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The following is an alphabetical list of notable outlaw motorcycle clubs, including current, defunct, or historic.

NameYear foundedLocation foundedCitation
Bandidos1966San Leon, Texas, United States[citation needed]
Blue Angels1963Glasgow, Scotland[citation needed]
The Breed1968Jersey City, New Jersey, United States[1]
Brother Speed1969Boise, Idaho, United States[citation needed]
Chosen Few1959Los Angeles, California, United States[2][3]
Coffin Cheaters1970Perth, Western Australia, Australia[4]
Comanchero1968Sydney, New South Wales, Australia[citation needed]
Devils Diciples1967Fontana, California, United States[citation needed]
Diablos1961San Bernardino, California, United States[5]
El Forastero Motorcycle Club1962Sioux City, Iowa, United States[citation needed]
The Finks1970sAdelaide, South Australia, Australia[citation needed]
Free Souls1968Eugene, Oregon, United States[citation needed]
Galloping Goose Motorcycle Club1942Los Angeles, California, United States[6][7]
Gremium Motorcycle Club1972Mannheim, Germany[8]
Grim Reapers1958Alberta, Canada[9]
Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club1956San Francisco, California, United States[10]
Hangmen Motorcycle Club1960Richmond, California, United States[11][12][13][14]
Hells Angels1948Fontana, California, United States[citation needed]
Hell's Lovers1967Chicago, Illinois, United States[citation needed]
Hessians MC1968Costa Mesa, California, United States[15]
Highwaymen1954Detroit, Michigan, United States[16]
Invaders1965Gary, Indiana, United States[17]
Iron Horsemen1960'sCincinnati, Ohio, United States[citation needed]
Jus Brothers1990San Joaquin County, California, United States[18][19]
Lone Legion?Blenheim, New Zealand[20]
Lost Breed1976Nelson, New Zealand[21]
Market Street Commandos1940sSan Francisco, California, United States[citation needed]
Mongols1969Montebello, California, United States[citation needed]
Notorious2007Sydney, New South Wales, Australia[22]
Outlaws1935McCook, Illinois, United States[citation needed]
Pagan's1959Prince George's County, Maryland, United States[23]
Peckerwoods MC1978Santee, California, United States[24][25]
Pissed Off Bastards of Bloomington1945Bloomington, California, United States[citation needed]
Rebels Motorcycle Club1969Brisbane, Queensland, Australia[citation needed]
Rebels Motorcycle Club1968Red Deer, Alberta, Canada[26]
Rockers1992Montreal, Quebec, Canada[citation needed]
Rock Machine1980sMontreal, Quebec, Canada[27]
Road Knights?New Zealand[28]
Satan's SidekicksDetroit, Michigan, United States[29][30]
Satan's Soldiers1980Bronx, New York, New Jersey, United States, Australia[31][32][33][34]
Sin City Deciples1966Gary, Indiana, United States[35]
Solo Angeles1959Tijuana, Mexico[citation needed]
Sons of Satan MC1954Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States[36]
Sons of Silence1966Niwot, Colorado, United States[citation needed]
Vagos1965Temescal Valley, California, United States[citation needed]
Warlocks1967Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States[citation needed]
Warlocks1967Orlando, Florida, United States[citation needed]
Wheels of Soul1967Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States[37]

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