsville, West Virginia, lived in Plant City[1]
Clay Ford (1938-2013)United States Army, United States Army Reserve, Arkansas National Guard (1955-1988), rose from private to colonelBorn in Wynne, Arkansas; represented Santa Rosa County in Florida House of Representatives, 2007 until his death[2]
Roy Geiger (1885–1947)Marine Corps general during World War IIBorn in Middleburg[3]
Joseph Kittinger (1928–)Aviation and space flight pioneerBorn in Tampa[4]
John Young (1930–)Navy fighter pilot and NASA Gemini, Apollo, and Shuttle astronautRaised in Orlando[5]
Alan Stephenson Boyd (1922–)First United States Secretary of TransportationBorn in Jacksonville[6]

Film and television[edit]

NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
Elizabeth Ashley (1996–)Film and television actressBorn in Ocala[7]
María Canals Barrera (1966–)Film and television actressBorn in Miami[8]
Angela Bassett (1958–)Film actressGrew up in St. Petersburg[9]
Matt Battaglia (1965–)Film and television actor, producer, philanthropistBorn in Tallahassee[10]
Steven Bauer (1956–)Film and television actorGrew up in Miami[11]
Amanda Bearse (1958–)Film and television actressBorn in Winter Park[12]
Wayne Brady (1972–)Television personality and comedianBorn in Orlando[13]
Shannon Bream (1971–)Reporter and anchor for Fox NewsGrew up in Tallahassee[14]
Delta Burke (1956–)Television actressBorn in Orlando[15]
Tom Byrd (1960–)Television actor (NBC's Boone)Born in Philippine Islands; raised in Florida[16]
Diana Canova (1953–)ActressBorn in West Palm Beach[17]
Conlan Carter (1934–)Actor (Combat! and The Law and Mr. Jones on ABC)Born in Arkansas; formerly resided in Naples[18]
Jonathan Chase (1979–)Film and television actorBorn in Plantation[19]
Chris Conrad (1970–)Film and television actorBorn in Fort Lauderdale[20]
Mark Consuelos (1970–)Television actorBorn in Tampa[21]
Merian C. Cooper (1893–1973)Film director, screenwriter, and producerBorn in Jacksonville[22]
Brittany Daniel (1976–)Television and film actressBorn in Gainesville[23]
Greg Davis Jr. (1984–)Television actorBorn in Orlando[24]
Johnny Depp (1963–)Film actorRaised in Miramar[25]
Creagen Dow (1991–)Film and television actorBorn in Sebring[26]
Faye Dunaway (1941–)Academy Award-winning actressBorn in Bascom[27]
Gail Edwards (1952–)Film and television actressBorn and raised in Coral Gables
John R. Ellis (1955–)Filmmaker, producer, director, animator, special effects artistBorn in Ohio and reared in West Palm Beach[28]
Raúl Esparza (1970–)Film, television, and stage actorBorn in Miami[29]
Alex Fernandez (1967–)Film and television actorBorn in Miami[30]
Stepin Fetchit (1902–1985)Film actor and comedianBorn in Key West[31]
Megan Fox (born 1986)Film and television actressPartly raised in St. Petersburg[32]
Robert Gant (1968–)Television actorBorn in Tampa[33]
Joanna García (1979–)Film and television actressBorn in Tampa[34]
Nicole Garza (1982–)Film and television actressBorn in Miami[35]
Matt GeraldFilm and television actorBorn in Miami[36]
Malcolm Gets (1963–)ActorBorn in Gainesville
Skyler Gisondo (1996–)Film and television actorBorn in Palm Beach County[37]
Julie Gonzalo (1981–)Film and television actressRaised in Miami[38]
Mel Gorham (1959–)Film and television actressBorn in Coral Gables[39]
April Grace (1962–)Film and television actressBorn in Lakeland[40]
Ariana Grande (1993–)Actress, model, and singerBorn in Boca Raton[41]
Ashley Greene (1987–)Film and television actressBorn in Jacksonville[42]
Eileen GrubbaFilm and television actressGrew up in Fort Lauderdale[43]
Carla Gugino (1973–)Film and television actressBorn in Sarasota[44]
Tony Hale (1970–)Film and television actorBorn in Tallahassee[45]
Darrell Hammond (1955–)Comedian from Saturday Night Live and actorBorn in Melbourne[46]
Gina Hecht (1953–)Television and film actressBorn in Winter Park[47]
Wanda Hendrix (1928–1981)Film actressBorn in Jacksonville[48]
Catherine Hickland (1956–)Soap opera actressBorn in Fort Lauderdale[49]
Cheryl Hines (1965–)ActressBorn in Miami Beach[citation needed]
Crystal Hunt (1985–)Soap opera actressBorn in Clearwater[50]
Jonathan Jackson (1982–)ActorBorn in Orlando[51]
Victoria Jackson (1959–)Film and television actressBorn in Miami[52]
Carter Jenkins (1991–)Film and television actorBorn in Tampa[53]
Sarah Jones (1983–)Film and television actressBorn in Winter Springs[54]
Victoria Justice (1993–)Actress, singerBorn in Hollywood
Lawrence Kasdan (1949–)Film director and screenwriterBorn in Miami[55]
Arielle Kebbel (1985–)Film and televistion actressBorn in Winter Park[56]
Catherine Keener (1960–)ActressBorn in Miami[57]
Josie Loren (1987–)Television actressBorn in Miami[58]
Chris Marquette (1984–)Film and television actorBorn in Stuart[59]
Natalie Martinez (1984–)Model and actressBorn in Miami[60]
Velia Martínez (1920–1993)Actress and singerBorn in Tampa[61]
DeLane Matthews (1961–)Television actressBorn in Rockledge[62]
Butterfly McQueen (1911–1995)Film and television actressBorn in Tampa[63]
Julio Oscar Mechoso (1955–)Film and television actorBorn in Miami[64]
Leighton Meester (1986–)Film and television actressBorn in Marco Island[65]
Elizabeth Melendez (1985–)Model and television actressBorn in Orlando[66]
Katy Mixon (1981–)Film and television actressBorn in Pensacola[67]
Mandy Moore (1984–)Actress and singer-songwriterGrew up in Longwood[68]
Jessica Morris (1980–)Soap opera actressBorn in Jacksonville[62]
Enrique Murciano (1973–)Film and television actorBorn in Miami[69]
Chris Núñez (1973–)Tattoo artist and subject of TLC's Miami InkBorn in Miami Beach[70]
Victor Nuñez (1945–)Film directorBorn in DeLand[71]
Kimberly Peirce (1967–)Film directorBorn in Miami[72]
Carlos Pena, Jr. (1989–)Television actor and singerBorn in Weston
Gina Philips (1975–)Film and television actressBorn in Miami Beach[73]
Summer Phoenix (1978–)Actress and modelBorn in Winter Park[74]
Danny Pino (1974–)Film and television actorBorn and raised in Miami[75]
Sidney Poitier (1927–)Academy Award-winning actorBorn in Miami[76]
Brett Ratner (1969–)Film and music video directorBorn and raised in Miami Beach[77]
Monica Raymund (1986–)Television actressBorn in St. Petersburg[78]
Ashley Rickards (1992–)Television actressBorn in Sarasota[79]
Génesis Rodríguez (1987–)Television actressBorn in Miami[80]
Maggie Rodriguez (1969–)Co-anchor of CBS's The Early ShowBorn in Miami[81]
Stephen Root (1951–)Film and television actorBorn in Sarasota[82]
Bob Ross (1942–1995)Television presenter and artistBorn in Daytona Beach[83]
Mickey Rourke (1952–)Film actorRaised in Miami[84]
Maya Rudolph (1972–)Film and television actressBorn in Gainesville[85]
Rick Sanchez (1958–)Host of CNN's Rick's ListGrew up in Hialeah[86]
Pat Skipper (1958–)Film and television actorBorn in Lakeland[87]
Wesley Snipes (1962–)Actor and film producerBorn in Orlando[citation needed]
Rachel Specter (1980–)Film and television actressBorn in Tampa[88]
Kirsten Storms (1984–)Television actressBorn in Orlando[89]
Bella Thorne (1997–)Television actressBorn in Hollywood, Florida
Daniel Tosh (1975–)Television comedianBorn in Germany. Raised in Titusville[90]
Wilmer Valderrama (1980–)Film and television actorBorn in Miami[91]
Del Vaughn (1942-1972)CBS News reporter and correspondent killed in helicopter crash in Pennsylvania during aftermath of Hurricane AgnesConsidered St. Petersburg his hometown[92]
Alexa Vega (1988–)Film and television actressBorn in Miami[93]
Ben Vereen (1946–)Actor, dancer and singerBorn in Miami[94]
Bob Vila (1946–)Television home improvement personalityBorn in Miami[95]
Shea Whigham (1969–)Film and television actorBorn in Tallahassee[96]
Hugh Wilson (1943–)Film directorBorn in Miami[97]


NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
T.D. Allman (1944–)Exposed CIA secret involvement with the war in Laos and interviews with world figures. Historian author of Finding Florida: The True History of the Sunshine State and Miami: City of the Future.Born in Tampa [98]
Dave Barry (1947–)Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist and Best Selling AuthorBorn in Miami[99]
Pat Frank (1907–1964)Authored Alas, BabylonLived in Tangerine[100]
Carl Hiaasen (1953–)Journalist and NovelistBorn in Plantation[101]
Zora Neale Hurston (1891–1960)Author and Folklorist during the Harlem RenaissanceRaised in Eatonville[102]
James Weldon Johnson (1871–1938)Author, Poet, and Civil Rights ActivistBorn in Jacksonville[103]
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1896–1953)Novelist and Short Story WriterLived in Cross Creek, the setting for most of her work[104]
Lillian Smith (1897–1966)Author and Social CriticBorn in Jasper[105]


NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
DiploDj/Producer Major LazerBorn in Mississippi Attended University of Central Florida as well as residing in Florida for Years
AnberlinChristian Rock BandTampa
AdassaReggaetón artistBorn in Miami[106]
Trey Azagthoth (1965–)Founder and guitarist of the death metal band Morbid AngelBorn in Washington. Has lived in Florida for years.[citation needed]
Mason "Mase" Betha (1977–)Rap artistBorn in Jacksonville[107]
Gary U.S. Bonds (1939–)Singer and songwriterBorn in Jacksonville[108]
Pat Boone (1934–)1950s Rock and Roll singerBorn in Jacksonville[109]
Jo Ann Campbell (1938–)Pop singerBorn in Jacksonville[110]
Luther Campbell (1960–)R&B SingerBorn in Miami[111]
Nick CarterBackstreet Boys singerResides in Tampa
Aaron CarterSingerBorn in Tampa
Lil' WayneRapperborn in Louisiana. Raised in Miami.
Khia Chambers (1970–)Rap artistBorn in Tampa[112]
Easton CorbinCountry music singerBorn in Trenton[113]
Carter Cornelius (1948–1991)R&B artist; lead singer of Cornelius Brothers and Sister RoseBorn in Dania[114]
Billy Daniels (1915–1988)Big band singer and actorBorn in Jacksonville[115]
Clint Daniels (1974–)Country singer and writerBorn in Panama City
Jason Derülo (1989–)Pop and R&B singerBorn in Miami[116]
Tramar "Flo Rida" Dillard (1979–)Rap artistBorn in Opa-Locka[117]
Fred Durst (1970–)Lead singer of Limp BizkitBorn in Jacksonville
Greg Eklund (1970–)Drummer for EverclearBorn in Jacksonville[118]
Gloria Estefan (1957–)Grammy Award-winning singerRaised in Miami
Willa Ford (1981–)Pop SingerBorn/Raised in Ruskin[119]
Debbie Harry (1945–)Vocalist, musician, actressBorn in Miami
Brooke Hogan (1988–)Singer and RapperBorn/Raised in Tampa[120]
J. Rosamond Johnson (1873–1954)Composer and singer during the Harlem RenaissanceBorn in Jacksonville[121]
Sean Kingston (1990–)Reggae Fusion Singer and RapperBorn in Miami[122]
James MacDonough (1970–)Bass guitaristBorn in Jacksonville[123]
Raul Malo (1965–)Country music singer and songwriterBorn in Miami[124]
Antoine "Ace Hood" McColister (1988–)RapperBorn in Port St. Lucie, raised in Deerfield Beach[125]
AJ McLean (1978–)SingerBorn in West Palm Beach[126]
Lazaro "DJ Laz" MendezRapperBorn in Miami[127]
Mandy Moore (1984–)Singer and ActressRaised and lives in Orlando[citation needed]
Jim Morrison (1943–1971)Singer, songwriter, and poetBorn in Melbourne[128]
Steve Morse (1954–)Rock guitarist, founder of the Dixie Dregs and current Deep Purple guitaristBorn in Ohio. Has been living in Florida for years.[citation needed]
Jake Owen (1981–)American country music artistBorn in Vero Beach, FL
Faheem "T-Pain" Najim (1985–)Rap artistBorn in Tallahassee[129]
Jacki-O (198?-)Rap artistBorn in Miami[130]
Jaco Pastorius (1951–1987)Jazz bassist, former member of Weather ReportRaised in Fort Lauderdale until his death[131]
Armando "Pitbull" Pérez (1981–)Rap artistBorn in Miami[132]
Tom Petty (1950–)MusicianBorn in Gainesville[133]
Rick Ross (1977–)Rap artistBorn in Carol City[134]
Chuck Schuldiner (1967–2001)Founder of the death metal band DeathBorn in New York. Lived in Florida before his death.[citation needed]
Markus SchulzDJResides in Miami
Verick "Smitty" Smith (1982–)Rap artistBorn in Miami[135]
Kyle Sokol (1974-)Bass Player for Rude Squad and Trust For LiarsBorn and resides in Saint Petersburg
Scott Stapp (1973–)Singer and songwriterBorn in Orlando
Katrina "Trina" Taylor (1978–)Rap artistBorn in Miami[citation needed]
Johnny Tillotson (1939–)Singer and songwriterBorn in Jacksonville[136]
Claude "Butch" Trucks (1947–)Drummer of the Allman Brothers BandBorn in Jacksonville[137]
Robert 'Vanilla Ice' Van WinkleRap artistMoved to Miami at 16, currently resides in Wellington
Donnie Van Zant (1952–)Lead singer of .38 SpecialBorn in Jacksonville[138]
Ronnie Van Zant (1948–1977)Lead singer for Lynyrd SkynyrdBorn in Jacksonville[139]
Scooter Ward (1970–)Lead singer of ColdBorn in Jacksonville[140]
Danielle White (1992–)SingerBorn in Bradenton[141]
Maurice "Trick Daddy" Young (1975–)Rap artistBorn in Sarasota[117]
Enrique IglesiasPop ArtistRaised in Miami

Science and technology[edit]

NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
Anthony J. Arduengo, III (1952–)Chemist, material scientist, discoverer of persistent carbeneBorn in Tampa[142]
Philip Don Estridge (1937–1985)Led the development of the IBM Personal ComputerBorn in Jacksonville. Lived and worked in Boca Raton[143]
George Smoot (1945–)Astrophysicist, Cosmologist, and Nobel laureateBorn in Yukon[144]
John Archibald Wheeler (1911–2008)Theoretical PhysicistBorn in Jacksonville[145]


NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
Nate Allen (1987–)Professional football safetyBorn in Fort Myers[146]
Robert Andino (1984–)Professional baseball shortstopBorn in Miami[147]
Chucky Atkins (1974–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Orlando[148]
Gilbert Arenas (1982–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Tampa
J. P. Arencibia (1986–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in Miami[149]
Devin Aromashodu (1984–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Miami[150]
Bronson Arroyo (1977–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Key West[151]
Alex Avila (1987–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in Hialeah[152]
Antwan Barnes (1984–)Professional football defensive endBorn in Miami[153]
Sheila Bleck (1966–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Tampa, Florida[154]
Wade Boggs (1958–)Professional baseball playerLives in Tampa[155]
Boof Bonser (1981–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in St. Petersburg[156]
Dwayne Bowe (1984–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Miami[157]
Antonio Brown (1988–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Miami[158]
Brodrick Bunkley (1983–)Professional football defensive tackleBorn in Tampa[159]
Billy Butler (1986–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Orange Park[160]
Rashad Butler (1983–)Professional football offensive tackleBorn in Palm Beach Gardens[161]
Dayana Cadeau (1966–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Wilton Manors, Florida[162]
Jose Canseco (1964–)Major League Baseball OutfielderRaised in Miami, Florida[163]
Steve Carlton (1944–)Major League Baseball pitcherBorn in Miami[164]
Vince Carter (1977–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Daytona Beach[165]
Kevin Cash (1977–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in Tampa[166]
Jamar Chaney (1986–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Fort Pierce[167]
John Chaney (1932–)College basketball coachBorn in Jacksonville[168]
Desmond Clark (1977–)Professional football tight endBorn in Bartow[169]
Laveranues Coles (1977–)Professional American football playerBorn in Jacksonville[170]
Jim Courier (1970–)Professional American tennis playerBorn in Sanford[171]
Lisa Cross (1978–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLived in Miami, Florida[172]
Daunte Culpepper (1977–)Professional American football quarterbackBorn in Ocala[173]
Johnny Damon (1974–)Major League Baseball All-Star OutfielderGrew up in Orlando[174]
Wade Davis (1985–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Lake Wales[175]
Ian Desmond (1985—)Professional baseball shortstopBorn in Sarasota[176]
Antonio Dixon (1985–)Professional football defensive tackleBorn in Miami[177]
Keyon Dooling (1980–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Fort Lauderdale
Elvis Dumervil (1984–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Miami[178]
David Duval (1971–)Professional golferBorn in Jacksonville[179]
Dave Eiland (1966–)Professional pitching coachBorn in Dade City[180]
Chris Evert (1954–)Professional tennis playerBorn in Fort Lauderdale[181]
Eric Foster (1985–)Professional defensive tackleBorn in Homestead[182]
Jeff Fulchino (1979–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Titusville[183]
William Gay (1985–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Tallahassee[184]
Alonzo Gee (1987–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Riviera Beach[185]
Margie Goldstein-Engle (1958–)EquestrianBorn in Wellington
Gio Gonzalez (1985–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Hialeah[186]
Luis Gonzalez (1967–)Professional baseball outfielderBorn in Tampa[187]
Dwight Gooden (1964–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Tampa[188]
Tom Gordon (1967–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Avon Park[189]
Frank Gore (1983–)Professional American football playerBorn in Miami, Florida
Richard Goodman (1987–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Fort Lauderdale[190]
Nick Green (1978–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Pensacola, Florida
Zack Greinke (1983–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Orlando[191]
Colette Guimond (1961–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in New Port Richey, Florida[192]
Al Harris (1974–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Pompano Beach[193]
Udonis Haslem (1980–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Miami[194]
Bob Hayes (1942–2002)Track and Field athlete and professional American football playerBorn in Jacksonville[195]
Geno Hayes (1987–)Professional football linebackerBorn and raised in Greenville[196]
Mario Henderson (1984–)Professional football offensive tackleBorn in Lehigh Acres[197]
Devin Hester (1982–)Professional football wide receiver and punt returnerBorn and raised in Riviera Beach[198]
Hulk Hogan (1953–)Professional wrestler and television starBorn in Tampa
Eric Hosmer (1989–)Professional baseball first basemanBorn in South Miami[199]
Eric Hurley (1985–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Jacksonville[200]
Michael Irvin (1966–)Professional American football playerBorn in Fort Lauderdale
Jamaal Jackson (1980–)Professional football centerBorn in Miami[201]
Max Jean-Gilles (1983–)Professional football guardBorn in Miami[202]
Mike Jenkins (1985–)Professional American football playerGrew up in Bradenton[203]
Andre Johnson (1981–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Miami[204]
Bruce Johnson (1987–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Live Oak[205]
Chris Johnson (1985–)Professional football running backBorn in Orlando[206]
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (1972–)Professional wrestler and actorLives in Miami[207]
Gartrell Johnson (1986–)Professional football running backBorn in Miami[208]
Howard Johnson (1960–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Clearwater[209]
Chipper Jones (1972–)Professional baseball playerBorn in DeLand[210]
Hunter Jones (1984–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Palm Beach Gardens[211]
James Jones (1980–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Miami[212]
Roy Jones Jr. (1969–)Former boxing championBorn in Pensacola[citation needed]
Solomon Jones (1984–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Eustis[213]
Matt Joyce (1984–)Professional baseball outfielderBorn in Tampa[214]
Kelly Kelly (1987–)Professional wrestler, WWE DivaBorn in Jacksonville
Howard Kendrick (1983–)Professional baseball second basemanBorn in Jacksonville[215]
Jeff Keppinger (1980–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Miami[216]
Casey Kotchman (1983–)Professional baseball first basemanBorn in St. Petersburg[217]
Matt LaPorta (1985–)Professional baseball first basemanBorn in Port Charlotte[218]
Tony La Russa (1944–)Professional baseball managerBorn and raised in Tampa[219]
Ray Lewis (1975–)Professional American football playerBorn in Bartow[220]
Debi Laszewski (1969–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Jupiter, Florida[221]
Danell Leyva (1991–)Gymnast-2012 Olympic Silver Medalist Men's All-AroundRaised in Miami, Florida[222]
Jesse Litsch (1985–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Pinellas Park[223]
Dave Magadan (1962–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Tampa[224]
Olindo Mare (1973–)Professional football placekickerBorn in Hollywood[225]
Tino Martinez (1967–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Tampa[226]
Denise Masino (1968–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Fort Myers, Florida[227]
Jeff Mathis (1983–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in Marianna[228]
Ricardo Mathews (1987–)Professional football defensive tackleBorn in Jacksonville[229]
Michelle McCool (1980–)Former WWE DivaBorn and lives in Palatka
Mark McCumber (1951–)Professional golferBorn in Jacksonville[230]
Bryant McFadden (1981–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Hollywood[231]
Willis McGahee (1981–)Professional American football playerBorn in Miami[232]
Tracy McGrady (1979–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Bartow[233]
Jason Michaels (1976–)Professional baseball outfielderBorn in Tampa[234]
Joshua Moore (1988–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Fort Lauderdale[235]
DaJuan Morgan (1985–)Professional football safetyBorn in Riviera Beach[236]
Santana Moss (1979–)Professional American football playerBorn in Miami[237]
Sinorice Moss (1983–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Miami[238]
Louis Murphy (1987–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in St. Petersburg[239]
Brett Myers (1980–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Jacksonville[240]
Chris Myers (1981–)Professional football linemanBorn in Miami[241]
Mike Napoli (1981–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in Hollywood[242]
Stephen Nicholas (1983–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Jacksonville[243]
Chad Ochocinco (1978–)Professional American football playerBorn in Miami[206]
Darren O'Day (1982–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Jacksonville[244]
Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia (1966–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Miami Beach, Florida[245]
Akwasi Owusu-Ansah (1988–)Professional football safetyBorn in Gainesville[246]
Jonathan Papelbon (1980–)Professional baseball pitcherGrew up in Jacksonville[247]
Dimitri Patterson (1983–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Orlando[248]
Eric Patterson (1983–)Professional baseball outfielderBorn in Tallahassee[249]
Jason Pierre-Paul (1989–)Professional football defensive endBorn in Deerfield Beach[250]
Kenny Phillips (1986–)Professional football safetyBorn in Miami[251]
Ryan Pickett (1979–)Professional football nose tackleBorn and raised in Zephyrhills[252]
AJ Pierzynski (1976–)Professional baseball catcherRaised in Orlando[253]
Jim Presley (1961–)Professional baseball third basemanBorn in Pensacola[254]
Ryan Raburn (1981–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Tampa[255]
Tim Raines (1959–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Sanford[256]
Jay Ratliff (1981–)Professional football nose tackleBorn in St. Petersburg[257]
Chris Ray (1982–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Tampa[258]
Alex Rodriguez (1975–)Professional baseball playerPartly raised in Miami[259]
Sean Rodriguez (1985–)Professional baseball second basemanBorn in Miami[260]
Antrel Rolle (1982–)Professional football free safetyBorn in Homestead[261]
Chris Sale (1989–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Lakeland[262]
Jarrod Saltalamacchia (1985–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in West Palm Beach[263]
Asante Samuel (1981–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Fort Lauderdale[264]
Deion Sanders (1967–)Professional football cornerbackBorn in Fort Myers
Warren Sapp (1972–)Professional American football playerBorn in Orlando[265]
Luke Scott (1978–)Professional baseball playerBorn in DeLand[266]
Clint Session (1984–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Pompano Beach[267]
Derrick Sharp (1971–)American-Israeli professional basketball playerBorn in Orlando[268]
Maria Sharapova (1987–)Professional tennis playerLives in Bradenton, Florida[269]
Darryl Sharpton (1988–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Coral Gables[270]
Lito Sheppard (1981–)Professional American football playerBorn in Jacksonville[271]
Scot Shields (1975–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Fort Lauderdale[272]
Buck Showalter (1956–)Professional baseball managerBorn in DeFuniak Springs[273]
Brandon Siler (1985–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Daytona Beach[274]
Ernie Sims (1984–)Professional football linebackerBorn in Tallahassee[275]
Mike Sims-Walker (1984–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Orlando[276]
Kelly Slater (1972–)Professional SurferBorn in Cocoa Beach[277]
Emmitt Smith (1969–)Professional American football playerBorn in Pensacola[278]
Geno Smith (1990–)Professional football quarterbackBorn in Miami[279]
Kevin Smith (1986–)Professional football running backBorn in Miami[280]
Mike Smith (1959–)Professional football head coachBorn in Daytona Beach[281]
Rusty Smith (1987–)Professional football quarterbackBorn in Jacksonville[282]
Chris Snelling (1981–)Professional Baseball playerBorn in North Miami[283]
Denard Span (1984–)Professional baseball playerBorn in Tampa[284]
Matthew Stafford (1988–)Professional football quarterbackBorn in Tampa[285]
Steve Spurrier (1945–)American football player and coachBorn in Miami Beach[286]
Amar'e Stoudemire (1982–)Professional basketball playerBorn in Lake Wales[287]
Antonio Tarver (1968–)Professional boxerBorn in Tampa[288]
Tim Tebow (1987–)Professional football quarterbackGrew up in Jacksonville[289]
Din Thomas (1976–)UFC FighterLives and trains in Port St. Lucie[290]
Joanna Thomas (1976–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida[291]
Danny Valencia (1984–)Professional baseball third basemanBorn in Miami[292]
Jason Varitek (1972–)Professional baseball playerGrew up in Longwood[293]
Betty Viana-Adkins (1971–)IFBB professional bodybuilderLives in Miami Beach[294]
Jonathan Vilma (1982–)Professional American football playerBorn in Coral Gables, Florida
Tim Wakefield (1966–)Professional baseball pitcherBorn in Melbourne[295]
Leon Washington (1982–)Professional football running backBorn in Jacksonville[296]
Leonard Weaver (1982–)Professional football fullbackBorn in Melbourne[297]
Eric Weems (1985–)Professional football wide receiverBorn in Daytona Beach[298]
Paul Wight (1972–)Professional wrestler.Resides in Tampa, Florida
Bobby Wilson (1983–)Professional baseball catcherBorn in Dunedin[299]
Major Wright (1988–)Professional football safetyBorn in Miramar[300]
LeeRoy Yarbrough (1938–1984)NASCAR driverBorn in Jacksonville[301]
Sam Young (1987–)Born in Coral Springs[302]


NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
James J. Greco (1958–)Businessman, CEO and President of SbarroLives in Boynton Beach


NameNotabilityConnection to Florida
G. Harold Alexander (1900-1987)Florida Republican Party state chairman, c. 1952-1964Resided in Fort Myers[303]
Fabiano Caruana (1992–)Youngest chess grandmaster in United States historyBorn in Miami
Janice Dickinson (1955–)Early SupermodelBorn in Hollywood[304]
Elizabeth Edwards (1949–2010)Estranged wife to John EdwardsBorn in Jacksonville[305]
Tiffany Fallon (1974–)Playmate of the Year 2005Born in Fort Lauderdale[306]
Herman Goldner (1916-2010)Mayor of St. Petersburg from 1961-1967 and 1971-1973Born in Detroit, Michigan, resided in Florida from 1947-1999[307]
Abraham Lincoln Lewis (1865–1947)Businessman and Florida's first African-American millionaireBorn in Madison[308]
Adam Lovell (1977–)Founder of WriteAPrisoner.comLives and works in Edgewater[309]
Charles E. Merrill (1885–1956)Founder of Merrill LynchBorn in Green Cove Springs[310]
Kara Monaco (1983–)Playmate of the Year 2006Born in Lakeland[311]
Chris Myers (1959–)SportscasterBorn in Miami[312]
Carolyn Murphy (1973–)SupermodelBorn in Fort Walton Beach[citation needed]
Kathleen Parker (1952–)Syndicated ColumnistGrew up in Winter Haven[313]
A. Philip Randolph (1889–1979)Civil Rights activistBorn in Crescent City
Krissy Taylor(1978–1995)ModelBorn in Miami[314]
Niki Taylor (1975–)ModelBorn in Miami[315]
Norman Thagard (1943–)NASA AstronautLives and works in Tallahassee[316]
Carrot Top (1965–)Prop ComedianBorn in Cocoa Beach[317]
Hugo Vihlen (1931–)Record-breaking solo sailorBorn in Florida. Lived in Homestead[318]
Jimmy Wales (1966–)Founding member of the Wikimedia FoundationResides in St. Petersburg[319]

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