List of people executed in South Carolina

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There have been 43 executions in South Carolina since 1985. All were for murder.

Executed personDate of executionMethodVictim(s)Under Governor
1Joseph Carl Shaw11 January 1985electric chairTommy Taylor and Carlotta HartnessRiley
2James Terry Roach10 January 1986electric chairTommy Taylor and Carlotta Hartness
3Ronald Rusty Woomer27 April 1990[1]electric chairDella Louis SellersCampbell
4Donald Henry Gaskins6 September 1991[2]electric chairRudolph Tyner
5Sylvester Lewis Adams18 August 1995lethal injection[3]Bryan ChambersBeasley
6Robert South31 May 1996lethal injectionDaniel Wayne Cogburn
7Fred H. Kornahrens III19 July 1996lethal injectionPatti Jo Kornahrens, Jason Avant, and Harry Wilkerson
8Michael Torrence6 September 1996lethal injectionDennis Lollis, Charles Bush, and Cynthia Williams
9Larry Gene Bell4 October 1996electric chairSharon "Shari" Faye Smith and Debra May Helmick
10Doyle Cecil Lucas15 November 1996lethal injectionBill Reyfield and Evelyn Reyfield
11Frank Middleton, Jr.22 November 1996lethal injectionShirley Mae Mack and Janell M. Garner
12Michael Eugene Elkins12 June 1997lethal injectionPatricia Whitt
13Earl Matthews, Jr.7 November 1997lethal injectionLucia Aimar
14John D. Arnold6 March 1998lethal injectionBetty Gardner
15John H. Plath10 July 1998lethal injectionBetty Gardner
16Sammy Roberts25 September 1998lethal injectionBill Spain, Kenneth Krause, and Louis Cakley
17Larry Gilbert4 December 1998lethal injectionRalph Stoudemire
18J.D. Gleaton4 December 1998lethal injectionRalph Stoudemire
19Louis Joe Truesdale, Jr.11 December 1998lethal injectionRebecca Ann Eudy
20Andrew Lavern Smith18 December 1998lethal injectionChristy Johnson and Corrie Johnson
21Ronnie Howard8 January 1999lethal injectionChinh Thi Nguyen Le
22Joseph Ernest Atkins22 January 1999lethal injectionKaren Patterson and Benjamin F. AtkinsHodges
23Leroy Joseph Drayton12 November 1999lethal injectionRhonda Darlene Smith
24David Rocheville3 December 1999lethal injectionJames Todd Green
25Kevin Dean Young3 November 2000lethal injectionDennis Ray Hepler
26Richard Charles Johnson3 March 2002lethal injectionSouth Carolina Highway Patrol trooper Bruce Kenneth Smalls and C. Daniel Swanson
27Anthony Green23 August 2002lethal injectionSusan Babich
28Michael Joseph Passaro13 September 2002lethal injectionMaggie Passaro
29David Clayton Hill19 March 2004lethal injectionSpencer GuerrySanford
30Jerry Bridwell McWee16 April 2004lethal injectionJohn Perry
31Jason Scott Byram23 April 2004lethal injectionJulie Johnson
32James Neil Tucker28 May 2004electric chairRose Lee Dolly Oakley and Shannon Mellon
33Richard Longworth4 April 2005lethal injectionAlex Hopps and James Todd Green
34Hastings Arthur Wise4 November 2005lethal injectionCharles Griffeth, David Moore, Leonard Filyaw, and Sheryl Wood
35Shawn Paul Humphries2 December 2005lethal injectionDickie Smith
36William Ernest Downs, Jr.14 July 2006lethal injectionKeenan O’Mailia
37Calvin Alphonso Shuler22 June 2007lethal injectionJames Brooks
38David Mark Hill [1][2]6 June 2008lethal injectionJames Riddle, Josie Curry, and Michael Gregory
39James Earl Reed [3]20 June 2008electric chairBarbara Lafayette and Joseph Lafayette
40Joseph Gardner [4]5 December 2008lethal injectionMissi McLauchlin
41Luke A. Williams20 February 2009lethal injectionLinda Williams and Shaun Williams
42Thomas Treshawn Ivey[5]8 May 2009lethal injectionSgt. Tommy Harrison and Robert Montgomery
43Jeffrey Brian Motts[6]6 May 2011lethal injectionCharles Douglas MartinHaley

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  1. ^ This was the last execution to be held at Central Correctional Institute in downtown Columbia. The prison complex, on the banks of the Congaree River, has since closed and been demolished.
  2. ^ This was the first execution conducted at Broad River Correctional Institution, and the last execution in the state when electrocution was mandatory.
  3. ^ Earlier in the year, the General Assembly changed capital punishment rules to allow either lethal injection or electrocution for means of execution.

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