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This page contains a list of the oldest verified dogs in the world listed by age. (At minimal) All of whom have attained the age of 20. Aging in dogs depends on breed and size.

Oldest verified dogs by age[edit]

The oldest verified dog (and several unverified) is linked to the Australian Cattle Dog. This has prompted a study of the longevity of the Australian Cattle Dog to examine if the breed might have exceptional longevity. The 100-dog survey yielded a mean longevity of 13.41 years with a standard deviation of 2.36 years.[1] The study concluded that while Australian Cattle Dogs are a healthy breed and do live on average almost a year longer than most dogs of other breeds in the same weight class, record ages such as Bluey's ("Verified") or Chilla's ("Unverified")[2] should be regarded as uncharacteristic exceptions rather than as indicators of common exceptional longevity for the entire breed.

The following canines' ages were authenticated via Guinness World Records. A document is required by Guinness, such as a birth certificate, to prove his or her age as true.

RankNameBirth dateDeath dateAgeBreedCountry of death
1Max[3]1983-08-099 August 19832013-05-1818 May 201329 years, 282 daysBeagle, Dachshund,TerrierUnited States
2Bluey[3]1910-06-077 June 19101939-11-1414 November 193929 years, 160 daysAustralian Cattle DogAustralia
3Butch[3]1975-00-0019752003-00-00200328 years, 0 daysBeagleUnited States
4Bramble[3]1975-09-011 September 19752003-03-3131 March 200327 years, 211 daysBorder CollieUnited Kingdom
5Adjutant[3]1936-08-1414 August 19361963-11-2020 November 196327 years, 98 daysLabrador Retriever crossUnited Kingdom
6Pusuke[3]1985-04-011 April 19852011-12-055 December 201126 years, 248 daysShiba Inu mixJapan
7Sugar[3]1952-08-1818 August 19521977-08-1313 August 197724 years, 360 daysN/AUnited States
8Piccolo[3]1987-10-011 October 19872010-12-2626 December 201023 years, 86 daysMuttItaly
9Kathy T. Dog[3]1991-01-088 January 19912013-02-066 February 2013[4]22 years, 29 daysMuttUnited States
10Mister[3]1991-11-2828 November 19912013-10-2626 October 201321 years, 332 daysShepherd mixUnited States
11Chanel[3]1988-05-066 May 19882009-08-2828 August 200921 years, 114 daysDachshundUnited States
12Seamus[3]1993-07-2424 July 19932013-05-1518 May 201420 years, 298 daysToy PoodleUnited States
13Sotirakis[3]1993-04-1111 April 19932014-01-1616 January 201420 years, 280 daysStrayGreece
14Megabyte[3]1993-04-1111 April 19932014-01-011 January 201420 years, 265 daysChihuahuaUnited States
15Otto[3]1989-02-1414 February 19892010-01-1414 January 201020 years, 334 daysDachshund-Terrier crossUnited Kingdom
16Winston Rha[3]1992-12-1212 December 19922013-05-1515 May 201320 years, 154 daysSchnoodleUnited States
17Willie[3]1994-05-2121 May 19942014-09-044 September 201420 years, 106 daysJack RussellUnited Kingdom
18Scolly[3]1992-06-1515 June 19932013-05-1518 July 201320 years, 33 daysDachshundMexico


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